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Mar 2, 2011

Former Mexican Soldier charged for counterfeit, gun and ammo

Doug Singh

A Mexican national who claimed to be a soldier from Tabasco was busted on an ammunition charge at the Corozal Free Zone last Thursday. His apprehension has opened a can of worms. The cops found Jose Luis Robles Beltran with a point twenty-five caliber pistol and nine live rounds of ammunition.  He was sentenced to two years each on the gun and ammunition charge.  But the wheels of justice moved very swift for Robles and within twenty four hours, he was sentenced, granted an appeal, and given bail by the courts.  But the cops dragged him back to the court on a counterfeit charge for one thousand eight hundred dollars of over twenty thousand US dollars that were allegedly fake. That’s not the end of that story because while the Corozal police said on Tuesday that Robles was released, the Minister of Police now says not so. And will the court be able to keep this Mexican until his story is fully told? That’s what we asked Minister Doug Singh this morning.

Doug Singh, Minister of Police

“We certainly think that this is an unfortunate situation; the police did everything it possibly could to secure the conviction and the incarceration of the individual. Unfortunate set of circumstances, but you are correct, the Director of Public Prosecutions continues to work on it. I believe today she is filing a matter which is an appeal matter on the first charge. And on the first charge we are speaking of where the individual was set off on bail after a guilty plea. On the second matter, which is the counterfeit matter, I believe that she is subjecting it to judicial review—I hope I don’t have it backwards—but she is actually taking two actions on the actions separately against the two different decisions that were done at different times; one on Friday and one on Monday. We continue to detain the individual and we are seeking I think today to get the permission to officially continue to detain the individual. We have received information that possibly links this individual to some well connected people. As a matter of fact, I believe it was confirmed—and I hope I am not misspeaking—but it was confirmed by the Mexican Embassy that this individual was no longer a member of the military. I don’t know the circumstances of the discharge, we can always find out. That is contrary to some of the claims that he has made in what was reported to us. The individual appears to be no stranger to the Free Zone. Apparently he has been in and out for the purchase of certain items there, but who know what else is being conducted there. We are going to look into the matter and we are going to actually put some corrective measures in place—however best we can—with respect to the Free Zone. It is very challenging. You must note that when an individual goes into the zone, that individual does not cross through Belize’s immigration. So we do not have the detail records of everyone that enters the zone. You clear Mexican immigration and customs if in fact they are required to do so. They enter the Free Zone and they can leave and enter back into México with us not having any record of those people actually entering Belize. We may need to develop some system, maybe a card system or some other form of system to be able to document people in an expeditious matter so that we can actually track movements of individuals and link them to particular activities.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Former Mexican Soldier charged for counterfeit, gun and ammo”

  1. MCE. Ivan Acudia says:

    Buenas noches, hemos leido su noticia, somos de un medio de comunicación de México y hemos en contrado ciertas irregularidades en el caso que se sigue contra el ciudadano mexicano, asimismo irregularidades en el manejo de la informaciòn que ustedes han estado haciendo, de forma muy irresponsable, manipulada.
    Lo anterior debido a que debido a este problema, el caso serà seguido con detenimiento a fin de pedir que se respeten los derechos que el gobierno de Belice violó de nuestro connacional y hay pruebas de ello.
    Esperamos que ustedes en verdad sean un medio de comunicaciòn veraz, aunque por lo visto lo dudamos.

  2. Disgusted! says:

    So finally, because of people us who speak out on these blogs and vent our anger and frustration, the flambuoyant piece of S#!t, sinister minister of police Doug Singh does a sugar-coated press conference and tell us that the matter concerning the Mexican bandido is being dealt with and the S.O.B. will be held until bla, bla, bla! Let’s continue to bring the heat fellow channel 5 bloggers. Our typing fingers are mightier than anyone of these @$$holes who think they don’t have to answer to anyone. Now we need answers as to who represented the Mexican in court and advised him to plead guilty to the firearm/ammo carge and file an immediate appeal and he would be granted bail then he could abscond, because obviously, he had legal agvice from someone in Belize. When that is revealed, we will deal with that treasonous b@$#ard

  3. rod says:

    wow questions were asked and no answer was given masterful piece of avoiding the whole situation and the questions he just said a bunch of nothing mein this is truly and incompetent gov. wow they should all be put in jail for incompetence and corruption mr singh you surprise me with your incompetence wow wow wow please resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

  4. Nigel says:

    This story has been in the news for some days now and I don’t think the answer to the question in my mind has not been mentioned. What was he doing in the zone this far away from where he is from? Why does it seem that the police,the ”justice system” and the high officials trying to get this person across the boarder so fast? Could it be that someone one of our corrupt authoritarians is trying to keep a lid on a huge can of worms? These are the questions we need to ask or have the Government accomplished their goal of turning the Belizean people into mindless lambs for the slaughter? To the people in the Belize river valley I think civil disobedience should be the order of the day. This administration is trying to squeez the last drop of s@$t out of you. So go ahead and cook your game meat and let the police lock everyone up. It’s a Belizean thing… but wait I forgot your Prime Minister hates his own people and his country. Rebel rebe now even if it’s too late!!!

  5. Beliceno says:

    Con mucho respecto pero creo que la persona mexicano que agaraon con arma debe ser castigado igualmente que paso con los belicenos que pasaron el lado mejicano con armas. No hay ciertas irregularidades como dice el amigo aqui. Asi como ellos tienen su ley aqui nosotros tambien tenemos la nuestra y tabien debe ser respetada por ellos. Cuando los amigos belicenos pasaron el lado mejicano los enceraron y siguen encerados aqui en belice.
    es una pena para nuestro pais ahora que haga como si nad hubiese pasado.
    Eramos un medio de comunicacion veraz pero los que no lo son son ustedes los mejicanos !@#$%^&.

  6. samanta says:

    Everyone is speaking of the soldier… Wat about the corupted magistrate that ordered his realease??? Is he still on the bench? Pls take that dirty no good magistrate out!!!! put him in one cell wth Beltran. Do something PM… this guy Clive Lino is disgusting. i am from Dangriga so i know this clown. I am a shame of my fellow Dangrigan still practicing his dirty moves even though he was transfered. U NEED TO GO CLIVE LINO!!!!

  7. soldier says:

    Lots of bla bla bla from SINGH,I think its the news papers in belize that are restrain from asking the right questions to those so called ministers.singh did not explain or clear anything about the whats his job?

  8. Elgin Martinez says:

    Our National Security is at Risk Belize.Wake up people we’ve got Americans trafficking our kidsandMexicans walking around the Jewel like Cowboys.As for you Dough Singh whether this idiot is still in the military in Mexico is irrelevant to the fact that he was caught with a weapon on Belizean soil.He violated our laws as a result lets deal with him like the way Mexicans deal with our Belizean Citizens.Furthermore this dude shouldn’t even be given bail he is a flight risk.When was a Belizean Citizen ever given bail in Mexico?

  9. Justicia para TODOS says:

    @MCE. Ivan Acudia : Como medio de comunicacion que dicen ser, estan haciendo lo mismo de lo que nos acusan, estan siendo sujetivos y dando su opinion a lo que sucedio!
    Las leyes de Belice no dan privilegios especiales a ningun extranjero, no importa de que nacionalidad ni vinculos que hayan entre esos paises. El hecho es que el ciudaddano mexicano violó la ley e interesantemente se proceso su caso en tiempo relampago! Algo super irregular en Belice igual que en Mexico. Eso es lo que se esta cuestionando aqui!!! El hecho de que el ciudaddano mexicano salio bajo fianza en cuestion de dias cuando la ley estipula que no se le debe conceder fianza!!!!!
    Agradecido debe de el criminal, CRIMINAL digo porque fue hallado culpable!

  10. B grovy says:

    Mce Ivan bla bla bla what do u think would happen to a Belizean caught with over twenty gs , counterfeit bills , gun and bullets in Mexico????? Let me guess bla bla bla !@#$ llorón

  11. Get it right says:

    Lets getthis right………,There is a loop hole in the system, the guy was advised by his cunning attorney to plead guilty the go for an appeal….which by law…allows you the right to Bail……He made bail as he has financial backing by criminal organizations of which he no doubt works for.
    His intentions is to RUN…therefore the plea means nothing to him……..The main problem is the Corrupt Magistrate who NO DOUBT GOT PAID OFF, dropped the second charges……He should be charged and DISBARRED! but then again the Rich and corrupt in belize tend to run things be it PUP or UDP.

  12. CEO says:

    Crap! How stupid these “leaders” think we are.

    Will Belizeans ever get fedup to the point that they do not mind dying to force a change? If this never happens it will just be business as usual until then! Look at Libia and the rest of the middle east as an example that have had enough of this sort of crap from their “leaders”.

  13. carlos says:

    Investigate this magistrate Lino. He might have some connections with , probably drug cartel. Fire him instead of firing those good competent people at the B T B

  14. Carrie says:

    Ivan Acudia no sabe ni entiende el caso. Asi como mexico es para los mexicanos tambien belice es para los belicenos. Entiendan algo de una sola vez, la zone libre es de BELICE y un delincuente extranjero sera juzgado a las leyes de belice no de mexico. Los mexicanos siempre creen que con dinero se compra todo, estan acostumbrados a pedir y dar moridadas pero aqui eso no funciona.
    Cuando nuestra gente comete una falta por mas pequena que sea en chetumal sus leyes nos tratan de lo peor asi que no hables estupideces. No hables de comunicacion veraz porque los medios de comunicacion de mexico son los peores de toda la region y eso se conoce mundialmente. Asi como tambien su delinquencia y narcos.
    Que lo encierren por much tiempo……se lo merece

  15. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    2 senior Belize Tourism Board managers fired

    That is the way we play it, when there is emphasis on something big like the Mexican that had a speedy trial who jumped bail in the North after being arrested with twenty Thousand US dollars and an illegal fire arm. We don’t want magistrate Clive Lino to be removed from his post he does a good job in getting us money to fuel our wealth building legacy scheme so we know if we create another issue to have people talk about they will soon enough forget about Magistrate Lino and things will return to normal so a BTB issue would certainly work it always does. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  16. Lucas says:

    Hola Acudia. Le tengo mucho respeto y aprecio al pueblo Mexicano por lo tanto cierra el pico. Solo dejame decirte unas dos o tres cositas: Supongo que sabes TODAS LAS ATROCIDADES que la policia mexicana ha cometido y sique cometiendo contra Centro-Americanos que pasan por tu pais. Donde has estado tu defendiendo sus derechos? Ultimamente el caso de la Francesa arrestada por tu pais y acusada de secuestro. Es muy sabido que sus derechos fueron violados. Acaso defendiste tu sus derechos? Es de conocimiento internacional que para los Mexicanos sus derechos son sagrados mientras que el derecho de los extranjeros les VALE !@##$%. Si no quires que te restregen sus trapos sucios, cierra el pico y aqui le paramos.

  17. Dr. John says:

    Good job bloggers, you see how ur common sense can change things for better. This is what Belizeans need to do more of, expose scandal and make the politicians answer especially now that the wheels are turning toward another general elections.

  18. jer says:

    Buenos dias Amigo. DOnde estaban ustedes “de su medio de comunicaciones” cuando tu autoridad abusaron nuestro belicenos y dejaron que el que disparo armas aqui en nuestro pais salio libre sin questiones? Donde estaban su medio de comunicaciones cuando un beliceno cruzo el border y olvido dejar su arma en belice? Donde estaban ustedes cuando belicenos tienen accidentes in tu pais y no es su culpa de ellos. Donde estan ustedes cunado su autoridades maltratan belicenos aun no es su culpa de ellos? Donde estaba el respeto de derechos en tu pais?
    Ahora tu estas pidiendo respeto derechos cuando la autoridad aqui es muy suave con tu paisano, muy muy suave con el. hmmmm que mas quieren, no es obvio que en belice es diferente en cuanto a eso? Duda lo que queres dudar. la diferencia es my clara entre ustedes y belice en cuanto a personas con armas en nuestro pais o otras cosas. Tienen mas possibilidad, tus paisanos a salir libremente que nuestros hermanos en tu pais.

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