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Mar 24, 2011

Brother puts brother in coma

While the Coroner’s Inquest is handling the case of the cop killed by one of his own, police are investigating a sibling rivalry that got out of hand in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Two brothers, Fedencio and Jeremiah Pott got into an argument while they were drinking together at the home of Elston Wade Junior in Bermudian Landing Village. Jeremiah allegedly hit Fedencio over the head with a shovel, causing a large cut wound. Fedencio was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he remains in a coma. His injuries were initially classified as grievous harm and that’s the charge that was read to Jeremiah in court today. The fifty year old pleaded not guilty, telling Magistrate Emerson Banner that he hopes his brother will recover and they can work things out since the incident happened while they were both intoxicated. Jeremiah was remanded to the Hattieville Prison after the prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that his Fedencio is in critical condition. Bail will be reconsidered when Jeremiah reappears in court on April first, but it all depends on his brother’s condition.

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10 Responses for “Brother puts brother in coma”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Just add alcohol & we get instant @$$hole. If the adults don’t have any sense, God help our children.

    It does make one wonder how many times these two drunks have acted out but it didn’t cause this much harm. This behavior started way before they hit middle age.

  2. corf says:

    The bible says that brothers will be turned against brothers so these two made sure they didn’t disappoint and took it literally.I hate to say this and people get upset when i do because it sounds racist but as much as we hate stereo types, they are really true. For some reason Hispanics get violent when they are intoxicated and it never ends up well.The weapon of choice for them is usually a machete so thanks goodness in this situation, that wasn’t the case.Oh gosh, i am trying so hard to contain myself from laughing right now even though its no laughing matter so let me throw this one in to ease the tension. Statistic shows that black people owe and spend much more than they make and try to live so much more beyond their means and I swear that $#!% is true. Get offended all you want but its probably in the Guiness book of world records. Hahaha….Oh my goodness. I need to stop. Anyways, i hope his brother survives and get well soon..and I mean that sincerely.

  3. belizeang says:

    Yeps this is what the world is coming to that’s why I always say I don’t know why people are still having children It is way out of control to try and be a good parent these days they grow up and then kill each other either physically or spiritually.

  4. cindy says:

    Ok To the government of Belize. Once upon a time liquor was illegal. why not make it illegal again and charge people?

  5. Al says:

    So sad to see the men of Belize sitting under houses and trees in the middle of the day during the week drinking and getting drunk. These men are not even looking for some yards to cut the grass to provide for their family. This is what our young children are seeing. There is no incentive for the young people to do better. The young men grow up and drink with their father and get drunk with their father. It is so scary to look at what this country will be in five more years if some honest person with at least half of a brain is not elected as PM. I say the government should try to attract educted Belizeans Americans to come home and help change the direction of this country. These politicians do not have are not forwrd thinkers, they only know how to react and they still do not know how to fix what they are reacting to. A smart man knows when to say I need help. Let us change Belize for the better.

  6. Clifford says:

    Cindy, I like your thoughts! We NEED to do that!

  7. Disgusted! says:

    “CAIN juice rum, what have you done to your brother Abel???” That, my fellow bloggers, is what you get when you mix alcohol and savages.

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    You and your brother can work things out after you spend your time.

  9. 8of10 says:

    Making liquor illegal will simply create a black market for the stuff along with turf war and more killings. Look at crack cocaine for example. Beside crack is illegal and we stil have crack heads.There is no quick solution to these social ills but creating awareness of the dangers of over indulgence through the media may help to alleviate some of it.

  10. The People Had Enough says:

    Cindy, the Prohibition, also known as the Noble Experiment, in the USA between 1920 – 1933 proved that this does not work; remember, it created the likes of Al Capone, you think we have crime right now, imagine the trade of alcohol being pushed to the black market where no rules and regulations exist to regulate….it would be complete chaos and am 100% certain we would definitely become number one in murder rate. What Belize needs to do is tax, tax, tax the hell out of alcohol and tobacco. Did you know that most countries that do not have high taxation on alcohol and tobacco are Caribbean countries; inclusive of Belize?

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