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Mar 25, 2011

Aunt of former game show host says sexual harassment is real

Yolanda Schakron

Rachel’s mother, Lizette Armstrong, told us that Marinan has also disrespected her.  Yolanda Schakron, whose ex-husband owns majority shares in Mega Bingo, also says she has a major problem with the issue of sexual harassment on the job.

Yolanda Schakron, President, Belizeans for Justice

“We need to stop being quiet and complacent and having men, our employers sexually harass us.  Belizean women, we need fi stand up together because this happens everyday in the workplace, and I think this is wrong and I don’t think we should allow this to continue.”

Lizette Armstrong, mother of Rachel Armstrong

“This man disrespected me in the past also.  I was sitting at my place of business with my brother.  My brother brought him there to eat.  I was going to ask him for a job for one of my sons because my son was looking for a job.  You know what he told me before I could finish the statement?  I’m going to open some strip joints and you could go there and strip for me.  Marion, I’m a woman married for twenty three years; with one husband, three children.  I’m a God-fearing woman, I love God, I go to church.  Now why would a man look at me like this and disrespect me like this?”

Marion Ali

Lizette Armstrong

“Having been through that experience then did you discourage your daughter from working for him?”

Lizette Armstrong

“What happen is that my daughter, as far as I knew, was working for her uncle, Mister Fuad and he is the one who called my daughter who employed my daughter.  What happened too is that I figured well her uncle is the major shareholder so probably he would have some respect for my daughter but obviously he doesn’t have.”

Yolanda Schakron

“He owns forty percent of the shares and Mister Schakron, my husband, owns sixty percent of the shares.  The police came to pick up Rachel.  I told the police officers that Rachel cannot go in the vehicle with them because she’s a female and they are three males. So I proceeded to bring Rachel to the station myself.”

Joseph Marinan

Delahnie Bain

“There’s also talk of you wanting to hire someone to kill Miss Schakron.  What do you have to say to that?”

Joseph Marinan

“I’m not sure why I would want to kill Miss Schakron, but I’m a Roman Catholic.  I don’t go around killing people.  I usually turn the other cheek, I’m not a revengeful person but even if I was I don’t have any revenge against Miss Schakron.  She is the ex-wife of my business partner so I’m not sure why she would come with these allegations unless she doesn’t want me in this country for some reason whatsoever.  I’m not sure.  It is not my intent to abuse my employees, to sexually harass my employees or to treat them in any fashion different from than just being a good boss and a good family guy. She’s welcome to file any reports she wants.  That’s the freedom of the country.  If you think you’ve been abused or you think there’s something there you’re entitled to file reports she wants.”

So far, police are investigating both sides for the reports.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Aunt of former game show host says sexual harassment is real”

  1. abnerl says:

    Mrs Shakron agian !!! look lady get a real life. with all the money u have u should take a loooooooooooooong trip around the world and mabe visit like LYBIA YOur work will be appriciated beleive me…

  2. abnerl says:

    it cant be the whole of belize is against you.. your problem is that you think you are to better than everyone else… oh and that you want to be the next female minister..

  3. Stephen says:

    Things like this happen to poor people especially a black girl nothing heard about it just put her in jail. now it is a family member that have money, she probably did wrong and now have others saying harassment. she should have stop that in the beginning and report the matter, don’t wait until you get fired then cry foul. I respect all women and would help discipline any men that take advantage of women, but they need to stop any situation as they materialize. Respect is not what we demand but what we earn by being respectful, do not stoop to anyone due to job security, if something goes wrong put a stop to it instant.

  4. corf says:

    If there is anyone to believe this story, it is Ms Lizette. She is truly a good person that do not bother with anyone, very friendly and does not have a mean bone in her body. I will not swear for the others involved but for her I will. She’s very hard work and honest and I do believe that this man made a pass at her. Put being a foreigner aside, a lot of bosses sexual harass their employees and hang the jobs over their heads if they say anything. Ms Shakron said (channel 7 new ) that this man went as far as seeking out a gang member to put a hit on her and a few family member which is totally wrong. Everyone seems to be getting into the game of hiring hit men when things don’t go their way. People really don’t study life and know that things like that will come back to haunt them, either by them or family members. What goes around, comes around. I wish them all the best of luck and hope it won’t escalate to violence.

  5. JAH BLESS says:


  6. Disgusted! says:

    Iwil state here and now that I respect, admire and support Belizeans For Justice and their causes BUT, Ms. Schakron needs to understand she’s not wonderwoman. To be quote honest, she is starting to lose some of her credibility nad appears to be malicious and vengeful in certain instances. I really like ms. Schakron and I’d hate to see her become unpopular with her supporters but she needs to pick her battles and stop running to te defense of everyone who cries “VICTIM.” This whole tactic is starting to sound monotonous and she’s in the limelight too often defending everyone like Belize is paradise of saints…….. especially considering the fact that this is her niece…. what? nobody in your family can do wrong??? Be careful Yolanda….. Be extremely careful…….Stars burn out very fast in Belize!!!!!!!

  7. Shy says:

    Shakron dih start sound like wah dam paranoid woman according to her everyone has a hit on her and hires people to kill her.

  8. BZNinCALI says:

    Sometimes those bogey men are in our heads & no one is willing to tell us that we have lost of our minds. Two days ago, we saw respectable women trying to scream exploitation because of a suggestive picture an adult posed for. Now we have two more women highlighting the boorish behavior of a horny old man whose lack of manners was totally acceptable to them until a few days ago.

    Ladies, there are men who sexually harass women, there are women who are abused but a one eyed old man who suggested she put her old @$$ on a pole or stage to strip is hardly the boss you will encourage your 23 year old to work for. After a while no one will believe a word out of your mouths & that wolf will come along & devour a few more before you are believed.

  9. Do it right says:

    Lol Shackron needs to give it a rest. You will lose the little credibility you have left standing up for your gold digger, criminal neice. We all know what she was doing to hustle from the Mega Bingo. The easiest thing to do for any female employee when criminal charges are being brought against them is to play the sexual harrassment card. Now i don’t know about the old lady getting offered a stripper job lol. Personally i wouldn’t want to see an old woman take her clothes off. lol So she shouldn’t have said that bc i don’t think anyone would want to see that. lol. Its funny bc no one really knew that she was being accused of stealing but they choose to go public on the news before she was even charged. Sound pretty guilty to me. It won’t matter tho bc she already has a bad reputation so being convicted of theft won’t let her reputation fall far from where it already is. Mrs. Armstrong, please don’t say you didn’t know she was working there. She is on the TV every Wednesday and Saturday for crying out loud. Or maybe the shirts with the mega bingo name and logo would be a dead give away. So don’t expect us to buy that $#!%.

  10. Belize Woman says:

    Wow, on this another related stories about sexual harrassment and second hand gossip the comments are abundant calling the women gold diggers and other derogatory names. On the news article about teaching women to be entrepeneurs- not even a peep from anyone. That’s Belize for you. To all the women in Belize- keep your head held high and don’t ever let anyone drag you down. By the way as an FYI to all the people who posted here-statistics have shown that crimes such as sexual harrasment, rape and assault against women often go unreported because women are made to feel as if they are the ones responsible. So to all the people who are screaming why is she reporting it now after some time has elapased- this is more common than uncommon.

  11. Hearts says:

    Get a life you are sick in the brain…….. you made people believe you when you nephew was killed but you get disgusting and sickning

  12. Hearts says:

    uno talk and no listen to uno self the mother now what type of behaviour the man had and still let her daughter still went and work for him so uno stop with uno bs.

  13. Very annoyed says:

    It’s mischievous acts like these that makes it difficult for women who have been truly sexually abused, come off as liars. Every time a female uses the sexual abuse card for her own personal agenda, a woman who has been raped, or a minor who have been sexually abused, gets dismissed by authorities.

  14. Enough says:

    Shakron get a life you are a crazy hypocrite!!! i hope you wont be the senator for the 13th senate those people were crazy to put you there its something good but with you involve????? you know what was your gain for that mayor never you wont get it the belizaen public needs to stamp you out you drag these women to belive you are innocent when you knew what your nephew was doing support goes out to all other mothers except this crazy witch no wonder poor chris got caught up what role model he had please take that vacation you need and please the injection you are CRAZY………

  15. abnerl says:

    BZNinCALI- the man should have ask mrs shakron better. Right.

  16. corf says:

    Bravo Belize Woman, I’m ashamed to even comment on this forum.I can’t believe some of the things that people are saying up here but the only reason why these people are posting these horrible things up here is because they are low life HATERS who have nothing else better to do than to hate on these people because of the status that they hold in Belize. If it was someone that wasn’t in the public eye that was less fortunate, you would see their post saying ” poor girl “and that the white guys is a no good pervert. She explained herself well when she explained why she never came forth. From way back in Belize when fathers were sleeping with their daughters, uncles sleeping with their nieces etc. people keep that kinda thing quiet and no wonder why. You have them coming forth with their story and look at all the vicious things that people have to say about them. She said that she didn’t want any fuss with the family and that is understandable and this is why many men all over the world get away with stuff like this. The women are often degraded instead of supported. Some of these same people up here saying those horrible things were / are probably doing the same thing to other women that’s why they find it so easy to demean them. Lets hope your mother’s, daughter’s, sister’s etc never have to suffer the same fate and if they were/ are , lets hope they were brave enough to stand up to men like this white guy. No matter what color ,race or creed he is..You guys are so unfair and despicable.

  17. Ana says:

    I Know this man and he is a beast…. a monster..a sexual abuser..abuser of woman and a person that lies so much..he lies to everyone he knows saying that he has money and he has none…I really suffer for the girl that he abuse because he abuse me too, he has no feeling at all and the worst is that he think he is a supirior human been because he use to have some money….he is in wisconsin now writing to woman on jail and of course very joung girls

  18. Ana says:


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