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Feb 11, 2011

New details about the airplane that escaped from the airport

In January two pilots took off with a Mexican plane that was grounded for months at the Philip Goldson International Airport. The story raised eyebrows because the pilots did not have clearance to take the plane out of Belizean airspace. According to Civil Aviation, the plane was to have carried out a flight test in the Dangriga Area, but after it departed, there was no contact with air traffic control. At no time were the Air Traffic Services notified that this aircraft would leave the country. This Wednesday the Prime Minister was questioned about what seems to be a clear violation of security at the P.G.I.A.; he played down the incident. But new details are now emerging that contribute to the drama of the missing Mexican plane. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

The Beechcraft airplane that left the P.G.I.A. in January without clearance has not been forgotten. Investigations reveal that a controller was questioned by police for money allegedly passed to the pilots of the airplane.  An aviation employee, Ismael Perera, cleared the aircraft to do a local flight after informing air traffic control that all the documents were in order. According to the Director of Civil Aviation the documentation allowed for an instrument flight test, not an actual flight test, that is why air control asked additional questions.

Brian Dominguez

Then an airworthiness inspector, Brian Dominguez, while on sick leave, called a controller to allow the plane to leave the airport. Civil Aviation accepts that the paperwork of the pilots appeared to be in order; however, they can’t say for certain that the pilots of the plane were the same people that were listed on the documents. The Leader of the Opposition is distressed about airport security.

John Briceño, Leader of the Opposition

“How on earth can we allow strangers to come and say, this plane is mine and I will take a test run and run and just disappear with it man. Something is wrong! How on earth can we be allowing planes to be landing on highways and then nobody knows anything about it. I mean these are questions that we need to ask and the government is not giving us the answer. And again the Prime Minister tries to wash away the problem, tries to find a way—as a good lawyer that he is, he finds a way how he can answer and dance around without really answering the question. Belize did not elect an attorney, Belize did not elect a trial lawyer; Belize elected a Prime Minister, Belize needs a Prime Minister. And our present Prime Minister needs to start to act like a Prime Minister and lead this country. And wherever there is a problem, let’s deal with it and let’s solve the problem. Nobody can see who these people are, but yet the Prime Minister for the first time I’m hearing, that all of a sudden it is with the owners that came to pick up this plane.”

Dean Barrow

The P.M. at his quarterly press conference contends that it was much ado about nothing.

Dean Barrow (File: February 9th, 2011)

“The Civil Aviation people who gave permission for this test flight might have done a little more in terms of filing a flight plan. But as it had happened twice before and these people had brought back the plane, the fact that it was being test flown at the instance of the owners and the fact that those pilots didn’t bring back the plane, while it assuredly points up to a need for civil aviation to perhaps be a little stricter, I can’t see what harm has been done.”

Jose Sanchez

“Well, in terms of the police work being done, no one has been able to identify who even these pilots are. It is worrisome.”

Dean Barrow

“I assume that the authorities who have told me that these pilots were agents of the owner had a basis for saying that. I am not trying to be difficult, but where is the harm? What harm has been done?”

Jose Sanchez

John Briceño

“I believe the harm is that there are pilots, legitimate pilots, but yet the identity, the paperwork of who they are cannot be established by any parties involved with this particular craft. There should be a record.”

John Briceño

“The Prime Minister just washes this under the rug as if nothing is happening. If other countries hear what is happening in Belize, airplanes like American Airlines and Delta, Continental, the U.S. who are very concerned about terrorist acts in their country and they start to hear and see how laxed we are about security. This can have a direct impact in our tourism industry; it could have a direct impact on all of us that we may not have these planes landing in Belize because they’re not convinced that we have the necessary security in place to ensure that these things do not happen. And again the Prime Minister, typical fashion, sweeps it under the rug.”

Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

According to the Director of Civil Aviation, there was nothing sinister about the intervention by the air worthiness inspector who was on sick leave at the time of the flight. According to the director, the persons associated with the plane had the contact information for that civil aviation employee. The report about the plane came around the same time pilots of two helicopters were changing the registration marks on the apron.  The Department of Civil Aviation felt it was and immediately stopped the activity.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “New details about the airplane that escaped from the airport”

  1. jesus mirando says:

    anyone notice the irony of the sign in the back that reads JESUS IS ….


    oh you gotta enjoy the little things like this, cause

    just cause

  2. Elston Grant says:

    Somebody got paiddddddddddddd

  3. Elston Grant says:

    Just checking to see if this thing works. I never seen any comments on these pages.

  4. rod says:

    no one has said why these planes were being detained in belize what is the background of these planes we know this gov and pm are corrupt and incompetent no story there but why were these planes being detained we need more info on the owners of these planes and the cercumstances of how they ended up in belize give us the full story.

  5. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    What nerves of Johnny to be talking about unidentified planes landing on the highways, he knows that this is nothing new and been going on for a long time under both administration see these plane landing deals brings in money lots of money and that is what your masters love you are no Knight in shining armor Johnny so cut the crap notice you been showing your face quite regularly lately next election not far away ah, that’s right we will fool the people once more does not matter who gets in though red or blue no difference, as long as we can keep increasing our cash building legacy scheme. Remember My Legacy B 4 My People.

  6. cali says:

    PM is just a big joke. He keeps dying questions that needs to be answer directly from the top. Mr PM you say that you see no wrong during this incident, are you blind or just ignorant? It is a breach of our national security. Are you saying Mr PM that anyone could come in our country and do as they like without no one giving account. Mr PM it is time to check yourself, as Mr Briceno says, we need a PM and not a lawyer we need you to lead and stop being ignorant to the needs of your fellow country men.

  7. PHIL says:



  8. aj says:

    The Prime Minister of Belize must think or believe that the people that he is representing are fools and that all Belizeans are blind folded. I could bet that if a real investigation into the event is carried out it will show that the PM or his relatives has something to do with the plane being taken.

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    They are going to take off with Barrow next.

  10. Only In Bze says:

    Indeed the PM should be aware of national security rather than implying that no harm was even done. Let’s say the flight taken by the plane was taken by terrorist and crash land in the US at some well establish area, recording of flight projection comes right back to Belize. My imaginaton may be wild but come on people open up ur eyes these things happen in the world today ,terrorist only need the opportunity, the PM is talking Bull$&!* and should be concern about national security and the people well being. Nothing is taken serious in Belize the killing continue to happen with no hope of decreasing… I travel around different countries with huge population of around 21.5million inhabitance where poverty lingers in certain area where in Bze we have a population of merely 350,000 inhabitance and we’re killing ourselve in a country that is consider to be a Jewel. Where is our leader both u Briceno should be working things out rather than debating ‘Enuff with the party we need Unity’ , indeed u need to get ur act right Mr. PM because i still respect but if it continue definitely the people are goin to take power in the own hands and overthrow u.

  11. Tony says:

    “According to the Director of Civil Aviation the documentation allowed for an instrument flight test, not an actual flight test, that is why air control asked additional questions.”

    Anywhere in the world a Instrument flight test happens in the sky! HELLO! Not an actual flight test??????????? HOw else do you test equipement ment to be in the air when being used!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obviously person in charge of Aviation could not understand anything to do with Aviation even at a basic level!

  12. cindy says:

    Maybe the PM is being involved in this.

  13. ivan cal says:

    money talks and bs walks,this so called PM,DEAN BARROW IS TAKING THE Belizeans PEOPLE FOR FOOLS,he’s a real joke to the nation.

  14. CEO says:

    I agree fully with the leader of the opposition and I say that all this crap should stop and the people of Belize should not get raped anymore.

    But just before he gets to high minded and pontificates too much about this peace of business let me remind him that when his crowd was in off there were lots of BS that went unanswered also. To this very day the people have not heard the end of much that happend under their watch.

    My point is that if we the people do not stop them from behaving this way our contry will never reach full development.

    Belizeans remember Egypt!!!!!!!

  15. Earl Grey says:


  16. where is the harm? says:

    foolish PM…U need to change that little ugly glasses you have to see the harm.
    U wanna know where the harm is? well, it begins with u!!!! u are harming the country of Belize by offshore drilling….now u are also harming the country by trying to hide the things…..a plane was stolen…how can’t u see the harm…..a plane not a bike or car…PM…..U are sooooo Stupid…guess your head is just huge for style!!!!!!

  17. Earl Grey says:


  18. shock says:

    In six year there were five Priministers in Japan and I saw that they are getting rady to give the boot to Canada’s Priminister. From a distance this leader of the oposition PUP seem to be a very light weight. If that is all Belize has to offer it will be same old, same old should they win the next election, jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Its a pity that some of the more educated individuals in the country don’t get into the political arena. herewe have Mr. Borrow with no respect for anyone in the country. The more the paople point out the nepotism by him its like trowing water on a duck’s back, as the saying goes.

    I saw his comment on channel 7 that he is waiting for his brother resignation from the court to give him the job to litigate cases on Behalf of the country. Surely he is a political dunce. If he is reallly fighting for the country with all of these litigation, seem like he would give a case or two to lawyer from the oposition. Lots of money is paid to litigate these cases, so where is the savings to the country? Not to mention the fact that his government it is not seen with much respect abroad. How many new company has his government attract to the country to set up shop? Since he like to litigate he should stay out of politic and earn his money litigating cases. As a proud Belizean as he claim to be, it should cause him great consternation to see the state of affairs in the country with heavy unemployment, and a young population that is the future of the country feeling hopeless.

    Because the country is so politically polorized, its hard to tell if those who bad mouth him on this forum are from both party.

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