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Feb 24, 2011

Gas Station to offer Sunday Special on fuel price

The price of fuel has shot up so high that some drivers have parked their private vehicles and started to commute on buses.  The days of paying five or even seven dollars per gallon are but a distant memory, and premium is now selling for ten dollars and fifty cents per gallon. Prices are expected to continue to skyrocket due to the turmoil in oil producing countries. A quick check shows that crude oil prices on the international market have surged six percent and gasoline is now at its highest price for the month of February since 1990. Locally, the Texaco Service Station on the Northern Highway, which is now under Belize Diesel management, has come up with a plan which will bring some relief to distressed consumers. Starting this weekend, drivers can benefit from a much needed discount at the pumps every Sunday. The gas station manager, Andre Castillo, says it’s a way to assist consumers since there is no indication that fuel prices will be going back down anytime soon.

Andre Castillo, Manager, Belize Diesel Service Station

Andre Castillo

“What we’re trying to let everyone know is about a promotion that we’re going to have starting this Sunday and going on every Sunday in March. We’re offering fifteen cents off per gallon of fuel.”

Delahnie Bain

“Why did you decide to do this?”

Andre Castillo

“It’s just a way of giving back to our customers. Right now the price of fuel is through the roof and it’s just a way of showing gratitude to the customers that have been managing the Texaco Gas Station here. So it’s just a way of saying thanks and as well trying to improve on sales and trying to bring about more clientele to our gas station.”

Delahnie Bain

“I’m sure we can expect that this place will be filled every Sunday and fifteen cents is a considerable considering the gas prices, wouldn’t it be a financial strain on the company?”

Andre Castillo

“In every business, we have to take risks. It’s something that we have been planning for the past months since the fuel prices started going up and it’s something that we finalized at fifteen cents which is something we think the customers might appreciate a little more than our competitors offering five cents. We think the customers would go more for the fifteen cents discount.”

Castillo says the pumps will be reprogrammed every Sunday to reflect the discounted price.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Gas Station to offer Sunday Special on fuel price”

  1. rod says:

    wow a good belizean where is the gov. they are the ones raping the public and doing nothing to bring relief to the people of belize useless pm and gov. resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn before i stone you wi mi shoes.

  2. Sugar says:

    We need other customer-concious establishments to stand up also….congrats Belize Diesel.!!!!

  3. belizeanpride says:

    the discount is not big but the show of customers appreciation makes it more big. Since they see the need that we go by everyday with high fuel prices. So thanks to Belize Diesel and hoping that this becomes a country wide things so we can all benefit a little too,. And for barrowm mein, your a shame and so for election your gone. NO MATTA WAT you try to do you’ll be gone. Since you we’re elected we’ve been going down finanacially like never before in our country’s history.

  4. soldier says:

    Lybia,Tunisia,bahrein,have revolted against thier leaders,why?because they have had to decades tyrants,corrupted,incompetent leaders,who are nothingmore than criminals in power,who were elected to make its citizens life a better one,and we belizeans have been for decades with 2 political parties who behave like a mafia,like a rutless lawfirm,thats what they are,the pup and udp are a lawfirms,and as we know law firms,and lawyers who lead them can be heartless,who dont care for no one but them self,but nothing will bring an end to those to mafias in belize who are in power every 4 years,belizeans need to do away with them,revolt against them.

  5. Do it right says:

    Why in Belize everything is blamed on the government. Truth of the matter is that both parties are incompetent to efficiently and effectively run this country. The country simply does not have the resources and can’t generate the needed income for the government to govern this country better. The government does not control the world oil prices and therefore cannot effectively reduce the price without taking a loss in income. If they cut the tax on the gas, they will need to make up the loss somewhere else where consumers will have to pay anyway. Its just the way governments operate all over the world. We as Belizeans have to stop blaming the government for everything, as we don’t try to make things better ourselves. We are more educated than ten and twenty years ago, so enough with the ignorant tyrades. We concern ourselves too much with party politics(Red vs Blue) and often enough end up electing the less competent person. Truth is that this is the most dynamic Prime Minister we had since Esquivel or Price. Other than just the GOB, the business community has a social responsibility to the community as well. I applaud Belize Diesel for being the proactive leader, and not a follower, with this gesture and strategic business move. This will force competitors to have to compete and eventually lower their price similarily, which will benefit the society on a whole. Hope that other businesses are taking note.

  6. Belizean says:

    rod you should change your name to resign hahahah you crack me up mein

  7. says:

    Belize is seriously !@@ked at this point!! We NEED A REVOLUTION!!! Do u really believe all of this bs messages have ANY effect on the bigger heads? we need to cease all their assets, lock them up and trow away the key and get rid of all foreigners trying to rape our country. Start fresh, fresh faces fresh ideas get more youths involved in the decision making of our country. OBVIOUSLY these two political parties is not working therefore why make the mistake of getting rid of one and empowering the other to do the same $#!%. Fool me once shame on u but if u fool me twice shame on me! Belize we have been fooled repetitively by both of these parties. Are we gonna allow this to happen again? WAT A SHAME!! WE TAKE EVERYTHING LYING DOWN!!!!

  8. Earl Grey says:


  9. rod says:

    do it right you are an ignaramus you better go check you brain this is the worse pm in the history of belize and you call him dynamic you are sick sick sick please go chek youself the mental ward

  10. cruel says:

    Big up to companys who care about there customers! I wish more companys would follow this company and do the same.

  11. awrk says:

    Earl Grey: we have 2 refineries in belize, Blue Sky (BNE) and there is a refinery in ship yard, but they are of no use because Government taxes them so high they have to sell their products a little higher then the foreign product, government doesn’t wanna help the belizean people.

  12. Do it right says:

    Hey Rod man, before u choose to try insult someone with a greater intellect and knowledge than you possess, try checking your spelling. It’s spelled IGNORAMUS you buffoon. You obviously speak without thought. You obviously don’t have a grasp on the science of politics, management and the economy on a hold. Hence you help to prove my point when i said “ignorant tyrade.” Yet you say i’m the, as you spelled it “ignaramus.” tsk tsk my friend.

  13. Do it right says:

    Now lets see if you get my play on words in my comment above ROD.

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