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Feb 4, 2011

Insurance Company says it has been fair to upset client

Lyndon Bailey, a recipient of FirstCaribbean’s Unsung Hero’s program, came to our studios on Thursday because he felt he wasn’t given a fair assessment by Atlantic Insurance. His damaged vehicle was attached to a trailer when he dropped by to complain about the insurance company. Bailey, a founder of Tubal Trade School, was involved in an accident since last year and says he hadn’t been compensated yet even though he has comprehensive coverage. Bailey claims that the chassis was bent and replacing it would cost up to fifty thousand dollars. Atlantic Insurance, however, spoke to News Five today and said that the chassis isn’t bent and they have always been prepared to settle Bailey’s claim.

Georgina Baeza, Claims Manager, Atlantic Insurance

“We want to say that while we respect his opinion, we want to clarify some misleading information that he shared with regards to the frame of his vehicle being damaged. We want to say that Atlantic Insurance has a team of well trained and qualified professionals and we work along with highly qualified professionals. In this case we had the assistance of Mister Jorge McField, who is an independent loss adjustor to deal with the case and he is here with us to discuss a little bit more of how he went about assessing the loss.”

Jorge McField

Jorge McField, Independent Loss Assessor

“We had conducted a frame check on Mister Bailey’s vehicle and we did not find any misalignment in the frame. Both rails and the frame was in perfect symmetry and alignment. We had used calibrated trim gauges to do the assessment. What are the concerns that I had when looking at the newscast; he had commented that frame if it’s damaged cannot be repaired and that’s not the case. If that was the case, the multimillion dollar industry that it is with the frame equipment and frame measuring equipment would not exist. I brought some literature which I showed you earlier both from Nissan themselves, from Nissan Japan and from J.M.C. as examples to show you that a frame can be satisfactorily repair, but you need to do due diligence, you need to do a damage analysis—determine the extent of the damage.   In Belize, there are highly qualified individuals that can do the repair and they have the equipment. There are good shops like R&R Body Shop who have the PAT System. You have learning institutions like ITVET they have the bench system frame equipment and then you have individuals that can do the repairs. So to say that you cannot fix the frame that is not correct. You can fix the frame.”

Lyndon Bailey

Jose Sanchez

“If Mister Bailey will like his vehicle repaired—your assessor says the chassis wasn’t bend—can he bring back his vehicle? Is it still on the amendable situation?”

Georgina Baeza

Georgina Baeza

“As you heard Mister McField indicate, the frame of the vehicle is not bent, it’s in perfect symmetry so there is no need to deal with that aspect of his loss. Atlantic Insurance is more than prepared to compensate him and we have been prepared to compensate him for the loss that he sustained.”

The assessor says that the left front wheel had a set back because the lower control arms are bent. An alternative quote on the repair was received from R and R Body Shop which had a substantially lower cost than the assessor used by Bailey.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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15 Responses for “Insurance Company says it has been fair to upset client”

  1. deceived 2x says:

    the damage has been done and the insurance company deserves the black eye, they are always trying to dodge claims, and they could have settled this matter earlier, but instead they just wanted to frustrate bailey to this point, YOU DAMM KNOW THAT YOU NEVER WANT TO PAY A CLAIM!!!

  2. sasha says:

    I wouldn’t get into the whole story but, if you are going to pay 50,000 for chasis you better buy yourself a Toyota Tundra and still have money left over, do the math it is that EASY.

  3. risu says:

    Insurance is a fraud. They harrass u if u miss a payment, but they ignore you if they are the ones that are supposed to pay. A damaged chassis is a serious problem. None of those insurance dunduts would want to get drive a vehicle with a damaged chasis, so y do they expect their customers to do it?

  4. PG Man says:

    The reason that people buy comprehensive coverage is for the comfort that if something happen they will be covered in time with out the hassle of frighting for their money……

    I have have comprehensive coverage with a other company before…. it took over a year to get paid from them…. The government or the Minster should step in and do something about these companies…

  5. Crazy says:

    Mister Bailey needs to learn how to spell “FRAUD”. LOL! That truck car was probably already !@#$%^ and he is just trying to get by.

  6. Be Real: says:


  7. Revolution says:

    Shame on you Atlantic Insurance. And I can tell you from experience that Jorge McField is no independent adjuster. He is singing for his supper. I had to deal with Mr. McField a couple years ago when he worked for RF&G Insurance after they had merged, and it was the same cock and bull story. He subsequently left RF&G and it is obvious that he now works for Atlantic Insurance. I’ve got two vehicles insured with Atlantic Insurance, there is no way I will renew those policy this year as I do not wish to be associated with a company who is quick to collect on premiums but drag you thru hell for a claim.

  8. garfield garret says:

    i agree. man lets pay the dues. why pay insurance if you are not (fraud)??? i mean who wants to get in an accident. only the insurance company. they fraudulently have lots to thro dogs away
    i hope crazy no too crazy to go to the insurance when he gets on the same bailey shoe.

  9. Disgusted says:

    Well, how do you expect the insurance to pay for a damage that isnt there!!!???? Be satisfied with what you got, and move on!!! I did the same..I had an accident, insurance gave me money, maybe not quite what i expected, bit life goes on..Money doesnt grow on treees!!!

  10. el alcalde says:

    We look so bad, what is our Government doing?

    Read this :

  11. Be Real 2 says:

    Thank you for your comment BReal you are the only person that had something positive to say and you could not be more right. People need to bear in mind that each case is separate. Judgement should not be placed on a company because of one incident that happend. Atlantic insurance is a very financially solid company and fair in the way it conducts business.

  12. solid ripoff says:

    solid maybe , but they are a major ripoff, isn’t is in their best interest to not pay a claim and try their best to dodge a claim, which put them in better books with the shareholders. this is all a major ripoff, bereal would never understand until he has a claim if ever.

  13. Being Really Real! says:

    It is quite unfair to be a good driver and paying insurance for ages, that is from the time one gets a vehicle and manditorily has to pay for insurance, and if in an accident will have to get the run around by that insurance company just to get back what is well due to them. when payment is due to the insurance company they hastle and remind u to pay, but when it is time to pay a claimant the skillfully dodge claimants as best as possible and are unjust with the payout that they give when they finally decide to do so after frustrating to hell the claimant.

    It is unacceptable….The rich should not get richer off poor people. To all Insurance Companies!!! Give back what is just due!!! As you as an individual would not want to be unfairly treated. THE TRUTH!

  14. daveyt says:

    Being Really Real! Your comment “The rich should not get richer off poor people”…. Are you for real?/ This Is BELIZE!!!!!!!

  15. Elgin Martinez says:

    Mr Georgina don’t be stupid.How is Jorge Mcfield an indipendent adjustor when he has affiliations with you guys.

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