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Feb 14, 2011

Darwin Phillips killed because he loved the mother of his child

Darwin "Darmo" Phillips

It was a deadly weekend for two persons. In the City, a love triangle ended with the homicide of a man half the age of the accused, Vincent Tillett Sr. Darwin Phillips, who has one child with Denise Phillips was killed when Denise’s ex, showed up at her house on Sunday. Tillett has fathered four children in Denise and he is spending Valentine Day behind bars. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Sunday night, inside this blue wooden home, twenty-two year old Darwin ‘Darmo’ Phillips was stabbed once to the heart by forty three year old Vincent ‘Steeno’ Tillett Senior. Both men were fathers of Denise Phillip’s children. According to Denise’s sister, Angela, the evening started as a dinner to celebrate her birthday.  Darwin was sitting with his daughter in the living room when Vincent, the father of the other four children, returned with two of his children.

Angela Hyde

Angela Hyde, Witnessed Murder of Darwin Phillips

“Steeno come inside with the two babe deh—the two lee bwai weh he have with my sister.  He come ina di house, but ih walk straight ina the kitchen and I didn’t know what happened, but then he walked out and when he walk out I think ih mi knocked Darwin in his chest, but when Darwin hold ih chest, I see the blood on his belly. So then I said Steeno, I jumped up and grab Steeno right and I pushed back Steeno against the door. And when I push back Steeno against the door, the door open and so I said, “Denise open the back door so Darwin could come out.” The house small so Steeno deh dah the front door and Darwin deh dah the back door and Darwin jumped through the back door but by this time ya, Steeno get way and deh through the door. I said Darwin ih di come through the front; Darwin run go. And by the time I seh that, Darwin collapsed on the street. So I run towards he pan the street and when I run towards ahn, Darwin lay down deh and I tell Denise, ‘Denise ih noh di move, Denise di ambulance noh di come? Denise eh noh the move.’”

After hearing that his father stabbed a man, Tillett junior ran to the scene.

Vincent Tillett Jr., Son of Vincent ‘Steeno’ Tillett

Vincent Tillett Jr.

“When I reach round yah, he deh middle a di street, pan di ground pan his back and people just surround he and Denise di hold his head. The man mi deh pan ih last because ih barely coulda his breath. By then time, I noh weh part my pa deh, he done gone long time. Deh seh he suppose to jump ina vehicle after he stab the bally—jump ina his vehicle and then he take off. The she mi suppose to boom at his vehicle fi ketch ih glass again, but she neva ketch ih and then the man gone.”

Angela Hyde

“Two young man put ahn ina the vehicle and I get in with my sister andf we gone, but when we mi di go along the way by the gas station, I start feel ahn feel cold cold. So I take off my jacket and I wrap ahn ina my jacket and I di hold ahn while I di hold ahn, we di go and ih reach by Belcan bridge, like he start to jump like this and I di say Denise weh di happen and I seh “Darwin hold on we soon reach dah hospital.” When we reach dah the hospital, the doctor seh ih wah order wah portable x-ray and right after the doctor seh that ih walk back outside and so I tell the man why ih noh di tend to the bwai. And then the doctor seh you have to come ina di room and make we talk to yo. I neva gone in and my sister dehn tell ahn that how he dead.”

Tillett believes that tragedy could have struck at anytime for any of the families involved.

Jose Sanchez

“How do you describe the relationship?”

Vincent Tillett Jr.

“They always break up and they always get in back. She always call him back and make ih come back and they two always deh in—sometimes you see they together, the next time no.”

Jose Sanchez

“And then Darmo, same thing with she also right?”

Vincent Tillett Jr.

“Yeah Darmo—she got my pa yah then she still make Darmo come yah. So she just the cause problem so the two men always meet up together, always.”

Jose Sanchez

“Were there violence before between them or any kind of threatening behavior in the past?”

Vincent Tillett Jr.

“One time dehn mi meet and dehn mi lash up the house, whap up the house; then the next time bruk up my pa back ahn ih windshield.”

Jose Sanchez

“I think you mentioned there was a time when Darmo and some other men were chasing your father too right?”

Vincent Tillett Jr.

“Yeah, they run through the back of the yard, through the swamp and all kinda things. This dah long time thing—thing happen from long time, but I know ih mi wah come to wah end sometime–either he stab Darmo or Darmo stab up he or something.”

Angela also verified that there was a history of court appearances by both men and the mother of their children.

Angela Hyde

“Starting in 2008, she met Darwin and she mi still living with Steeno at the time. And yes they had a rocky relationship of then. They even ended up in family court, Darwin and Denise, Steeno and Darwin and Denise and Steeno—three ah deh had separate cases sake of different lee problems weh they had. Me and my husband always advise them this have to done because ih di get out of hand. Everybody weh know we, fi we whole family always advise Denise against weh di happen, you know. But at the time Denise seh that ih no longer wanted to be with Steeno. But then Steeno build ih house and he said he invested some years ina it and he didn’t just want to walk off like that. So then they try work it out. But I guess ih neva mi wah work if two people ina the relationship with one person, with one woman—two man and one woman, it won’t work. So I noh know. I think that maybe if they mi stop longtime, somebody life mi wah save.”

Jose Sanchez

“The people who lose in the end are those five children.”

Angela Hyde

“Exactly, because then now they don’t have deh pa. Yes ih wah deh round cause ih noh living, but Samantha no have a daddy and the other four ih good as noh have it because they noh wah see ahn again. I think that lotta times, the system fail you and things. Maybe if the police mi follow up certain reports weh mi make long time ago, the neva mi wah reach so far. Sometimes when yoh call, deh seh “Oh da them two again?” cause I’ve been through it with them. I know that she mi di try get rid ah he. And not to say that he dah mi wah bad person because to me, I think they mi di provoked him a lot. Over the years,he got ih car, they broke up his car, you know wah lot of thing he had to go through just fi mi stay sane. I guess he just snapped yesterday, ih just reached the brink.”

Vincent Tillett Jr.

“I think he should turn himself in. he shouldn’t hide. It will only make it worse once you hide.”

After midday Steeno Tillett handed himself over to the police Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

According to our records, on December 2009, the upper flat of the Darwin’s house, went up in flames. It was believed that it was a case of arson. Darwin at the time was stabbed by one Michael Young.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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34 Responses for “Darwin Phillips killed because he loved the mother of his child”

  1. Robert says:

    We must hang all murderers.

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    So Tillett will probably get off because the woman drove him to it….His sister in law said he snapped, what better witness does a man need. The police has records of the calls & their cases. I hope Denise’s ego has been stroked enough because she no longer has time for BS, she has now become mother & father to five children & her young piece is no more.

    At the risk of seeming judgmental; Ladies, please explain why a grown woman with four children wants to play house with an eighteen year old? Where does your obligation to your children end & stupidity or lust allowed to override common sense & self control?

    Dickey, here’s a great case to show off your prowess & while you’re at it, Lavern needs you. Show us some of that community spirit & humanity you display at political rallies.

  3. talkditings says:

    so now none ah dem nuh end up with dis crosses of a woman ah mean come on bzean how u wah breed fi wah 40 year sumting man den wah 20 sumting year old youth ah weh do dem womam in bze how she wah 2 monkey fi play pan fi she mouth organ. then di bad part all the foolishness ppl do all who suffer is the children


    Another sad case of a woman down and out in her life, using kids as bates to keep a man in her life, shelter over her head and a few bucks in her pocket. Clearly this woman has issues, and her present situation clearly indicates that she is an unfit mother just like she was an unfit girlfriend. Lucky the kids did not have to witness the death of their mother too.

    Life is hard in Belize for many, and to bring kids into all that madness is just insane reasoning. Belizean women need to wake the !@#$ up and start planning births instead of the (norm) accidental births. Keep the birth rate to a maximum of three kids per family, the GOB really need to extend his law deeper into the problem of the society. (I anticipate growing interest).

  5. rod says:

    hang him hang him high we are sick and tired of all these murders and this useless gov. we have is not doing their job resign barrow resign but yes all murderers must be hung by the neck until dead dead dead no less will be tolarated from now on resign barrow resignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


    This is a case of selfishness and extreme stupidity on the part of ALL parties involved here! It is selfish because everyone seemed to have been thinking about THEIR own feelings and not the the kids! There were children involved here and I believe before anything else, these kids should have been at the top of of the list or the number 1 priority. But sadly no one thought about that! No the kids don’t have no father on either side of the fence all because some stupid adults didn’t have the common decency to think about the consequences of a love triangle!

  7. belizeanpride says:

    it’s a pity how love affairs turns deadly leaving the kids to wonder what life means growing without a father, but the problems are caused by the adults who can’t act like adults. God help the kids.

  8. Initiate! says:

    and everybody that has sex with other than their spouse Robert!

  9. Al says:

    Another senseless murder, this one so stupid over a woman. This woman has five children and still playing around like a teenager, what is wrong with this picture. What are we teaching our young girls coming up. This man Steno, he has grown children and still sexing around with young women making more children that he cannot take care of. Then now this woman’s family want to blame this on the police. Clean up you all dirty life, that is not the job for the police. There is one person to blame for this whole tragedy and tha is Angela, she is the one person who set this whole thing in motion. Please women of Belize get some pride back.

  10. tonia says:

    I think the woman also should be locked because she is the one that cause the murder.Sorry for the kids she was not thinking about the kids.

  11. Earl Grey says:

    It was a deadly weekend for two persons. …..


    PERSONS = Incorrect ENGLISH

  12. check it out says:

    look at our leaders, what do you expect.? which one of them has one wife and one family. where are the morals starting from the top? what is our nation’s family planning policy. maybe the Minister of Health can explain.

  13. Earl Grey says:



    BUILD THE PRISON FARM IN TOLEDO………Kolbe is too close to Belize City.

  14. louisville,ky says:

    No Al, you are wrong according to Rod. He said this is all Dean Barrow’s fault. Such a blindfolded idiot, taking tragedy and using it as a political football. Assinine indeed!!

  15. Realistic says:

    We are so quick to judge people not really knowing the real situation. This childish ignorant woman played a deadly game and in the end caused the life of a person and the freedom of a hard working individual. Steeno was wrong to murder that youth but when provoke we all end up doing things we later on regret and i am ready to challenge anyone that would say he should have walk away or deal with it differently EVERYBODY have a boiling point and it so happens his was on Sunday night my heart goes out to Steno I know what your situation was…..

  16. Belizean says:

    what an idiot you are Rod…!!!! well after hearing from Rod that Dean Barrow have the fault, I guess the prime minister shoulda mi advise them of their relationship tru ROD? (MORON)
    Dont be using everything in your political victimization. I myself am not a fan of any Govt. but i dont go blindly stating comments as idiotic as Rod’s.

    Obviously the woman was at fault, almost as if she was instigating the matter. Does she get a pleasure in men fighting over her.??

  17. spanglish says:

    This is so sad! The woman is to blame, she was JOE GRINDING!!!
    I wonder how a twenty two years old can mess around with a woman with three other children???
    I strongly believe she was messing around with both men,
    This JEZEBEL woman need to be punished, she should have think about her kids, now all of them without a father.

  18. RadicalBelizean says:

    Pure evil! Lack of morals. How can a 43 years old man behave so cruel to a 22 year old youth just beginning his life? He sat there at the table probably feeling anxious and this monster stab him in cold blood. There was no provocation, this murderer was not acting in self-defence either.

    I agree with you BZNinCALI about the sentiments of Denise. She now has to live with this, if she has a conscience. Let her explain to Samantha about her father’s demise. How will this impact on the children relationships with each other? Even Jr, there doesn’t seem to be any remorse with a smog grin on his face.

  19. Honest says:

    i totally agree with Realistic, i no both parties and that girl was in d wrong, like realistic said we all reach a boiling point………………….

  20. rogersayss says:

    i thunk the person that murdered the man should just be hang or put to a damn death penalty!

  21. RadicalBelizean says:

    Realistic: If you have a boiling point may be you would like to seek help with some anger management classes. You somehow seem to want to give some kind of justification for why a young man lost his life. Sadly I think he might have been caught in the middle with two very immature individuals. Just remember that you man was someone’s child, brother, uncle who lost his life just because someone could not control his temper? Just as he got in a vehicle and left after his evil act he could have done that the minute he came to the house and realised that the young boy was sitting at the table. Clearly he was invited to the house because Miss Denise didn’t call the police or her old man to say Darwin was there uninvited. Quite frankly, he deserve to lose his freedom following such a heinous act, to protect the public from this animal.

  22. somiah says:

    Lots of prospectives… who is right ? who is wrong? I say we all need to practice self control, we want to control others, but I say, learn to control ourself….

  23. rod says:

    louisville ky you are the idiot for voting for this useless and corrupt gov. in power it just goes to show you how ignorant you are for voting for the worse gov. in the history of belice you and belizean should get together you are both idiots ignorant just like your so called leader name one thing this gov. has done right just one 1. education in the drain, 2. highest unemployment in the history of belize,3. education in the drain,4. economy in the drain 5. tourism in the drain.6. corruption rampant,7. crime the highest its ever been in the history of belize i can go on and on but useless to do so and this is what you voted for mien between the two a unu louisville plus belizean equals barrow idiot.

  24. Allexclusive says:

    To all who posted to this article. I’ve known both parties for over 12 years and i know the situation with Denise and Stino. To be able to pass any comment you need to have either known the parties involved or their situation and since i knew both i can reasonably comment and be fair to both parties. I do not condone what steeno has done but i must say that his fair has come to past. His life was threatened for most part from the time this relationship with this other guy started. I will not bash out on Denise but she saw this coming and didn’t try to avoid it. I passed many days and night and watch in complete shock the audacity of her inviting this man to stino’s house. having little socials and so forth with him right infront of the house. She drives him out of his own home that he build for her and their children to be comfortable. she took advantage of him over and over and time and time again. She even confronted me one day telling me that she knows i am having an affair with her man (stino) and innocently i was just a regular customer as stino used to run taxi and was right across the street from where i lived. I was upset with her behaviour as my 6 year old daughter was right there when she did that. She was jealous and wanted to control this man. In all this she is the one to be blamed many times stino walked away and like his son said she wants him back and thats because the young boy she had cudn’t take care of her and her 5 kids. Stino kept his cool for long. he took her abuse and everything else that she did to him. it was his house but he had already started building on his farm just to get away from all this. for those who said all three were selfish adults are wrong stino took all of this just to be with his children and provide for them both of what denise as a mother refused to do. many times she would go out partying or look for her man and left poor stino at home to take care of her kids. that was her responsibility all she had to do was take care of the kids and she cudn’t even do that. to add to his misery she went and had another baby with a someone who was unable to provide for that child and brought that load on him for him to take on and still has the heart to disrespect this man the way she did. I’m sorry to say that she brought all this on herself. Unfortunately stino has to pay for it and well the guy who died brings on an extra expense on his family to have to bury him. most of all five children are fatherless and with and irresponsible mother i hope human department check into the situation.

    kudos to realistic and honest who really knows the history wid these ppl.

  25. RadicalBelizean says:

    rod: bwai yo surprise mi. you usually don’t ansa, weh get into yu today? Boiling pint? hehe

  26. Common Sense says:

    Belize needs Anger Management courses and people should look into them just like they have AA and Drug Rehab as an addict (i am clean now) i have to say these things work all we have to do is put a little time in them 3 to 4 hrs a week listening to people talk and we expressing our feelings people really need to look into these types of help that is out there for us give and you shall receive said the lord….nuff said

  27. Bigjunn says:

    Darmo you will sadly be missed homey this !@#$% could hve killed you from you were like two dogg cause thats how long we have all known each other. I have been your neighbor for years n his neighbour for years…….!@# you steeno you watch that grow n ova some @$$ you gonna kill my boy sure wish i wuz still a prison guard…. kno how much late nights we,ve went to buy weed from your !@#$% @$$ we could have been robbed ur ugly @$$ but we taught you were familly……@#$ you !@#$% time longer than rope

  28. heart says:

    thank u very much allexclusive…. u other ppl the come wit some way out comments bout hang him! unu nuh know what have been goin on n the !@#$ stino been the put up wit. darwin cudn’t even mind his own dauther. stino mi di do. he even mi the mind denise older daughter. numberous times darwin gone at stino house the treathen he, dang up pan the house, chase stino, bruk up stino vehicle an all kinda !@$$. so who nuh know nothing need fi shet up!
    next thing. the new didn’t talk about how denise called stino dat some nite n told him to come home. knowing that darwin and another guy was there, and as he reach his house they start to argue wit stino. dats very suspicious, why wud she call steno knowing to come home and have ppl there to attact him? idk wat denise they had up fi they sleeve, steno had to feel in danger for him to do something like this, some how or the other…. I KNOW HIM FROM THE DAY I WAS BORN, steno is not a problem person. i get where all this came from. we wa tek till we cant take no more! there is only so much a person can take….

  29. Shadz says:

    RadicalBelizean, its obvious you have no nothing of the family and the situation, that 22 yr old has done more bad in his short lifetime than that 43 yr old man! and if you dont get angry and have a boiling point then you need to check yourself cause I guess you not human. I admit, what Steno did was wrong, taking the life of another is againts the law and the commandment that the Lord gave us. However; being threaten for over a yr, having this 22 break his vehicle which is his means of feeding his kids, breaking up his house that he built for his kids…these things will drive a man up the wall. Denise should be ashamed of herself because what she did and allowed to happen to Steno was out right disrespect because Steno took care of all SIX (6) of her kids even though only three of them was his. Steno took care of Darwin’s child while she was out partying so she is to balme for them kids to be fatherless. Yes RadicalBelizean, she did invite Darwin in the house, she openly disrespect Steno’s house knowing he would be home soon! And after Steno got home he was laughed at and threaten like every other time by Darwin. Would you have someone threaten you in your own house? What would you do if someone pointed at you in you own house and said he gonna kill you? Steno defended himself and took the shot! It was Darwin and another guy plus Denise and her sister. Its clear Denise doesnt love and wants to be with Steno but realizing Darwin doesnt have a home and clearly cannot provide for her and her SIX kids she stayes and abuse the situation! Denise should be charged for her boyfriend’s murder because she caused it!

  30. heart says:

    @ AL…. idk wat the hell u the talk bout! denise got 6 pickny nuh 5. n stino tek care of all ah them… all. even the ones weh da nuh fi he. who u think put ah roof over they head n food pan the table. PS: darwin nuh mind his own kid caz i had to do it dis weekend again! plz get ur facts str8!

  31. ~Belizeit~ says:

    100% with Allexclusive…
    I had to grow up knowing her BS. Its all her fault…She called Steno home that night knowing that the young man was there at STENO HOUSE. I bet they were trying to pull another move, who knows, maybe they were planning to kill him that night because when Steno got home the youngman immediately started throwing phrase and his friend was right in the mix. Where was Denise at that time? In a corner not trying to stop anything because she was the one that called him!!
    Steno is not the smartest person but he had fear in him and that lead him to go in that Kitchen and reach back in the living room to Stab that fool! (I ain’t even sorry for him) I’m just sorry for the kids and the fact that Steno has to pay for this now! Denise, She knew this was coming!! May to good lord be with her.
    well, Steno is now ready to face the consequences of his action and I believe he’s not sorry for what he’s done because they didn’t have mercy on him when they destroyed his car and beat on his home many nights. Did I include they once made him ran out the house naked with their BS?
    I wouldn’t kill one, but ALL of them and then spend my time in Jail!
    I think my point is made…

    ~God Bless~


    Realistic, the murderer in this story is clearly a weak, selfish, angry and volatile man beneath the exterior that you know.

    Even a man at his age was incapable of solving his issues with a sit-down conversation between the three of them. Just like all the other anti-socials living in a Belize under a weaker social safety the animal snapped and committed a horrendous act of violence, and that makes him a !@#$%^&* psycho to me. Yes, we all have a boiling point system inside of us, but an intelligent man would have walked away from this un-healthy relationship and still care for his kids.
    The act he committed was out of weakness, and I hope they find his @$$ sooner and I hope he rot in jail.


    Rod, do your thing.
    I don’t always agree with you, and I don’t have to. I have my own point of views. I urge you though not to get frustrated by those here who are only capable of views in black and white your points are valid, and you have made them.

  34. G says:

    She had this set up, as a matter of fact it is a common scene from a lifetime story where the woman get a younger dumber youth to try to take out her man the only thing is Steeno was smarter and already knew what had to be done he was just giving the youth the chance to withdraw, I guess some people is born with stupid in there DNA. Old girl had her plans foiled, she is the guilty party youngster should have known it was too good to be true, Steeno will get off and should kick her out his house and get custody of his children. after all this took place on his property unless there is an documented order of protection Steeno was where he’s suppose to be.

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