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Feb 8, 2011

Money changer from Corozal shot in front of his home

Also in the north, a money changer from the Corozal District was shot at his own house on Monday night.  The incident happened shortly after seven thirty in San Joaquin Village and the victim is thirty-four year old Jaime Headman, who is clinging to life. Jaime is undergoing surgery at the Belize Medical Associates to a spinal injury. One of Jaime’s neighbors in San Joaquin told News Five that she first heard a vehicle drive past her house moments before the gunshots and then heard Jaime’s wife, twenty seven year old Elva, scream.  Officer Commanding the Corozal police, Superintendent Miguel Guzman told News Five that Jaime was shot several times by the assailant who got away in a waiting car.

Superintendent Miguel Guzman, O.C., Corozal District

Miguel Guzman

“She came out to see who the person was and saw that it was a short Hispanic descent male person.  So she went and called her husband.  Her husband came out, she went back inside the house and shortly after she heard several gunshots.  She immediately rushed out to where her husband was on the verandah and saw that he had been shot and was bleeding.  The person who had gone there to see him somehow accessed inside the yard.  At the time when he called he was by the gate, the gate was closed, and then she saw this person getting into a vehicle and the vehicle sped off.  The vehicle has been described as a red Nissan extended cab pickup truck with Mexican plates but unfortunately nobody took down the number of the plates.  Subsequently police processed the scene and they recovered about five expended nine millimeter shells from the scene.   He was shot to the upper portion of the body, I think he got one shot in his face, the other he may have gotten it somewhere in the chest region but in the upper part of the body.”

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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18 Responses for “Money changer from Corozal shot in front of his home”

  1. ESSB says:

    Could it be drug-related? Mexicans coming in to our country with guns? Where is our security measures at our border? These people need to have detectors..

  2. rod says:

    now the mexican gangs moving into belize more than ever and since they see belize as a joke and that we have a useless gov. they will come take over very easily we are in for hundreds more murders we need a new gov. who will make the tough decisions like briging back the hanging penalty and getting murderers put in jail to await their hanging with this gov. all the gangs from belize mexico guatemala honduras see belize as a joke and a easy target we need change effective change.

  3. Sugar says:

    Real nice house for a money-changer…..the whole story sounds “fishy”


    The police do not suspect robbery was the cause of the shooting. It was drugs, and not a random killing.
    While the police were checking the border, the shooter/s was swimming to shore, safely.

  5. Corozal Queen says:

    Why for everything we are ready to blame the government..its not the government that tell these people to get involve with mexican drug dealers…we all know dont mess with mexican drug dealers because no matter which country you are from they will get you. Like Sugar said real nice house for a money-charger…..

  6. Earl Grey says:

    or is it LA FAMILIA?????

  7. BZNinCALI says:

    Sugar, I didn’t comment on this one for the same reason and why isn’t Mr. Guzman the BPD spokesperson, he can actually string a series of cohesive sentences together. Good job man.

  8. talkditings says:

    corozal queen for der ignorance dey blame the gov

  9. GUMA says:

    Regardless of the reason why he was shot, I pray for this young man’s life, he has a wife and family that needs him. The person who did the shooting did not necessarily cross the border with a gun, he could have gotten it from a Belizean accomplice, somebody had to drive him to this man’s house, right?

    I pray that this young man recovers, he may be able to tell who shot him.

  10. Concern! says:

    Many times we make conclusion without especulating the real incident!! Most of the times when Belizean people manage to live good and suffer a tragedy we would say “drugs”! Living in a beautiful residence doesnt mean you are in drugs!!! Police need to be very careful and more professional when addressing issues on the media!!! words or false statement can cause the public to jump to negative conclusion!! the truth will always set you free….We need train officers and more personnel in Corozal and surrounding to slow down crime…. !!!!

  11. Concern: says:

    Most of the time we Belizeans have the tendency to jump into conclusion before getting the truth behind information!! When individuals live in good residence and sometime fatal happen to them… we would comment “” Drugs and Drugs” Money chargers always run great risk because they deal with cash on hand… Things in Belize will get worst and worst this might be just the starting… if it was mexican persons where were the border officails doing! We need more security in Corozal(Immigration Officer, Customs Officer, Police Officer and B.D.F) and work in good communication!! Officers that are professional not just on the radio or T.V.. Action not words or we tire of this statement” Police is investigation”"” hated that comments… thanks

  12. Realistic says:

    Sugar it’s not nice to judge people ……This man has recently lost his both parents and the big house you see is from hard working parents he had .Now that the man has his family he continued working as” Pesero” as they are known here.

    Guma you have a point regardless of the reason we should stop the bad habit of judging and we should be more humane and think about this man’s family. Let’s all keep this man and his family in our prayers.

  13. theprima says:

    wel i hope primo jimbo gets better. he’s been in my prayers.

  14. lady-t says:

    true that Earl Grey!!! looks like they got the message.

    got that right corozal queen! they get themselves into those kinds of mess…

    concern, not every one just jump to that kind of conclusion because they want to. they make that conclusion because they know whats happening around the block!!! and if those crazy mexican wants something… trust me they get it!!

    realistic, when his parents died the house was not as big and as furnish as it is now!!!


  15. 2 cents says:

    sound fishy y did she go call her husband? did the man ask to see him?if the man asked to see him personal then she must no the person. is the man a regular @ her house?does she no the person? did she put out a hit on him? just asking questions?

  16. lady-t says:

    lol. 2 cents, i ask those same questions. y did she come out first and it was her husband they were calling for??
    something is just not right with this whole scene!

  17. police police says:

    JSt !@@!@ off when talking bout the Police, we jst do a job and if someone like Jimbo died, we jst closed tat case file immedaitely, we will not take time and find out wat happen, when Mexicans or who ever did it, JST DID THE POLICE DEPARTMENT A FAVOR

  18. prima-t says:

    wat a ting 2 say police police… DID U GUYS A FAVR??? unu use2 b d sam 1 weh go ask fi favr frm… i always c unu./…. e shud pull u toe fi talk r@#$… hahaha

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