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Mar 9, 2011

Shot by off-duty cops 6 times, and Dennis Trapp lives to tell the tale

Brothers Dennis and Norman Trapp along with an Asian businessman, Lee Quan, known as Tommy, were involved in a crazy shooting incident at about midnight on February twenty-eighth down south in Punta Gorda. Twenty-six expended shells were retrieved from the scene and two police officers, who are also brothers, stand accused in the mayhem which led to a collision of Tommy’s vehicle into a parked Ford pickup. Six shots found their target on Dennis, but incredibly he survived the shooting and fresh off the hospital bed, he dropped by our studios and gave us an update. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Dennis Trapp was shot six times by off-duty cops in the heart of Punta Gorda Town while inside a gold Mazda pickup owned by a businessman known as Tommy. His brother was also injured in the incident. Police claim that someone inside the vehicle shot at the home of a police officer. But Dennis Trapp, says not only are they innocent, they actually reported a shooting incident to the police before he was shot.

Dennis Trapp

Dennis Trapp, Shot Six Times by Off Duty Cops

“I was with my friend Tommy, better known as Tommy, chiney bwai along with my brother, Norman Trapp. We was about to ker him home to use his vehicle for the night. We took the street, Far West Street, that’s a next street behind his street to the store Price is Right where he rest his head. Upon arriving to John Sanchez house, we saw a lot of young men saw the vehicle and start to run. Before we could ever pass the house we heard a loud noise, which appeared to be a gunshot. So me and Tommy said lets go to station to report it. So we reach the station and we report it which we meet a police Dykes Rodriguez and we tell him about it. We tell him we noh really want nothing, we just want ih talk to the lee young boys because they noh know what they di deal with cause anything with gun dah jail. So ih say ih wah deal with that so we left the station.”

And while on the road, a single shot was fired, injuring Trapp in his arm. The Trapp brothers and Tommy then made a second visit to the PG Police Formation.

Dennis Trapp

“We saw some guys in black shuffling off the street while they see the truck coming. So I then drive up to the spot and come to a stop and the vehicle was under ice, tinted up dark and we neva did see nothing. We just start to hear shot blaze. Then I just feel my skin get bun. So I tell Tommy I get shot. We can’t stop here we have to go to station. When I reach, I jumped out of the vehicle and I tell Corporal Garcia I get shot, somebody shot me. Then he told me that no mobile is there; only he one is there. So then my brother jumped into Tommy’s vehicle, he became the driver. Tommy became the passenger and I jump into the pan. And we his front street and diverted back into Mains Street.”

Norman Trapp

With one bullet already lodged in his arm, Dennis in the pan, his brother in the driver seat and Tommy in the passenger seat, Norman drove down Main Street, where they were greeted with a barrage of gunfire.

Dennis Trapp

“We just hear start to jsut echo again and the vehicle come to a stop because my brother just throw himself to the ground because bullets was raining upon the vehicle. It came to a stop and I just heard after a minute they said cease fire.  And so I say dah who could holla seize fire? Da when they said come out with your hand on the head, I can’t come out because I done shot—I feel one behind mi neck, one pan mi leg, one ina mi ankle. So then I couldn’t move so I just stay right ina di pan the lay down. I think they moved them out and placed them on the sidewalk. I can’t move so the police they come over me which I recognized John Sanchez and his brother. Then I see three, four other suit, dragon suit. John Sanchez and his brother neva had on no kind of uniform; they have on undershirt and wah plain other t-shirt black. So then they di talk to me ina di pan and tell me I di [bleep] round. So I tell he weh you mean I di [bleep] round? I know you. I does work fi yoh, I does fix up yoh vehicle fi yoh. He tell me I di play and that I di [bleep] with family and if I [bleep] with ih family, ih wa come back for me if I try anything simple and so. I ask them to ker me dah hospital and thing and none ah they noh wa ker mi dah hospital. They di call police and di call this one.  He di call ih boss. From right weh part ih deh, he di call ih boss da Belmopan or somewhere. Then I recognized I see Dykes Rodriguez and I start to cry to Dykes and tell Dykes ker me to the hospital.”

Jose Sanchez

“I know they are saying that one of these officers, a shot was fired at their home before. Maybe they thought it was you. And if they are mistaken, are you going to press any charges of your own against them?”

Dennis Trapp

“Yes of course because then I don’t have a gun. Lee Quan who have a gun. If they get the report that it was Chiney man vehicle, then they should have a right to go investigate about Tom, Lee Quan, who see what’s up with he and deal with he. I noh see why I have to get shot up.”

The men said that although Tommy had a license weapon inside the vehicle, it was never fired. The question of who will be charged, the Trapp brothers or the cops, has not been answered. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

If you thought his ordeal was over, well, Dennis is heading back to Punta Gorda where he suspects that police may press charges against him.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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26 Responses for “Shot by off-duty cops 6 times, and Dennis Trapp lives to tell the tale”

  1. Kinkriol says:

    Dun with the soft story, them bredda ya da noh PGman, them the up from Cayo road, they been terorizing the town & think people fraid fu them. Oh chiney boy da dem bally, try extortionist. Chiney nu fool round with blackman unless you di buy frm them. Unu go back da Cayo road. Six bullet……and no funeral….get di sense.

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Good spin, someone may believe you. Throw the Chiney man under the bus, that will teach him for playing with you. If this fool did not think he was bad, why is he going back to PG if not to take care of unfinished business? And is there a Far West Street in PG?

  3. Disgusted! says:

    WoW, strange turn of events now that the other side of the story has been told. Can’t wait to see what will be the outcome of this one. Criminals civilians vs criminal cops in downtown shootout. Makes for an interesting debacle!


    A law should be enforced that vehicles are not allowed to have tinted windows, except for those with legal recognizable medical need. Drug dealers or criminals often use tinted cars to do their deeds hoping to avoid any attention.

    These men reported a shooting to a police officer at the police station who responded that there were no mobile patrols at that time. Then suddenly a patrol showed up armed and dangerous, shooting first, asking questions later. The GOB is paying police officers to be secretaries and gangers on the streets, this leave no other officers available to actually stop a crime in process, or make a legal arrest.

    Norman Trapp body is not the only thing full of holes; this entire story also has a similar outlook to it.

  5. rod says:

    resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  6. Earl Grey says:



    There IS a far west street in PG yes Cali… like every other story there is a second side this story and for now its just too soon to speculate as to what really transpired here. However, O will agree that the story does seem very suspicious on both sides.

  8. islander says:

    The media always seems interested in putting a spin on things and making scumbags look like granny helping church boys…

    The guy was on the back pan of the vehicle, thats where the shot might have come from towards the police officers house HENCE why the hail of AIMED gunfire was directed at the PAN OF THE VEHICLE…

    If this was a case where the officers were not sure where the gunshot came from THEY WOULD HAVE OPENED FIRE ON THE DRIVER…. but they didn’t do that it was all AIMED gunfire at the pan of the vehicle so there is a high possibility that this is where the shot came from.

    When you get in a shootout usually your hearing goes and you get tunnel vision towards the specific threat, and usually all your attention and “shots” will go in the direction of that threat

  9. soldier says:

    If those belizean police have play that game here in the USA they would have been in jail,and the city,town or village would have been sued for millions,looks that their are no procedures that the belize police dont follow,right on the sport,they judge,condem you,and sentence you with the comments here i get that in belize one is guilty untill proven innocent,and not innocednt until proven guilty.the behavivor of the belize police is very un profesional,no procedures followed,worst when they have a gun.they need to be retrained or brought here to the USA so they can learn from the police how an arrest is done,how they civil rights of american citizens are respected.

  10. Cooliebwoi says:

    Everybody in PG knows these guys. I grew up in PG and like most people we avoided Dennis Trapp and his family. Ever since he was a little boy he has been involved in with guns and drugs. Sad to say his parents did not discourage any of what they did. I’m pretty sure his story is more than twisted. He needs to be stopped or he just might end up dead.

  11. P.G GYAL says:

    Please ppl don’t waste your time and believe this bs story from these trapp boys…they are well known in P,G as big trouble makers…everyone in P.G can remember when they shot the poor liitle Borland kid jus to rob the store…… these are some senseless idoits who think they are above the law.. thinking they run P.G.. they should have shot them dead thats what..instead they are here crying some bs story..if he was in the pan of the vehicle obviously it was to fire shots at the police…them bwai always think deh big and bad and nobody could touch them. Lock there @$$#$ up and throw away the key!!!!

  12. roska says:

    STOP THIS MADNESS…… This guys are crooked!!!! we know them…. But of course for the media headlines of police brutality or excessive use of force ALWAYS make bigger headlines than cops goping after the criminals in society….

    All of you bloggers that readily accept the church mouse stories of these criminals when they are caught…… dont complain later when these thugs kill somebody you know!!!!

    I totally agree with you islander!!!

  13. Mick says:

    soldier; you probably want to be a tad more open minded and do not throw these blanket statements out! Where in the USA do you live? Given the amount of news we hear about cops, misbehavior and corruption, you may be living in one of the “Mayberrys” in America!

  14. baby love says:

    The Cops are the ones who should help protect the people but now a days the Cops are the Criminals doing the crime. What is this country coming to…..

  15. B groovy says:

    Twenthy six bullets and this guy show up at a news station, I say time to hit the shooting range my friends…..

  16. little boy says:

    SOLDIER i don’t know what part of U.S u come from, maybe may-berry where Barnie five is the cop of ur town. But for the rest of the U.S the cops are worst corrupt than those in bz and its from the commissioner down. if u look at ur US NEWS instead of lonely the bz one u would know that the police in the us are more corrupt and racist than in bz. so please done try and brring down our police and big up the ones in the US because they get away with lot of terrible things, that they do to innocent people. check u facts before u talk. if u want to talk bad about the system in bz good but dont compare it to a system that is worst than ours. a least we know what our police are doing.

  17. PGPerson says:

    These individuals are well known criminals in PG. Those of us in PG who saw this might have said well the police tried. These are the type of individuals you don’t want in society as instead of contributing something positive to the development of PG , they have only provided negative contributions such as drugs and hurting other peaceful citizens of PG. ! these guys need to be stopped!

  18. realistic says:

    all that madness sounds like a deal gone bad and that everybody knew exactly wat they were doing and are not saying the whole truth, but playing victims of wat was the outcome.

  19. joe says:

    Kill d Dog to end di Rabies

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    These are just two idiots.The entire community need to come together and get these idiots out.

  21. The People Had Enough says:

    Hey, just give me one o dem M1919 Browning which was modified by the dudes in Sons Of Guns and let me !@#$%^& lose on the streets. And i will show you !@#$%^&*( what a shoot out should look like. We be Mexico in less than 2 years, where we will be blazing down each other in the dozens, not singles, gun up folks and those who have the mula, pimp that ride with bullet proof.

  22. The People Had Enough says:

    Glad the PG folks coming on here and telling us who and what these guys (Trapp) are all about. This story is so lame it is not even funny. I agree with Islander; this guy shot at those cops and that is a way to get a hail of bullets coming your way. I heard of these guys already through the grapevine, and now, boom, here they are on the news. Scumbag criminals who should have died in that shootout.

  23. OriginalWoman says:


  24. family man says:

    these trapp guys are no good in p.g. terrorizing young high school kids and especially people that dont adhere to their money begging in the town .
    they should have just deal with them at once. i am sure the cops were doing their job. things like those dont happen in p.g. the trapps bring it upon themselves

  25. Flagrante Delicto says:

    What kind of dirty deeds do the two po-po doto warant that they go out on a shooting sprea without back-up?

  26. intelligent mind says:

    the sanchez brothers are well known and respected police officers. many ppl know them. they were just acting in the line of duty. everybody know pg police weak it had to tek real men from belmopan polive fi come do the jobs weh deh one down here no d do. look da who d try stir probelm wah lil no good piece a Sh**t weh no got nothing but tek the livelyhood away from good abiding citizens. pg police need fi wise up and play deh part. dem boy d terrorize pg from years back and still free. wat d r*ss wrong with them. deh dat blind or corrupted. they sanchez brothers should be commended for acting in the line of duty.

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