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Feb 15, 2011

Patricide? Police detain son for questioning in father’s murder

Gumercindo Meza Sr.

There are two cases of family violence that are showing that crime is no longer the domain of thugs on the street.  Nonetheless, two families are still mourning the deaths of loved ones, who were killed over the weekend. Details are just coming in regarding Saturday night’s murder of a sixty year old man who was slain in Dominguez Layout of Corozal.  A ten inch blade, believed to be the murder weapon, was found hidden inside the kitchen, and the man police are questioning about the crime was also found inside the home. Gumercindo Meza Senior was last seen alive in the company of one of his elder son, Gumercindo junior. Is it a case of patricide? News Five’s Isani Cayetano spoke to the family members of the deceased and the accused.

Raul Meza, Son of Gumercindo Mesa

“He was making some beef soup and then my bredda come afterwards and then dehn send me gaan buy wah bottle a rum right so I buy it and I bring it.”

Isani Cayetano, Reporting

… and that would be the last time fifteen year old Raul Meza would see his father alive.  Outside the bungalow the pot of beef stew still sits atop a makeshift hearth.  On the kitchen table inside the two bedroom house stands the bottle of red top that he was sent to buy on Saturday evening.  They are the only pieces of evidence that remain put in this unusual case of alleged patricide.

Raul Meza

The minor, who for a while just sat there pensively, continued the recollection of discovering his father’s body upon arriving at home with his friend shortly after midnight.

Raul Meza

“When I came from over the street you can see if the door is open right so I tell he bwai well that da wah miracle my pa drunk and ih leff di door open.  So when I reach eena di yard ih bike noh deh een ya.  Ih bike neva mi deh een ya so, so I tell ahn bwai my pa bike noh deh ya right and I put my bike inside and as I di come een I sih my pa di lay down down deh and I tell ah bwai my pa first time he dih sleep pan dih floor.  Even if he drunk or noh drunk he find fih he bed right and then he tell me bwai well ih mussi overdrunk ih tell mih right so right and then when I start fih hail ah I tell ahn pa, pa and ih noh ansa mi.”

Gumercindo Meza Sr. was killed a few hours earlier.  On the ground beneath the kitchen table are two droplets of blood from a wound inflicted to his stomach.

Supt. Miguel Guzman, O.C., Corozal Police

Miguel Guzman

“Sometime around 12:30 a.m. on the thirteenth of February 2011, that would be Sunday, police acting on information received visited the residence of Gumercindo Meza situated in [the] Dominguez Layout area, Corozal Town whereupon arrival saw the motionless body identified as that to be of Gumercindo Meza Sr., sixty years [old], Belizean laborer of said address that was lying face up on the living room floor with what appeared to be a single stab wound to the abdominal region.”

The wound, according to Raul, was initially mistaken for a piece of meat presumably as a result of his father throwing up on himself.

Raul Meza

“Because we noh gah no light, so I tek one match and when I light it I sih like wah piece ah meat or something but eena my mind I think da mih di beef meat weh dehn mih dih eat and he drunk I say he mess up ihself right but eena that I just sih and then well eena all my mind just run like if dehn stab he or da beef meat or something.”

Local authorities were immediately summoned to the premises and after finding Meza’s body scoured the area for clues of what may have transpired.

Supt. Miguel Guzman

Gumercindo Meza Jr.

“Police responded to the report whereupon arrival they recovered one stainless steel knife with [a] black handle inside the house measuring ten inches in length.”

The murder weapon was found tucked away behind this stove inside the kitchen but it’s wielder was nowhere in sight.  It is believed that the killer may have been Meza’s elder son who shares his namesake.

Raul Meza

“When he reach ya he start fih cry toppa my pa and thing and then I send dih lee bwai because we noh got no phone [because] my ma mi ker it.  When we come I tell di lee bwai mek ih go call [the neighbors] because he gah wah family ova soh right mek ih come call mek we see if ih could call police or something right.  And eena all well the ambulance come first and dehn check and dehn say ih dead right but dehn cyan’t move ahn because dehn say di police haffi come first.  And then when di police come dehn check ah up and thing then dehn sih di stab pan my pa and my bredda mih deh right ya soh so dehn handcuff di man and dehn mek ih sih down right deh.”

While Meza’s body awaits a post mortem examination his son Gumercindo Jr. remains in police custody.

Supt. Miguel Guzman

“So far we have detained Gumercindo Meza Jr. who is twenty-four years of age, Belizean laborer of Dominguez Layout, Corozal Town and the investigation into this matter continues.”

According to their mother Carmela Meza despite issues with alcoholism both father and son did not have a history of violence towards each other.  Meza Jr., says the mother, professed his innocence to her this morning.

Carmela Meza

Carmela Meza, Wife of Gumercindo Meza Sr.

“I talk to him this morning and he swear to me.  He said “mommy we never had no, well fi say mek ih di fuss with ih pa and something like that.  Ih say that never happened.”

Despite proclaiming his innocence it is expected that Gumercindo Meza Jr. will be charged with the murder of his father if the police are able to establish forensic evidence that can place him at the scene of the crime. Reporting for News Five, I am Isani Cayetano.

The post mortem examination for Gumercindo Senior is expected to be conducted on Wednesday at the Corozal Community Hospital.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Patricide? Police detain son for questioning in father’s murder”

  1. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    True, not only the tugs in the streets we got the families at home too, at an early age we have them exposed to alcohol this way we can keep the whole population confused and disorganized so that they don’t know what we are doing we allow them to go buy alcohol at a much younger age than fifteen, the older brother was almost certainly drinking with his father he was likely broken in to start drinking alcohol long ago but we don’t care since we know when there are lots of family issues the focus will be off of us and we can continue our wealth building legacy scheme which is a part of allowing the sale of alcohol to minors, you see we get money from the makers of alcohol lots of money so we got to help them with their sales, it does not matter what it does to families as long as we are getting money, money, money. Remember My Legacy B 4 My People.

  2. Adios says:

    Man them people live like rats. As do 90% of Corozalenos.

  3. Corozal Queen says:

    For Adios where are you getting your statistic claiming 90% of Corozalenos live like rats. There are many people living the good life in Corozal. So before giving your comments make sure you have facts to back up your stats.

  4. Carrie says:

    Adios talking crap. If we live like rats then Adios lives like rat !@#$ and we step over him. Corozal is a peaceful town and statistics show that after Toledo, Corozal is the district with the least crime. We proud of being Corozalenos.

  5. spanglish says:

    adios, you are the rat, hope you take some rat poison and tell adios to this world you no good nutsy, stop criticize like that, they might live like rats, buy you are the raton pendejo idiota, adios para siempre, vete al infierno, you stupid , bueno para nada

  6. shock says:

    On Sunday of this week I pointed out to my wife that an article on Yahoo says that Corozal in Belize was recomended as one of the ten best place to retire, so this pesrson that call people rats is lacting in proper information about the area.

  7. MACAL RIVERA says:

    police need to check for finger prints, that will give the answer if it is really the son that killed his dad.
    so sad, we are really living in the last days,when father against son and son against father.


  8. BZNinCALI says:

    Just add alcohol & we have instant @$$hole. We have two drunks who could not control themselves & it ended in someone’s death. The killer needs to go to jail.

  9. belizean says:

    well said to all of you attacking Adios, he is an idiot who really needs to get his facts straight, maybe he lives like a rat, as far as I know we are all humans maybe from different social classes (which by the way mean squat!!) but humans we are!!! People like adios should really think before they open their mouths.

  10. corf says:

    After a while,it really suck to read other people’s comment and see the rude and nasty things that they have to say about others.I am not saying this to be mean but this is a known fact. For some reason,hispanics do not know how to handle their liquor. Most of them wont know until they sober up about the crimes they commited while being intoxicated.I’ve know about a neighbor that killed his cousin and cried like a baby next day when he sobered up because he could not believe he did such a thing.Its not just about people from Corozal or any other specific place for that matter. Its a stereo type thats sounds as racist as the foolish “adios” mentioned but its a true stereo type…and what’s their weapon of choice/?…a machete…alcohol and machete just don’t go together for people that can’t handle alcohol.

  11. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    Forensic evidence ah what’s wrong with these people don’t they know we don’t want forensic science in Belize they should have never mentioned that word now that the cat is out the bag the police will have to make sure that they go through all the crime scenes to capture all the forensic evidence, now our thugs that we use as fear factor on the citizens will have to be careful how they commit crimes otherwise not even tricky Dickie will be able to get them off and they might just start turning on us, I say thread lightly my fellow thugs forensics was to be a secret in this country to be used on only selected cases now you will all be dusted for gun powder residue your clothing fibers, your hair follicles, your shoe tracks and all sorts of physical traces will be used as evidence to prosecute you so again I say thread lightly my fellow thugs. Remember My Legacy B 4 My People.

  12. Politically Correct says:

    @ Corf for u to say that hispanics for a fact can’t handle their liquor and as they consume alcohol start weilding a machete is as racist as saying all black man theif or all chiney man are cooks.can we attempt to hold down the racist remarks, as they the bring nothing positive to the table.

  13. Only In Bze says:

    Why so many Belizeans love to talk about stereo-type or bring up some racist comments, we live in a place of different races, hybrids, as far as im concern the only pure race there is the mayasand even them are mixing now, everyone else is an hybrid. Our minds were played with from the start, but we need to get over this if we want true peace amongst ourselves, the story above is not about spanish, mayas, garifuna,creole or any other race. Its about a son suspected in killing his father ‘Belizeans’, the people who blurt out silly comments are probably living worst than who get touchy about what they commenting,lets be humble, lets pray for bad commentors thats all….Its about time belizeans rise up and stop pointing fingers look at the issue at hand, we live in a place that is so wonderful and rich in resources, but still the people inflict wounds to themselves and the elect government to the people…We cry about so many issues until we forget the conditions we living and accept what ever bull$!#% that surrounds us until its a case we condone and live in….Ignore the bad commentors and look at the issue at hand…

  14. corf says:

    I did say it sounds like a racist stereo type but at the end of the day “it is what it is” .If you look at statistics with the hispanics in Belize, police records will show that most of their incidents were committed while under the influence of alcohol and 95 % of the time it was done with a machete. For the record,most chiney man in Belize are/ were cooks and I will plea the 5th with the black man comment. Oh what the hell..yes they are damn thieves, you know that and i know that but then again you are “politically correct” so I don’t expect you to agree even if that is what you really believe behind closed doors.I am talking about in Belize only.I cant speak for Hispanics in Mexico,Chinese in China and black American men but usually stereo types are world wide.

  15. BZNinCALI says:

    Corf, which one of your Hispanic relatives ticked you off? You need to give up the drinking, straighten that spine & get your head out of you know where.. Any impaired fool is capable of of heinous acts & that is the reason, being drunk or high does not excuse criminal behavior.

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