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Feb 9, 2011

P.M. questioned about the national security and plane that disappeared

Dean Barrow

The Mexican Beechcraft 65 airplane which took off from the Philip Goldson International Airport in January left Belize’s airspace on a test flight and never returned.  It’s a troublesome security issue because since the Nine Eleven disaster in the U.S., most countries have been very stringent about passengers and pilots on planes. Yet the matter has gone under the radar and the Prime Minister was asked why the issue isn’t being taken seriously by the authorities.

Dean Barrow

“I gather that these were two more pilots sent by the owners. Now assuredly, the civil aviation people who gave permission for this test flight to be done, might have done a little more in terms of say file a flight plan even though it’s a test run. But as it had happened twice before and these people had brought back the plane, the fact that it was being test flown at the instance of the owners and the fact that those pilots didn’t bring back the plane, while it assuredly points up to a need for civil aviation to perhaps be a little stricter, I can’t see what harm has been done.”

Jose Sanchez

“Well, in terms of the police work being done, no one has been able to identify who even these pilots are. It is worrisome.”

Dean Barrow

“I assume that the authorities who have told me that these pilots were agents of the owner had a basis for saying that. I am not trying to be difficult, but where is the harm? What harm has been done?”

Jose Sanchez

“I believe the harm is that there are pilots, legitimate pilots, but yet the identity, the paperwork of who they are cannot be established by any parties involved with this particular craft. It is something that there should be a record.”

Dean Barrow

“I don’t know that there is not a record of the names of the pilots. I understand that the civil aviation people were satisfied that these were pilots sent down by the owners of the plane. I concede that surely civil aviation will be a little bit more careful in terms of recording particulars and I suppose in terms of insisting on some kind of a flight plan [umm] even though it’s a test run. But let me put a case to you: suppose they had insisted on a flight plan how would that have stopped the people from simply disregarding the flight plan and going wherever they wanted to go. As I said I don’t want to be obtuse. But, but…”

Jose Sanchez

“We should know who these pilots are.”

Dean Barrow

“And as I understand Civil Aviation knows.”

Up to news time tonight, the photo IDs and names of the pilots have not been released. The press release that was sent from Civil Aviation after News Five broke the story on the breach of airport security, did not address whether Mexico will be required to hand over the pilots.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “P.M. questioned about the national security and plane that disappeared”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    How do we know that the plane is in Mexico? And why the secrecy surrounding these guys identity? Let’s not forget, we had Chinese nationals coming into our country carrying fake Japanese passports and no one knows where they are.


    This is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard from a man of power and leadership! My gosh! How in the world could u just say that there is NO danger in what happened here? Come on this is an aircraft that was seemingly just flown off the the runway here! First of all, there should be strict protocols in place for anyone to even board a plane much less fly one! The fact that these men have been issued permission to fly the said plane does NOT justify why we should let our guards down and be gullible in a serious incident such as this one.

    Prime Minister you’re the leader of a country! Stop talking out your @$$ and start being pro-active in terms of seeing beyond a situation not just focusing on what happened but thing about what could have happened here. So its simply NOT a concern to YOU that you have idiots operating at the very entry point into our country! They let in illegal immigrants now they are giving free test flights to individuals they don’t even know! ! I mean give me a break for christ sakes!

  3. Sugar says:

    If cicil aviation knows the names of the pilots all along…then somebody di tek we fu conumunu….big cover-up di happen here, and yet the PM asks, “What harm has been done?”

  4. fromafar says:

    blah blah blah, meaning no one know !@#$ about @#$%…

  5. Have Pride in Belizean says:

    It is a shame that our Prime Minister has to question what harm has been done to the public. In my view, two pilots lied to our Belizean Authorities…that shows disrespect and disregard for authority. Therefore, aside from deceiving our countries authority, they also breached protocols and hence there should be a penalty. I have not heard of any penalty or charge that will be brought against these two pilot/foreigners-who ever they are.

    Mr. Prime Minister, please let go of the arrogance, we are not the enemy. You were elected to serve us and represent our country to the best of your ability. Your behavior seems to have it’s own agenda in many national issues.

  6. Al says:

    Sounds like another coverup by the imcompetent PM. Did anyone take a copy of the ID’s of these pilots. If there are copies of their photo ID’s give it to the American FBI and have them trace these people. I bet no one even thought about getting and making a copy of ID. PM you have to say the stupid things you say and pretend to not have any concerns, becasue to do otherwise would be to admit that you are loosing grip on the country. If I were in your position, I would have some heads not even on a silver platter, but in a crocus sack. I bet you no one got fired. There is nothing to stop any country wanting to test germ warfare from flying over the country and doing their thing. It may sound a little crazy, but with lack of security the way it is in Belize anything can happen. The guns that are coming into the country, how well are cars that are coming in from America searched, are they serched for hidden compartment, are the seats pulled up and the seat well searched. These are simple secutiry measures that can be made to help stop some of this trafficking of guns into the country. How the PM can take these security issues with a no problem attitude is beyond me. Guatemalan troops can march across the border and he will say no problem. Mr PM you should excuse yourself from your position sir or ask for help.

  7. coral Black says:

    Give no man you X so them cant get yoh Vexxxxx! Some of these Situation are so
    ridiculous they almost funny. Anyway you get what you ask for people. Shyne the rapper
    said in one of his song. You can put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. YHWH

  8. cunumunu says:

    I think terrorists will forget expensive plans to put guns on a plane and hijack it with passengers. Because Belize is only 2 hours flight from Miami, and you can simply show up and fly with a plane that has been sitting for a year…fuel will mysteriously appear in the plane, no one will have your name or your identity papers, and being a foreigner, why not let you fly a plane out of the country. and why can it be done again? well the prime minister just said “I am not trying to be difficult, but where is the harm? What harm has been done?”
    WHere is the US STATE DEPARTMENT ON THIS? Come on Vinai Thummuulopoly.

  9. cunumunu says:

    somebody should be brought to justice, civil aviaition, or the pilots? is anybody trying to press chareges against these pilots? whomever they are? they did a very illegal thing, ran off with a plane, lied to authorities (supposedly) and still NO HARM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
    Terrorists will come to the PGIA, mark my words, don’t be surprised when you hear about terrorists getting Belize Visas, flying on Belilzean FLights, or FLYING PLANES FROM THE PGIA!

  10. Fed Up says:

    the reason why it is important is because Belize is becoming a haven for drug trafficking.. is it not bad enough prime minister that banks in the u.s do not want to do business any longer with Belize due to its negligent business practices?? now we wont bother keeping tract of who flys in and out of the country? please, what an arrogant remark, like most of yours prime minister.

    where will the prime minister go to get financial support of his upcomming election? Miami? drug capitol of the east coast of the u.s.. “fellow supporters we support your business ventures in belize” may it be white or green our doors are open for you..

    yes, bla bla bla

  11. Pigs with makeup says:

    Coral Black, I concur. Until we get Politicians who put this country above their own personal needs, desires, or greed, we will forever curse ourselves for voting, a right that so many people are killing for in other countries.
    As for Shyne, I believe that he borrowed the famous “PIG COMMENT” to describe his feeling about an absent role model from his childhood.

  12. Proud Belizean says:

    PM, I hope you sit and listen to yourself on this newscast….and I also hope you are able to see how Sputid you sound when you make such questions as What is the harm?

    In my mind, the plane was full of drugs or terrorists. Prove us wrong….or step down…

  13. Victoria says:

    Dean Borrow,

    Stop the assumption! You know who they were and where they are right now. It’s $$$$$ baby.

    You think Belizeans are foolish! Yes they are for putting you in office.

  14. CEO says:

    I hope Belizeans are not that dumb! What is this about test flying a airplane that should be held by authorities…?

    They always seem to be very thorough with innocent people and very relaxed with crooks. You should see how I was treated before I boarded a flight back to the US.

  15. ny says:

    does the pm thinks that the bzean people is naive? based on his response to the questions, one would conclude that he does think that they r. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to assume that there is something fishy about his nonchalant reaction; the press needs to follow up this story. the media also needs to ask the pm about what he is doing to stem the violence and murder for 2011, because we can’t allow our jewel to be taken over by just a few.

  16. belizeanpride says:

    i couldn’t believe he asked “what harms has been done” jeez we have a pm with no pride nor respect for our jewel. with this bald head we’re screwed damn it.

  17. daveyt says:

    “what harm has been done”? From the Prime Minister of a country?

    A confiscated aircraft that was renovated by a private company, allegedly owned b a Mexican was allowed to not only be flown on an unscheduled test-flight, but to leave the country! If it was by agents of the owner, it wasn’t technically stolen, but it leaves so many unanswered questions, and in this day and age, in the wars against terror and drugs, those questions will need to be answered, and soon!

    Questions, such as:

    who is the owner of the aircraft? Drug Lord, by any chance?

    who took the aircraft? wouldn’t be on the DEA or FBI’s lists, by any chance, whould they?

    Why is the CAA and airport authorities being so quiet about this? Surely if it was legal, and no harm was being done, shouldn’t they come up with the facts?

    who paid for the repairs? Or if they haven’t been paid, who will be (GOB, perhaps).

    when will that aircraft be landing on belizean soil again, stuffed to the gunnels with cocaine? who will be there to refuel it, provide security etc.? wouldn’t be Police and Customs again, would it?

    Why aren’t heads rolling, both at the airport, CAA and Ministries of Police & Defence/Immigration?

    When and where did the pilots enter Belize? Surely if they entered legally, it won’t take the brains of an Archbishop to cross match the CAA clearance with their entry Visas etc.

    None will be answered, as too much dirty drugs money is riding on it. Too many pockets to be filled in Belize to turn a blind eye, and, as we have seen, right up to PM level – “What harm has been done”?

  18. Storm says:

    I am shocked and dismayed by the PM’s reckless attitude. That kind of official laxity will help drug gangs and cartels overhwlem us, until we are no better off than Mexico, just a lot smaller.

  19. daveyt says:

    That’s the plan Storm. The Drug Cartels are already here, and lining the pockets of those in power, so that they turn a blind eye to their smuggling & money laundering. It is going to get a hell of a lot worse before the 2013 elections, as Papa Doc barrow will hang onto power, whatever it takes, and he’ll have the cartels firepower to back him up!

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