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Mar 18, 2011

Cop charged for theft committed inside the Police Station

Andrea Rivero

While the police look for the suspects in the Plastic Packing Supplies robbery, a female constable was arraigned for Theft following a report from a Belize City woman that her personal belongings were stolen.  Theft is a common crime but this crime allegedly happened while her jewelry was in the possession of officers at the Queen Street Police Formation.  According to Julissa Westby, who wished to remain of camera, her boyfriend was busted with four grams of weed on Wednesday morning. But because the bust occurred at their home, both of them were taken to the station and charged for the weed, but that’s when it all went downhill.

Voice of:  Julissa Westby, Claims Property Stolen at Police Station

“This police officer lady who told me to take off my jewelry, out off my phone and stuff and her name is Andrea Rivero. I removed my stuff and I put it in my bag. She told me that she will be in charge of it so I did. So they took me downstairs of Queen Street Police Station and took me to the back.  At the time, that they were asking about my name, I handed them the bag. I see the other officer—I don’t know his second name I just know ih name Ryans—then he hold the bag and set it on the table. And at that time, they already asked my name and they escort me to the cell where I was locked down until two o’clock to go to court. I was out of bail around 3:30 p.m. So when I come out from there then I went back to Queen Police Station to get my stuff back and they couldn’t it. And I do not know how something like that would happen in there. They looked at the record book, the officer that was on duty at the time. When I talked to her, she said they don’t see my name sign on the book but the items that I had was written on the book so they tell me I had to come back until Thursday morning. So when I reached there, I talked to an inspector that was on duty at the time. He told me at to do. I did all of those things and they are not doing anything to help me out. I need my stuff back.”

Jose Sanchez

“Do they have your jewelry or not?”

Voice of: Julissa Westby

“They don’t. They only find the bag with my clothes and my ID. But the jewelry and the phone was missing.”

Jose Sanchez

“What’s the value of all these items?

Voice of:  Julissa Westby

“Like two thousand dollars. The phone itself costs nine hundred dollars, it’s a blackberry.”

Jose Sanchez

What different type of jewelry do you have?”

Voice of:  Julissa Westby

“I had a gold chain, two pair earrings, and the chain with a medal.”

Jose Sanchez

“Most naturally, you thought the police station was the safest place that your items would be.”

Voice of:  Julissa Westby

“I thought it was the safest place to be—I didn’t think that something like this would happen to me. And I don’t know what to do now. They had me up and down. And I don’t know. I don’t know how to get back my stuff because I really do want my stuff back.”

Jose Sanchez

Do you intend to go to internal affairs to report it?

Voice of:  Julissa Westby

“I will go to them.”

This afternoon thirty-five year old Special Constable Andrea Rivero was charged with Theft of Westby’s phone and jewelry, which collectively values one thousand five hundred and seventy-five dollars. She was granted bail of four thousand dollars and her case was adjourned until April twenty-first. Rivero has been attached to Patrol Branch of the Police Department for two years.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Cop charged for theft committed inside the Police Station”

  1. belizean says:

    what wonderful news, knowing that our own bloody police stations are so safe!!! We need to clean up our Police force!

  2. Stephen says:

    Wat a shame, lost her job over 2,000 dollars. some women out there fighting hard to get a job, this one have one and still steeling it is woman month be a part of good and not bad. Sorry but you need to go to jail for stupidity.

  3. mustard stand says:

    well, it seems like this is a normal when it comes to peoples items, the police say that they cannot find, and what is the recover rate of stolen items?? I hate to say this, but, I bet some the police have some nice laptops,cameras,phones and jewelry..

  4. Disgusted! says:

    Well if this doesn’t confirm mine and many others’ gross disgust and frustration with the corrupted Belize Police Dept, I don’t know what will. This is an outrage and a Mother!%$#ing shame!!!!!!! These are the reasons why so myriads of people at home and abroad have lost all confidence in everything Belizean. Yet, in the face of this scandalous humiliation, the incompetent B@$&ard minister of police (Doug Singh) has not even come forward to give an account to the people he was elected to serve. ALL GOOD THINGS MUST AND WILL COME TO A BITTER END FOR THESE SONS-OF-B!@(ES THOUGH. As to the criminal organization parading as a police force, you are a F@#$ING DISGRACE to the good men and women of law enforcement around the world!!!!! I hope the lady sues them for every penny they’re worth and I hope the thieving B!$#H goes to jail for many years!!!!!!!!

  5. MyLegacyB4MyPeople says:

    Thieving behind cop, that is exactly what they need to do with these cops when items that are placed in their care comes up missing especially those case files that always seems to disappear, only way that there will be any honest cops in the force, some transparency and accountability please, shall we? Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  6. Lynn says:

    I am very sad to hear this report. Belize, what do you need for a change?

  7. Earl Grey says:


  8. Justice says:

    So disgusted woth the corruption in Belize. This is not the first nor will it be the last. The problem is that the police also encourage the criminals s they are one and the same!

  9. Common Sense says:

    If things are so bad that the police have to steal to make ends meet i don’t wanna join the police force no more i’ll just stick with what i know….Hustling the legal way. Nuff said…

  10. enuff mein says:

    so lets decide who we gonna vote for next election: crooked or evil? both one in the same. they both suck bze ppl dry. belize people: VOTE ON CONTENT OF CHARACTER, NOT JUST CUZ UR GRANNY WAS PUP, OR UR DADDY WAS UDP. what has it gotten us so far? remember these men gain the title of “honorable” when u vote them in. at least vote for the candidates who are most honorable, instead of voting for him because he has funny commercials on tv, or because he’s a high ranking member in teh party so u can get something from him (zinc for roof, $ for light bill, DFC bill paid off, piece of land, etc.) use your heads people. think about teh future. why do you think crime is so high? things are hard all around. instead of thinking about instant gratification and “grab grab grab” like politicians in their only 5 year term, think about the future and how your children will live in the next 5-10 years. instead of selling your vote for $100 or a sack of rice. things like that cant help anybody!

  11. enuff mein says:

    i know of times where police frisk peopel down and “confiscate” cellphones and $$. nothing new, been happening all the while. who is the enforcer in belize? seems not so much d police anymore. crim eis rampant and police just making bze ppl lose faith in them. any wonder why bze ppl hate d police????

  12. sabuskii says:


  13. belizeanpride says:

    i don’t trust the cops anymore i’ve known these things happens as rumers but hell ya they are thieves also. Send her fat @$$ to jail and make her think better than that, they train them for police to serve and protect but damn!! they thief the people. this is a big shame and i’ll chalenge the department to fire her candy as soon as she finish her court case no more job for this kinda cops

  14. ivan says:

    THATZ regular buisness in Belize,its starts from the top from this corruption buisness,from Govt officials-MINISTERS OF CABINET ,Mayors,customs officers,POLICE officers ,Traffic dept,Lawyers,and it won’t be a surprise also JUSTICES’, lone CORRUPTION.thats why we are where we are today.

  15. ReVoLuTiOn says:

    We can thank our leaders for the kind of people we have in our justice system. Belizeans we need to get rid of all of them. How else will this madness stop? You think they will suddenly have a change of heart and things will get better? I don’t think so.

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