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Feb 28, 2011

6 year old dies after drinking salt and water solution


Tiffany Fortune, a grief-stricken mother of two, today waived the post mortem examination of six year old Ardel Reneau who died following an epileptic fit over the weekend.  According to the twenty-seven year old mother, after doing laundry in the backyard, she went back inside her house around eleven a.m. on Friday and found her son, Ardel, convulsing from a seizure.  The child, she later reported to police, had been drinking a bottle containing a solution of salt and water when he began regurgitating. Despite her attempts to resuscitate the infant, he had to be rushed to the pediatric ward at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The infant died while undergoing treatment. News Five caught up with Fortune at the hospital morgue this afternoon where she recounted the ordeal off camera.

Voice of: Tiffany Fortune, Mother of Deceased

“Well I get up the Friday morning and normally every time when he wake up in the morning, I would give him a bottle of milk or wah bottle with sugar and water fi give me time to boil water fi make he eat because he noh drink cereal and milk. I would give him flour lab, oats, custard or those kinds of things for ih stomach. When I give him that, I went back of the yard to prepare fi wahs. I deh in and out di check pan two ah deh because my four year old daughter was there too with him and he was playing looking out through the window. I went back and wash come in and check and within that quickness there I see he di drink wah bottle with water and salt and I taste it too and ih taste like that. At the bottom of the baba had a lot of salt at the bottom and when I lift he up from outa di sofa chair, salt mi deh under ahn too. So I lift ahn up and I ker ahn ina my room. First thing I remember  sugar and water clear off thing off of your chest. So I hurry give ahn some ah that and as I give ahn some ah that too, ih vomot up wah lot and when ih vomit up wah lot, wah lee while after I see that ih ketch fits. And then when ih ketch fits, ih start to tremble. When ih start to tremble, at that point my cousin from Ladyville was at home with me. And I tell ahn gial I gwen so cause I have to ker my son dah doctor because ih noh di behave how he normally di behave. And I ker ahn. From I bring ahn yah, the doctors they deh the operate pan ahn and then they take him cross to the pediatric ward and they were still operating on him until five-thirty the Friday they said that they pronounce him dead.”

Isani Cayetano

“While they were operating on him, what did they tell you was going on in terms of what may have been some of the basic symptoms or what have you?’

Voice of: Tiffany Fortune

“Well [the] doctor told me that the liquid got into his lungs and they drain out some of it from outta ahn too.”

Isani Cayetano

“Did he display any signs of being sick prior to this incident on Friday?”

Voice of: Tiffany Fortune

“Well lee while after ih drink it, lee while after I give ahn the sugar and water, that make ih bring back out some—and ih bring back out wah lot—and ih ketch fits and lee while after ih ketch the fits, ih start fi shake up and that dah the moment I get up to ker ahn.”

Isani Cayetano

“What I am asking you is whether or not he is someone who suffers from the fits or anything else of that nature?”

Voice of: Tiffany Fortune

“He was a special-aid baby. He born with Pierre Robin Syndrome, cleft palate and he ketch seizures now and then. He get surgery for the first cleft palate and he is taking therapy to walk and he got medication for his fits, but they didn’t have it on a regular basis fi ahn because ih neva mi di ketch it every day all the time like that.”

Fortune also told News Five that her older son had a history of epilepsy and was a special needs child.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “6 year old dies after drinking salt and water solution”

  1. CSI says:

    test the “salt and water” solution. could be a chemical other than sodium chloride, as table salt will definitely not poison a child like this.

  2. Pyschic says:

    @ CSI ,Estradabran will play like he do an autopsy and determine cause of death as asphyxia . no toxicology will be done as this does not exist.
    I am still awaiting post mortem results for the tourist found dead at his retaurant Hungry Monkey and the tourist found dead in San Pedro. what happen to the DNA lab that this PM promised within the first 100 days of his government

  3. N says:

    This story is heartbreaking b/c it shows the level of misinformation among women and mothers. Feeding a young child sugar and water? flour lab? Are you kidding me?

    Wow we have to do a better job of educating our women. If that does not happen, their children have no future, no chance to break the cycle. Not to mention, less women will feel compelled to get pregnant for men who offer them nothing but a “sperm”. We need to do better in order to save the next generation of children or else, Lord help us.

  4. mari y says:

    I know things are bad in our society but if you know you cant feed children properly then dont have them. why bring a child to suffer like that better you give them away. it is sad that a mother have to feed an innocent child sugar water, flour lab etc. my gosh that is selfish because many women out their want children and cant have any and they can give that child bread to eat….. Belize should make a law that anyone that cannot take care of a child financially shouold nt have a child. Mein that sad but the parents are to blame. How the salt solution even end up with the child… it the parents fault

  5. JANICE says:


  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mario Estrada findings never change.This man need wah serious inservice.No direspect but this man Mario act like he gone dah school fe HHA.

  7. Sorry says:

    it really hurts when i saw this childs photo. To mothers, find someting else to feed the child
    with, but don’t give him flour lab. You know, white flour itself is already a trash that we are putting into our stomach. The flour sticks in the wall of our intestines and we get sick. Try using weath flour. R.I.P Little boy!

  8. oursecretsburdenus says:

    This chid apparently could not walk, according to his mother he was in therapy to LEARN how to walk. how did the salt get inside his bottle? who gave it to him? As adults we know the difference between salt and sugar inside our kitchens. How could you unknowingly mistake salt for sugar??? Its a sad and possible preventable loss of a young life!

  9. sharonbze says:

    Its a pity a young life lost. The mother obviously made salt and water intead of sugar. She is responsible. I know things are bad in belize but did not know people still give their kids flour lab. And sugar n water..oh mein..its a shame. Women its ur responsibility to protect urself. Its not the men job to use condoms..u give i to them. Remember he will be leavin an u r left stuck with the kids. A damn shame.

  10. A little more insight says:

    This story was very heartbreaking to hear about and my condolences to the family of this little boy. Children with certain disabilities are unable to eat what we eat maybe because they can’t chew their own food or some other reason. Witnessing first hand, my older brother was born with Cerebral Palsy. He can’t walk nor talk, basically he is totally dependent on our family to do everything for him. He too suffers from occasional epilepsy, so we monitor his behavior everyday. Because he’s a 28 year old man, baby formula won’t sustain his diet. Surprisingly, he eats whatever we eat. This may sound disgusting, but his food is blended into a complete meal that provides his proper nutrition. I’m happy to say, he suffers from no other illnesses and is very healthy otherwise.

    If the problem for this mother was inadequate care for her son and she wasn’t sure how to properly care for him she should have asked questions, ask a friend, ask a doctor, somebody, anybody. News would have spread and I’m sure she would have had more options than to feed him bottles, sugar & water, flour lab etc. at age 6.

    Again, I feel for this family.

  11. BDF soldier says:

    This sad story just goes to show us belizeans have BAD belizeans have it,children dont have proper nurishment,why?tiny belize is a jobless little country,everything is expensive.and we know who are responsable for this misery belizeans,children live,and they are the 2 law firms that have been controling belize for over 75 years(pup&udp lawyers)wake up belizeans!

  12. Virgo says:

    If people don’t know the full story they should just keep their mouth shut. I know this family because I have worked with the family. The child is a child with a disability and anything could have caused him to pass awya..its just so sad that its because of this. he died because he don’t have the reflex as “normal” people do to cough when they are chocking hence the reason the salt water went into his lungs. Its a common coustom to leave salt and pepper on the table top for many people, he must have though the salt was sugar.

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