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Mar 22, 2011

Police Constable Griffith proclaims innocence and wants Murillo charged

David Griffith

Police Constable David Griffith, who has been named in the crime, maintains his innocence and also says that it is the Murillo family who is falsely accusing him not only of murder but also of harassment at the PUP Port Loyola convention last Sunday.  The Police Department has said that Griffith doesn’t have a personal weapon, but Murillo claims that he had one at the convention; a charge that Griffith denies. Late this evening, News Five spoke Via Phone to P.C. Griffith.

Via Phone:  P.C. David Griffith, Says He was Threatened by Danalyn Murillo

“At no time [will] any police wah tell you they saw me with any firearm—at no time.”

Jose Sanchez

“Ok so you are saying you didn’t have any firearm. Did you press charges against Misses Murillo?”

Via Phone:  P.C. David Griffith


Jose Sanchez

“What’s the nature of the charge that you had against her?”

Via Phone:  P.C. David Griffith

“I think it was common assault and threatening words.”

Jose Sanchez

“Now the family is very emotional because they say that you are responsible for the death of their son and they feel like nothing has been done.  What is your perspective on all of that because they are saying that a year later, the excuse is that she was very emotional when she saw you and that she had to have had words.”

Via Phone:  P.C. David Griffith

“From my perspective, I can say that a thorough investigation had took place and by the end of the investigation that they found out nothing that I was nowhere around the crime scene. They had intention to go and humiliate me in front of the crowd. Nevertheless I can say that because of the clothing that she had on, the lingerie looking clothes along with a towel over their head—look like she had just got up.  I can say that I believe to myself that it is Schakron who had influenced her because it was it was Schakron who saw me at that location and as Schakron left, Miss Murillo came and she embarrassed me in front of a three to four hundred people. In regards to Miss Murillo, I have noh have no regards to it. It’s really getting too far. Her nephew and another thugs and her family, every time they see me, they send threats to me. She and her family is doing all the threatening to me.”

Jose Sanchez

“Ok but aside from that, you are saying with the official investigation that you weren’t near that scene; you didn’t kill her son.”

Via Phone:  P.C. David Griffith

“Yeah, they had a thorough investigation about the situation, nevertheless I have been suspect one spell and after that they looked at it in all angles and the decision stated that it’s not me. I was assigned to a thirty-eight revolver and at the crime scene they had a nine millimeter round shell which confirmed that at no time I had a nine millimeter.”

Griffith has been reassigned to Punta Gorda while the investigation of the Murillo shooting continues.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Police Constable Griffith proclaims innocence and wants Murillo charged”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Mr. Griffith, a grieving parent spoke to you because her son is dead, someone killed him & she believes you did it!. My first response would be “I’m sorry about your child but I swear I did not kill him”. Do not again under any circumstances explain that you were cleared by the BPD & the gun they gave you does not match the shell that was found. No one has any real confidence in the Department. The Sebastians & Murillos have lived in the area for at least a generation on one side, two or more on the other & managed to not murder their neighbors or terrorize the neighborhood. What you just said was that the police have nothing on you, which is not the same as ” I AM INNOCENT”. Pressing charges against Mrs. Murillo will subject you up to more scrutiny & only highlight the flaws in your department.

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mr Griffith:Is it also possible that you had a personal weapon?Why would people believe you when you say that a thorough investication was conducted when you are the prime-suspect?I don’t know you Mr David but you look shady as F in this picture.

  3. Errol Garbutt says:

    David says he has no nine Milli but he has pulled it on me n i have pulled mine on him but only in defense of my life…he threatened me numerous times he n Tutsi harassed me around the city rubbed me down multiple times for the day all because i had been having sex with his girl friend at the time…i was just one of the lucky ones unlike Teddy Chris and bejohn….i would come home to testify against this sorry excuse for an officer …i wasn’t perfect but what he was harassing n threating e for had nothing to do with police work…i can be reached at 4073509344 anytime i disclosed my name because i want him to know who i am i lived rigjht down the street from his girl and the night he pulled his nine on me i had brought his woman home and he was there waiting in the police truck drinking …

  4. Justice says:

    PB David Griffith is eally carrying extra weight with that thing on his neck. In one breath he is trying to pretend to be innocent and trying to press charges and in another breath he is accusing Ms Schakron of influencing Ms Murillo. Can he prove that! In his own words:

    “I can say that I believe to myself that it is Schakron who had influenced her because it was it was Schakron who saw me at that location and as Schakron left, Miss Murillo came ..”

    If I were Ms Shakron i would press charges against him. I hope he disappers in the jungle in PG!

  5. PISSEDBZN says:


  6. ivan cal says:

    of course it was all Belize’s police dept COVER always its a criminal institution it is full of CORRUPTION starting from the top,MINISTER PERDOMO,COMMISIONER,ETC and they just cover each other.although he might have killed the young man they will dissapear all the evidence like they’ve done.

  7. javier solis says:

    I honestly think the cop did the murder. Have you noticed that while we claim to be in a war against gangs that no police has been killed? No shoot-outs? Check out Mexico. THEY are really fighting the gang war, they have police and political casualties. Not here. We only have the gangs killing each other and at every shooting there are never any cops, even by mistake. It sure looks odd. Like the cops are in the know that something will go down and keep away.

  8. Janet says:

    PC Griffith: just looking at your picture I can tell that you suffer from low self esteem and you find it difficult to keep a relationship with a woman going, hence the reason you feel the need to kill to keep the woman. Your statement, “Yeah, they had a thorough investigation about the situation, nevertheless I have been suspect one spell and after that they looked at it in all angles and the decision stated that it’s not me. I was assigned to a thirty-eight revolver and at the crime scene they had a nine millimeter round shell which confirmed that at no time I had a nine millimeter” shows you are an arrogant a$$. You are showing that you can commit murder and get away with it. Your statment does not make much sense either because as we all know guns that criminals like yourself carry is not registered and so the police does not have any records of them. You should have just decline the interview and remain silent. You need to always remember that there is a higher power and you will get what you so deserve.

  9. belizeanpride says:

    GOOD POINT YOU BROUGHT OUT JAVIER SOLIS, it’s shows that they are only talks and nothing more actions speaks for itself.

  10. RG Belizean says:

    Well said Javier Solis…I had live in the hot zone all my life…George street, Jump street, Rocky Road, South Street…They are always saying that they conduct searches, they know exactly where these @$$ HOLES lives and yet they can’t search their hide out spots B S! They are all in it together. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR COUNTRY!!!

  11. enuff mein! says:

    but why he wa bring mrs yolanda in this? it seems to me he just pointing fingers in every which direction but at himself. these women are mother, aunts, grandmothers who have felt the lash of injustice. who have lost loved ones to violence. don’t make it any harder on them trying to cover up your guilt. im a gambling man, and id bet everything i own that this pc griffith will see no repercussions of his actions in bze. all his police buddies covering up for him. he said “at no time did a police officer see me with a gun”….doesnt mean u didnt have one. people get murdered everyday and police cant find the killers. doent mean there isnt one! use your heads. ineducated police man trying to look smart. we need higher standards for police officers. pass physical training, educational training, weapons training. instead of taking any 17 year old boy off teh street, who grew up street wise with gang-0bang buddies, and give him a uniform and flashlight. then they start feeling good because they just joined a gang themselves so they got their own to cover up their misdeeds. perdomo needs to get his hands dirty a little bit and start doing something, investigation, higher standards, something….instead of having barrow back you up over and over again..and u still dont do your job. i wonder what mr. perdomo do all day to help d crime situation?

  12. enuff mein! says:

    kyant trust police in belize anymore. police used to be respecte dmemebers in society. now i see them drink beer in bars with uniform on. i see them ride bikes against traffic, cussing bad words in public. not the kind of people that should be respected. we need better police instead of “know-nothing, uneducated, grab-grab-grab” police officers.

  13. margie says:


  14. Also Concerned says:

    I hope his case of threathening words is thrown out of court. He cannot deal with the words of a grieving mom? And to say he was embarrassed? This woman lost her son and I am to feel compassion for your embarrassment?

  15. corf says:

    To all who is crucifying this man because of how he look, I’m sure we all had a bad picture day. to all who is crucifying him because of the way he speak, have you all ever heard Belizeans speak professionally on tv before? you all sound so dumb and stupid right now.Pick on him for another reason and not those dumb @$$ reasons.Like you all so professional.people please. Stop the BS. the way someone looks have nothing to do with if they are guilty or not.get with the damn program.

  16. RG Belizean says:

    @ CORF you must have something with PC Griffith, cause you dah di only one up here taking things to heart…this is a blog and everyone is entitled to their own opinion so CAN YOU PLEASE GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!

  17. stop unu fool says:

    Ho Ho tha he do it. don say

  18. corf says:

    @RG, like yourself, i never met the the fool before in my life.Eventually you all have to answer to God and i will be right tnere to laugh at you all.

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