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Feb 24, 2011

Belize City criminals go international; busted in México on weapons charge

Errol Haynes

Two Belizeans are being held tonight in northern Mexico for possession of firearms used exclusively by the army. The two are Errol Cuthbert Haynes and Anthony Wilfred Barrow. Haynes, viewers will recall was at a house in Ladyville where a silencer and equipment to manufacture the weapon accessory were found last February. He was charged with Possessing a Prohibited Sound Suppressor.

Anthony Barrow

According to a report, on the twentieth of February when the Mexican army conducted a search at a house in the city of Calle, in the state of Nayarit, they found a cache of high powered weapons, including three AR-15 rifles, two AK-47, twelve cartridges and three hundred and eighty-three bullets. They also found passports belonging to Haynes and Barrow and seized a vehicle as well as household items. A Mexican national by the name of Juan Miguel Alvarez was also arrested at the house. Haynes and Barrow are currently at a prison called Centro de Readaptacion Social “Venustiano Caranza”. Barrow is wanted in Belize for other offences.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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26 Responses for “Belize City criminals go international; busted in México on weapons charge”

  1. Justified says:

    Two more trash for the garbage dump. The Lord is not sleeping. We will see many more of the these trash get thrown away. All they do is polute the earth, but justice will always prevail!

  2. B grovy says:

    These two will b fluent in spanish by time they come out of Mexican prison.

  3. rod says:

    another barrow no surprise they are all criminals shame shame shame resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnn befor i stone you wi mi shoes

  4. Clifford says:

    True enough B grovy, and they will come after your @$$ and highjack you, and you would think they were Guatemalans or some other spanish critters.

  5. Sugar says:

    Its a blessing that they were caught over the border, because we can be sure of justice….if they had been caught in Bze, a tricky lawyer would soon have them free or the incompetence of the system would declare “nole pros”

  6. george alamilla says:

    if they were bold enough to commit these offenses in another country,think what they were capable in Belize.I just hope they remain in custody for years.two less criminals in Belize


    Ur right B but will they br fluent through their behind or through their mouths is a better question! Again, here’s is concrete proof that these pests are affiliated to the mexican pests as well. If you’ll recall the Zetas were also in the news in Bze sometime last year for various crimes. No doubt that these high powered weapons were some day going to make it on the streets of Bze. Could this mean we should expect some Belizean Zetas in our next stage of thugs and drug lords? Hmmm…u tell me!

  8. Indy says:

    B grovy: that was funny lol. Maybe they can be teach Belizean how to speak correct Spanish when they come back. Oh wait, they might go to Hattieville when they get here. If that happens they might forget it. lol

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Big up the Mexican authorities.These fools are going to spend time.

  10. chabelli says:

    oh no not barrow

  11. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    Great going Mexico deal with them accordingly, there is no sympathy for these trash in Belize hope the Belize government does not make any effort to rescue them and have them released in the streets of Belize two less slime ball thugs to assist the corrupted wealth building legacy schemers that run this country. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  12. Sadden Reader says:

    Justified — the Lord has a reason for everything he allows to happen but none of his creations are trash. Mr. Haynes is one of the most intelligent people I know and everyone makes mistakes. Let ye without sin cast the first stone and I am SURE you have your issues also. Help these men istead of casting them aside. Due to people with your mentality is why our youth are turning to the street to get the help they need. Help these people not cast them away!

    B Grovy that they will…education is power! LOL

    Lets get our men home and create a program to assist men like Mr Haynes and Mr Barrow in living a regular life. Sad to see that this is what our generation has come to but we must embrace it and assist them in being better men.

    Our society needs to help these men not cast them away. Violence is so high in Belize because we are ignoring the problem instead of facing it head on!

    These young men need help not to be looked down upon!

  13. Francisco Patt says:

    The Zetas are already here. Ask who affiliates themselves with Haynes and who his family is and you will have the answer why he was so untouchable here in Belize.

  14. belizeanpride says:

    they must have gun for more training in the organized criminal world since this guys seem to find more affiliate in mexico who know what the hell is crime. Here we’re just getting to know crime, in Mexico it’s a daily thing with tens of crime reports and kidnappings. What got my attention is the way they are labelled “belizean criminals going international” i would have been more proud if we’d read “belizean football pplayers going international, jeez what has happen to our belizean youths instead of finding a better life, a carrer they seem to like the money eazy way, assaulting, human trafficking, drug trafficking and others. We need to start teaching family values from home and spread it to our schools, and so fort. We’are now listed in the human trafficking in the U.S what will happen to Belize a paradise a few years ago to a Belize in ten years from now and that is if we ever live to see.

  15. Elgin Martinez says:

    Love it these idiots are not going to have the oppertunity of intimidating any on the Mexican Authorities.They are going to get the real deal.I don’t mean the regular Corona they are going to be given the Corona Especial.

  16. My Loved One says:

    Mr. Patt this is so unproffesional of you. Please leave my family and friends out of this Mr.Haynes makes his own decisions and does not reflect those of my family. As to the rest of you please stop wasting time trying to degrade these men and focus on making sure your loved ones are doing right and contributing positively to the quality of life in Belize. I find it amazing that more than half you that have commented has had loved ones that have done worse. Please take the time to respect those that love these two men and focus on your own lives!


  17. cali says:

    our justice system is a joke haynes, should not be out of prison in the first place. if the belizean justice system cannot deal with these type of animals we will; continue to have the high rate of crime on belize. i hope these 2 guys get lost in mexico an should never be heard or seen again. bad apples

  18. B grovy says:

    Mexico hitting home run every game,and Gutemala and el Salvador hitting every other game,We in Belize just hitting once in a blue moon. Hope we don’t get to major league .

  19. Earl Grey says:

    JUSTICE WILL NOT BE DENIED…………….EVER…… It’s a Universal Law.

  20. Disgusted! says:

    What a criminal reaps, let him sow!!! Just imagine if those weapons had eventually wound up in Belize. Imagine how much havoc would would have been unleashed on the already vicious, bloody streets of the country. Imagine how many more young, cold-hearted killers would have been recruited to terrorize the masses, leave more grieving families, and walk FREE from criminal prosecution and conviction due to nolle prosequis, lost case files, amnesiac witnesses, corrupted cops and the incompetent, worthless D.P.P.???????????????? ask yourselve’s these questiohs, then answer them people. LET THEM ROT IN A MEXICAN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Elgin Martinez says:

    My Love one: Do you know what freedom of speech is?maybe you need to stop feeling sorry for these two clungs.

  22. realistic says:

    lets see if there they will be let out on bail and later evidence lost and to top it off a nole-prosequi like they are used to, here in belize…………

  23. CSI says:

    I hope they rot in mexican jail!!!!!!

  24. Babaero says:

    I think they should leave them there and not even try to help them atleast in the mexican system we don’t have to worry about seeing them back on the street in belize or any crime being committed by them anytime soon on like our system where they might get bail or the charges get drop on some stupid technicality due to the police .

  25. BZNinCALI says:

    @ Saddened one, we cannot help people who do not want to be helped. I do not believe that God is so cruel that he/she is taking our young men at the rate at which we are losing them to jail & murder. We cannot continue to make pacts with the devil & wonder why we end up in hell.

    Most of us have been touched by the violence that is now plaguing Belize & if locking up or hanging my criminal relatives will make the city & country safer, it is a cross I am willing to bear. None of these boys/men are in jail because they sang too loud or out of tune in church.

  26. The People Had Enough says:

    what is wrong with Belize is way too much ignorance; way too much intellectually inferior beings. Here is some food for thought: Knowledge leads to wisdom and discernment while ignorance leads to confusion and bewilderment. Furthermore, it is only by fully understanding the forces at work in the world that one becomes in a position to truly accomplish good in society. Conversely, an ignorant person can easily be manipulated by deceivers to become their unknowing accomplices. No matter what term is used to describe the search of Truth, it will always be the noblest of deeds, regardless of one’s creed or religion. The faculties of learning and understanding are not the exclusivity of one group of people. They are gifts endowed to all humans and it is our duty to make the most of them. The most important thing to consider is this: Do you use knowledge to guide, inspire and enlighten or do you use it to control, manipulate and deceive? In Belize today, the intellectuals use their knowledge to enrich themselves and manipulate the ignorant masses. What is happening in Belize today is by design, nothing is randomly happening, as soon as people start realizing this the power elites will shudder in their mansions and their power structure will be weakened. However, i think we have or are very close to the point of no return in Belize, just way too much ignorant fools in this country, try to explain to them what is right before their eyes and most Belizeans will look at you dumbfounded and call you crazy; thus the reason and existence of the elites.

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