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Mar 25, 2011

Sexual harassment and torched vehicle; 2 sides of game show

Rachel Armstrong

MegaBingo took Belize by storm earlier this year and raised the fever among gamers. It became so popular that the competition, Lotto, had to bounce back with new advertisements to “stay in the game”.  But there is trouble in paradise and now there are suits and possible countersuits. Earlier today, a former host of the show, Rachel Armstrong, filed a report at the Queen Street Police Station against Joseph Marinan, the President of JD Financial.  Armstrong was accompanied by her mother, Lizette Armstrong and her aunt, founder of Belizeans for Justice, Yolanda Schakron.  But Marinan, whose jeep was torched only this week, is not taking it sitting down.  He says that Rachel will have to prove her claims or face a lawsuit.  She, on the other hand, says she is not worried because she has many witnesses in her corner.

Rachel Armstrong, Former Host, Mega Bingo

“This man used to harass me, you know, inappropriately touch me and stuff.  I have witnesses weh could testify against him saying that yes they did see him touch me and stuff and after I rejected him, he just did a total 180 attitude pan me, 360, sorry not 180—360.  He totally insult me every day, he call me names, told me I’m an idiot, told me his dog have more sense than me, as well as the other employees in the office.  Right now he’s making serious allegations against me – I blow up his vehicle apparently.  I noh know how I could blow up somebody vehicle but apparently I blow up this man vehicle.  What was the next thing?  I rig Mega Bingo.  First of all, all I do is read the balls and call it out.”

Delahnie Bain

“There’s things like sexual harassment and all this, where do you think all of this is coming?”

Joseph Marinan, Co-Owner, Mega Bingo

Joseph Marinan

“I guess it’s coming from somebody’s mind.  I’m not sure.  Normally what happens with people is when heat’s put on them they try to redirect the heat onto something else or somebody else to make them look good, to make the other person look bad and I don’t think anybody’s gonna fall for that.”

Delahnie Bain

“Do you plan to take any legal action of your own?”

Joseph Marinan

“Well it depends how far this carries.  Usually with defamation has to be hurt, not hurt in the heart, not hurt the feelings, and not with thin skin, but people actually have to believe it.  If people actually believe it and there’s no proof and it destroys my business and it destroys my reputation or my sales go down in pull tabs or in bingo and its reflected because of that, oh yes, yes, definitely.”

Marion Ali

“He has accused you of stealing as well?”

Rachel Armstrong

“Yes ma’am.  I wasn’t even at the office when all of this situation happened.  I was accused because somebody supposedly called my name.”

Marion Ali

“Why did you wait so long before you came out and filed your report?”

Rachel Armstrong

“Because, as my aunt said, my uncle owns sixty percent of the business.  I’m a very private person.  I noh like people know my family business or anything like that.  If I would have come forward with this, it would have caused a lot of conflict between my uncle and Mister Marinan, me and some of the members in my family.  I was just trying to avoid that but now I can’t because this man is making allegations against me—false allegations—and I just have to defend myself.  Nobody wah do it fi me except me.”

Marion Ali

“People have seen you both together in the recent past and probably have formed their own conclusions that you were an item.  What if he’s claiming that you were an item and that you feel aggrieved for something and that’s why you’re making this allegation?”

Rachel Armstrong

“Well, if he does say that, as I said I have a lot of witnesses that could testify fi me that this man was harassing me and I did reject this man.  No way he could say that – yes I was seen with him because of business purposes.  If anybody want make up any stories, it’s just Belizean gossip.”

Marion Ali

“So the complaint you filed is for sexual harassment?”

Rachel Armstrong

“Yes ma’am, sexual assault.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Sexual harassment and torched vehicle; 2 sides of game show”

  1. abnerl says:

    lets stand up and defend anyone who is treated this way.. but also the two side have to be heard. just because u were suspended for an investigation now you remember the sexual harrasment?????? oh it must be Mrs shakron the girls aunt who reminded her.. Mrs Shakron agian !!! look lady get a real life. with all the money u have u should take a loooooooooooooong trip around the world and mabe visit like LYBIA ur work will be appriciated beleive me….

  2. DeMichellis says:

    hey sexy lady… did you know that 360 degrees will put you in the same spot…180 degrees is correct…. :P :P :P

  3. Guilty Much? says:

    I here reading this trying to understand why she didnt stop this man a long time ago… **sniffs** something smells fishy…..

  4. Disgusted! says:

    I do not, not even for a fraction of a second, believe a word this thieving #%#(# is saying. Does she honestly expect anyont to believe that she silently endured insults and sexual harrssment from this man because “she is a private person…….bla, bla, bla???” Her defense doesn’t hold water at all and it’s obvious that she’s trying to save face because she was implicated in a dishonesty scheme. I do sincerely believe this $… knows about the torching of Mr. Marinan’s vehicle. The first thing Belizeans try to do to discredit foreigners is label them as sexual predators or serial killers. Not all foreigners are the same and this is certainly not a defense of the ones that are monsters. Long story short, I advise Mr. Marinan to take his business out of Belize because these people are wicked and venomous. They will seek to harm and destroy you and they have he advantage, because you’re in their country. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

  5. Stephen says:

    If this was a girl from a poor family, I bet she would have been in jail by now. This woman know something is wrong and did not made a report about the sexual harassment until she has been accused of something. Sorry, but i do not believe her, why she wait for her to be accused before saying something. No woman on this earth should stoop low and get abused just for a job, if something happens report it right away so that the authorities deal with it. This made me wonder why she cry harassment after the fact. Nothing too nice for your respect, you must first respect your body and self and you will see that no one will try to disrespect you.

  6. Earl Grey says:

    he just did a total 180 attitude pan me, 360, sorry not 180—360……… THIS SPEAKS VOLUMES……..

  7. Sky says:

    Please gal… Stop yuh fool… Yuh mi di enjoy di man money…

  8. Shy says:

    What a coincidence that as they accuse the gial and next person of stealing all of a sudden she goes and makes a report about sexual harrasment. The sad thing is nuff people see this gial dih goh pan date with the man dih have fun and it all look like dam consent consent n noh know dam harrasment like she dih claim.

  9. margie says:


  10. innocent says:

    do you all know that rachel uncle own more than 60 percent of the company. what a shame how you all speak about women with such disrespect. how can she enjoy the man money when her uncle owns the company. damn fools

  11. Earl Grey says:

    margie……….GRINGOS do act like that……..simply because of the colour of their skin.

  12. BZNinCALI says:

    When your relative is the majority share holder in a company & you play grab @$$ with the partner, it is safe to assume that you were considered a part of the package . That 360 makes a full circle & you are all inside the glass cage. Keep talking…

  13. Enough says:

    Ms Shakron needs to get a life always talking about she is a christian and doing a lot of illegal stuff surely not pleasing to god!!! she is a hypocrite we are getting tired of seeing her now on the news she is doing all this for her own gain she is acting like she doesnt know what her nephew was doing she damn well knows i can support the other mothers but not this witch….. now people harrassing them she will soon starts another organization for this when they are putting themself on the market.

  14. Hearts says:

    innocent come on don’t be a fool now!!!!!!!!! If her uncle own 60% then why the hell he is the manager of the place I think they got it wrong……….. It would be the uncle who will own more these stuff happen on a daily basis girl sleep with man older than then for money honey like what they said she wasn’t getting enough money cause being pretty she think she might worth the world well little !@#$% you ain’t worth the world so sad your ……was worth little maybe thats cause you pretty face fool you maybe down there is beggy thats why the man no want to pay the price…… Pretty face and bad characta………….Done say it Ca BOOOM

  15. corf says:

    I can’t see how why you all think she’s a gold-digger when she comes from one of the most wealthiest family in Belize and its only ok when its done to your family member. Thank goodness its not my kid you all are talking about up here or I would be reading you all your rites right now. for God’s sake its a kid you demeaning like that. Don’t see why i’m so surprised.Don’t expect anything better from us cruffy.

  16. Lysa says:

    everyone has point…i agree with disgusted because if she was being harassed from along time ago y didnt she cum forward…all of a sudden she came forward after being accused…hmmm sometimes these fools dont tink befre they do nonsense n embarass theirselves…of course everybody mi wah haveto knw bout it if she guh report it..hmmm but dah wen yuh fool duh…

  17. The People Had Enough says:

    Not taking sides, but this guy, just from his interview, is a condescending human being and obviously has a superiority complex, clearly narcissistic, opportunistic and I can see in his EYE that he wanted to blurt out some racist remarks, but he bit his tongue. I know, have met many like this gentleman, we consider people like him,”The ones who give good foreigners a bad name.” As for Ms. Shakron, it is hard to read her, it seems that her family is well connected and in the elite class; no ordinary Belizean can go on a crusade like her; why? Well, we have to damn work to eat and pay bills, if most did what she did they would be homeless and starving in no time. However, I will not condemn her because of her connections and obvious family elitism, but I do concur that she may be doing this with a hidden agenda, and from what I know of human nature, most have hidden agendas, no matter how noble. As for this young lady, I don’t know her, have never met her and will not judge, two sides to a story and also if anyone knew about the Media in general, you will know that most of their stories are completely upside down and inside out…also, give the her a little respect, women in Belize are treated really messed up, quickly stereotyped and judged. Also, one more thing to add, she is a cutey, just love me a fine Belizean woman, damn, damn, damn.

  18. stop unu fool says:

    Blue concas all a unu.

  19. da unu business says:

    well fi me da unu business because i no even no how this happen because rachel just say dat joe tocha but she no se we part he tocha.

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