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Mar 14, 2011

Pregnant ‘Sea Cow’ killed by boat

The coast of Belize is becoming more perilous for manatees. Despite the awareness campaigns of the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute and the Sea 2 Shore Alliance, mariners are still the leading cause of deaths of the mammal, called the sea cow. Since Saturday two manatees have been killed off the coast of Belize City. According to Jamal Galves, a Manatee Associate, the latest victim was pregnant and found on Seashore Drive.

Jamal Galves, Manatee Associate, CZMAI and Sea 2 Shore Alliance

“There was a female adult manatee which seemed to have been pregnant as well. I was unable to do an internal examination as a result of the location and the inability to move it from the location. But the swelling of the stomach and the freshness of the animal shows it was pregnant because normally after an animal dies for a long time, the bones and the joints seize up. And this animal was very lose and the bulging in the vaginal area shows signs of pregnancy and the animal was also lactating—there was milk coming from out of the animal’s tits. Those are signs that the animal was pregnant as well.”

Jose Sanchez

“The cause of death, have you established that?”

Jamal Galves

Jamal Galves

“It was a watercraft—it wasn’t from a prop. The animal appeared to have a hit in the back, mid-section of the animal as a result of a blunt object; probably the hull of a boat slamming into the back of the animal causing ribs to dislodge from the animal’s back. I haven’t opened the animal, so I am not sure, but I can guess that the dislodged ribs may have pierced vital organs that caused the animal to succumb to the injury.”

Jose Sanchez

“Would you say then that contact with humans or boats are the most common cause of deaths to manatee?

Jamal Galves

“Well that’s the leading cause up to now. Last year you have seen and this year you have two cases already of deaths as a result of boat collision.”

Jose Sanchez

“How many cases you had last year?”

Jamal Galves

“We had eighteen dead manatees last year, two of them were from poaching which is rare, but the others, the majority was from watercraft collision.”

Jose Sanchez

“How many manatees have you found since 2011 has started?”

Jamal Galves

“We have three. We have another one that is reported today so that would be four so far for this year.”

Galves says that the City Council was asked on Saturday to remove the dead animal from the location on Seashore Drive since it is decaying near a restaurant.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Pregnant ‘Sea Cow’ killed by boat”

  1. bz says:

    …from the Animals Tits? really? Smooth aren’t you?

  2. Killa mom says:

    BZINCALI; Please be very careful what you say about my son Raymond Killa Gentle. Belize is a dog eat dog world and that,s the reason why so much killing is going on over there. make sure you are walking in faith,and not fate,because the bible say”s no man knows the day nor the son is gone yes but his spirit lingers. Those same words you said about him.(He met the same faith he dealt) might come back to haunt you, if you want to be on the air saying these things make sure you,re all prayed up. rest in peace son you always told me you are not afraid to die.R.I.P. Love mom, gone but not forgotten. Minister Boots is doing a very good job, leave him alone people. bigup Raymond Gentle City Boys United. Go for the Gold.


    So there was milk coming from its TITS? Dude did u forget u are talking to a reporter who in turn transmit the news national and international sources! Lol, give me a break here gorilla! Then the last time a head of Police in Orange Walk used the term ” draass” and I guess he meant “underwear.” Lol….2 words … WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY! !

  4. Tina says:

    It should be mandatory for all boats to have spotters at the bow and whose sole job is to well spot. I believe this would alleivate a lot of sad deaths like this and likely save many lives. You see the boats manatee watching going slow one way up the river and then flying like a bat outta hell over the same spot when leaving the river where is the sense in that I ask.

  5. save the manatee says:

    good job dude nice looking out for these gentle giants the correct name is teat which am sure he knows but considering that many would not be able to figure it out he used a term more common and understandable to most viewers…….don’t criticize a positive effort from a young belizean doing something good even the good efforts we seem to condem here in Belize

  6. belize 4life says:

    We as a country really need to put a stand for this effort an suposrt this effort……before the day comes where we won’t have anymore manatees. Lets not wait until that day to want to pay attention or to do something. great job Mr. Galves

  7. Belize Cow says:

    Bz and Prince Michael, I’m afraid the jokes on you. He did use the proper term “teat”, but it was lsot in the type-over. This guy is always very knowledgeable, he knows his stuff.

  8. belize 4life says:

    Belize Cow I could not agree more I have been following this guy since was a kid as he grew along the side of Nicole Auil. He knows his stuff and is very passionate about what he does…..and I full support him an this cause keep up the good work Jamal you have my support

  9. Manatee Researcher says:

    Jamal, this is a great interview to bring awareness to the conflict between boats and manatees. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t realize that it’s not just the propellors that cause damage to the animals and in some cases death. Blunt force trauma from the hull or skeg of the boat can be just as harmful because it can result in internal injuries like borken ribs and collapsed lungs that you don’t see like you said. Even if people do realize they hit a manatee, they may not think they caused any injury. Often the only external sign of initial blunt force trauma in a single white scar…like you talked about in this case. Keep up the great work Jamal!!!

  10. louisville,ky says:

    Prince Michael…go ahead and lol as joke is on you, you idiot. It was not this young man’s fault if the reporter had an error in spelling. Maybe you should stop being ignorant and use Webster’s dictionary and see what the word ‘teats’, [pronounced tits] mean.
    And the next time you want to talk about a gorilla, go look in the mirror you moron.

  11. Storm says:

    The areas where manatees go are no secret. Boat operators must be made to slow down to a safe speed when crossing in those areas, or avoid them entirely.

    Reckless people destroy so many things that justify tourism here — the reef and manatees in particular.

    One day the rest of us will wonder why we have fewer tourists, and why we are becoming poorer.

  12. lol says:

    its dean barrow’s fault

  13. Elgin Martinez says:

    If these idiots don’t value their own Belizean brother and sister’s live what make you all thing that they would value a Sea Cow’s life?There are no laws in place as a result these criminals are going to continue doing what they’re doing.It’s business as usual.Last week it was a dog,this week it’s a Sea Cow next week it might be a Cat.

  14. Meettheparents says:

    Dina Byrnes: I had no idea you could milk a cat.
    Greg !@#$%^: Oh yeah, you can milk anything with nipples.
    Jack Byrnes: I have nipples Greg. Could you milk me?

  15. BZNinCALI says:

    @killa mom. if threatening my life makes you feel better or is your way of dealing with your grief, I am glad to be of assistance. WE are the parents burying our children, stop lashing out. One day I will die like everyone else & so will you but I am not playing God & deciding when your life will end & asking your disciples to take me out will not end your grief or bring your son back, you will simply prove mine & everyone else’s point. Threatening me because my opinions make you uncomfortable or hit close to home does not change the situation on our streets. OUR CHILDREN ARE NO’T DYING FROM DISEASE, THEY ARE KILLING EACH OTHER & it is up to us, the adults left standing to turn this ship around.

    This is your neighborhood, none of the people who represent you are dodging bullets & as long as we(the Creole, the Garifuna, the poor) internalize our anger & self hate & kill each other, there is no reason for the people in charge to change a damn thing. How much security was at the church as these Top Dogs sat for their photo Opps at YOUR son’s funeral? They went home to the security of their homes away from your neighborhood, you left your son’s dead body in a cold grave & a week later Trapp met the same fate on the streets of your hood. You know what college Trapp’s Dad attended? St Michaels, just like Dean & Said. There are other children from your hood who are now rotting in their graves whose fathers went to SJC just like Briceno did. What all of your children have in common is that they were young black men, where they lived & at times parents who were in denial.

    Your dog eat dog world & acceptance of it has been the biggest contributor to the nonsense we see on the streets right now, WE ARE NOT EFFING DOGS, WE ARE NOT CANNIBALS…..Until we look at ourselves as viable human beings, able to get our arse up & walk to the market without fear, we will continue to attack each other. If asking my people, who now walk those same streets I walked to take back their mf hood & stop pretending that it is someone else’s fault that our young men keep dying justifies killing me, then understand that no one, including you will ever be safe. You don’t shoot the damn mirror, you look at the image & if you don’t like it, CHANGE IT.

    We cannot teach our children to resolve their differences through conversation when we the adults resort to violence & threats. I will be glad to pay your fare for a round trip ticket to Cali & we can have a civilized conversation to address the $hit happening in the hood & how YOU can curb the bloodshed. PEACE OUT.

  16. Elgin Martinez says:

    Killa mom: You’re probably new to this blog but for your information no one can dictate to any one what to say on this blog.Every one is entitle to their own opinion.This is not Facebook where you get smiles and thing we go hard on this blog just something to think about.

  17. Earl Grey says:

    HEY killa mom………… BZNinCALI offered you a round trip ticket to Cali……..

    R U GOING TO LET THAT GO??????? Take her up on it……………..

  18. BZNinCALI says:

    Thank you Elgin. Earl…..behave.

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