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Mar 25, 2011

Shyne back in Belize and ready for Concert

The buzz in town is that Moshe Levi Ben will be staging a concert at the MCC grounds this Saturday night. Since his release from prison and deportation from the US, Ben David, who uses the stage name Shyne, lived briefly in Belize but long enough to be named Ambassador of Music. On Thursday, the gangster rapper and son of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, returned from Israel where has now taken up residence. The concert will also feature local musicians, Jamaican artists and promoters are advertising that some big names in Hip-Hop and R&B music will also take the stage. We caught up with Shyne as he reached out to the youths. News Five met him this morning after he spoke to students at the ITVET. He told us about the upcoming concert and said he is especially looking forward to performing one of his hits along with Barrington Levy.

Moshe Levi Ben David Aka “Shyne”, Musical Ambassador

Moshe Levi Ben David "Shyne"

“For me to be here with one of my role models and one of my musical heroes is a dream come true.”

Delahnie Bain

“What else do you have in store for the audience?”

Moshe Levi Ben David Aka “Shyne”

“We got a lot in store. We got Tanya Carter, who is one of favourite artists period; definitely my favourite artist in Belize, we got some young kids, some young Belizean talent that we’re gonna showcase. We got the steel band, we got a live band; a Belizean live band that I’m performing with. We’re gonna bring the youth orchestra out to do something. It’s gonna be a night of—we got Black Rhyno, Chino, all these Jamaican artists; it’s gonna be a nice event mein, really an experience, you’re gonna get your money’s worth.”

Delahnie Bain

“And there are also some big names that we’d have to be there to find out about?”

Moshe Levi Ben David Aka “Shyne”

“Yeah, mein. There was just a terrorist bombing in Miami so we’re gonna have to reroute them and by God’s grace, we’re gonna have some people come through and surprise the Belizean audience.”

Delahnie Bain

“This is also in celebration of the launch of your new album.”

Moshe Levi Ben David Aka “Shyne”

“Yeah, you know it’s really the launch of the world promo tour; we’re calling it the Music Education Rocks event because part of me putting an album out and part of me having success, it’s my hope that I can use that success, poor kids throughout the world; but definitely Belize. Part of that is music education. The album will be out in September, Gangland, then we have Messiah coming out in the Spring of 2012 and just look forward to Shyne promoting Belize throughout the world, look forward to Saturday night when you’re gonna have the Belizean talent, the Belizean musicians and we’re gonna go back to our heritage and it will be a great night.”

And while his status as Musical Ambassador has been criticized, particularly after he adopted Israel as his new home, Shyne told us today that he still considers Belize his homeland. But he says he has to be an international success to be able to really make a difference and help other local artists to boost their careers.

Moshe Levi Ben David Aka “Shyne”

“It’s great to be back home. You know, they always say absence makes the heart grow fonder so for me being in all these different cultures and all these different communities, you know what you love once you’re away from it and there’s nothing better than Belize. Israel is right there cause Israel is the holy land so that’s for everybody, all human beings but Belize is definitely my place.  For me it was an escape; music was my way out, music was my reason to say no to selling crack and my reason to say no to blowing somebody’s head off. So I would like to give that gift to Belizeans kids, who I relate to as one of them. And in order for me to do that, I gotta be successful. I can’t be a local success or a local hero, I gotta be big on the charts like I once was, number one, biggest record, millions sold, in order to really help the Belizean people and all the people I wanna help. So this is the launch, me going back. I’m going to Paris, I’m going to Africa, I’m going to Germany, London, everywhere to promote Shyne, to promote Belize.   You see every interview that I’ve done since I’ve left Belize, I have the Belizean flag beside me and I’m talking about Belize but I have to go and like I said, launch the re-establishment of Shyne.  And look forward to coming back cause this is not the last concert. I’m gonna come back again and hopefully I’ll be even bigger then and bring even bigger people. We’ll shut down the whole Belize for real, for real. This is just the warm up, the launch concert and we wanna come back at the end of the year with something even more spectacular.  So look forward to more Shyne, more of Belize being a global brand and Belizean artists having the opportunity for the Wyclefs and for the Bustas and all my friends to come down and hear them and see what’s going on here. So God bless all of you and I hope to see you Saturday night.”

But on Shyne’s return, he’s been met with a lawsuit for a hundred and fifty-nine thousand dollars, which for debts while he resided at the Renaissance Towers.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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33 Responses for “Shyne back in Belize and ready for Concert”

  1. Rod says:

    What shame for our country a guy who puts down his people and country then comes back and wants the people to give him money well who ever does are idiots in m

  2. abnerl says:

    Moshe Levi Ben David “Shyne” with so much names dont u think he would have kept his dad surname? oh he too is assamed of his dad ……

  3. eyes on Belize says:

    Rip it Shyne, it’s all about change. Show them people that just because you done some time behind them walls that u can be successful. This is your night and you could of hogged up the stage. But instead you are giving other young talents a chance to showcase. Let them haters hate and burn in their hypociticy. Keep up the good work and maybe we will see another Belizean sign a contact that’s worth millions of dollars.

  4. Elgin Martinez says:

    I guess Shyne is going to use the money that he is going to make from this concert to pay his debt.Mr Barrow please don’t use the Belizean tax-payers money to pay for your son’s debt.Move to your thee bedroom that your uncle built you son.We all know you’re broke ,stop pretending.Hope you don’t owe rent in Israel.

  5. Disgusted! says:

    I swear, the more I hear about this character the more I wonder how he escaped the electric chair or lethal injection. I mean, this puppet even failed at committing a crime. This is obviously a stark, raving lunatic caught up in his own confused narcissistic world of how important he think he is.. It is as plain as his dean barrow’s bald head that this @$$hole is only using Belize for his convenience because everything is at his disposal here when it’s convenient for him. NOTHING about this wannabe flunky impresses me so I highly recommend he do Belizeans a favor he go back into the hole that the dogs barked him out of. Oh… and before you do, pay your bill that you incurred at the Renaissance towers. Enough about this murderer already.

  6. Stephen says:

    This is what I am saying, poor people owed two three hundred dollars the police hold them like criminals. This man owed over 150 grand and just a law suit, when will the system be fair and treat all the same way. What about obtaining services by deception, oh sorry he is rich and his father is the Prime Minister of Belize it is just a misunderstanding with accounts. On a whole when rich people owed it is ok but for poor people you go to jail or pay up.

  7. Leo says:

    Who gives a %#@& about Shayne,Ben Levi,adams apple or whatever name he wants to call himself.Much is written about him in Belize and with such reverence as if this convicted American reject is God’s gift to Belize.

  8. The People Had Enough says:

    Lol, heard the concert was a smash hit [sarcasm laid on thick]. A Barrow duped Belizeans again out of their hard earned money, and he should, we Belizeans too damn stupid. Sorry, but we are taking for fools because we allow it and shyne exploited that fact. Oh, well, “I told you so.” is, oh, so appropriate here.

  9. Sw says:

    The was a terrorist bombing in Miami. Hmm! I live there and never heard about that. ??????

  10. 50 Cent says:

    “terrorist bombing in Miami” How did CNN or Fox News miss that? LOL
    The only Bomb was the Concert and Shyne’s horrible music that many dumb suckers paid $50 for.
    Hope Shyne made enough to pay his rent bill at Renaissance Towers. ROFLMAO
    He betta go back to selling crack on the corner.

  11. ashanti says:

    What a con-artist this man is…just like his heartless, vindictive father. His concert was a total shame. Charging the poor Belizean people, (what amounts to more than a weeks pay for most), knowing he was not able to supply what he promised. And to add insult to injury…he actually had Beyonce and Rick Ross lookalikes trying to fool the Belizean people to think these celebs were actually there. He is ambassador only of con and crime. Hope he goes back to where ever he crawled out of and does not come back…oh and ditto for his father and his self proclaimed royal family. There is NO love for Belize and its people among the likes of Barrows!

  12. anonymous says:

    Thank God for our talented Belizean artist because Shyne was totally boring.He flunct big time and that with trying to fool our people…he is a con artist!!.
    oh and by the way Miami isn’t the only airport his so called celebrity friends could have used if they couldnt get out of Miami airport. There is Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach which could have connected thru cancun, houston, dallas, atlanta, North Carolina!!!He better not used that excuse…..

  13. anonymous says:

    @ eyes on Belize……if he was so about promoting Belizean artists why did he promote his celebrity guests so much or even attempt to bring them down…..He kept telling the Belizean people to buy the expensive tickets knowing full well he had no def jam artists coming…thats a CON…fraud….Belizeans should sue!

  14. anonymous says:

    Everything that comes out of this man’s mouth is a lie…definitely Dean Barrows son!

  15. Belizeans 1 says:

    Difference between Shyne, Mose Levi Ben david….whatever his name is and the great Andy Palacio. Andy’s motivation was born out of the love of music and the music of his people, He was genuine and authentic and with all the awards he won he still stayed humble and true to who he was. RIP Andy.
    Shyne, Mose, Levi etc etc etc is motivated by fame and money..nothing else. He has no love for his country and his belizean brothers and sisters. Most of all he has NO respect for the honour of being Belize’s Global Music Ambassador.
    To think Channel 7 reported that one of the people he was thinking of bringing down was Foxy Brown. What type of role model is she for our Belizean girls?

  16. JR says:

    who the hell is SHYNE. this fool is a fake. look at his trim, resemble someone? Yes big Dean. Both con and fraud. This concert really made history as it was sucks!! When SHYNE aka DULL start singing, i meant talking, the crowd left. What happen about the big names that was going to come and all those $50 tickets. The guy is a con, send him back to Israel or better yet prison.

  17. belizeang says:

    SERIOUSLY!!!!!! “pulling hair out of head” THIS DUDE GIVES ME NIGHTMARES……GET A LIFE G…SERIOUSLY!!!!

  18. w says:

    We should be so very proud of our musical ambassador.The interview below really allows us to be proud of how our global musical ambassador represents our country and our people…NOT!

  19. Bulba Martinez says:

    Stop complain noh man. Unu get weh unu pay fa, unu shoulda know by now dat Water Melon noh bare Pumpkin, even if ih come like Squash.

  20. BDF soldier says:

    Whats worst is that as soon as he was deported from the USA and arrived in belize.the head of the UDP law firm(dean oliver barrow)created a position for him so he can get a government pay check,but again,the once head of the PUP LAW FIRM(MUSA)had his sons and wife on government pay check to.conclucion?both mafia are parasites.

  21. Somewhere in time says:

    I don’t know why the media still covers this dushebag. I blame the media for all this nonesense, they gave him a platform.

  22. Rasta Gial says:

    Shine need to stop his bs. He promised the people two International Platinum Artist and didn’t deliver but took the people money. Then to top it off he was horrible on stage. Everyone left after his second song. Still waiting for My MONEY BACK SHINE! You did not deliver so legally you need to give back the people money. Belize need to do something about promoters who take our money and don’t deliver the entertainment promise. And by the way you look ridiculous with that stupid want to be Israeli look.

  23. belizeanpride says:


  24. Do it right says:

    Y’all haters need to stop worrying so much about Shyne. You should’ve went there to support your local Belizean artists and not so much to see which celebrity shows up. The Belizean Artists were great and y’all disappointed yourselves for wanting to go see celebrities instead of our local talent. SO !@#$% all you want about a little $50 dollars bc at the end of the day our Belizean artists benefitted from the $50.00. Pathetic haters.

  25. Swamp Dragon says:

    Terrorist Bombing in Miami? What the hell is he talking about? Is he even allowed in Miami? I don’t think so! What a dolt! This man’s a fool. Musical Ambassador? Barrow has given out so many positions to family and friends that are not deserving. What an embarrassment to the true musicians of Belize. This guy fired shots in a NYC club and did time for it and was expelled from the US for it upon release. Why does the news coverage kiss up to this guy. He’s a thug and convict and a poor role model for the youth of Belize

  26. Proud Belizean says:

    At least unu know now that he has now talent and that there are other Belizeans who deserve the Ambassador title. Im anxious to see footage…big up JAG Camp that represented artists from Cayo!

    Strip him off the Ambassador title now…..he di ride a big horse at our expense. Go on an pay your bills…… Destiny’s Child would say….ummmm….I guess Dean O Barrow will pay with our tax money….

  27. Murillo says:

    some Belizeans are so stupid dont they know that staying in belize wont build his career .what belizean you know that lived in belize is internationally known if you all dont grow up and get a life and graduate from the school of hate and move on to the school of success you all will forever be backwards in your thoughts.if he move to israel good for him at least he still coming home and recognizing belize as his home……

  28. Bulba Martinez says:

    To Murillo, you need to graduate from the School Of Stupidity my friend. Mr. Ivan Duran was/is doing a great job around the globe for recognition of our Artists and our Cultural Music. He is from Cayo and worked dilligently along with the late Andy Palacio for the very same reason. Mr. Pen Cayetano on his own has done the same thing my friend and for your information, Mr. Boots “Titiman” Flores was appointed by NICH as Ambassador, who was also stripped of this title to be given to the idiot Shyne. Murillo, poorness neva kill we Belizean, it is people like you that dampen our Belizean Spirit. Noh meck no ghost fool you, we have far better Musicians than Shyne can ever be in a life time. Thanks to Politricks and him being a member of the Political First Family. If our Belizean Musicians had the very same previlege, Belizean Artists would have been down the professional road a long time ago. I personally have absolutely no reason to hate Shyne or anyone else but, I have the right to voice my opinion when I see !@-$ di fly round. You need to go to NICH & Cultural Arts meetings my friend, only then you will get the big picture. For me, I don’t give a damn where Shyne or anyone reside as long as he/she earned the right to be whatever one is expected to be, to represent our country honestly and in a very positive way. Sure enough he had paid his dues for what he’s done in America but when he say that he want’s to be a Positive Example to our Belizean Youths, then why is he not here to teach us what he’s got?. Instead he’s living in Israel and then come back to Belize with his Cock and Bull storys?. Come on Murillo, think before you open your sucks. I wish him all the best my friend, but he have to find himself, himself and know exactly who he truly is. Enough said, and more Power to all our Belizean Musicians, stay the course guys and hang in there. The late Mr. Peters, late Junior “Juni” Aranda, the late Isabel Flores, and Mr. Paul “Nabor” Sentino were exposed as professional Artists to the outside world at a very old age and you guys can be recognized as well with respect and hard work. The Music Industry has always been a “Dog eat Dog World”, if Shyne supposedly made it, so can you guys without having to be anybody’s Fall Guy. That’s who he was/is to the point that, he don’t even know his own damn name or where he’s from.

  29. Earl Grey says:

    When all is said and done……..SHYNE IS A SELF MADE MAN.

    WE HAVE TO RESPECT HIM FOR THAT. His father gave him nothing and he WENT OUT AND GOT HIS…… on his own.

  30. anonymous says:

    @ murillo….Andy Palacio stayed in Belize and aquired international acclaim the old fashion way…NOT with name dropping but thru hard work and a genuine passion for the love of music .

  31. 50 Cent says:

    I bet Barrow’s BTL will now block You Tube (like he blocks Skype) so no can unload the video of Shyne making a orthodox monkey of himself.
    Free Skype and lower the internet rates to that of the 1st world.
    Or are you scared of what happened in Egypt, Libya, ect
    Barrow is following the Price way of keeping the Belizeans stupid.

  32. corf says:

    I use to take up for this guy when everyone was hating on him and to be honest, i regret that i did. First of all, he have a title ( ambassador of music ) that he does not deserve. There were many before him that worked hard and did a great job that was supposed to hold that title proudly but of course his turtle looking father made that possible for him. This is surely what is called “the fleecing of Belize’. @ Murillo, i sure wish he would take his @$$ back to Israel and take his entire wicked Barrow family with him..oh!…and leave the ambassadorship behind for the real true well deserving artist.

  33. fam bam says:

    Dirty money on MTV comin up !!.. [facebook >kbakablackwater];; over here hustlin vid >> doing your thang friend ..hope u good ..holla!! KB
    much love

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