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Feb 8, 2011

Immigration inquiry brings Indian nationals before Magistrates Court

Indra Kumar Baswani

An immigration inquiry has brought two Indian nationals before the Magistrates Court. The first to be detained and charged was twenty-three year old Indra Kumar Baswani. He was asked by Immigration personnel on Monday to furnish his documents and he retrieved them from the warehouse of “At God’s Store” on Amara Avenue. Baswani was detained because he is believed to be employed at the warehouse even though he came to Belize on a contract to work as a general sales person at Extra House Store. He was arraigned for failure to comply with the conditions subject to which an employment permit has been granted.

Mukesh Makhwani

The owner of the warehouse, Mukesh Makhwani, who is said to be Baswani’s boss, was also charged today for employing a person not in possession of an employment permit. But Baswani claims that that Makhwani is his uncle and that he had the keys for the warehouse because he was staying there. As for his contract with Extra House, Baswani says he worked there for two years and stopped because he was not getting his full salary and he has been unemployed since then. Both men pleaded guilty and Makhwani has been released on bail of two thousand five hundred dollars while Baswani was granted bail of four thousand dollars. There are to reappear in court on March twenty-eighth and sixteenth respectively. Meanwhile, Baswani has been advised to file a civil suit against his employers at Extra House to collect his unpaid salary.

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18 Responses for “Immigration inquiry brings Indian nationals before Magistrates Court”

  1. Robert says:

    We should not import foreign workers when “ready, willing, and able” Belizeans are unemployed.

  2. REGGIE says:

    WOW this is a wast of time .Something went wrong at EXTRA HOUSE so they are using their power and contact to hurt the guy.I hope the Labor Dept.look into the Slave labor that EXTRA HOUSE is using.This look bad to me for the immigration is in the news with something like this.Lets heard about the Chinees that came into the county @ The Airport and the Officer who was involve.someone call the Dept.and report this what is the big deal.Is this MR.Perdomo @ work here?

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    We need to import salespeople? We are not even trying to be creative with the lies, maybe he has special language skills & we now have a bunch of Hindi speaking folks who cannot communicate in English. Tell them how much more it will cost for us to look the other way until we need some more money from them & go back to pretending someone is watching our ports of entry..

  4. Sugar says:

    cum on….we need to stop fool weself….where are the “ready, willing and able” belizeans when they are required to work in the sugar industry???? every year, hundreds of work permits are issued for the harvesting of the cane….ALL because labour cannot be found locally……yet U see strong able-bodied men on the street asking U fu dalla……but at the end of the day, the above story sound like somebody neva get his ‘cut’ and so they tightening the belt

  5. coral Black says:

    Which Jurisdiction does Immigration fall under (Maritime Law) Or (Common Law)? hmmmm.

  6. Al says:

    I agree with Sugar, what has become of Belize men when they would rather beg than take a job any job to hold their dignity. Belize men are too proud to work in the fields but not too proud to beg. These men are the role model for our children.

  7. Proud Belizean says:

    Sugar, I second that motion on “ready, willing and able” belizeans. I get upset when these strong looking men beg u for a dollar when you go buy wa lee fried chicken da Lee Chee’s….and if you refuse to give, daggars and knives pull up.

    Once one of them pull up pan me and tek out an ice pic when I refuse…I invited him to my car….where I drew my machete…ih run!

  8. MyLegacyB4myPeople says:

    This an example my fellow citizens we in power gets money, money, money for these types of arrangements of course Extra house could have used local labor for these menial positions but then there is no money in that type of employment for us the ones in charge, so we set up these types of slave labor arrangements and we get money for them we and the Indian bosses are good friends and they pay us well to allow them to be masters of the people from their country so if this slave guy don’t want to take orders we will just send him back home after all remember, My Legacy B 4 My People.

  9. Karz says:

    Labor and Immigration Personnel need to revisit the Free Zone where TONS of foreigners are working as if the country doesnt have Belizeans to fill these posts. WTF Belize, but Im pretty sure that MANY if not all people in these government departments get money under the table so they can keep their mouths SHUT! It’s a shame these things happen in a country like ours.

  10. Robert2 says:

    The same thing is happening here in the U.S., except they need to come up with something more creative than sales person. SALES_PERSON, for REAL????

  11. Earl Grey says:


  12. CEO says:

    Robert most Belizeans are Able to work I agree but Ready and Willing mabe not! All the employed people from other countries did not take any jobs from Belizeans. Those jobs were there no Belizeans filled them and this is how they were able to get hired. This is the same sort of crap I listen to in the US; the same crap Americans say when people like me are hired. All of us have equal oppertunities make full use of them!

  13. dunfedup says:

    I agree wit sugar. U can’t help bzn man. He want work brot to his doorstep and then mabe. As an employer, i can’t get a Bzn to last more than a few weeks. Have to hire outsiders to get job done. Shame but true!

  14. sweet says:

    I will agree with sugar these people don’t take away from Belizean, I am a Proud Belizean but at times feel bad when Belizean people are hire and they are fired because they steal . The immagration department you could not get any money so you took the person to court . How much the chineesse paid you all ? You get blind and deaf that you could not see and hear? Belizean people not to stop kissing rich people @$$ and be real Belizean .

  15. corf says:

    I agree with all you guys that Belizeans are lazy and do not work half as hard as these foreigners do.They want it the easy way which is to rob,steal and sell drugs but putting all that aside,there is a much bigger story with these Indian and Chinese than Belizeans know.Most of these people were brought to Belize by their own people as slaves.One Indian once gave me the story of how they end up in Belize.They would Bring them here,take away their passports,not pay them for x amount of years which would be like them paying a debt for their trip to Belize.They are not allowed to work for anyone else or cannot leave the country until the debt is paid off.I don’t know how you guys see it but that is considered as Human trafficking to me, so by no means are these people living a lavished life of luxury.

  16. Jose says:

    Illegal immigration creates local unemployment. That’s common sense. Do anyone in the Gov of Belize has common sense?

  17. Fed Up says:

    who got mad and ratted this guy out?
    the immigration department are a bunch of lazy fools..
    if the job is created by a foreigner, with the foreigners own money and resources he should be able to hire who he wants.. if a belizean starts a company and only wants to hire belizeans..fine.
    i have employeed over 200 belizeans in the last 15 years, two foreigners, but, it should be my parogative as i built the business, brought in the foreign tourist, funded the entire business and never made a dime off of belize.
    the percentage of times i was robbed by employees? 90%.
    there is a justification mentality here… you are foriegn you owe me, i can take what i want. i have paid the gring tax for a long time.. in return? nothing. the government does not help the foreign investors, it steals from them, allows them to be unjustly taxed, stolen from and threatened.
    Get off the jobs for belizean crap.. you need foreign dollars or Belize has nothing..look around you.

  18. Elgin Martinez says:

    This smells like fish to me.All of a sudden the immigration Authorities are compitent to know that this Indian guy is out of status when Chinese Nationals are been flown into Belize without been inspected.Get the F out of here there is something about this story that is not been disclosed.

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