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Mar 3, 2011

Parents of couple who died in plane crash sues Bowen’s Estate

Michael and Julian Casey

February twenty-sixth marked the first anniversary of the tragic plane crash that ended fatally for businessman Sir Barry Bowen. Michael and Jillian Casey as well as their two children, Makayla and Bryce, also perished in the accident. One year later, on Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed against Sir Barry’s son Michael for damages. The case is being brought by Charles and Martha Casey, Michael’s parents, along with Linda Schuess, Jillian’s mother; they are suing for wrongful death.

Makayla & Bryce Casey

Attorney Fred Lumor filed the claim on February twenty-fifth and started serving papers on Wednesday but the matter has not yet been set for trial. Lumor, who spoke to our court reporter off camera, says that the company which insured the aircraft may settle out of court. Bowen and the Casey family were travelling to San Pedro on a Cessna Aircraft when a wing clipped an old barge during the landing, causing the plane to crash. In March, 2010, Belize Civil Aviation personnel at a press conference had ruled out mechanical problems.

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26 Responses for “Parents of couple who died in plane crash sues Bowen’s Estate”

  1. Earl Grey says:


  2. Josie says:

    As usual greedy americans

  3. Justice says:

    It was a tragic accident and It was a country’s loss. Indeed money is the root of all evil. They probably now know how wealthy the Bowens are and want a piece. Getting money will not bring them back and it was not murder so what is it all about? I hope they do not get a dime!

  4. Chance says:

    Well, these are problems you will have when you are wealthy. Even when dead.

  5. RichKid says:

    Calculating 4 people 2 families hmmm 2.5 million dollars (slams it on the table) here you go now go about your business…..

  6. belizeanfirst says:

    This is just to show you to never do favors for ANY AMERICAN! That is why their society is the way it is, materialistic, consumeristic and caring only of money and profiting off their loved ones.

  7. pamela says:

    I think this is so wrong. I think they just suing because the family has money, typical Americans!!

  8. Swamp Dragon says:

    They are suing because Sir Barry Bowen was reckless and did not follow the correct flight path which ended up killing their children and grand children. They probably thought they were flying with the safest pilot in Belize. To the contrary, he had a habit of coming in too fast and too low. He should be held responsible for wrongful death. It was his fault. Now a young couple and their two children are dead for it. Typical Americans are poor and don’t travel to foreign countries! True it takes money to sue someone, but that is clearly not the motivation Pamela. They are fortunate to be able to hold the responsible party liable, and not just accept one man’s recklessness as fate.
    It has been a while now since the plane crash. Seems to me they have done their homework.

  9. B grovy says:

    It has nothing to with being a American, it’s about JUSTICE, there love once were taken prematurely due to negligence.

  10. corf says:

    Why are you all surprised? I knew this was coming.Was just a matter of time. Suing is America’s favorite pass time next to baseball. I’m not saying its right nor am I saying its wrong. Im just saying it was just a matter of time after they did their home work and find out how rich the Bowen’s are.I’m not sure if that’s what their kids would’ve wanted because an accident is an accident but if you look at America’s history, they are always looking for someone to blame.They can’t sue or blame God so hey, they’ll do the next best thing, find someone to punish like its going to ease their pain. Sometimes i really do believe that money do ease these people conscience and pain because after they collect all that money, Im not even sure if they think about their loved ones that they exploited for all that money.When they’re in the Gucci store or on a big yacht in the Bahamas,do they really think about how they got there and thanks to who? They will spend years fighting for money that they have no right to. I hope that when Belize reach that level where people sue for everything, I will be dead and gone already. i despise people that exploit others for money.Forgive me if i am being insensitive but i don’t think its right.

  11. islander says:

    This is so wrong in so many levels… I pray to God that if I ever die in an accident doing any of my favorite sports or even flying that my family does not stoop so low as to sue for what was an accident…

  12. cg says:

    i guess that’s why the Bible says does with plenty can never sleep well

  13. belizean says:

    Swamp Dragon are you american too?? because that normally is the way things are settled there. For crying out loud hold a grudge if you what but what dah!! hell will money do? bring them back? Accidents happen everyday we lose people we love and then life moves on and i’m telling you from experience, i do not want to sue anyone for my loses nor will I hold a grudge when i know that in everything we do we take risks.
    Death is right around the corner for everyone my friend and money does not make things right!!!!

  14. cayobwio says:

    This happens alot in the US. I am sad for their loss, however they shouldn’t get a dime. I am certain they weren’t paying for the flight nor were they forced to go with Barry. Indeed Barry was probably negligent, but thats the risk you take when bumming a ride, especially a flight. I believe had this been a commercial flight and there was negligence on the part of the pilot, “sue dey !@$$”, but this is different. They probably heard that Barry had alot of money and just want a peice of the pie. At the end of the day this is how Americans are, they will sue for everything. A man once sued a dry cleaners for Millions, only for damaging 1 suite.

  15. realistic says:

    dats wat u call vultures they…………..that is most americans style though

  16. realistic says:

    if the ppl lived and were incapacitated because of the accident i would understand them but not the parents………….u see why there is so much violence……greed and den comes the killing on top

  17. Earl Grey says:

    MONEY does not make things right………….BUT IT EASES THE PAIN SOMEWHAT!!!


  18. Ginseng says:

    Sorry Swamp Dragon, you’re swimming in nincompoop-infested waters on these news forums.

  19. The People Had Enough says:

    Sue-persize, Sue-persize the American way!!!

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    B grovy: No death is premature who told you that you’re in control of your destiny?

  21. B Groovy says:

    I thaught this was about people who died in a accident not the Groove man… maybe i will read the story again to see if i missed some thing…by the way its GROOVY not GROVY i guess we r even. LOL

  22. Frendz2both says:

    It’s all very sad. Don’t forget that 2 families lost loved ones. Who are we to critisize God’s will? This was the path their lives were supposed to take. You can put blame all you want, but it will not bring them back. Both families are hurting and things will never be the same. Sir Barry and his family treated the Casey’s with much affection and appreciated their hard work and efforts in bringing education to many children in Gallon Jug. They were reagarded as extended family. I had the privillage to see them all interact with each other and it was nothing but loving. It was a tragic accident, emphasis on ACCIDENT and the best thing we can all do is to cherish the wonderful memories and ask God for peace of mind for both families. Forgiveness is the key to a happy, fullfilling life. I trully believe that Michael and Jillian would want us all to move on.


    Elgin from my understanding of the poster he/she meant “premature death”, concerning the circumstances the children died and not death itself.
    A Belizean child got know down while riding on his bike on the streets of Belize city sometime ago, although the child did lived through his ordeal his mother was begging for money, and a new bike the person who caused the accident of her son, I was pissed.
    This is only one of the many, many cases like this in Belize. Seem like some of you really need a need a reality check, because this is exactly how it works in Belize.

  24. marilyn says:

    Lets look at the picture. It was an accident. It was not intentional. How much negligent was involved? Barry did not live, he did not commit suicide. Who will benefit from this lawsuit. That couple did not have kids that will be living without their parents. Sorry no money. Dead done.

  25. Christine Mellon says:

    To all the horrible people who made comments about the young couple and their little children killed in the plane accident in the plane piloted by Mr. Bowen, shame on you. An entire wing of two families has been ended because of Mr. Bowen’s carelessness. What did you expect these families to do? Their losses are terrible and will be forever. The Casey and Schuessler families have suffered an unimaginable loss. Where is your compassion? Speaking of compassion, the Casey’s were in Belize running a school in an area where there were none before. Don’t disparge their memories with your cruel comments. By the way, both Michael and Jillian Casey are from well-to-do-American families. This is not about money. Think how you would feel if this were your family.

  26. SAndy says:

    This is a tragedy for both families, but the fact is when you pilot an aircraft you are ultimately responsible for remaining clear of other aircraft as well as obstacles on the ground. Since the accident investigation has initially ruled out a mechanical failure or engine power malfunction, the fatal flight path of the aircraft was solely controlled by Mr Bowen. Aircraft accident investigations are conducted for the primary purpose of aviation safety and preventing future accidents, and most often they determine either pilot, mechanical/maintenance, or supervisory culpability. While it is easy to blame it on the dead pilot, the safe operation of the aircraft is his responsibility alone. Just as in any airline accident, when culpability is determined, those passenger victims whether injured or killed, their survivors deserve to be compensated for their loss.

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