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Mar 23, 2011

Philip Swift shot dead

The past weekend claimed four lives and tonight there’s a fifth murder in as many days. It happened just after five this evening when many were heading home from work and traffic was thick in the area of the Vernon Street Bridge and fish market. Nineteen year old Philip Swift, a.k.a. P.J., was gunned down as he walked his dog at the corner of Ebony Street and Lindo’s Alley. Four shots caught him in the head and body; Swift collapsed and died instantly. Soon after the shots rang out Swift’s sister rushed to the scene and found her brother bleeding profusely. Police were processing the scene and it is still not known if more than one person fired the fatal shots. News Five spoke to a family friend who was at Swift’s house minutes before he was killed.

Voice of: Philip Swift’s Neighbor

“We mi deh inside ina my auntie house and we just hear five gunshot: bam bam bam bam bam. After deh so we run out and when we come outside, the lee bwai deh ina di drain. That’s just it, we noh see nothing.”

Isani Cayetano

“I understand he had just left home, just had something to eat and was walking his dog. Can you tell us a bit about that?”

Voice of: Philip Swift’s Neighbor

“Nothing cause like I say we mi deh inside di sit down and everything.”

Isani Cayetano

“Do you know if he may have been involved in any previous altercations that would lead up to something like this happening?”

Voice of: Philip Swift’s Neighbor

“Fortunately I noh live round yah. I barely even come round yah. I come round yah once in a blue moon.”

Swift is a former student of St. Michael’s College and according to our records, in February 2007 he alleged that the school’s vice principal pulled a gun at him. More recently, Swift was convicted of Theft but the motive of his murder is not yet known.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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31 Responses for “Philip Swift shot dead”

  1. Disgusted! says:

    This is the reality of the horror that Belizeans are forced to contend with everyday. And still not a single word from the minister of police. I rest my case!!!

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Broad daylight & no one saw a thing & the neighbor does not live in the neighborhood. And if there is a resolution, it will be a miracle.


    Even though some of us are still fighting for social justice in Belize in a nonviolent and constructive way somehow, and weather this killing was of vengeance, payback, eye for an eye, punishment, retaliation, the animals continue to have their way with the system. The GOB or the system is clearly at fault.

    How can anyone here respond to the usual gun violence in Belize without repeating everything that we already said in response to every other shootings, corruption and murder?

  4. rod says:

    and the sensless carnage continue unabated because this impotent gov. and pm ae useless wake up belizeans wake up you might be next we need to march on this impotent useless gov. lets get them out and put someone there who can do and will do this job right we will definetely beat last year for murder rate we are already double last years figures my heart is saddened to see my fellow belizeans being gunned down for no reason hang them hang them all hangggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  5. j killa baby borther says:

    Raymond Gentle says time 2 ease down with the killing the lord is not happy trust me I know because I’m within his present everyday

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    I am once again calling on this lame @ Government to address the Belizean people on the crime situation that has plagued the Jewel.This is a new year and nothing has changed with the crime situation.

  7. belizeanpride says:

    to me the most concern are the kids in the background of the top pic seeing the harsh reality the city life is and how the life of people are being taken away by scumbags who even being caught are set free after a court call it no sufficient evidence found. unfortunately that’s our city life in belize and we don’t no what will be the outcome IF the goverment doesn’t intervene with better police crime scene investigation and most important the approval of punishment by death y hanging.

  8. hard woking Belizean says:

    Yet the killers wandering free, free, free planning who will be the next victim!!! as rod says, HANG them! That is what they need and that is the only solution to this senseless killing spree happening in our once upon a time peaceful Belize. Maybe if one of the people in government would be harmed, some attention may be placed on trying to solve these now “common” murders!!! CAPITAL PUNISHMENT needs to be legalized once more and rather URGENTLY I may say!!!

  9. SW says:

    In this interview, Philip Swift’s Neighbor has made it clear that they saw NOTHING. This is because witnesses do not feel safe anymore. No-one wants to say anything to put their life at risk. Belize is in a very bad crime situation.

  10. Byrd says:

    It’s funny, you visit Bz and everyone act like Bz is this wonderful place to live, and we’re only fooling ourselves. Belize has become very dangerous. The high crime and murder continues in Bz. Will it ever get better? The Gov. needs to have a reward program in Bz to curtail the violence. Such as, report anyone you know with an unlicense weapon for a reward. Belizeans are afraid to speak up. It seems like the criminals has taken the country hostage….

  11. Xaan says:

    I think if they have a case of hanging it may probably ease down the killing in Belize. As harsh as it may seem. On the other hand, no one has no right to take the life of another but when will this all end! The society these poor little kids are growing up in is just indecent. Belize is no longer safe.

  12. RG Belizean says:

    It’s like I swear I am trying my very best to keep the faith in my country that things might change. I plan to visit my country for the Easter Holiday, but all this violence is really making me second guess myself. RIP Philip…MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    The Government seems to be runing the Jewel like a buffet place,Kill when you want,who you want ,How you want and still walk out of the Court house free of charges.

  14. Earl Grey says:

    WHEN will THIS END????????????????????………….





  15. corf says:

    Everyone should be accountable for their own actions.I have to say that I knew this kid personally and he was nothing but a damn thief and I said to a friend las June that this kid will end up dead soon.So done.He had a case pending for stealing $7,000.00 from some people.Before that he broke into a house not far from where he lives and clean the house out. When the police got involved,only then did his mother promised the couple to not take it to court and she returned the stuff. Not all these kids being killed.They are anything but innocent. One time this kid pounced on a 5yr old and when his mother went to complain,his mother cursed him out. You reap what you sow. All these women that get on tv and swear that their kids were good kids,are not part of the solution but the problem. I was waiting patiently to get on tv and said he was innocent. i personally was gonna do my share and let the public know he was a menace to that neighborhood and a menace to society. This is the Lord above way of cleansing Belize of its rubbish. Forgive me for being so harsh because he is someone else’s child but the neighborhood and the country will be a much better place without him. No one in that hood liked that little boy and he was getting worse.

  16. The People Had Enough says:

    I am no religious nut by any means; but I have stated on this site that there are solid signs of the end of times:
    - The Kuran clearly states that BLOODSHED WILL INCREASE (this is happening right in front of our very eyes right now).
    1. A man will pass by the grave of another and wish he was in the latter’s place. (young teens are killing themselves at an alarming rate in the West).
    2. Trustworthiness will be lost, i.e. when authority is given to those who do not deserve it. (This one is pretty !@#$%^& obvious with this useless administration we have).
    3. Wine (intoxicants, alcohol) will be drunk in great quantities. (This one is also pretty obvious, if not then you are probably the one doing the drinking and drowning in your sorrows, beating your wife and kid and will probably end up under # 1 shortly).
    4. Illegal sexual intercourse will become widespread. (i won’t even bother commenting on this one).
    5. Earthquakes will increase. (maybe you have heard of a few that devastated entire nations; or your cable have been cut out).

    These are just some of the obvious ones that no one can deny is happening. I never believed it, all my life, hearing about Judgment Day, but I see a small elite/Illuminati group manifesting this destiny for the entire human race. OPEN YOUR EYES! OPEN YOUR EYES! OPEN YOUR EYES!

  17. corf says:

    I wish the reporters would do their jobs properly and Belize would see that he had a rap sheet a mile long for his young age. This was not a “poo lee thing” situation. What about all the poor people that he was ripping off. Like cruffy would say their are 3 sides to a story. His side, the killer’s side and the truth. 99% of the murders happening have a deep story behind it. Its not as simple as they were gunned down for no reason. Teddy Murrillo was in the 1% that was killed innocently. I can put my hands on a bible an swear that this kid P.J ) was always up to no good. Just go and poll the neighbors and i’m sure a part of them is sad but a bigger part is happy because a lot of the neighborhood kids was following in his lead. Some of them were also charged in the theft of the $7,000.00. I wouldn’t be telling this story if i didn’t have proof. Go ask the people at the fish market. They despised him with a passion because he was always up to no good. Many kids were whipped on a daily basis to stay away from him. One time he was scolded by some cops infront of me and they were giving him good advice to stop doing the things he was doing because he was well known to them. The cop was telling him that they see whats going on in Belize and the way he was going was either jail or the graveyard. i guess he made his choice. Some people were just born to be bad and in his case, it could be a large number of people that had it out for him. He will go down in history as just another statistic. a damn shame.

  18. The People Had Enough says:

    Also, let me clarify something, these signs/events are not only isolated to Belize [BYRD] this is world wide, the entire !@#$%^&* planet is going into chaos; and to be statistical most of these murders are isolated to Southside Belize. Yes, we have murders here and there throughout the country, people are frustrated, no money, no job, can’t pay the bills…the little money the men do earn go into bar owners pockets and subsequently into the Bowen Empire who have made millions from depressed, frustrated Belizeans…and bars seems to be the only businesses doing great in this economy…why do you think the Government rather tax the $#!% out of fuel and human necessities instead of taxing the Jesus out of things like cigarettes and alcohol, all luxury items in this country should be taxed heavily, don’t worry, the elites that may read this; you can afford it, you have banked 100s of millions from the Belizean coffer and enjoying that sweet, high interest rate on the CDs. We want change, we must change ourselves, stop !@#$%^& drinking in bars all Goddamn week, save your money, give it to your wife/girlfriend so she can pay the bills and take care of the household, boycott alcohol, Bowen and clear your mind from the perpetual stupor that alcohol puts you in, will power is more powerful human power; but our Government, the puppets of the elites; the money masters, are making sure we keep depressed, dumb and in a drunken stupor. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

  19. The People Had Enough says:

    I am also pretty sure that the shyne concert will be filled with these same poor !@#$%^&*, spending their last $50 bills to get in and sneak in red top because they will not be able to afford to buy drinks; some will probably get drunk and someone will end up dead at the end of the night…and the band plays on; amazing how easy you can manipulate and take advantage of people when they are poor. Another examle; look how it is obligate that whoever win the lotto have to pose for pictures, look at the commercials they do, so disrespectful making a show of poor people, the ads are clever, thats for sure, clever enough to take your last two dollars from your pocket.; all this to hype the poor people to spend their hard earn two cents for a chance in a million, so !@#$%^& sad, so, so, so sad how blind people are, how easily manipulated. Mega bing, lotto, boledo, its all the same. We kill each other, we beat up our neighbors with cement blocks and sticks on live t.v. because someone is trying to do good for our community, we buy run all week long…yet, behind the scenes the real criminals are making loads and loads of money of our natural assets and we still can come in focus of what is really happening in Belize. We have 5 to 10 years, maybe, and our natural resources will be used up and you will see all the foreign investment slowly slide out, politicians and the elites will start to defect or barricade themselves in mansions in gated communities, and left our @$$!$ here to eat the dead rocks on the reef.

  20. shock says:

    Early Grey, I don’t live in Belize, so I get my information from this news media and the others. I remember reading on this same channel that the Government put the BDF on the streets of Belize and did not make any difference in slowing down the killings. As a matter of fact I read on this forum, that the criminal defied the BDF and carried out their crimes in close proximity of the BDF including shooting at them. I saw where there were several marches pleading for the shooting to stop, and it still goes on.

    I also read that the Priminister meet with the various gangs and that they promised to make peace, but it was all a sham, because human nature does not changeto quickly, I emagim that the doors of the churches are still open. I read that these thugs even broke into the houses of worships and stole what little they have. At the end of the day we are all responsible for our action individually once we reach the age of countability. Lots of TV church are going on that speak to minds and hearts of these unfortunate souls, but they close their ears from hearing. so they will continue to reap what they sowe. I’m glad to see tha corf has set the record straight on the individual. Nevertheless, the society needs help in these perelous times as we see the violence that are raging in so many corners of the planet

  21. corf says:

    @ The People Had Enough, in all fairness,no one are forcing these people to drink and smoke. We are our worse enemy and I don’t think that business owners should not be blamed for those of us that carry a bad habit. Im smart enough to know that I work hard for my money and there is no way in hell I will spend it on cigarettes, alcohol or gambling.Like I said before, we should all take actions for our behavior. For the Bowen’s, that’s making an honest living.For those of them that made them rich, too bad you are sitting on your brains making someone else rich while your family is suffering. If they don’t love and care for their families enough to not take care of them then why should anyone else be blamed?

  22. corf says:

    typo…don’t think business owner SHOULD be blamed

  23. BZNinCALI says:

    @Corf, thank you for dishing the dirt. I have seen too many of our children buried because of the parents unwillingness to correct them or deal with reality.

  24. sabuskii says:


  25. pissed off says:

    to corf
    it is sad that u would say that he deserved to died like an animal cause he was a lost soul. instead of passing judgment y don’t u try 2 do something 2 help these young people. belize is in d state it is because of a_ _ _ _ _ _ like u. this was someone’s child ur talking about and although he may hv done a lot of bad stuff he was loved so think b4 u open ur big mouth

  26. Dj Rico says:

    Mexico’s president declared war on the drug cartels why can’t Barrow declare war on all these unecessary mofo’s that live in Belize city? We need to start wipe them out so that all this senseless killing STOP.

  27. corf says:

    @ pissed, the last time I checked, your mother was the $ _ – _ _ #. I tried talking to the jackazz once before but he didn’t listen to anyone. He sealed his own fate when he decided to !%^% with the wrong person. I’m not his mama nor his aunt or his sister. he had all those so don’t tell me $#!% about doing something to help him when his own damn family wasn’t doing $#!% to curve his path down the right direction. he also have a daddy too. Since you are so giving you can do the same in Belize to save all the little >>>>>>>, thieves, robbers,murderers. You cannot save people that don’t want to save themselves so you can cut the crap like you are so righteous. Its idiots like you that encourage these little thugs in their wrong doings. You probably have family members that are doing the same thing to others why you so quick to defend them. See the momma didn’t even show her face on camera..guess why? She’s ashamed of the little satan that she put on this earth to terrorize the country. She knew her how son was and i was waiting for her to get on tv and say he was innocent. if you listen or read well you heard what the auntie said. She asked him if he was still giving his mother any trouble. So tell me what the hell that is supposed to mean. She’s on the streets all day and not looking after her blood sucking kids now i’m supposed to help him. Idiot please.

  28. Disgusted! says:

    To you: Pissed off

    You can’t go around blaming strangers for the failures of parents in raising and nurturing the children they brought into this world, in a disciplined, God fearing home. That is their sole responsibility and when your child engages in violent criminal activities and you as the parent condone it and reap the benefits of such actions, then you must expect to grieve for them one day. That said……….everyone is freely entitled to express their opinion through this medium and CORF’s comment was not directed at you, then you had no right to call her a_ _ _ _ _!!! It’s black gutter rats like you nonentity moth#@%$#!@#$ that cause people to disrespect your !@$#!@# mothers on tese blogs. Nobody ain’t talking to YOU ##@(#, so YOU should shut the !**% up @$$hole and make sure we don’t have to blog about none of your little gutter rats. !**% YOU!!!!!!!!

  29. Leks says:

    That’s a lot of damage

  30. Despayeeto says:

    Is this Phil Swift from Flex Tape or not?

  31. kaleb hale says:

    is this flex tapes on phil swift

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