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Feb 25, 2011

Mexican soldier charged in Corozal for weapon and counterfeit cash

A Mexican soldier is in custody tonight after he was found with a large amount of US currency on him. Jose Luis Beltran, who is from Tabasco, Mexico was picked up by police at the Corozal Free Zone on Thursday and by this evening he had already gone through the court system. Beltran had on him over twenty thousand dollars in US currency and a point twenty five caliber pistol as well as live ammunition. The money had to be tested and Beltran was taken to a Bank in the Free Zone where eighteen of the one hundred dollar bills turned out to be counterfeit. In his speedy trial in the Corozal courts, he was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for Keeping Firearm and Ammunition without a Gun License. He appealed the sentence and was granted bail, but for the counterfeit dollars Beltran remains in custody.

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18 Responses for “Mexican soldier charged in Corozal for weapon and counterfeit cash”

  1. bz says:

    I thought you could not get bail on firearms offence? Also why would a Mexican National be given bail? He will jump the border the minute he gets a chance….

  2. louisville,ky says:

    Oh boy! only in Belize. Mexican get caught with unlicensed gun and ammunition and counterfeit money; is given speedy trial and is granted bail if it were not for the fake money. Are you kidding me? Is there not a law which says that imprisonment is mandatory at least until trial, if found with unlicensed firearm? The ‘Just us’ system is a joke.

  3. Stephen says:

    Why is it that the trial is speedy, when there are Belizean lock up in Mexico they take months before you go to trial. When are we going to be hard on foreigners so that they know that they should not mes with Belize. Oh he have money and our judicial system protect the rich and foreigners.

  4. Disgusted! says:

    TWO YEARS ONLY??????? WTF???? THEN TO ADD INDULT TO INJURY HE WAS GRANTED AN APPEAL, AND BAIL, AFTER HE ACKNOWLEDGE HIS GUILT?????? WTF?????? Which translates to, if he didn’t have the counterfeit matter pending, he would’ve hauled @$$ after getting bail. Any Belizean facing those charges in Mexico would have been locked up so long, they would’ve grown cobwebs. The government is a gross embarrassment, the judiciary is a mockery and the whole country of Belize is an (expletive deleted) laughing stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    Bail for a criminal who is a flight risk what a joke this court system belongs in the circus, but then we got to remember who this court system was created for, give us money and we will grant you bail so you will have the chance to run. Also remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  6. Carrie says:

    about time our police pick up these people, like him there are many other foreigners in the freezone doing the same thing. THERE MUST BE A CUSTOMS, IMMIGRATION CHECKPOINT AT THE FOOT BRIDGE ON OUR SIDE

  7. police police says:

    we need to abide rules and let justice take its course and be fair , Mexicans should stand trial just as if a belizean goin to be tried, but anyways our court system is a circus like wat d dude said

  8. Ainsley says:

    @ Carrie
    remember how the check point used to be nearer the bridge even though it was not at the foot of the bridge? People could come out of freezone without passing through customs and immigration and go into mexico. that was done purposely to facilitate illegal things. they even went further and moved the customs and immigration even further away from the bridge for this same reason. Some one should ask the person and people who decided that building a customs and immigration building far from the bridge was a good idea.

  9. Ainsley says:

    and he name Beltran is a dangerous name in the Mexican underworld. May be thats why this man managed to handle court business so quickly and go on his way. Google the name Beltran Leiva (also spelt Beltran Leyva) and you will c wat i am talking about.

  10. BZNinCALI says:

    We’ll let him pay the bail with counterfeit money & give him back his gun as long as he promises to stay out of the country & arrest him under an alias next year after he shoots the next person who turns him in after he tries to pay them with more worthless paper.

  11. Ezek says:

    Oh hell! How is the Judiciary System here in Belize. Just Last two week a Belizean was convicted to two years imprisonment for 20 dollars stolen. Now here comes a Mexican idiot with a large quantity of counterfeit and unlicense firearms, and given a speedy trial. Gets bail for ammunitions charges, and don’t be surprise if gets away with the charges and set free. How stupid is this system here in Belize Realy. Just good at condeming the Belizean people for simple little things and setting free the foreign criminals. This doesn’t make sense.

  12. Sugar says:

    People in the justice system need to be taken to court also to answer for the stupidity of judgement passed in certain cases……quick trial!!,… BAIL for ammo charges.!!!..somebody palms get “greased” up well it seems to me…….would just love to hear that Magistrate do something wrong and get jailed in Mexico….now THAT would be justice

  13. belizeanpride says:


  14. Unknown says:

    yes they dont think of the bzeans who they jail from the casino. they had all the law forced on them. why cant belize excercise his law strictly also.

  15. unknown says:

    tnx unknown i hope the belizean get the point…. what happen to the belizean from the casino. they had license but just for crossing the boarder they were dealt accordingly and hard over mexican side and now mexican get away not only w/ firearm but w/ false money … wat good brothers the mexican have….. BRAVOOOOO!!!!!!!! QUE VIVA MEXICO Y BELICE. THATS WHY MEXICAN COME OVER BZE AND KILL PEOPLE AND GET OVER W/OUT PROBLEM….. jUST REMEMBER “EL FEO” JUST FIND WHO HE

  16. Nigel says:

    this smacks of people in high places interviening. Some cop actually did his job but the fool got in the way of business that was being conducted. How easy do we forget… Remember the hit that happened in the zone not so long ago. Open your eyes because they are opening the door for this employee possibly of one of the well known Mexican cartels to go before he names names. Blind Belizeans open your eyes!!! Do you all just don’t care anymore or has the Government silenced you all through fear by not doing anything about crime? You all are afraid that if you stand up assasins will be sent in the dark of night to make you lay down forever.

  17. abnerl says:

    that y we cant blame cops for taking d money when being offered. if they dont take it some one else take it.. e.g. his supervisor, or the court….

  18. abnerl says:

    but we cant blame d corozal magistrate.. he sentence d man to 2 yrs. but lets find out who offered the bail… lets be honest corruption starts from above. be honest when u get in trouble and need help who do u go see at the police station- d constable or the officer in charge. whos number do u keep in you phone the constable or the compol????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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