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Feb 8, 2011

Charles Young Jr. charged for double murder

Charles Young Jr.

Twenty year old Charles Young Jr. is in police custody tonight after being read a number of charges related to a double murder in Belize City on Friday evening.  Young was escorted by members of the Special Homicide Unit where he appeared in front of Chief Magistrate Margaret McKenzie and was charged for the murders of Daniel Puerto and Ian Martinez.  Both men along with Puerto’s identical twin, Darnell, were gunned down in front of their home at the corner of Tibruce Street and Hibiscus Lane.

Daniel Puerto

Young is one of two suspects believed to have driven up on the men and indiscriminately opened fire.  In court, Young was emotional while being charged with two counts of Murder and one count each of Attempted Murder, Dangerous Harm and Deadly Means of Harm.  A second suspect is still at large. According to police sources, several eyewitnesses have come forward claiming that they saw Young fleeing the scene of the crime.  His attorney Arthur Saldivar argued that Young was nabbed for the murder without any evidence.

Ian Martinez

Seventeen year old Daniel Puerto was shot multiple times to the neck, left leg, the right side of his back and left hand while Ian Martinez was struck in the neck, lower right ribcage and left shoulder.  Darnell, who has managed to survive the ordeal, is listed in stable condition at the KHMH after being hit in both arms and legs. In January, Young was freed of a gun possession charge.  Among the fifteen charges he is facing before the courts, Young is currently charged for firearm, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

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23 Responses for “Charles Young Jr. charged for double murder”

  1. Robert says:

    Give him a fair trial, then HANG HIM.


  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Arthur, need I remind you of your speech two weeks ago as you became the PUP standard bearer for Belize North, the crying twit you are defending may be responsible for two more sets of grieving parents. Have you neither shame or conscience?

    How can anyone believe that things will change when our elected officials, wannabe elected officials & every mover & shaker in our country is in bed with the criminals. And yes, I have heard the arguments about everyone’s right to legal representation, unfortunately what we are seeing is the system being corrupted & turned into a bloody mockery & young men dying in droves for no damn good reason. And where is the other twit that was with him the last time he got arrested, was this little sweetie with him on Friday night too? Of course he won’t tell because none of you are willing to acknowledge that he took a human life & whatever the beef was that started 2 weeks ago will boil down to pure BS & you will be standing there telling us it is Singh, Perdomo. Pitts & Barrow’s fault. Our criminals have to be convicted & imprisoned if we are to survive as a civilized society.

  3. nicolepuerto says:

    this hate in my heart…. for this person….killing my little brothere for nothing RIP daniel puerto

  4. rod says:

    just commited two murders and look at him in the picture no handcuffs is the police a joke or what prisoners escaping right and left and this guy is walking around without hand cuffs after commiting two murders wow what a useless incompetent gov. and pm hang him hang him high tha bridgefoot make sure they have panades garnaches and hops fu sell so we can enjoy the spectacle the time has come for action belizeans the time for talking is over we need to show this gov. and pm that we are totally fed up and will take it no more if they dont bring back the hanging penalty we will start taking it upon ourselves to do the job so let it be written so let it be done.

  5. Justice says:

    Why waste taxpayers money to have DPp, courts, police officers etc? He will get away like all the others. Hang him yes but by other means as the law does not permit that. Murderers,gangs and all that is bad rule Belize! It is time that justice take over and Belizeans enjoy what was once Belize.


    This animal is a direct threat to his community, and since there are no death penalties in Belize, he should get life in prison. Police should beat and torture the crap out of him to give up the solid evidence he hid.
    Are there any photos of the other suspect, he could be in the states by now.

  7. belizeanpride says:

    i totally agree with rod,

    look at the pic, walking free of cuffs and the police like bodyguards for him. Damnn!! our country seems to be screwed up due to poor justice system and law authorities permiting such acts like this.

  8. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    This fellow was only carrying out his orders him and his whole family works for the system and you people don’t even try go visiting his home where his family lives they are a decent people and has brought him up properly to serve the system that we all so desperately depend on after all without a system like this which was carefully constructed how can I increase my wealth building legacy scheme after all remember, My Legacy B 4 My Peolpe.

  9. Dawn says:

    How quick we are to be Judge and Jury to each others, let leave that for the courts. My condolence to the grieving family, i can understand your anger and pain. Our youths are in a bad position. No parents to guide them and a government that has given up on crime, all they hope for is that it doesn’t affect their family. Hopefully the police will be able to conduct an honest and conclusive investigation with this case and not just make an assumption on here say.

  10. Tiadadisyaras says:

    MyLegacyB4myPeople, if you know so much, why don’t you spit out? Seems you di cover up.

  11. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    Tiadadisyaras, it’s nothing like you are thinking you got to get out the forest then you will be able to see the trees, at least try to read between the lines, stay with it long enough and you will understand, it’s all in the system what is allowed and what is not allowed only the big guys are getting paid you can work for them and don’t even know it the only way you can figure something is wrong is when you do crap and get away with it, the reason is because you are being allowed to, also when you do all the right things and the whole system seems to be against you the reason is because you are not allowed it’s a well orchestrated plan and it all has to do with money, money, money if you don’t understand this maybe it has not touched you as yet but it probably will some day. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  12. Earl Grey says:


  13. shabba says:

    I know this youth. I Also know his dad and family. These are some some good people. I nuh know what went wrong here.

  14. daveyt says:

    Why was he out on the strets, with a string of firearms and other offences pending in the courts? No, sorry, dumb question that, after all, this is Belize!!!!

  15. BZNinCALI says:

    @rod, great observation, you’re sharp but you lose us with the craziness. @Dawn & shabba we, the parents should not have to wait until we are standing at the morgue over our dead children’s bodies to understand what the senseless violence is doing to our country. At some point, we have to allow the system to work & let our children face the consequences of their actions. We do not want to visit them in jail but it beats crying over their grave. A bad or criminal child puts the entire family at risk. What happens if the shoes were on the other foot & those 20 bullets were fired at the Young home & family?

  16. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    Earl Grey, good point however concerns about soul losing are for those who believe in some type of Deity, the rulers of Belize have no such belief so they operate unconscionable. Remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  17. shock says:

    Even at a distance out of the country I was consern that the Police was taking into custody a suspected killer without been handcuffed with his hands behind his back. I wonder if the Police had search hime to make sure he did not have weapon on his person? Its obvious these guys are poorly train in the real job of finnest law enforcement. The again maybe the guy is not all that dangerous after all that caused the cop to treat him the way he did.

  18. Earl Grey says:



  19. corf says:

    I totally agree with Dawn,we are so quick to be judge and jury. One of my favorite things to do is to refer back to the famous statement used by a lot of Belizeans. “Only God can judge me”…really people?….practice what you damn well preach. With the crookedness of The Belize Police Force,im surprised that people believe the first thing they hear.I do not know any of these people and my heart goes out to them all.Suspect, victims and their families, because their lives will be changed forever.Im sure that even a serial killer is loved by a family member and that could be one of our family members tomorrow so lets not rush to judge shall we.Im not saying he did ot nor am i saying he didn’t. Im just saying let us wait for some evidence and if he did do it then im all for justice.

  20. phyllis griffith, new york says:

    So he is arrested, yet he walks without handcuffs, arrogant in his evil deeds. What kind of Police force let a suspect of murder walks like he owns the land. Who are the Police afraid of? We the family of Ian Martinez does not expect justice to be done by this corrupt and incompetent DPP. After all folks this is Belize, a country where justice is a foreign word. So the PUP standard bearer is defending him. That just indicates that whatever political party is in power the people of Belize has none. PUP supporters do not vote for this lawyer because he supports criminals. Which political party is the lesser of two evils? Someone out there, please tell me. Very soon another set of parents will grieve over their child. Just another ordinary day in Belize…..

  21. Fed Up says:

    i have a feeling that justice will be served to this individual if he is the criminal who shot these youths on the streets.. justice on the streets unfortunately is swift but, it may be the only one coming in the legal system of belize..
    that is the problem, belize is leaving it to revenge, which is bitter.

    hattiville ramada is just too nice of a place.. the criminals have no fear of proson.. why should they? free dental, three meals a day, picnicks with the family, learn a trade, get out when you need to stretch your legs… this place needs to be hell on earth and then see how bold these criminals will be on the street. .. see then if they strut like they are intitled to bring out vegence..

  22. PIV says:

    whyyyy all u’ll no stop hate on my dog bizz left my dog alone if he wa kill mek he killl burn fier on all u’ll hatersssssss

  23. The Honorable George Banner says:

    wake up Belize! Wake up young people! Lets remember how belize was before all these youth crimes. Young people wake up! Stop all this killing.

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