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Mar 14, 2011

International Narcotics Control Strategy Report sniffs out Belize

The International Narcotics Control Strategy Report is submitted by the US State Department to Congress every year in March. It’s an assessment of global efforts to combat transnational narco-trafficking and money laundering and features individual country reviews. The 2011 report was recently published and there’s some bad news for Belize, which has always been vulnerable to drug transshipment because of its geographic location. According to the report, the Belize National Coastguard and Anti-Drug Units are hindered by a shortage of funds, equipment and personnel. It also states that corruption and a lack of political will have negatively affected government’s anti-narco-trafficking efforts. The spiraling crime rate was another factor that drew focus away from anti-drug operations in the past year. But it is noted that Belize recorded its largest seizure when a drug plane landed on the Southern Highway with over five thousand pounds of cocaine last November. That bust contributed to a total of two point six metric tons of cocaine seized in 2010, compared to twenty-eight point three kilograms in 2009. The document cited a 2008 SICA study, which revealed that cocaine is the second most abused drug in Belize. Meanwhile, ninety-seven metric tons of marijuana was also hauled in last year while in 2009, it was only two hundred and ninety-one kilograms.  In its conclusion, the report says, “signs indicate that narcotics trafficking is increasing in Belize and will continue this upward trend, putting even more pressure on Belize to protect its borders.”

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17 Responses for “International Narcotics Control Strategy Report sniffs out Belize”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    It also states that corruption and a lack of political will have negatively affected government’s anti-narco-trafficking efforts…………………NUFF SAID!!!


    Although this does not look good on Belize, it is a fact the Belize National Coastguard and Anti-Drug Units are obstruct or hindered by a shortage of funds, equipment and personnel, while many other aspects of Belize continue to suffer from the same lack of funds, equipment and personnel’s.

    This should shame us into taking a better look at our current situation in Belize and try to find quicker and better solutions to remedy the important issues affecting the people and country on a daily basis. If we need help to better our international relationship, then the GOB should ask, beg or bargain for it, and stop pretending that he is in any way capable of fixing everything that is broken in that country.


    Ok interesting use of words that couldnt be more accurate! Its corruption and instability within the government! We all know that these things don’t just happen, they are carefully planned and executed by those government officials who oversee that these operations are carried through without incident. If US sources can report these findings and put in their report then make it known to the entire world, why can’t we do the same within our own country? Are we willing to report this to an outside source and them report it for fear of retaliation or is it just clear embarrassment?

  4. rod says:

    and what is the useless american ambassador doing for our country nothing nothing but giving out paper awards the us has caused most not all but most of the drug trade and crime in belize by deporting over 210 gang members back to belize in the past three years and in return barrow has gotten a few pieces of silver for taking them all back our judas is the other person to blame he and the american ambassador are two peas in a pod both useless and should both resign you are both embarrasing the country and people of belize resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. BDF soldier says:

    I dont get this-If the USA knows that the PUP & UDP are a bunch of CORRUPTED,COMMUNIST leaders,why in the world the USA still supporting such criminals?some explain that to me?another things is that the pup & udp are a LAW FIRM who rule with a IRON fist.and why do belizean still vote for them?

  6. Observer says:

    A country is not an easy thing to manage given the limited resources we have. We must always take sometime to study the problems. Drug trade in Belize has been going on for many years. Even a former politian had been arrested for drug trade. I am not sure how we can truly solve the problem, when we are a society who enjoys being lawless.

  7. Maria Marshall says:

    I couldn’t have said it better. A society who enjoys being lawless.

  8. Storm says:

    We need one honest officer to handpick a squad of “Untouchable” police or soldiers, and let them go to war against drug traffickers.

    If not, we will lose our security and freedom, just like Mexico.

  9. louisville,ky says:

    What the US state department needs to do is increase the assistance given to countries like Belize that are used as transhipment points for the drugs going north. Telling us there is corruption and lack of political will in addressing this matter,is saying what we already know.
    When it’s convenient Uncle Sam uses his muscle to impose his will, anywhere on planet earth, so why not use it now in assisting a government and people who seem powerless in stemming the tide of this drug tsunami??

  10. eyes on Belize says:

    Besides the thieving politcians, drugs is the one of the major source of income. Undercover alot of successful business people is behind this trade. Also alot of police and Politicians is getting paid by this trade. It will never be a end because too many wealthy Belizeans depend on this trade. Belize is filled with corruption, that’s why so many murderers are on the street. 5 thousand dollars will make u beat any murder case trust me. I have been there when police came to a murder suspects family, and told them if they gave up the money. Evidence will be lost

  11. stayingconnected says:

    Rodsays is very amusing… I guess he really dislike the PM and I guess the U.D.P government. Everything he sees is the PM doing, too funny!

  12. Elgin Martinez says:

    louisville,ky:You coming down real hard family,I am in total agreement with you on this one.

  13. Earl Grey says:

    Don’t forget……..BELIZE is the 59th state of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  14. Bruce says:

    Like Peter Tosh said LEGALIZE IT

  15. awrk says:

    belize, what a joke. Police and ministers everyone will always work for the drug cartels, they pay lot more then anyone else.

  16. Sue says:

    It is tough to fight something that comes from the top

  17. Sue says:

    hope this ends

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