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Feb 4, 2011

Parents accuse policeman of harassing their son

Police officers are expected to uphold the law and to be upstanding members of the community.  But a man and his wife have come forth with a very serious allegation against a police corporal stationed at the Hattieville Police Station.  Steven and Bridget Dixon say that their eighteen year old son was involved in a scuffle on a bus in December and last month the corporal made sexual advances on the youth.  Bridget Dixon told News Five today that she was present at home when the officer came and tried to invite her son to drinks.  But when the youth refused, the corporal returned to their house three consecutive nights demanding to take him into custody for the fight he had on the bus.  The concerned parents say that the officer’s behavior has really affected their son because he had just enlisted as a recruit in the Police Training Academy when the policeman made his move.  They have since made reports to the Police Internal Affairs Unit and the Ombudsman’s office.

Bridget Dixon, Mother of alleged victim

“He approached my son on the sixteenth of January from across the neighborhood bar because it is like one house from me and he come over to our stoop to sit with my son and his brother. And he asked them if they want to go over and have drinks and cigarettes.”

Marion Ali

“You heard this?”

Bridget Dixon

Bridget Dixon

“Yes, but he didn’t know I was listening through the window because when I hear little scuffles I would get up and see what’s going on around my area because we are close to a bar there. And so my son said no, he’s not going anywhere. So he said he wanted to have a word with him in private and he took him to the corner of the house where we have our big eighteen wheeler truck. My son tell him whatever you have to say you can say in front of my brother as well. He said no I want to talk to you in private. So I stayed at the window and listened to what he was telling the child.  And he said, let’s go with me to drink and spend some time at my house. And the child said no, you’re drunk and tomorrow you will not remember what you said. And he said, no I’m not drunk, I’m serious. I can give you anything you want—I make a lot of money and then he left.”

Marion Ali

“You heard all of this?”

Bridget Dixon

“Yes I heard that through my window.”

Steven Dixon, Father of alleged victim

“He’s basically abusing his authority by trying to course this young man into this type of relationship and I am talking about a man approaching a man. And my son told him the next day look I don’t roll like that. And a lot of people was outside and he said straight man straight. In other words just forget about it.  And then right after that, week after that, then he start showing up to our house to try to arrest him under charges that was there over a month.”

Marion Ali

“The bus incident you are talking about?”

Steven Dixon

Steven Dixon

“Yes the bus incident. But what was surprising to us is the time that the officers arriving at our house; at two a.m. in the morning, knocking on our doors, shining light in our windows as if saying that he’s here for this young because of the bus incident.”

Bridget Dixon

“No he didn’t say bus incident, he said he accosted an officer or different incrimination…he was saying about assaulting an officer. Every time they come it’s a different story, every time he comes it’s a different story. So I asked, can we see some kind of written…”

Steven Dixon

“we wanted to see a summons, we wanted to warrant and they would never produce a warrant.  Our concern as parents and living in a rural community like Mahogany Heights with a lot of kids around, if he is so brazen to come on my step and sexual accost my son, I’m concerned about the other young boys in that community.”

Bridget Dixon

“The ones he was doing it to before and so that’s basically my concern. Has he been doing this for a long time and hasn’t got caught why he’s so brazen with it. And to top it off at my house, he came to my house with that.”

Marion Ali

“So the ombudsman is investigating?”

Steven & Bridget Dixon

“Yes right now as we speak.”

Marion Ali

“And the internal affairs?”

Bridget Dixon

“And the Internal Affairs.”

The office of the Ombudsman today confirmed that they are in receipt of the complaint against the policeman.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Parents accuse policeman of harassing their son”

  1. Stephen says:

    Send that nasty man to the prison where he can find a boyfriend and be happy there. He does not belong with our police department get rid of the rotten eggs. it wont be long before we have a disaster due to those Sodom And Gomorrah Act.

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Can someone tell the corporal that Belize has a vibrant Gay & lesbian community & he is giving gay men a bad name by pursuing a youngster who has made it clear that he is not interested. This has nothing to do with homosexuality, this is just some idiot being a bully.

  3. RadicalBelizean says:

    BZNinCALI you are 100% correct. Its people like him who make others have homophobic tendency (like Stephen) based on ignorance.

    The police officer should be dismissed immediately. Like the parents said, who knows if this man haven’t been grooming other children to exploit them sexually. Get rid of him, he’s a bully bordering on paedophilia.

    Its is so refreshing to see parents united in support of their child. Not a single mother making a compliant to authorities which is usually ignored. Hope this problem is resolved favourably for your son and family shortly.

  4. B grovy says:

    Picture and name please so other parents can be aware of this rump ranger.

  5. John Boy,Carson,Ca says:

    Being gay is not a problem.The problem is when you force yourself on someone who dosn’t welcome your advance.He is abusing his power.The big picture have nothing to do with being gay.The big picture is someone abusing his power.

  6. BIGZZ says:

    Cpl …….. should be out of the police department a long time ago because he is a real shame to the department. Cpl …….. doesnt even have the ability to investigate but the ability to make sexual advances on a youngster, PC ….. was dismissed and SC …… for their sexual acts. Dont go to far there is a gay one who works in Ladyville too who name is PC …. ……. He was caught in belize city with another man having sexual relations in a vehicle near Southern Foreshore and all that was done to him was transferred to PG. He should be dismissed also… We cant choose one sexual choice but the department has integrity and must maintain the confidence of the general public….

  7. jose says:

    this monster should be dismiss without pay and charged if have to be charge. quest what alot of kids will not come forward as long as he remains in the department because he have one of my friend son intemidated that if he says anything to anyone that nobody will believe him and he could put some kind of criminal charges on the young man and send him to prison because he is also the actting commanding officer of that station so how many younths have to keep hush ah man get him out of the police department as quick as possible hes contaminating the department and take it serious just image when he pickup youths who are drunk what he might had done to them worst if he handcufft them…. then again look into the one who is at the ladyville station i have nothing against gays i respect them but when things like this happen then they are very serious concern

  8. Lithium says:

    It is not justifiable to make allegations that one person that is gay represents the entire gay community. If that is the case we can make assumptions such as; if a straight person commits carnal knowledge with a minor (female), that all males are sexual abusers.

    I agree that the situation is a touchy one because the victim was abused, but other measures that can be implemented in order to properly and humanely deal with this specific issue.

  9. DODBEL says:

    I believe things like these are coming up into our country because of the lack of control in our authorities. It seems like all they can do whatever they want because of such position. Our control is starting to reflects issues that seems to intolerable. Children are being pressure or forced by this people. This is not the first time that an incident like this happen; it has happen before in the neighboring districts. Have concerns please!!! children are the generation and they need full support.

  10. Natty yute says:

    Maybe it has something to do with his father being gay in AMErica… Brooklyn. He was married to a man named Donna Dixon!

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