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Feb 3, 2011

Teacher of Gwen Liz, Wilfred A. Neal beats student for soupy comment

An incident at a Belize City High School has prompted the management to send home a teacher pending the outcome of an investigation. According to the administration of Gwen Lizaragga High School, the incident between the teacher, Wilfred Austin Neal, and a male student occurred after two thirty Wednesday afternoon. While in class, a student called the teacher ‘soupy.’ The word apparently refers to an alternative sexual orientation.  And then according to all sources, Neal beat up the student. The principal has suspended the teacher until the school board convenes.   At that meeting both sides will be able to give their side of the story. Neal, who has been employed at the institution since 2002, has been before the board once before for inappropriate and harsh language towards students. According to the parent, he was told that another student was the one who called the teacher ‘Soupy.’

Gildon Rowland Sr., Parent of Student Attacked by Teacher

“When I got there, I got to understand that a teacher had a situation with my son. However, they have assured me they handled it internally, but they also made me aware of my right to make a formal complaint with the police which I just did this evening because I had to make sure that we di do the right thing because the idea dah noh fi sabotage anybody, but you want get a clear understanding of what happened.”

Jose Sanchez

“But you went to the police that means it must have been something serious. What were the facts as you were told?”

Gildon Rowland Sr.

Gildon Rowland Sr.

“Well the reason why I gone to the police dah simply because one; I was made to understand that this was not the first time the teacher had such incident happening within himself and students in the past. The other is that he caused damage to my son’s shirt and this dah hard times, you can’t afford to have anybody tearing up your property like that and barely could provide. So we di seek compensation.”

Jose Sanchez

“A student I spoke to mentioned that the teacher choked your son. Is that what you were told?”

Gildon Rowland Sr.

“He mentioned that he did get wah lee rough up-ih get hit in the head somewhere and then pushed to the ground and against the wall. But as far as the actual fighting or choking, I didn’t get the full understanding of it. However, like I said, I would prefer reserve comments until we find out what wah be the outcome of the situation internally and see if we have to seek the criminal aspect ah this matter.”

Jose Sanchez

“I know the teacher has been suspended. Has your son returned to school today?”

Gildon Rowland Sr.

“Well yes, he went to school today and I hope ih don’t have any problem in going to school after this because I am not sure if the media has gotten to the school before. I don’t know exactly weh the school di do about it but I think it is good enough for the public at large know what di happen in a sense because yes wi deh totally, me personally, dah noh wah fan of the fact that they take out corporal punishment out of the school because without punishment you noh got discipline. But  at the same time too when you have someone di pounce on a student without any cause because this dah how I understand it; he neva do any name calling dah somebody else call, but he dah the one weh unfortunate to get the hit.”

News Five spoke to Neal this evening but he said he had no comment.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Teacher of Gwen Liz, Wilfred A. Neal beats student for soupy comment”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    The teachers response should have been……………….IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE.

    That usually shuts them up……………………..

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    Mr. Rowland, thank you for stepping forward as a parent, I appreciate seeing fathers involved in their children’s lives & education & I share your view on corporal punishment. All of us have sat across from or been in a room with a child we wished we could take a belt to & adolescent children can be a challenge. The teacher should have followed the rules & sent him to the Principal’s office but I was a teenager, I had teenage children, taught teenage children & like everyone had the urge to choke a few. They lie, I believe he called the man a name & it may not have been the first time.

    Mr. Neal, you may be a great teacher but a career change is best if you cannot keep your hands off the little monsters.

  3. G says:

    I myself was once attack by Mr Neal when he use to teach at St Ignatius. He use to insult students with worse words than soupy, I can protest to that and I have the scar on my shoulder after he slamed me into a classroom window. I guess old habbits never dies

  4. time flies says:

    totally understand the highschool stand, against the teacher, but the students are totally disrespectfull and out of hand, the student should be charge for his comment, he made against the teacher too.

  5. Justice says:


  6. louisville,ky says:

    Seems like Neal is one of those fellows that aren’t too happy to have his ‘soupyness’ come out of the closet just yet. However, you are not allowed to get your draws in bunches and tek might mek right, Nealie. Yuh wah put yuh hann pan di wrang man piknni.

  7. Woo says:

    Good discipline though it is against the Law. No one goes around beating some one for no reason. Deh lee pikni tek their rights for granted and deserve good old fashioned lashing some times…PS i do not condone any voilence or law breaking, but Gwen Liz is notorious for unruly students so I applaud the teacher for breaking this young man down to boy size

  8. Initiate! says:

    Mr. Neal was my great English teacher 13 years ago. One of my best teachers in high school!

    but Mr. Neal, do yourself a favor – apologize and humble and control yourself! Become a better wiser person with age, not a meaner, grumpier and soupier person.

  9. roska says:

    BOTH should be suspended…. teachers cannot afford to lose control and attack a student… you cannot justify that!! You can defend yourself from physical assault but not respond physically to any verbal assault!!!

    As for the kid…. we know children are dsirespectful even to their own parents so what can we expect…. not because the teacher was wrong that means the kid was an “innocent Victim”…
    he should also be punished….. children have reached amazing heights of disrespect this days and schools need to let them know that’s not right or proper….!!!

  10. ESSB says:

    He really got “soupy” after the comment was made…

  11. Earl Grey says:



  12. RadicalBelizean says:

    Roska, Well said I don’t condone any kind of violence. Whether throwing a duster at a child or hitting with a ruler, however Mr Neal may simply have lost it after being subjected to this kind of INNUENDO. Granted he should have referred the matter to the school principal to deal with the student(s) involved. Its sad if this one incident makes him lose his place and career as a respectable teacher.

    I think it is very hard trying to educate this current generation. I have friends who are teachers and they speak of the children being very disrespectful, disruptive, disengaged playing with their mobiles, sending messages and facebook their friends. Then there is issue of lack of support from the parents, it’s not easy.

    Perhaps the school should take this opportunity to teach respect for elders, and who cares about this man very private sexual orientation? It is not a single soul business, except for him and his partner. This boy clearly don’t know why his parents are paying money for him to be there. I hope his father now sits him down and explain to him that he doesn’t have money to throw away. Therefore he should attend school and soak up the knowledge being imparted to him like a sponge. He’s not there to bully the teachers to disclose their sexual orientation to him.

  13. AG says:

    Students are getting rude and violent in the classrooms! Ministry of Ed i s not helping instead they are in favor of all this violence that is happening in the classromms, they are not the one taking the lick in the classrms.

  14. comeonMAN says:

    what di hell soupie mean. i got ah homey in bze weh we call soupie no kinda diss shout out to supie aka big poppa

  15. comeonMAN says:

    i got ah homey in bze weh we call soupie no kinda diss shout out to supie aka big poppa. So wats der difinition ah soupie??

  16. bigyea says:

    at least he didn’t call him a salad. that would warrant murder then. or gay, worse yet. but soupy is so bad.

  17. shock says:

    After Belizeans started to come to the United States in droves after hurricane hatti, the drastic changes begun in Belize it reflect in the break down of decipline, because we found out that in the United States not even parent has the right to paddle their children that they brought into the world with the responsibility to care for them until when, according society’s norms, they are deem to be an adult. I went to school when it was only one teacher for the entire school, and he was the king of his class room, and the majority of parents backed him/her up, so the the potential wayward child knew that there could be two punishment coming if he/she step too much out of line.

    So the question that Belizeans need to answer is, which Belize do you like to live in? The one before 1961 or now? Yes you have many big ride and fancy houses, and can go to the USA, etc but you are almost in a prison. Women could walk the street alone any time of the day or night, and many of us slept with a chair behind the door only to keep it closed, no bars on our houses, nor guard with shot guns at just about every business establishment, etc, etc. I never heard of any police engaged in a fist fight with each other let alone killing another police officer, nor a teacher killing a child. But now we come up with these weak politicians, who like the United States weak spine Law Makers allow one woman to cause prayers to be taken out of public schools. Folks, study history and see how politicians have brought about the worst trouble for mankind. I don’t give one darn if they don’t like this statement, because yours truly have read enough to know that its a fact in human history.

    You teachers should come together and do a serious strike and take back your class rooms. In these times you all have to feel and react like cops, you touch one, you touch all. Mosy of the parents don’t know the first thing about proper dicipline,and you the teachers have to deal with the child, who for sure will take to school much of what his/her home training is all about. Its gratifying to see that the majority of the respondent to this matter are on the side of the teacher. Many years ago I was in the country and I had to go to the Police station due to a minor traffic accident, at which time I over heard an ordinary constable belching out the top of the line profanity in front of a senior female officer that was rank higher than a Sergant; all I did was shook my head in disgust, and concluded that there was no decipline nor respect in the Police force. The military work with precision because there is decipline. America find itself having to do catch up in there education to compete with students from Asia; and much of Americas’ problem has to do with low decipline. I read in the Belize news that three out of five children does not graduate from high school. That’s sad, very sad.

    Teachers, remember that its likely that the majority of you all will be there after the politician(s) is no longer in office, and you will have to deal with the mess they have created; so stand your grounds.

    Respect to you all for your sacrifice to educate (if you can) the nation’s future generation.

  18. concerned teacher says:

    Teachers we need to find a way to deal with this situation. I peraonally am not against the removal of corporal punishment. But let me use this scenario: if someone tells me I cannot fish any more…they must come out with a way to provide me with fish meat!!! In education it is the same…. if I can’t giv a child a good lashing… show me a way to discipline them without it. Don’t take away my canoe without teaching me how to swim.I wah drown… So we teachers need to protect what we have and fight for the best; not our best, not the best for politics but whats best for Belize. If we continue like this, I am afraid of what we’ll become in the next 20 years.

  19. ex teacher says:

    To di person from 13 years ago. Dat da how long I lef teaching. Wen I lef teaching I tell sumbady, no rememba, dat dehn ya pikney weh di kom up wid dis ya rite and dat ya rite wah b wah menace to we sosiaty. Eena dem dayz we neva hav pikney di tell aff teacher like now. Das why Nealie dah mi u bes teecha. Well tiddeh day he haf fi deel wid badda pikney dan fi u dayz. Pikney weh gat all kinda rites an di teecha no gat none. Well now all a unu out deh. Look pan di age range a pikney weh deh eena trubl rite now. Dah di same age range dem weh I lef eena skool bak den. Dis ya children rites ya an disya rite deh noh di work out. We now di reap weh we sow yaas ago fi waan di falla di USA. Dem pipple dem gat money n resources. We no have but we han ova fis waan falla dem. One ting ah waan all ah unu modan wans know. Wappin no kill. Wappin straiten u up. Wen I mi deh eena primary, ah gaan fool roun an fail mi test eena standad 3 o 4. Di teecha line all a we up an wid wah big rope wap di hell outta we fi di fool aroun. Well dat dah mi di laas wapping I gat dah skool kaas afta dat I neva fail wah nada test. Tiddeh day dem pikney wah tek ova di klaas an wen deh no pass di govament wah blame di teecha specially dat lee !@#$% minista weh di deh rite now. Now di teecha get suspended an di pikney gwayne bak dah skool. Weh message we di sen out? See why I left teaching. I smelled di rat lang time ago. Wish all ah unu weh haffi deal wid dem rude pikney specially eena Belize city latta luck. We no gat no betta fi get. Start to trus eena di Almighty. He soon kome back fi we.

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