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Mar 1, 2011

Couple says they were duped into handing over son for adoption

Last week we told you the story of Jamelia, the twenty three year old woman who was a virtual slave and a victim of human trafficking to the United States. Karen Baptist, her mother and another woman, Shelmadine Daly gave two sons to the same American national that took Jamelia. Tonight we have another story of a couple who gave up their child because they felt they had to. The couple said that a half a million dollar medical bill stood between their son’s life and death. But they found out that they were tricked into giving him up for adoption to another American woman.  News Five Jose Sanchez Reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

On the International Children’s Medical Foundation Website are pictures of Tony.   Now seventeen, he has gone by the names Adrian Sarsfield Stadtlander and Samuel Stadtlander. His parents from Independence Village knew him as Aldred Adrian Williams.  Antonette and Alfred Williams, his parents, said they were tricked into handing him over for adoption because of a life and death medical condition.  The rouse was allegedly concocted by Ruha’mah Stadtlander.

Antonette Williams, Tricked Into Giving Sick Son for Adoption

“He was born with a serious heart problem and had to go for to the U.S. for medical treatment. So with the help of a lady who was doing missionary help here in Belize, she took him to the U.S. When she got him there, she called us and told us that the original estimated cost of surgery which would have been forty thousand U.S. dollars would be much more—it would be something like two hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars.”

Jose Sanchez

“Half a million Belize.”

Antonette Williams

Antonette Williams

“Yes. She said he almost died on the flight out and they had to rush him to the nearest hospital. She said the doctors were saying he might not live to come back to Belize. They were telling her to pull the plugs let the baby die, but she was telling us that could be done or let some American adopt the baby or she herself. If an American adopts the baby, there insurance would help to pay the cost of the surgery.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you had to choose between your son’s life and giving him away because you didn’t have the money?”

Antonette Williams

“Definitely! And no mother would have chose to let their child die.”

And so the Williams handed over their son. Only to find out years later from a host mother during the boy’s medical treatment, that the medical bills were all fraudulent, and the surgery was free.

Antonette Williams

“Another child that was out there at the time staying with friends of our child’s host mother, and they went through her stuff; found lots of papers and they were curious about the adoption because of what they found in the boxes. And they contacted the Human Development here in Belize and got in touch with us also.”

Jose Sanchez

“And what is it that they found? I mean…”

Alfred Williams

Alfred Williams, Tricked Into Giving Sick Son for Adoption

“They actually found out that she didn’t have to pay anything to get the surgery done so all the receipts and stuff that she brought here had to be bogus because she got the surgery done at the Schriner’s Hospital in Dallas of which I got to speak with the doctor who did the surgery and he told me that it was free. So then when she came back to Belize that’s when I get a little funny about her. She lied to us all along, because we sit down and we talked like we talking now—we talk for hours and anytime that lady made a sentence god name is in it so that’s what really got me. So my decision was that when we did an adoption, I decide that we were going to pay for the adoption. So I paid Miss Lois Young Barrow, we paid like thirteen hundred dollars to give away my child. And we have so much other kids—that was my youngest kid at the time. My wife teach, I am a fisherman, so we are not really that desperate. But the thing is that this lady went into the states and he took pictures of kids—she probably went around to some of the Mayan Communities, took pictures of some of the huts (you know they have those thatch roofs) and took pictures of kids running around without clothing and she said that was the condition that we were living in. You know, we were so poor we had nothing: the kids were running around without clothes, they don’t have any shoe, we living in thatched roofs, that was the condition that we were living in. all that come against her.”

Jose Sanchez

“So she is like the typical evangelist that shows you images of starving kids and gets rich on it?”

Alfred Williams

“Exactly so mien; that was the deal.”

Antonette Williams

“We found out that she was in Florida and we went into court here to revoke the adoption and through the Hague convention, we filed an application. We had two lawyers from legal aid who were willing to take up our case and in August of 1997, we went to West Palm Beach County in Florida and Minister Martinez went with us, he was the director of the Human Development at the time and Mister Jose Cardona. But there was a stay put on the order here and we couldn’t go through with the court; the restriction was lifted and Miss Ruha’mah fled.”

The Williams believe others may have experienced Ruha’mah’s love for adoption for children. But they simply want their son to know that they love him.

Antonette Williams

“I would want him to know for him to know that he has a family here that loves him; a mother, a father. I lhave lot of documents showing that we have been trying and the most important thing for him to know right now is the truth because so far I don’t think that he has gotten to know the truth.”

There is more about the identities of the children on the website that need to be told. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

We’ll have more on this story on Wednesday’s newscast.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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27 Responses for “Couple says they were duped into handing over son for adoption”

  1. Robert2 says:

    Some people arrogantly think that people who are not wealthy don’t have as much rights to raise their own children. Parents are not good or bad by how much they possess. Certainly a con artist and a liar (especially using the name of God) cannot make a better mother.

  2. Disgusted! says:

    Another horror story to report because the parents of an innocent child were conned into making some bad decisions because of stark ignorance. This is where the minister of foreign affairs and the ambasador to the U.S. along with the U.S. Embassy need to intervene and locate this B@#ch and have her brought to justice. Better yet, contact America’s Most Wanted and issue an all points bulletin and a reward for information leading to her capture. Hopefully the young man in question will see it and be re-united with his family. (SMH!)

  3. rod says:

    this is a tragedy but the gov of this country should have helped with the medical of this baby and all this would have been avoided but his name is not barrow so no help came.

  4. Akeem Williams says:

    Adrian is my little brother, i made contact with the lady summer, trying to have some kind of relationship with my little brother. She is truly a evil minded lady that keeps trying to make it seem as if she is so Godly. She kept trying to push me way, talking about how he had about 10 different diseases that are rear to man. and about how he named him self when he was a few months old. to make a long story short she never allowed me to speak to him, after i arrived in Belize me an my old sister went into many Governments offices, the PM, Minister of foreign affairs, and a few other ministers offices, shared our story and we only need one document to press charges in the states we have been working with some Americans and one document was all that was left to make something happen. Of course we are still waiting for them to help with this document!!!

    What can i say the system at Belize does not work for its people. i’m sure the ministers either did not get the message of our visit, or got it and had better things do.

  5. Allan Daly says:

    I did some research and a copy of your Article should be sent to “” Charismatic Episcopal Church. and ask them about Ruhama Stadtlander who represent them in Brazil.

    It is sad if these people are still doing this representing a church.

  6. Belmopan says:

    This is so sad, I feel for the Williams’ family. This is surely a case of sheep in wolf’s clothing. Why use the name of God. Evil woman, she need to to stopped.

  7. corf says:

    The Williams should write to “America’s most wanted” and tell them their story because Mr Walsh strikes me as a no tolerance for bulls%^T kinda guy. Don’t ever stop trying and one day someone will listen and help.I wish nothing but the best for the families that was conned out of their kids lives.

  8. Antonette says:

    There is this woman in Belize who sent pictures of my family to Ruhamah. When I found out she has contact with Ruhamah and my son I ask if she would speak to us. She agreed to speak with my husband and she refuses to speak with me.
    Ruhamah did not give her permission to speak to me. Yet without our permission she sent our pictures to Ruhamah.

  9. belizeanpride says:

    have any one tried facebook to see if they can find him there, most youth nowadays use facebook as a way of cummunication and we can find old friends and even use it in these case also. give it a try mrs. Williams, my prayers you can get in contact with your son. God is gonna punish this lady for using His name for wrong doings.

  10. CEO says:

    Call John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted. Hell sniff her out for you.

    Crooks comes as nuns, priests and evangilists.

  11. Andrea Williams says:

    We got more help abroad than we ever did at home. The system has failed our family and the families of the other Belizean children that were taken. Belizeans just read this story and see how insane this woman really is
    The Social Services kept pushing us around. My parents have not been to the media for many years but they had not given up. They were working behind the scenes. We thought this was relevant after we realized that some very prominent women in Belize had been in contact with this women all along and were passing on information to her. She even got recent pictures of my father that she posted on a website under the alias Anthony Benjamin. These pictures were taken by a “friend” of my father who “thought” he was “helping”

  12. Andrea Williams says:

    We have gotten in contact with a Pastor in States who is a close friend of this lady. Pastor Jerry was given all the information and she turned right around and informed Ms. Ruhama of our actions and refused to see or speak to us again. Its amazing how people use God for their own selfish gains.

  13. Andrea Williams says:

    There is so much more to this story, we need hours to tell it all.

  14. Robert2 says:

    I like the John Walsh idea as well/

  15. Andrea Williams says:

    We got in contact with the FBI and the US state department but we always ended up hitting a block. On this website she is soliciting money for surgeries and we know at least one of them was free and who knows they probably all were. Isin’t that a major offense in the US? You would have thought that us bringing this up would have prompted some investigations.

  16. Andrea Williams says:

    @ Belizean Pride, we found him on facebook but we can not add him or send him a message
    We had found a profile for him on a talent website but the email address was the same as Ms. Ruhama’s

  17. Ladymatura says:

    But what about the attorneys who help with these adoptions – I don’t know what year this happened but I know the law does not allow for easy adoption of kids to be taken out of the country – there is homes studies, and visits etc. Also how come they paid for the adoption – the person adopting should have done that – thia is crazy – Our poor people are being tricked. I do pray they get back their child – this is a tragedy. I hope more Belizeans start stepping forward and letting us know what has also happened to their chidlren if they have a similar situation. I bet we will find a common person in Belize behind it all.

  18. BZNinCALI says:

    Every Belizean reading this story needs to post it on their facebook page so that our Americans friends & colleagues know what is going on. And Belizeans, please stop listening to these mini gods & their fake smiles, tears & feigned concern. Enough calls & emails to AMW will get a response. Get pissed off, there is an American Embassy in Belize, demand action, contact every major news organization & shame our Government & theirs into action. If this woman is wanted in Florida, make them explain why she is allowed to travel to Brazil or anywhere for that matter. Every passport is scanned entering & leaving the US, if she is a fugitive, she cannot fly under the radar & be this visible without a lot of help & False documents.

  19. ang says:

    Maybe she has connections…keep trying to get your child back and parents don’t give up your children.

  20. Elgin Martinez says:

    Start doing background checks on these foreigners.Our Government is to blame for some of this BS.Anyone that arrive in the Jewel can get a job thesame day without going through any kind of screening.Shame on you Mr Barrow.

  21. E says:

    First of all by the time the mother of the child signed those papers of adoption it meant that she had lost the rights of having a say in that child’s life. Its a legal document that all lawyers have to make clear and i’m sure that this mother was well aware of this. There is no half-half adoption.

  22. Akeera Williams says:

    The adoption was revoked. His birth paper still has that he belong to my parents Mr and Mrs Williams..

  23. Andrea Williams says:

    Not when they were duped into into it. The only reason my mother agreed was because the lady called her from the states and said you have 2 options pull the plugs and send the baby back home to die or I adopt the baby and my insurance pays for it. What is a mother suppose to do at that point? When the doctors and all the authority figures were the one who got her in contact with the lady in the first place. There is a whole lot more to this story that just about the adoption. The lady is pulling off a really big scam collecting monies for surgeries that she is not paying for and on her site she is still collecting money. Okay say we gave up the baby for adoption and thats it? That still does not make all that this lady has done RIGHT. We are concerned for his health and well being. Just read the information on this ladies site and you will know that something is really wrong with her. Thank you for your comment E. You are entitled to your opinion. You we not in the situation and you do not know what the mother was well aware of or not. My parents paid for the adoption because they were desperate to help their child.

  24. S.A says:

    Yes she knew what she was signing, but she also clearly states that it was a choice between their child’s life or adoption. An adoption which clearly happened under false pretenses and misinformation. Clearly the mother was concerned for her child’s health and well-being. It is sad to know that E cannot clearly understand the situation. I strongly hope that whomever E is, that he/she is not a Belizean, because as a country we need to support each other and try to aid as best we can, and not be leaving negative comments.

  25. Mary Keith says:

    We met this family while vacatioining in Belize in July 2010. We spent quite a bit of time with Alfred Williams…he was our guide on several day trips during our stay. He is a good, decent and hard working man who loves his family. We also had a chance to meet and talk with a few of his children. They are respectful and educated young people who I am positive their adopted brother would want in his life, Please help this family find and contact their son!!!

  26. Interested says:

    Andrea Williams spoke the truth “this” time when she said, ” There is so much more to this story.”

    I challenge the reader(s) to take time and read it all here . . . legal documents and all:

  27. Antonette Williams says:

    Interested You might not be on my side but I like the fact that you are challenging the readers to take the time and read it all. That is exactly what I want. Thanks for your help.

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