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Apr 7, 2008

Sunday night homicide finds victim at card game

Story PictureThe city’s next homicide occurred on Sunday night.

Marion Ali, Reporting
The second victim of the gun violence was twenty-two year old Ryan “Fatback” Young, of fifty-eight Faber’s Road. Young was not inside his house like the first victim, but as we found out, he was nearby playing cards.

Voice of Cousin/Eyewitness to Shooting
“Bout five ah we, including he—well he mek six—and he had fi he back turn to di door and when I hear the first shot I neva think that dah mi wah gunshot but when I continue hear more shots and I hear my aunty ball out, dah then I swing round because my daughter she up and down every minute downstairs. So I just swing round fi she deh down yah and when I noh si she I just start run upstairs but I stop deh so by di step. So when stop deh by the step and I look this way I see somebody eena full black di stand up deh and then I hear more gunshots. When I hear more gunshots I just continue run upstairs.”

Marion Ali
“How close you mi di stand up to your cousin?”

“I woulda seh bout five feet away. He mi deh pan the other side ah the table di stand up.”

Marion Ali
“You mi deh facing weh pah the shots mi di come from?”

“Yeah, but I never see da who.”

Although the area was dark and she couldn’t see the gunman’s face, Young’s aunt, Ritamae Cabral, witnessed the incident from her nearby house.

Ritamae Cabral, Witnessed Shooting
“I mi deh home da my window di sit down and I mi di watch TV cause I just come from the Princess and I get up and I gone eena the kitchen and when I come back I see wah young man stand up over dah side weh pah they mi di play card pan the back but I mi think dah somebody mi gone dah back fi do something. I neva know dah somebody with wah gun deh back deh and I sit down. The person deh deh fi bout two minutes di stand up and then the person just walk close to weh pah deh mi deh and I hear the two shot but I neva figure that he mi di let go the shot een yah from off ah the street but den di person run out, the same person weh deh behind the shop. The person run out and when ih run out ih stand up to the middle and then I know that dah he because I si di fire come outta di gun. Honestly, he noh bother with nobody and I woulda want ask this person and I know that you wah si me and I woulda want ask you why you kill Fatback because fatback noh do nobody nothing. And I woulda really want police try fi find out da who da this person because I always si family pan TV and I get emotion when I si they kill somebody—no care how bad somebody bad—yo hurt when they kill them and I know how deh feel now.”

While the family members cope with their loss, Police say their investigations lead them to believe the incident was an act of revenge.

Allen Whylie, Assistant Commissioner of Police
“We continue our investigation with respect to that matter. We have one suspect detained that I am not at liberty at this time to give his name. But we continue to canvas the area as well as the persons who were there to assist us in advancing that investigation.”

Supt. Aaron Guzman, O.C., C.I.B.
“It would seem to us that it was some kind of beef. However though, what we are finding quite strange is that he was with at least five other persons and he and only he alone received four gunshot wounds. Obviously so far, based on what we have briefed you, nobody has said who it was that came and fired and only that one person received those fatal injuries.”

But while police have their theory, the family is at a loss.

Kimberly Cassanova, Sister of Murder Victim
“I just want deh find di person who kill my bredda cause I feel it fi my ma. I di try be strong my ma but I can’t be strong because they tek weh wah love from me. I only have two bredda and they tek weh the loving one from me because he no mess with nobody. He only have one friend and dah boy deh so do construction work. when he come from work my bredda go da ih house everyday right ova deh so go watch basket ball. He mess with no, no, absolutely no, nobody. So I just want mek yo know, please, I di ask yoh why you kill my bredda?”

Young was shot to the left arm, ribcage, back and left leg. He died about three hours later while undergoing surgery at the K.H.M.H. Meanwhile, police have made some inroads in connection with the February second murder of Jason Munnings and have charged twenty year old Jason Joseph.

Reporting for News Five, Marion Ali.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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