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Mar 23, 2011

MegaBingo’s Joe, a victim of arson

There was a fire in Belize City early this morning in the heart of the entertainment section of the old capital.   A jeep belonging to the president of JD Financial was ablaze across the street from the B.T.L. Park.  The vehicle was parked while Joseph Marinan was asleep in his apartment. Marinan is known for his business interest in MegaBingo.  He believes that the torching of his vehicle is related to his company.

Joseph Marinan, President, JD Financial

“About 2:45 this morning, I was woken up because my jeep was on fire. So I dragged B15 here and we ran downstairs and the dog didn’t want to come downstairs because she knew there were problems. My vehicle was totally in flames.”

Jose Sanchez

“Clearly arson?”

Joseph Marinan

Joseph Marinan

“Clearly arson. The fire inspector that was here said definitely it was torched.”

Jose Sanchez

“Is it insured?”

Joseph Marinan

“Well it is insured only for liability. You can’t get comprehensive insurance on a vehicle that is less that ten years old or older than then years.”

Jose Sanchez

“What is the financial loss?”

Joseph Marinan

“To me it is not a financial loss. To me it is a heart loss. This is my MegaBingo car, this is my icon, this is my recognition in the country of Belize.”

Jose Sanchez

“Have the police been able to identify any suspects?”

Joseph Marinan

“Yeah we believe we have the suspects. And we will have more information as the day goes on and hopefully by the time my MegaBingo show tonight, there will be an arrest.”

Jose Sanchez

“So at this point you are looking out for another jeep?”

Joseph Marinan

“No. Think I can fix this one? Don’t look like it does it?” Right now I have to decide about the value of the country of Belize and me.”

Jose Sanchez

“Well MegaBingo does seem to be picking up so I don’t think you are going anywhere.”

Joseph Marinan

“Yeah, but there’s other things that are involved and I think we will have more information during my TV show this evening.”

Jose Sanchez

“Do you think it’s related to the MegaBingo itself?”

Joseph Marinan

“It’s related to an incident that happened last Saturday evening in regarding [to] JD Financial.”

MegaBingo is a product of JD Financial. It is aired live Wednesdays and Saturdays on Channel Five.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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23 Responses for “MegaBingo’s Joe, a victim of arson”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    Check the BOLEDO MAN……………..

  2. Shy says:

    It’s a shame that this is done to a man who has helped so many people. Would be nice to know more about the situation tho.

  3. Disgusted! says:

    Pack your accoutrements and take your business far away from Belize mr. Marinan. It’s obvious that malicious people are out to get you and will stop at nothing. And if you are waiting for a proper investigation to get Justice, you will die waiting! Sad to say!!!

  4. King James says:


  5. Elgin Martinez says:

    Base on this man’s statements it seems that he knows who the suspect or suspects are.As a result an arrest must be imminent.

  6. suspicious says:


  7. Bella says:

    The problem with Belizeans are that they cannot accept competition…..that’s the whole point.

    As soon as they see that there is a little competition they get scared and start to play dirty!!!!

  8. Do it right says:

    This is a heartless act by heartless people. Met this man personally and he is a very nice and courteous guy that really have a love for this country and its people. Imagine the basic story is that a couple employees were hustling off the Bingo and basically stealing so he had to fire them. In retaliation they torched his car. The nerve of some people. I hope they get charged and locked up for a very long time.

  9. Corozal Queen says:

    This is such ashame…Joe hasnt done anything but good for Belizeans…I really hope they find the culprit….we are with you Joe

  10. Kay says:

    MegaBingo the rob customers from the Boledo Man and Lotto Man so they want him gone? Somebody doesn’t like the competition??? As a MegaBingo customer I win more with them than what I have ever won with any of the other types of gambling.

  11. Belize says:

    I could see why our country is in this situation. I read all the comments and no one is against gambling. Gambling is not good for our little country. This man bring more gambling to our little country and we all sorry for this man like he is an Angel or if he is god gift from heaven. Like he come to safe us. Come on people. Where are our values? Get him out of here. I mean run him out.

  12. The People Had Enough says:

    How has this man help the people? Gambling is designed to take advantage of fools, lotto, boledo, megabingo designed to rape the poor of their last dollar.

  13. JAH BLESS says:

    To the two people above Belize and the people had enough if you had enough that’s your problem left the other to gambling if they do it is because they can afford it and next thing they are trying to get more from the little they have always beat a try on your luck ………….. people just trying to bring down the other the haters are always loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Elgin Martinez says:

    King James: Some of the people are behaving just like our leaders.

  15. Titan says:

    Rubishness i believe this man is doing good for our country he has brought family together u should see how families get together and play this game and it is a win win game. What they did to him was totally unfair and whoever did it should pay. Then we wonder why our country can’t move forward because of pple like these….

  16. The People Had Enough says:

    Jah Bless, well let them have at it my compadre, let them have at it. I am such a loser that I have one of the most successful business where I live and probably in this country, I have assets and a nest egg set aside for my kids future, all from hard effing work, and working and paying myself through school my friend, i nor my parents were born with silver spoon in their mouth, but my father always believe in working for a living. The losers are the ones who sit in front of the tube wishing upon a star; he is the only winner at the end of the day…i can see clearly why the rich will always get richer and the poor poorer.

  17. corf says:

    Hmmm, we have 2 suspects right here on this forum. Then we wonder why foreigners don’t want to invest in the country.@ the people who had enough, no one hold these people hands to gamble so don’t blame this man. If i was the police I would investigate you cause you seems angry enough to torch the man’s jeep…just saying…

  18. Do it right says:

    The people had enough? Being rich doesn’t make you a winner my friend. You can have all the money in the world and not be respecte or loved by the people around you. Money can disappear in a heart beat. It does make you a loser saying that you are supposedly rich. For all we know you could be ripping people off with whatever it is you do. Maybe even selling drugs, who knows. But who are you to say that people are fools bc they play these games. While i don’t condone gambling, this game is contributing to the family as it brings them together to play a fun game while having a chance to win money in the process all for a $2 ticket. Just because you don’t like gambling or don’t condone it, soes not mean you have the right to judge what people do with their hard earned money. Maybe you should donate some of your money from your very successful business to help the needy. But frankly i think the people had enough of your comments. So go ahead and remind yourself of all the money you’ve made bc even you seem to have trouble believing you are not a loser. so continue to convince yourself.

  19. The People Had Enough says:

    Lol, I will digress, its pretty obvious Do It Right and corf don’t have too much brain or logic. @Corf, I don’t live in the City of Hell pal, I avoid that city like the plague; however it seems you have sociopath tendencies…seek help. @do it right: don’t hate me because i used the brain and brawn God gave me and I am financially successful and spiritually, I make my money the old fashion way…by working for it and investing it in my business and my intellect of my business, also [read before you write] I never said i was rich, i said i have a nest egg set aside, a nest egg can be a couple hundred, thousand, millions; however it is there, gaining interest until my kids need it for college or whatever the hell they feel like doing…you seem frustrated with life because you are the unfortunate loser, why? Because people like you measures someone worth, someone’s success by financial and material gain, I am echelons more rich in moral, ethical and spiritual values, money means nothing to me other that the fact that I exist in a system that abides by the laws, rules and values of pieces of cotton sheets soaked with ink thus I have to abide by those same laws, rules and values. If human beings were to be valued by there true worth, I would say that some of the financially/materialistically poorest would be among the richest in that value system. Don’t be bitter at me because you don’t value yourself much higher than what you have in your pocket and the blinders on the side of your head have you worshiping, praying, salivating to be one of the ‘rich.’ I am financially well off because i did what i love and love what i did, the money was a causation of that…also, it took me years of hard work in growing and making and keeping my business successful and established; however you automatically think that drugs are involved or criminal activity, I am no young fool who want quick riches and will by any means. Anyways, as long as you believe what you are saying don’t let me or anyone else try to convince you otherwise. Too much feelings d get ketch bout ya mein. You put me in my place so am gonna go whimper off now, lol. Gamble away enjoy the family gathering…

  20. CASIO says:

    i think that is why belize does not prosper. we’re jealous of each others success and would want to bring people down!

  21. Dan Planet says:

    Same thing happened to me Joe, I had my mobile home torched about two years ago for pretty much the same reason. This is typical low level thinking, when you don’t get your way, react with violence or malice.
    The irony is, the same people complaining about us “foreigners” coming to Belize and opening businesses, are the same ones wearing New York ball caps, Nike tennis shoes, and carrying I phones. Go Figure! Crabs in a bucket Joe. Hang in there though, nothing good comes without sacrifice.

  22. Star says:

    Belize is getting worst everyday. We just have to mine ourselves. I like to play the bingo game but i have never won anything since the game started. I think its time to stop.

  23. True says:

    This man is really bad, a very bad human that treats people horrible.

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