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Feb 4, 2011

Breaking News: three shot but two murdered

Two persons were shot and killed shortly after six this evening in the city. The shooting involved a third person who survived. Unconfirmed reports say that a pair of twin brothers, where taken  immediately after the shooting at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, and one died. The incident happened in front their house at the corner of Tibruce and Hibiscus Streets where the bothers were standing. The assailants rode  up and emptied the magazine of their weapon. Police are processing the area and have recovered sixteen expended shells. The third person remains unidentified.

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20 Responses for “Breaking News: three shot but two murdered”

  1. BZNinCALI says:

    Another set of grieving parents with no end to the tears & bloodshed in sight.

  2. fren says:

    hope the person that did dis get what he deserve in life because what go around comes around and your mother will cry too or even more.

  3. TiredBelizean says:

    The third person that died was my family member and an innocent by-stander who never involved himself in these kinds of affairs, he was just doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay and now we are grieving his demise.

  4. Lisamarie says:

    Dear God what will have to happen to the country of Belize before all the senseless killings stop? And, Why can’t the police ever solve these crimes?

  5. Heart Hurts says:

    When one child is killed it’s hard,now inmagine the pain of two??? My prayers goes to all families that their loved ones have gone so untimely..

  6. Hardworking Belizean says:

    It appears that our Minister of Nat’l Security is paralyzed before all the killing spree happening!!! A suggestion, since our Min. responsible for keeping us safe and protected is disabled, a vigilante would do the job!!! Yes, people might say I am condoning violence but are we just gonna continue sitting back and watch how these criminals go around at their own free will killing innocent people? Damn, tomorrow it could be us, our children, our brothers or sisters or mothers!!! We need to stand up and do something since our Police Dept. along with the Min. are literally just painted on the wall without hope of them doing anything to reduce or stop these senseless killings!!! God bless & protect us!

  7. Justice says:

    My herat grives for those mothers and I hope that if the law does not assist then citizens take the law in their own hands. Belize use to be a nice place, where is my Belize?

  8. Stygian says:

    We’re off to a GREAT start guys

  9. phyllis griffith, new york says:

    Ian Martinez was my nephew and is murder like all murders in Belize will go unsolved due to the inept Police Department. The ministry of National Security and the Director of Prosceutions is incompetent. I can go on and on about the total incompetence of the government of Belize. To be fair this problem started and was ignored by the prior government, but the UDP administration has not made it any better. Belize has become a cesspool of crime and will soon be the MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.
    Their is also a breakdown in the moral fabric of families in Belize. The youth in Belize has no conscience and their behavior is purely animalistic. I call upon parents, that if a gun in in your home please give it up. If you don’t you are as guilty as your sons who pull the trigger. I call upon the religious institutions to preach the value of life to your parishoners.

    The government will wake up when citzens begun to arm themselves. To the scumbag lawyers that defend these animals you are all BLOOD GUILTY.

    I am grieving along with my brother, his mother and the rest of my family. May Ian rest in peace.

  10. CRNCN_CTZN says:

    We seems to forget that police officers are humans being just like the rest of us. The department does not have a radar to detect violence before it happens they have to rely on the public at large and witnesses to aid in the solving of the cases. What they government needs to do in invest in the police personnel so that they can know how to collect evidence and do proper investigations that will lead to arrest. There are alot of schools and programmes that the government can send police officers to so that they can gain knowledge and be more active. Also, what the government needs to invest in is a DNA labs so that they can become more modern. Instead they are investing in themselves. I watch Law & Order and CSI and shows like that and i pray for the day when our Belize Police Department can be functional as those.

  11. Red-Boy (BZE) says:

    A sad state of affairs…

    Belize is in the same position Northen Ireland was some 30 years ago…
    But this time, instead of social geo-political or religious differences fueling the ‘killing spree’. It’s petty crime/drugs and gang violence (as well as a corrupt, or just incompetent government).

    We all know that this gem-of-a-country has no ‘real’ law or border defence force the people can trust. There will come a point (in the near future) where inocent people will start to arm themselves with the same weapons as used by these criminals just to feel safe in there homes and on the streets.

    Maybe it’s time the government take a step back and look at the big picture (as well as themselves). Thier is no shame in asking the UK, USA or even the UN for help in maintaing civil law and order on the streets and on the country borders.

    Because if the present situation gets any worse, there will come a time when the only option is to deploy ‘peace keeping’ troops on the streets of this beautiful country.

  12. spanglish says:

    Police will never be able to solve this crimes cause ones dickie bradly and arthur saldivar jumpS in to defend these criminals the case goes down the drain!!
    I wonder if politicians, or lawyers or the opposition is instigating these crimes.
    there has to be someone behind all this chaos, killing, murders in Belize, especially the old capital.
    HMM really sad cause innocent people are getting killed for nothing, I strongly believe government should start hanging these men who kill, I don’t think any lawyer should defend them.
    Parents of this murderers should be charge too!! Please don’t tell me parents don’t what their children are doing out there. Maybe parents are the ones getting paid!! Who knows.

  13. ny says:

    the only way to curb the violence in bze @ this point, is to change the sentencing guidelines. a message has to be sent to these lost kids out there that r committng these heinous crimes( that says, if u do the crime u have to spend the time.) 5yrs if u get caught w/ an unlicense fire arm in ur home, 10 yrs, if u get caught w/ it on ur person, 15yrs if you get caught using it in any criminal activity. 20yrs to life for murder, life for aggravated murder. 5yrs for the first illegal bullet and 1yr for each additional bullet. if caught , u r to serve ur full time w/out being illegible for parole. other criminals should be dealt w/ on a three stike basis, after three stikes, u get 10 to 15 yrs. there should be the elimination of sentences that r to run concurrently. if there is any hope for our crown jewel, the gob needs to take a stand and start implement these changes.

  14. Earl Grey says:

    at no cost to taxpayers.

  15. The People Had Enough says:

    No offense to Belizeans, but can’t we build a wall around South Side Belize, use that as a prison sector that Earl Grey talks about so much. Give every law abiding citizen a chance to get the hell out and after that lock the gates shut, throw in provisions, drugs and guns and let them have at it. Same principle as Escape from L.A. movie. I know this sound harsh, but we need to stop feeling sorry for criminals who piggy back on the public’s sympathy of, “well i am poor and grew up in poverty….” I know a lot of poor, hard working people; yes they are poor but work hard and live within their means, but they dont go around killing, robbing and raping people under the guise of poverty. These people, these heartless criminals are just human scum, who are lazy and just want to see the world burn and hurt whoever for their own benefit and survival and they prey on the same hardworking poor people and law abiding citizens in general, why? cause we (society) tolerate this nonsense. Trust me i lived in Belize City in the late 80′s and some part of the 90s, committing crime is a big joke to these phukwads, they do it for pleasure and entertainment, and to prove their machismo. Open the execution express line and send them to Allah and let him sort them out. Society need to fight back, arm yourselves and take back your neighborhoods and communities….or sit back and weep when some more schmuck bites it…choice is ours people.

  16. Eleanor says:

    I say lets have a national hanging day. Heng all those on death row. Start at 8:00 AM and heng one every hour. Let aLL the church bells ring at the death of each scumbag. It will be a somber day in Belize but a reality check. Some “intellectuals” have said that hanging does not deter crime. I may not deter crime but it does cause one to think about the consequence of their behavior.

  17. Common Sense says:

    Belize Police is soft…..all they do is ride around arresting people fi dem looks why deh no arrest barrow?

  18. ex teacher says:

    Tek dis fram me, all a deh killas wah walk skat free. No hat unu head. Deh weh all walk skat free. We gaan fram bad to worse an den we gwayne to wosara an wosarrra yet.

  19. Josie says:

    Belize is in comparison to Somalia and the other African nations when it comes to crime, these criminals are deportee from the US who upon arrival at the airport should have been picked up and taken straight to jail and let them have no opportunity to do anything or even train the young kids to start using weapons. This gang stuff is straight out of the ghetto in the US. BETTER YET WHEN THEY ARE DEPORTED BACK TO BELIZE LET THEM DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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