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Mar 18, 2011

American National on Holiday steals beers and gets time as souvenir

Gregory Keith Walp

It also did not go down well for an American National, who is facing stiff penalties for stealing three beers and a coke from Red Hunt Inn in the Bella Vista Area. The price of the goods is just under ten dollars but Gregory Keith Walp, from Allentown, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty today to burglary and was quickly fined three thousand dollars to be paid forthwith.  He could not pay the fine, however, and the tourist is now an inmate for the next three years, courtesy the Government of Belize.  Walp said he came to Belize to tour the Maya sites and scuba dive but fell in love with the area and was thinking of taking up employment.  Owner of Red Hunt Inn, Chen Yin Shieh, made the report of the robbery and Walp admitted to the court that he is guilty of taking the Belikin Beers and Coke. After the arraignment, Shieh told us that Walp had been staying at her Inn for two and a half weeks but then when he left he also took a number of other items.

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35 Responses for “American National on Holiday steals beers and gets time as souvenir”

  1. Say What? says:

    Come on man, even my own Belizean country man would not even think bout stealing 3 beers and a coke. AT LEAST DAT SHOW DAT WE BELIZEANS BETTA DAN DAT

  2. Elgin Martinez says:

    Well-done some of these people think that they can do as they please in other people’s country and get away.

  3. george alamilla says:

    You have murderers that go free for lack of paper work or witnesses not showing up,but this American got three years for an under ten dollars theft.What a joke these courts are.You wonder whay a country like Belize is called a banana republic or a fifth world,not third.Why couldn’t he pay the cost of the goods,plus a fine and then deportation.That made more sense.

  4. Stephen says:

    No use having this man in jail send him back home and get the US to pay his fine.

  5. little boy says:

    belizeans need to pick up ARMS and get ride to BARROW AND HIS ROYAL FAMILY.

  6. Byrd says:

    I guy steals 3 beers and a coke and get 3 years in Jail. But you can murder someone and walk away with no Jail time. The Gov. in Belize got in all wrong….

  7. Disgusted! says:

    Well……… let the law apply as it would to any petty thief. And also, get convictions for the murderers, drug traffickers, rapists, child molesters, gang members and POLITICIANS who deserve to go to jail for far worse than this!!!!!!!!!

  8. BZNinCALI says:

    Man, you are too old to be this bloody stupid, I can’t even call you arrogant. Someone should have told him how harsh our penalties are for stealing.

  9. BDF soldier says:

    This is sick,for stealing 3 beers and a coke he is fine 3,000 or 3 years in prison.who are this LAWYERS writing this unjust laws in belize?is the belize government so HUNGRY for money to make this unjust stiff laws?shame on such system.

  10. Swamp Dragon says:

    Oh man, I hope he enjoyed those beers and a coke! 3 years! One year for each beer and the coke is free. Back home he would have gotten community service and maybe a month in jail, out in 3 weeks with good time work time. Funny how Belize has the strict punishments for petty theft but murderers and rapists walk free. Not so funny really. And how much does 3 years incarceration cost the country? He’ll speak kriol when he get’s out of Hattieville!

  11. Earl Grey says:

    3 effing years for 3 beers and a coke???????????????? WTF????????????????????


  12. Also Concerned says:

    Didn’t a cruise tourist this week get fined $500 for cocaine possession but this man is fined $3000 for petty theft? Where is the sense here? Like someone else mentioned, now the taxpayers will have to pay his way for the next 3 years!!

  13. Belizean Abroad says:

    This is insane, I do not condone what he did but come on now, who is this stupid @$# magistrate? Murderers , rapist and policemen committing crime walk free, hope that police woman get the same time for stealing while she was to protect and serve, charge him a fair fine and deport him back to the U.S.

  14. The People Had Enough says:

    Wow, bra-!@#$%^&-vo to our Belizean Justice System; we have finally cracked down on crime, we locked up some poor schmuck for stealing 10 bucks worth of worthless crap, Jesus !@#$%king H Christ can our country get anymore retarded? The dude spend 2 weeks plus, at maybe $100 bucks a night and stole 10 bucks worth of stuff and our GOB locks him up and this made news like we are doing something wonderful to curtail crime.

    We are truly a !@#$%^& stupid @$$ country.

  15. The People Had Enough says:

    Hell, put it this way, he would have been better off; after stealing the stuff; to murder the owner. We all know that murdering someone in Belize is basically a slap on the wrist and you walk.

  16. Shy says:

    Three years for stealing liquor while rapists and murderes walk free WTF? This dah absolute crazyness!

  17. Earl Grey says:

    Send him to the PRISON FARM TOO…………… HE WOULD REPAY HE’S DEBT and EARN HIS KEEP at no cost to taxpayers.

    He is going to cost us more than he “stole”……………….$7,000 PER YEAR X 3

  18. Justice says:

    This is more than ludicrous!
    How much are those people people being paid to get off murderes and fining such a heavy sentence on this man! I am not sondoning what he did but a guy steals 3 beers and a coke and get 3 years in Jail. But you can murder someone and walk away with no Jail time. The Gov. in Belize got in all wrong…. I wonder what would be the sentencing for the government officilas considering all that thye have done…… I wish President Obama himseldf would investigate this and come to the rescue of the Belizean people. The Americans have been able to elp other nations. Maybe this will open the eyes of other nations as to the type of system the Belizeans are sufferring under.

  19. chabelli says:

    no the justice system and the entrepreneurs may soon see the fall in visits;this happens everyday in the Caribbean but there is forgiveness-shame onn youmagistrates and owners of the hut

  20. Do it right says:

    The law is the law. Stealing is stealing; whether it be a coke or robbing a bank. The punishment is for the crime of stealing and not what he stole or what the value is for what he stole. I agree that if he did the crime and cant pay the fine, then do the time.

  21. RadicalBelizean says:

    The cynic in me says this man is working under cover for an organisation and deliberately fell foul of the law to land in prison. You tell me this man had know one in Pennsylvania who could come up with $1500 US? I don’t believe it for a minute. Furthermore, I cannot believe that he was given a three years sentence for stealing drinks when so many people walk free from courts in Belize for allegedly killing others but their documents went missing. Totally absurd! Surely it would cost us far more to care for this man in our prison. The lunatic have well and truly taken over the asylum. Deport this man immediately and somebody give Chen Yin Shieh ten dollars.

  22. lynlyn says:

    To clarify some info. Ppl at red hut, apparently had evict him for about a week and a half already before he returns to steal.He apparently stole several times and they had spoke with him about the situation and eventually he never stopped then they evict him after he starting to harassing the owners and the long time resident. He actually return to the property to steal after one week of eviction. So it is justifiable. It does not matter what he steals, but he this is not the first time. I know it is a stiff penalty, and I fee sorry for him too. But as we keep on saying, do the crime then do the time.
    My though on the time is that as one of the previous comment that they all think they can come here and do it then get away with it. That is why lots of those America Most wanted comes to Belize. They need to check him out to see if he is wanted in the US. So then they can take him back to let their own tax payer pays for him.

  23. sparkyd says:

    and who’s gonna pay for those 3 years of food? the belizean tax payers. how ridiculous!!!

  24. sabuskii says:


  25. RadicalBelizean says:


    Thanks for clarifying but I still think we should have deported him. It seems fishy to me and perhaps you are right that he is on the run hence his action. In which case he will lie slow for a while in prison in Belize before resurfing in the US somewhere. I just think we should not pay a day for him in prison.

  26. RadicalBelizean says:

    sabuskii: Great Blog

  27. Concern citizen says:

    Do it right, you are a fool:

    So, what do you call murder, rape and corruption, I guess those are not crimes. All those people who commit the above crimes are walking free to do more murders and etc. This whole
    administration is so corrupted, that it’s a same. What happen to our beautiful country? The country is still beautiful, it is the people who is running it into the ground that needs to removed.

  28. CEO says:

    My people he will have to work and produce (i think) all you are acting like he will only sit there and eat for three years and not do any work. Give him a machet, a file and a straw hat; nuf grass deh fi cut long the raod side! All the garbage along the road let him pick it up. If at this age he does not know that steeling is not correct he should spend the time.

    The murder laws in Belize are cumbersum but the problem why murderers walk free is because of curuption within the ranks and poor policing. Furthermore teft is way easier to prove.

    Then if you think the law is stupid here’s to you: America has many stupid laws so why we in Belize are not entitled to a few of our own seeing that America is the yard stick that is being used? I personally choose not to commit crimes in the first place and this is usually the best way to avoid being charged in a court of law for a crime!

  29. BT says:

    Something really doesn’t smell right with this… like maybe the court just assumed a white american would have no problem producing $3K on the spot, but to everyone’s surprise he is just as broke as the rest of us. Now he’s off to do serious time for a very minor offense. It make no sense, you get a $500 fine for cocaine, a $300 fine for a stick of weed, but $3000 for stealing 3 beers and a soft-drink?

  30. lynlyn says:

    RadicalBelizean, I totally agreed with you, we should not pay for him and that is where the American Embassy or the US law enforcement should come and deal with it while he is in the prison so that they can have sometime to run checks on him and maybe it will surface after awhile But look the size of the guy, he is scary. Not an average built, he looks like he can attack a person quite easily. But of course I wish no one to go to jail but maybe as someone had posted, at his age, he should have know better not to steal. I totally agreed with CEO said,the best way to avoid being charge in any court of law then just do not commit any crime. Then there is nothing else follows. Sorry for him but at least one less thief on the street of Belize. We have too many of them here and on top an American thief. We will be better off this way, deport him, yes.

  31. jimmy says:

    Stealing is stealing. even if you took a coke or $1000000000. it’s still stealing.

  32. Do it right says:

    Concern Citizen who is really the fool. I only commented on the issue at hand, which is the stealing. I did not give my views about any other issues you dimwit.

  33. finn says:

    I know this guy….. how do I go about helping him????

  34. TK says:

    1st of all he is wanted in Allentown, Pa. for 2 DUI’S, and one DUI in Bucks County, Pa. We feel this is the reason why he fled to to Belize. He didn’t want to serve time for his crimes. This is typical of him. We all reap what we sow. If you decide to steal then you must be prepared for the outcome. This man has brought so much heartache to so many people, especailly his children and x-wife. We believe he is exactly where he needs to be, in jail.

  35. karma says:

    this “poor” guy used to beat his wife and is an alcoholic and violent. don’t feel so bad for him. he is a bad guy.

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