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Mar 11, 2011

Fuel going down for 1 month

Dean barrow

The 2011-2012 Budget was presented in the House of Representatives this morning. It is called Celebrating Growth, Sustaining Recovery and is to come online on April first. Before we get into the full figures, there’s a projected deficit, an increase in recurrent expenditure due to the wage bill and a slight increase in revenue and grants. But a few bright spots: as promised there will be no new taxes; taxes will be removed from kerosene and for good measure, the PM announced that an expected price hike in the price of fuel tonight, will be held-off. The flip side is that it is only a one time deal and prices will continue to go up thereafter.

Dean Barrow

“For effective this very day, we will signed into a law a statutory instrument that will zero rate the GST on gasoline, illuminating kerosene and diesel. In its place, we will increase the import duty on gasoline and diesel at a fixed specific rate amount. This amount will not be equivalent to what the GST take is currently—at over one hundred U.S. dollars per barrel, but it will be equivalent to what the GST take was when the world oil prices were in the U.S. eighty-five dollar per barrel range. In effect Mister Speaker, the Government will no longer gain, however slightly, from any rise in international oil prices. To repeat, we are in fact, rolling back the effective tax a little by import duty substitution at a rate equivalent to the GST position that existed in the idle of last year as oppose to the higher GST position that obtains now. But we go further, Mister Speaker, for we will not applied the makeup import duty to illuminating kerosene. This is mainly used by the poor and is currently import duty free. So we will now remove the GST from kerosene and replace it with nothing. There is a shipment of fuel due today and the pump prices were to increase by about a dollar twenty Belize per gallon for gasoline and a dollar Belize for kerosene and diesel. What government will do is, as I indicated, remove the GST, but for this shipment alone, we will not impose the substitute import duty. We will therefore make a huge revenue sacrifice. But I must caution, Mister Speaker, that this is a one time only gesture. When the next shipment after this arrives, around the end of March, it will have to be subject to the new import duty in lieu of GST. Because of what we’re doing and not imposing the GST or the substitute import duty, instead what will happen with the shipment coming in tonight, the price will go down to ten-thirty-nine for premium, ten-thirteen for regular, eight-thirty-six for kerosene and nine-sixty-one for diesel.”

John Briceño, Leader of the Opposition

John Briceño

“What he did skillfully, politically, is that he talked about not increasing the cost of fuel that would have gone up by about a dollar and twenty cents; but for one month. Obviously he is trying to remove that whole anger form the Belizean people with his budget—trying to find a way to ease that just for two weeks because as we all know shipments come in every two weeks. And he has already admitted that the price of fuel is going to go up in the next shipment that is going to come in.”

Barrow says that the government’s loss on the shipment of fuel is one million dollars.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Fuel going down for 1 month”

  1. Disgusted! says:


  2. Lucas says:

    Mr. Barrow, we the Belizean people need not, muchless asking for, your alms. What we need are solutions not band-aide. What you propose is more like an insult to say the least. It is said that nation building is a task for gaints but you have proven to be less than a pygmy. Man, why done you prove Se-nada wrong, show her you have real BOLAS and just resign.

  3. The People Had Enough says:

    Whoooopppppeeee no increase on fuel for a month. I feel so special now Mr. PM (NOT!!!). How long will Belizean tolerate this @$$!@#$ to insult our intelligence and ram a shaft up or !@#$ every chance he gets, while his family, friends and cronies continue to get super obese off our public coffer? As far as I am concerned, he can take that budget and stick it as far as it can go in his waste disposal orifice also, he can stick it up his !@#, lol.

  4. BDF soldier says:

    How much is the GST tax on a galone of gasoline?no one knows,and channel five reporters dont care to ask about it,what kind of news is this?all belizeans know is that they pay tax on everything,but they or anybody knows how much,is that what belizeans pride them self on calling belize a free and democratuc country?i have to laugh.elections comming soon,another tactic to win votes(i am not a pup or udp follower)

  5. BDF soldier says:

    All those LAWYERS(MINISTERS IN THE PUP OR UDP)they dont pay for gasoline,so its very easy to hike and invent tax laws that only burden poor belizeans.

  6. little boy says:

    barrow his ex wife and his family are stealing from the belizean people and his excuse coming from his own mouth is since the PUP did it, i can do it too but dont worry i am giving u guys some, i am not taking it all like the PUP. i am just taking couple millions to share between me and my family. u dont pay no one a hold lot of money to win a winning case. stop selling Belize barrow.
    under barrow the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. the belizean people need to take over the government an block all those deals barrow is making that will affect the country.


    Since barrow is going to help car owners save some money in April, according to the math this means that the GOB is out of a million dollars, which is impressive.

    But wait, brace yourself because for the rest of the year and those to follow you the working class Belizeans will be haemorrhaging money or have to dig deep into their pockets to pay for higher tax to return the huge revenue sacrificed in this no-win situation safely back to the GOB.

  8. eightoften says:

    Belizeans always want “Big Government” but small taxes. As soon as somebody’s old house falling down or the streets bad..they complain; ” What is the Government doing?” Get real people. If you want Government to give you handouts, free healthcare, education and good streets and highways, then expect to pay your taxes and shut up. It doesnt matter which party. Either of them need to secure revenues to pay for your “Big Government”.

    Most of you have very short memories. Just 6 years ago in 2005 everyone was calling for the white head guy to resign. I am glad he didnt and served his term and I also want this PM to serve his full term. We will have elections when elections are due. We are a “democracy” so lets have stable governments that last their full terms and stop the nonsence. Its not a perfect system but al least its a system that gives you the illusion that you are choosing you leaders, so live with it and vote in your dictators every 5 years, then shut up and relax.

  9. Belizean says:

    Resign Barrow!!!! and give Johnny the seat to do the same you are.

  10. belizeanpride says:

    i don’t believe a $h!t about what barrow says nor what johny says the two of them area bunch of liars and this is what we have people lairs that have no shame to speak to the nation. for election vote for any other independent or new part no red nor blue

  11. Do it right says:

    Big up to you eightoften! At least someone commenting here has sense. Belizeans are supposed to be more educated now but some people make me wonder. If the price goes up, people complain. The price actually went down and you people still complaining. Why don’t y’all buy a barrel of gas and try sell it cheaper and see how that works out. I don’t know where you all expect the GOB to get the revenues from to run the country ,other than taxes. But if you all have suggestions please feel free to make them. Briceno says its boring, anything will be boring if someone don’t understand what’s happening lol.

  12. CEO says:

    I agree that we never know what any politician is saying. It seems that the only time a politician talks any sense is when they are out of office on the sideline. As long as a politician’s lips are moving we know they are lying! However, you guys need to treat your elected leaders with respect and slow up on the personal insults and fowl language. Try to make constructive comments.

    One problem the world has right now is how the deal with the rising cost of fuel. Oil giants are getting richer and richer and showing astronomical priffits. These guys are the real problem.

    By the way Johnny Briceno will not do anything different if he was there. The PUP still have a lot of unanswered questions from the last time they were there. Sad to say Belizeans the only choice we have is which poison we want to drink!

  13. Reson says:

    to start off, I hope that all those commenting, are actually living in Belize. Secondly, of course barrow can do something. He can invest all that money to generate gasoline here in Belize. Mexico did it! Also, if he really wanted to help the Belizean people, he can come up with a different tax system just for fuel, cause I’m sure that its easier for them to do that, than to reduce the GST %. Thirdly, and we all agree, lets not vote neither for blue nor red. When election time comes, lets teach barrow, just like we have teached pup, that we don’t need them!

  14. awrk says:

    you know what is going on? price went down now just to fool the people, prime minister is taking away gst and replacing it in a month with what? with import duty. Who supplies the country with food? the farmers. registered farmers were exempt from gst or were able to refund gst. so now the diesel which farmers use to plant and harvest their grain (food) for the poor belizeans will pay more for their fuel, so guess what everything will go up, corn beans chicken beef sugar floor everything going up.

  15. Earl Grey says:

    BUILD A REFINERY………………..WITHOUT A REFINERY we will always be in this position.

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