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Mar 25, 2011

Education Minister tells newspaper he is not soft

Patrick Faber

While Marcel Cardona clearly stole the show at the House Meeting today, there were others who spoke either for or against the budget or some who didn’t speak about the budget at all.  Education Minister Patrick Faber used his time to speak about the former education Minister Cordel Hyde and his father, the publisher of the Amandala. Faber was upset that the Amandala kept calling him soft.

Patrick Faber, Minister of Education

“The member from Lake Independence; I remember how he gone on when we tried to pass the education act and take out corporal punishment. When he was a chicken. He was a chicken. He punked out back in 1998, Mister Speaker. Punked out when he became Minister of Education and he was suppose to remove corporal punishment after all the donkey work was laid out for him by the former Minister of Education, Elodio Aragon. Punked out and changed the thing. His father, the publisher of the Amandala newspaper, have words of criticism for me quite frequently when he thinks I am being soft. Like in his From the Publisher in last week Friday Amandala. He went to great task to say that the church now has me soft; that while I started off with a bang in trying to ensure that things were correct, that I have now gone soft, Mister Speaker. Well let me inform him for the record because I don’t like to be misunderstood. Let me inform him for the record that it wasn’t this minister’s intention nor this administration’s intention to break up the church state system. That was his intention and he became happy when he thought that that was what we are doing. And I have gone on record across this country Mister Speaker to place that on record. So no write noh mo’ articles eena yoh paper about me being soft because we are moving on to election that I am soft. Soft and punking out is what the member for Lake Independence did back in 1998 and 1999 when they were trying to remove corporal punishment and he did not have the guts—I noh wah say the word weh mi friend the major mi seh. I have no quarrel against the Jesuits like he did.”

There were other speakers after Minister Faber, and when the Prime Minister wound up, he also took on his predecessor. Only a few members were left in the House when the budget was finally passed.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “Education Minister tells newspaper he is not soft”

  1. Storm says:

    I’m reading Faber’s remarks, and am struck by how poor a representative he is for education. He talks like a drop-out, a street person, not an educated man.

    HE PUBLIC REMARKS ARE A POOR, POOR EXAMPLE FOR STUDENTS IN BELIZE. If he is capable of mature, grammatical, and educated speech, he should always show it. As it is, he is a very POOR example for our children to follow.

    In business people are judged according to how well they express themselves. Faber does a poor job there. If he is incapable of speaking like an educated person, he should not be Minister of Education.

  2. Disgusted! says:

    I look at these so called ministers of government and wonder if they realize how much of a laughing stock they really are to the civilized world. Instead of conducting himself in a manner befitting someone connected with, of all things, EDUCATION, this character is a gross embarrassment and negative role model to the students of Belize who he is supposed to represent. What a bunch of PETTY #!@%#@$ these people are. Taking their personal gripes and issues that has nothing to do with the interests of the people, to the parliamentary building. It is so humiliating to watch these newscasts with foreign friends and hear the degrading terms used to describe these backward savages parading as goverment ministers. The entire judicial and political system in Belize is a !#@%ING JOKE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Toledo Worker says:

    Sometimes it makes me want to cry…. what a mess are we in???????? Our minister of Education is simply incapable of using subject-verb agreement!!! Does he know how to speak in correct English????

    Why are we letting such scums lead our nation???

  4. shock says:

    Thanks to this forum for allowing the public to give a feedback as to how they feel about what is taking place in the country. There are Politician, and there are Politician; Mr. Cardona is not a Politician, he seem to be a real person who want genuinely want to do his job and let his action speaks for itself. He did not know the wolves in sheep clothing that he was up against.

    Now for this so call minister of education, sir, I would suggest that you take a look at your remarks and see if you fell that it deserve the office that you hold. Do you really understand that education is really the piller of a society? If you do believe this statement to be correct, them you should do the right thing and apologize to the children of Belize for your silly attitude in what is suppose to be the Honourable House of the nation.Stop your gutter low life language.What the hell is punk out? As minister of education, show your command of the predominant language of the country.I commend Mr Cordona for doing just that. Many of us Belizeans who lives in foreign countries are a shame of you all as leaders of the country. With regards to Boots & Finegan, we pity the people of your area who could not find anyone more capable to represent them. The blind leadeth the blind.

  5. Earl Grey says:

    and YOU …….

  6. Lloyd of Jersey says:

    I am in agreement with everyone who responded to our ministers disgrace performances in the House. Our country, our people need to elect individuals who are educationally sound. It seems some of our people who goes into politics just go to fill a seat. Everyone must remember that they are not only representing themselves but they are also representing our people, our nation. If you are thinking of going into politics, educate yourself, make the country proud of who you are and represent yourself the way you should.

  7. Its About Time says:

    Minister faber is right on with his comments to many times minister get up and use big words to throw off the people. The minister of education was being real. Belize need more real people instead of lining our pockets we must realize that belize can be like a cayeman Island that makes billions but our minister get voted into office and try to make themselves rich instead of the country. Why is that not reported in the news anymore. Ask yourself people why do all are great mines go to the states while the thieves stay here to steal. We need to change but I guess we never will.

  8. ang says:

    Those remarks are funny the way these are spoken is comical.

  9. corf says:

    Poor excuse for the minister of education. They’re all poor examples for leaders for the people of Belize.

  10. hugo RIVAS says:

    Arrogant just like his father- DEAN OLIVER BARROW!!! criticizing the publisher of the amandala makes u a throw off friend. deeply dissapointed by u and this governenment!

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