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Feb 16, 2011

Minors 16 and 14 years old have sex, male charged for carnal knowledge

That alleged rape was not the only sexual offense before the courts today. In the second case, a sixteen year old minor is accused of carnal knowledge against another minor, a fourteen year old girl. The teen initially told police he was nineteen, but when he was taken before the Chief Magistrate, his true age was revealed. The case was moved to the Belize Family Court, where the youth will face four counts of Carnal Knowledge. According to the fourteen year old, on November twenty-seventh, 2010 at about nine p.m., she was at home sitting by her window when the accused minor, an acquaintance, passed by. The girl claims that the sixteen year old invited her to his house, where they had sexual intercourse for the first time. She further told police that they were intimate on November thirtieth, December nineteenth and December twenty-eighth, 2010. The young man, who is originally from San Pedro Sula, Honduras was detained on Monday and remains in police custody.

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28 Responses for “Minors 16 and 14 years old have sex, male charged for carnal knowledge”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Why would a 16 year old claim to be 19 when every savvy law breaker knows that he would be treated more leniently if he is under 18. How many 16 year olds have their own place or does this man/boy live with someone who gives him a lot of leeway?. Who is BSing who?

    If they are 14 & 16,, their parents need to have an honest conversation with them about birth control & sexually transmitted diseases before they procreate..

  2. RadicalBelizean says:

    Difficult 14 and 16 yr old! It is unlawful and I am glad to see there is a serious crack down on this matter.

    I also think females need to be educated on this matter, as this youngster is only 2 years older (max as its unclear when their birth dates are) and probably of the same maturity, as girl’s mature faster than boys in their teenage years.

    What it seems is that he has the sole responsibility. The girl went there willingly on 3-4 occasions of her own accord, was there abduction involved? I totally agree on the crackdown on this matter and I also know there is a cut off point in terms of under age sex, but cases like this really need to be looked at on an individual basis, and perhaps fine them both if it is found that she was a willing participant. Glad is it being looked at in a family court and perhaps should not be in media.

  3. egbert says:

    Teens will have sex no matter what-that is a fact. Wonder how many parents are educating their children about sex and the end results (stds/babies etc).

    Sex between minors should not be treated as a crime unless it was an outright rape scenario-this appears not to be the case.

    The police (after realizing this is consenting teenage sex and not a RAPE between teenagers) should have referrred the parents who made the complaint to social services for counselling-(parents and minors involved).

    The police need to utilize their time with the real serious crimes the nation is facing.

  4. trudi345 says:

    Radical Bzean not so radical after all. check the age of consent with Italy and other learned States. You will find that 14 is good. Let’s stop acting so evolutionized. It was sex that protected the species from extinction. Why do 65% of all marriages fail? Because men have been convinced by the media and their kin that they are not animals anymore. Truth is: unless we find a way to excise the basal ganglia from our anatomy, we will be what we are.

  5. cindy says:

    They should start locking up parents to get some sense in their heads. what the outcomes of children in cayo killing themselves. the unqualified parents they have.! get real belize bring back carnal knowledge

  6. cindy says:

    I mean corporal punishment


    Dudes let’s look at the number of times these two people had sex! 1….2…3 times! So then it seems they were both in agreement of doing it right? So now, one is 16 and the other is 14, I recommend a good @$$!@# for both!

  8. Big man says:

    Are you kidding me?? 16-14?? there are worse crimes going on rite now.. Is this kid going to do time for this??? ridiculous.. God forbid you like someone two years younger than you.. Come on ppl. There are grown men 15 years older than the woman they have. Im not agreeing with the sexual act but these are kids and should be treated like that and not criminals.. Now this boys life is done and he will forever have that on his record..Ridiculous.!!!

  9. Justice says:

    The girl was willing. If I had a daughter I would try to educate her but let us be realistic we cannot stop them. We can try to instil moral values but that’s all. But then let us go further south in Belize. Let us go to the Mayans and Ketchi’s. At what age do they start having children? Is it illegal? Are they being arrested?.I know they have their own culture but it is acceptable. I do not advocate it but it is happenning all over Belize and in the world and all because moral values have declined.

  10. Oscar965 says:

    Both of them should be punished in the same manner and so should the parents. Parents are responsible for them till they are 18 years of age.

  11. GermaineP says:

    Great job, Channel 5, in reporting this important story. What is the world coming to subliminal subliminal Radical Bzean not so radical after all. check the age of consent with Italy and other learned States. You will find that 14 is good. Let’s stop acting so evolutionized. It was sex that protected the species from extinction. Why do 65% of all marriages fail? Because men have been convinced by the media and kin that they are not animals anymore. Truth is: unless we find a way to excise the basal ganglia from our gene pool, we will be what we are.

  12. Proud Belizean says:

    I’m not sure if that should be a crime..they are both under age. Educating them would probably be the best solution.

  13. Al says:

    Where was the parent when this girl left home at that time of the night. If he did not rape her, she wanted to have sex and he was available. Little girls must be taught that when a man invite you to his home, he has other things on his mind. Sounds to me there are no rules in the home when a 16 year old girl can leave her house to go with a boy to his home. What kind of parents does she have, what is she seeing at home.

  14. awsb says:

    Every teenager needs someone to help him/her to become mature. If their dad does it, then most every problem in life is solved already. If dad has not been available, then children will find the wrong support/contact, ending in a life wrecking mess.

  15. Reel says:

    If this was a crime in the US, 75% of teenagers would be in jail.

  16. Earl Grey says:


  17. CEO says:

    This is no crime! From the fact she decided to go back so many times after the first time she cannot claim she did not know what she was going there for!

    Too many females do this sort of crap, even grown women, and then take away from women who are really harmed by rape! If a woman is raped they should castrate to bastard who did it but if she goes looking for what she got don’t come out crying fowl. Accept responsibility for your actions women!

  18. wit out struggle thers is no progress says:

    Y is it that all the time it is only the male that is being charge. It is the same wen a man has relations with an under age girl…… he is charge………………..but when a woman has relations with an under age boy…………… charge.

  19. Scholar says:

    Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden for biting the forbidden fruit…what is forbidden to us sometimes seem more appealing. When we talk about sex to our children and when we try to educate them about sex lets be real people. Having sex is not all about catching STD’s and having unwanted pregnancies; if that were so then why would grown, rational, educated, consenting adults have it? when we educate lets tell both sides of the story. Sex is also a beautiful thing so its better we admit the pros and cons along with good values and a healthy background and i hope that our daughter’s and son’s make the right choices.
    The young couple are just that….young….it is better to educate them than to persecute them for something that we all do…charging the young man for having sex with a consenting female proves nothing and teaches nothing…..

  20. mando says:

    I think that the law needs to start dealing with the female in cases as such, often times you see that it will always be the young female going to places with guys and resulting in this. It is known that women tend to have a stronger mind than men therefore it would be fare that they are equally dealt with in these matters. Other point is where are the parents and why is a 14 year old child being allowed out of her house knowing the dangers of the outside world?

  21. D.P. says:

    In a young relationship these dayz, boyz cant stay with only one girl.. they feel like superstars when they get praised for having the most girl and getting laid the most.. these so called young girls who may look older than my mom.. finds out about their “ROMEO” ACTIONS, and decides that she has the upper hand and no matter if she agrees to it.. the charging people AKA the police will still act.. hmm.. something should be done about these “females” “”"EXPLOITATION AND PARTICIPATION”"”"

  22. sabuskii says:

    cant the boy flip the script on this one that he is also a minor and can claim cArnal knowledge too by another minor ………………….BOY I TELL U IN THE U.S .MCDONALDS MEK DEM PICKNEY HOT ………..BUT IN BELIZE IT CAN ONLY BE THE CHINESE FRY CHICKEN ……THEY DON’T CHANGE THE OIL THAT OFTEN

  23. FORMAN says:


  24. Living Coward says:

    We are so harsh on women in this country. Two adults and one minor were drinking. The minor got drunk, raped and sodomized. The two men accused walked free, after claiming the sex was consensual. Then to add insult to injury, we blame the girl for making a bad judgment call, while the two grown @$$ men who had sex with her gets a Holiday in court!

  25. Nickey says:

    Ridiculous charge !!!! When there are rapists & murders roaming around Belize without any charges !! Belize need to prioritize

  26. RadicalBelizean says:

    trudi345 & GermaineP: that may be all well and good. However my comment was based on the law of the land (Belize not Italy). I would necessarily hold Italy as some model country when it come to sexual relations and respecting women, as you only have to look at their PM who is currently facing charges of having sex with prostitutes. I think you will find the vast majority of countries age of consent to sex including the USA is 16 except for places like Iowa, Arkansas and Indiana. In Britain the age of consent is 16, and rightly so. Look we can always find an example of age of consent lower than 16 such as Philippines and Nigeria which is 12 and 13 (respectively). Need I say more? My views may be radical, however first and foremost in any society we must protect our minors (boys or girls) from predators.

  27. Belizeanbornlatino says:

    For crying out loud, take a belt and beat the sense out of them and then what???? We achieve nothing, kids will forever be that “KIDS” this day and age kids are becoming more sexually active at an earlier age and there is no stoping that, and lathough it might have something to do with parents it has tons to do with times!!!
    There are worst crimes happening in the damn country catch the damn murderers!!

  28. corf says:

    Totally agree with Earl Grey…100%…now lets move on cause life goes on.Kids will still be having sex whether you beat the hell out of them or not.There are much bigger fish to fry than to worry about 2 minors that will still find a way to be intimate with each other.I know I would regardless of what my parents say or do.

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