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Mar 22, 2011

Murder victim’s mother questioned by the cops

Over a year ago, Teddy Murillo was gunned down as he headed home on Waight Street. The allegation was that a cop had pulled the trigger, but no one was ever charged for the murder of the student. His mother, Danalyn Murillo, became one of the voices against crime and violence and is a member of Belizeans for Justice. On Monday the accused officer complained that Murillo had used threatening words on him. Today Murillo herself made a complaint to the police at Raccoon Street. It all went downhill from there when reports spread that she would have been arrested. News Five’s Jose Sanchez has the story.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Teddy Murillo

UB Agriculture Student Teddy Murillo was gunned down on Sunday February twenty-seventh 2010 near his home on Waight Street in Belize City. The family accused a cop, police constable David Griffith of the crime. An investigation is underway but today, Teddy’s mother was the subject of an investigation.

Anita Sebastian, Sister of Danalyn Murillo.

“Today my sister came to make a report. My sister is here to make a report, but I understand that they want to arrest my sister now. Arrest my sister for just saying how she feel after one year ago of somebody taking the life of her son. Now when the person took ih child life, nobody was arrested and words noh kill nobody. You know weh kill people? Bullet and guns—that dah weh kill people. He had a gun on him and he was not in a police uniform and that’s what concerned my sister. Why did he have a gun on him and he was not in uniform? That was not ethical. Because the gun that he had on him, the police said, once he’s not in uniform that would have been an unlicensed gun. My sister was wrought because it was the first time she saw David Griffith since the death of her son—just get to know him. So that really touched her and she went to him and she said: “Bwai u deh out yah and you have a gun on your side and you no have on no uniform? After u take the life of mi son, you thing you could deh out ya like wa community oriented person? Wah community oriented person noh tek life.” And my sister continued at him but not to say touch him or anything. Now you put yourself in the shoe: somebody took your child’s life. You noh see ahn whole year. One day you see that person standing. Tell me what would be your reaction?”

Anita Sebastian

Jose Sanchez

“So clearly some words were shared. He is not convicted of anything as yet, but what happened after these words were shared?”

Anita Sebastian

“After the words were shared, ‘Tutsi’, Mister Usher, the man Gilroy Usher’s son, walk onto a vehicle and tell ah: “Bwai, weh da lady mi di tell yoh?” Ih seh: “Da lady just gone off pan me fi nothing.” But somebody ina di crowd said di lady neva gone after you fi nothing.”

Belizeans For Justice Founder, Yolanda Schakron, gave an update.

Yolanda Schakron, Founder, Belizeans for Justice

Yolanda Schakron

“At the moment, Misses Murillo is meeting with I.A.D. She was meeting with Mister Blackett giving her story. She will be also making a complaint against policeman Griffith. My two children are up there too because Saturday they were harassed by the policeman in their yard at a private party in their yard. So they are also giving a statement so we are just waiting to see what will happen with Miss Murillo.”

Jose Sanchez

“You believe there will be any charges against her or against the officer?”

Yolanda Schakron

I think there should be charges against the officers. You know my nephew was murdered and the policeman that allegedly killed my nephew keeps calling my business place and I am really tired of it, very tired of it! I mean, we already lost Christopher and we still continue being harassed. I think it’s very unfair. I don’t Miss Murillo will be arrested because we are here today—Belizeans for Justice—and if they arrest Miss Murillo, all ah wi gwen dah jail.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now do you think it is time to speak to the ComPol or the Police Minister himself?”

Yolanda Schakron

“We have spoken to the police minister and we are appealing to them again, get those two dirty cops out of the system; they don’t belong there. There’s another person up there making complaints against the same officers. Now it can’t be that they can’t get rid of them police. Get them out of the force! You know they said that they are going to clean up the police department. We are waiting. This is not fair. We have lost Christopher, Miss Murillo has lost Teddy and we still can’t live in peace. We live in a free country.”

Jose Sanchez

“Do you think the message that appears to be coming out today is that mothers of murdered children can’t get justice, but offended police officers can?”

Yolanda Schakron

“Exactly, exactly. That is wrong. We have lost our children [and] they don’t care about that? That is wrong. And the police they go make a little complaint and they listen to them? No! we are not going to accept that. That’s why Belizeans For Justice is here.”

Fitzroy Yearwood

The police press officer arrived and clarified what was happening with Murillo at Internal Affairs Department.

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer

“Miss Murillo is merely making a complaint at the internal affairs section. Right now she is giving a statement against police officers and we will investigate her complaint. That’s what we are here for. We have to address the problems of the people and I am sure that Miss Murillo get justice. If these officers need to be charged, then that is the angle that we will have to go.”

Jose Sanchez

“But uncle, they are saying that a year after Teddy Murillo was killed, this officer can come and make a complaint and then this woman is saying that she is being detained. It’s bad P.R.”

Sergeant Fitzroy Yearwood

“Miss Murillo walked into the station on her own. She was not detained. Miss Murillo had a conversation with me yesterday whereby I advised her to come in and make a report and she did that. She is not being detained, so let’s have no misconception”

A few minutes later Danalyn Murillo walked out of the station house.  Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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17 Responses for “Murder victim’s mother questioned by the cops”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Stay strong ladies & continue to apply pressure, the rest of the city & country needs to be reminded that there are loving parents in Port Loyola & on the south side who do not deserve to be in this position. Fitzroy, you gave her the right advice. You are in a NO WIN situation & maybe every once in a while you need to remind folks that like everyone in Belize City, some of these victims are your kin.

  2. Disgusted! says:

    That’s the strength of UNITY that Belizeans need garner to fight the corrupted powers that be. I am proud of, and fully support Mrs. Mirillo, Mrs Schakron and all the members of Belizeans for justice who fearlessly stand on the frontlines of the battle ground in the war for justice. These women have more B@LL$ than the entire police department and the udp government combined. The !%$@ING #@$%ARD that killed her son didn’t even have the courage to come out like a man and attempt defend himself to the media but he sent another #!$CH like himself to be his mouthpiece. Fitzroy Yearwood is the other @$$%OLE with no credibility. The women should have beaten his half dead @$$ outside the station but that day will come. We are on the very pinnacle of a revolution that will go down in the annals of history. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!

  3. Rod says:

    this useless udp gov. Harassing these. Women for nothing when they should be catching crooks well let’s march with these ladies it’s time for this police dept to be replaced along with this useless gov.

  4. Shy says:

    Dam don’t know how u had the inner strength to face your sons killer face to face and noh beat the crap out of him or kill him the way he did your son but there is a God and one day justice will be served!

  5. Seymour Illusions says:

    It’s very amusing to see how P.C. Griffith is completely and utterly condemned for something that he has not even been charged for. The way this WOMAN disrespected and tarnished Mr. Griffith despite no evidence that he killed her son goes a long way in proving what type of “Christians” these people really are. If these people only knew WHY P.C. Griffith is the only suspect ever to emerge in this matter, they would be begging for forgiveness rather than swiftly condemning an innocent person. Mrs. Murillo lost her son to gun violence in an area where almost everyday young black men are being gunned down. it’s a tragedy that numerous black mothers face everyday on the South Side of Belize City. It is so easy to put blame on Police Officers, it’s a wonder it’s not done more often. Mrs. Murillo would be best served by thanking P.C. Griffith for discovering her son’s body in the cold dead night……..after he had responded to a burglary minutes prior. P.C. Griffith is???? was a dedicated Police Officer, he has been completely demoralized, one by the department whom he has served so diligently and two by a section of the public who feels as if they are God’s amongst us simply mortals. Not everyone one calls upon the name of God is a follower of God.

  6. ivan cal says:

    I congratulate Ms.Murillo/ Yolanda Shakron and the Belizeans for justice for the continue fight for JUSTICE IN THIS COUNTRY,although we have lost it.Every govt’ dept in this country is just full of corruption,and GOB just wants to cover it. remember UNITED WE STAND AND DEVIDED WE FALL.WE MUST CONTINUE THE FIGHT TOGETHER.

  7. javier solis says:

    Everytime something happens, this fool up there blames the udp government. Why dont you do some research AH Rod. Do you know what Shakron does? What her nephew did for a living? How they got so rich? Stop sucking your thumb. I agree that some cops are very dirty, but when attempts are made to get them off, the lawyers jump up and win the cases with technicalities.

  8. The People Had Enough says:


  9. margie says:

    oh Javier you are such an idiot. Do you work for the dirty cops. the young boy is dead, You must be a saint. You try to bring down women who are fighting for the less fortunate. Y dont you get some balls and help these women. But the fool you are , I guess you are brainless too.

  10. Bulba Martinez says:

    Ride on you all, stay the course and stand your grounds. I totally agree with BZNinCALI. Why was this lady not informed of the investigation findings of the said Cop’s innocence of the crime he is accused of?. Believe me, losing a child is not easy, especially if his/her life was taken by another person for any reason. Been there done that. Total disrespect to this lady in regards to the handling of this matter by our Law Ebforcement Officers and Judicial System. Wake up Belize, we’re almost down the Sewer. “Get up stand up, stand up for your rights”. Please don’t stoop down to anyone’s ignorant level of violence. Keep the Peace and stay course. Righteouseness will prevail at the very end. It’s a very big Circus Belizeans, now the clowns are showing off how professional they truly are. Haha, God noh like ugly.

  11. abnerl says:

    PC griffit should sue shakron, murrillo for defamation of character. if the man has not been charge is because he innocent. shakron should start live her life and stop running making arguements in the name of belizeans. oh remember police officers are BELIZEANS too. and they vote………………………………………..

  12. corf says:

    I totally agree with Seymour.When i read this story and the lady said that this officer cried,that kinda told me that he might not be guilty. People don’t usually cry if someone cursing them out unless they are totally frustrated from being harassed.Lets not be judge and jury will ya. When this story broke last year,a lot of pieces didn’t fit together. Some say that they saw him lying in the drain for over an hour. What kinda human being would leave another to dye like that.They just as guilty as the one that pulled the trigger or maybe they were they one that killed him. My heart goes out to the mom but also to PC Griffith because it must not be easy being condemned if he is truly innocent. I try my best to put myself in the shoes of others and maybe if we all did,we will have a better outlook on like.Ask yourselves “what if it was me being judged” and I hope one day Mrs Schakron will also have the balls to tell the true story about all the things her nephew was into.He was into things way bigger than him and they all know about it. Easy way to cover up is to blame others but there is a God above and he knows the whole truth.

  13. RadicalBelizean says:

    Rod, Rod, Rod. When you were power, the same things use to happen. Your policemen which UDP inherited are acting like the running a police state. What about freedom of speech? Doesn’t seem like this apply here in Belize. What you should be calling for is a total reform of the police force weed out the drug dealers, pedophiles harassing the young boys in the villages, murders who kill people in their custody and get off on technicalities by their savvy lawyers, and those only too willing to take bribes as files in DPP go missing.

    Luckily the vast majority of our policemen are outstanding civil servants that are overworked and underpaid but we need to weed out the ones who think that they can bully people into silence. That should be our focus Rod, lets not politicise each and every piece of news item.

  14. Al says:

    Women stay strong and stay on course. Obviously the men do not have the balls to stand up with you all. So as one mother to the other who knows the pain of childbirth, fight for your sons justice.

  15. willouby says:

    It is a sad thing to loose a loved one, but an even more heart wrenching wound to loose a loved one for no reason…Let’s not loose sight that this family will never see their loved one again and the ones who are supposed to be protecting us and giving us answers are the very ones violating our constitutional rights and killing our young men in the name of what?!

    That police officer was not crying because he’s innocent, but because he was angry bout being called out to own up to what he did in front of people who see him on a daily basis. He cried because he was so angry that he could not take out his unlicensed gun and shoot Ms Murillo too! U cant force people to forget something that causes u pain every time u wake up expecting to see ur son. a mother’s love for her child will only cause her to wake up everyday with a firm purpose to get justice for your child’s cruel death. A mother will not just wake up one day and cast the blame of her son’s death in the face of a person without having enough reason to do so.
    if i took a sick day and someone of my boss found me at the polling both campaigning, i would loose my job. So how can we sit easy when a police officer, a a civil servant, a worker of the present government takes a sick day to campaign on behalf of the opposition no less? To add insult to injury, he places a complaint against Ms Murrilo on that said day.

    Like tutsi said,”in front of 4-5 hundred people”, in front of all of them he was cught with his” pants down”. It was plain for all to see who was out there that david griffit had a fire arm on him, and since he was not on duty it is against the law!!!! But just like the mask and artillery that he was found with without having permission, he gets a little lecture and Ms Murrilo gets no answers! no justice!

  16. truth says:

    People saw this officer kill Teddy. The people that saw it want to live to see another day – dont want the same fate as Teddy, so they say nothing to the police. But make no mistake, he def killed Teddy. The officer has only been cleared of charges because the Police Dept has his back. They will not expose him for the animal that he is.

  17. david says:

    what if i told you that all what people tell that officer make him to hate those Murillo family more and more and what if i tell you that one of those day when he snap and those people all got hurt what would you say your not provocating the man to anger by law if he hurt anyone of you , you due it why you keep on harassing the officer people open your eyes you can see these are problem people. you guys talking about the police got d man back suppose i tell u that police officer is a cop who get the job done suppose i tell you that mr Blacket the Police work for shakron leaking out information to her boss suppose i tell u that blacket get ham from shakron every year hmmmmm and pc Griffith corrupt hmmmm.suppose i tell you why shakron nephew dead cause he try to punk off his own mob George street gang of the Murder of Mr COMBS that is the truth miss Willoughby these people don’t know the truth i fel sorry for them so mr Blacket weh head a police for Belize city along shakron miss Murillo are all doing hits now there are the mob wat goes around come around ok miss murri lo if Griffith wanted to kill you he had all the time in the world ok mind Griffith get tired of you and KILL you ok bye i said enough

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