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Feb 2, 2011

Dog chopped with machete to free infant’s head from its mouth

An ambulance was called to the Antelope Street area this afternoon. Neighbors responded to the frantic call of a mother whose young daughter was being attacked by a family dog. The young child, Carla Cardinez, was bitten on the neck and head and had to be rushed to the hospital. It is not known why the dog attacked Lupita, but it is known that the animal has not been vaccinated. The animal only released the child when he was chopped by its owners.  When News Five’s Jose Sanchez rushed to the scene he spoke to the caring neighbors who assisted in getting the toddler through the London bridges to the ambulance.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

The ‘London bridges’ that extend the extension of Antelope Street are part of an area known as Jerusalem. Deep in Jerusalem under a pink house, a black dog bit an infant, Carla Cardinez in her head and would not let go. Neighbors immediately came to assist.

Stanwell Bernardez, Neighbor

“I see the Spanish lady di bawl and pull eh daughter. But we neva know that the dog had eh daughter lock.”

Stanwell Bernardez

Jose Sanchez

“So the baby’s head was in the mouth of the dog?”

Stanwell Bernardez

“Yes sir, by yah, right yah pan ih leg and somewhere else. the lee gial have hole pan ih skin.”

Jose Sanchez

“So how did they manage to get the dog off the baby?”

Stanwell Bernardez

“They end up have to give ahn wah chop ina ih head fi mek the dog let go here and then the mother was laying down there.”

The hero of the day, Samuel Bernardez, ran through the bush to assist the family.

Samuel Bernardez, Hero

“I see my neighbors struggling under the house bottom of this house. I didn’t know it was a little baby underneath there that the dog was holding, grabbing and scraping. When I looked I saw young lady that lives here, when I see here come from underneath the house with someone in her hand I didn’t know it was a baby I thought it was something else. But when I look I saw that it was a little baby. I ran from over there and I came through the bushes to rescue the little baby from down here from out of the baby’s hand. When I reach on this bridge, I see the mother faint and I jump cross the bridge put mi hand pan ih stomach press it in and press a little bit by ih chest fi mek ih could breathe because I look like ih  mi di go from ihself. Then from deh so, the next young lady weh live yah so mi got the lee gial ina ih hand. From deh so I tell ahn make ih ker ahn inside because ih ma mi couldn’t tek it. If ih mi stay around ih ma lee while longer, di ma mi wah pass away and we noh know weh we mi wah do. They manage to get the lee gial ina di house again and then I call ambulance for ahn. When I done call the ambulance, we tell dehn fi ker the lee gial dah front but deh mi di come too slow so I just come get the baby and I run pan the bridge along and I gone dah the road mouth.”

Samuel Bernardez

Jose Sanchez

“You neva ‘fraid a drop with the baby pan di London bridge?”

Samuel Bernardez

“No dah something weh I use to. I walk this bridge night and day so ih noh make no difference to me.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you met the ambulance at the front of the roadside?”

Samuel Bernardez

“Yes sir.”

According to relatives of the family, the mother and daughter are still at the hospital.  The dog did not receive its relevant shots. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

Up to news time, the child remains in the hospital.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Dog chopped with machete to free infant’s head from its mouth”

  1. jimeneis says:

    “It is not known why the dog attacked Lupita,…” Oh, dogs need a reason.

  2. Elias says:

    First of all, We do not want any unjustified reputation towards a breed. This dog in question is a mix dog. Not a full breed pitbull. Full breeds are what Belizean bulliez are promoting in Belize. I believe that this little girl was in the neighbors yard. They dog was in his right to protect property. I am not justifying the attack, but where are the responsible parents of this child. How can they let this child stray into the path of a chained dog on duty!

  3. cg says:

    this is why i don’t believe you should keep animals when you have kids…especially dogs like these. they need as much care and attention as kids and if you mistreat them, they eventually do things like these. i hope the baby gets better and is not scarred by the experience, poor thing.

  4. BZ says:

    Hope the baby ends up ok. Poor Dog. I hope they are both ok. Dog must be tied up all day, frustrated, that’s no way to treat mans best friend.

  5. daveyt says:

    Why is that dog still alive? It should have been destroyed immediately. Now it’s got the taste for human blood, it’ll keep attacking whenever it can!

    What next? The dog owner going to sue the 3 year olds Mother for the injuries to the dog????

    Pit Bulls and Pit Bull cross breds are dangerous animals, and should be controlled. In some countries, they are banned.

    Not in Belize though, and there are stray pitbulls on the streets, packs of stray dogs everywhere, and nothing gets done about it. As soon as anyone suggests neutering, or destrying them, there is a public outcry over the “cruelty”.

    Let’s get real here, stray dogs are Vermin, worse than rats, they crap and pee everywhere, tear up garbage, eat the contents of pampers and leave the rest all over the place and breed like reabbits. they damage property and vehicles, and when running in packs, are a real threat to people, especially young people – OUR KIDS!!!!!

    Nobody does anything about this, nor about restricting the number of dangerous dogs kept throughout the country.

    No wonder this country is in the state that it’s in, and no wonder that few tourists stay in Belize City – the place is a massive heath hazard. Just a matter of time now before an epidemic of typhoid or typhus sweeps through the city. There’s already an almost constant stream of food poisoning cases.

    Where is the Ministry of Heath? Where are the Health Inspectors? Who is checking the hygene standards of the restaurants and food vendors?

    The time bomb is ticking!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. CRNCN_CTZN says:

    you cannot hold the owner of the dog at fault. Yes am sorry for th baby that got hurt but the dog was tied and under the owner house it wasn’t loose and running wild. These animals are have an instinct to protect and thats what it was doing. I personally have pitbull dogs both full bred and mixed bred and my dogs are on chain all the time and they are there to protect my house and me.

    If you come into my yard and get mauled then you are at fault not the dog for doing what his instinct tells him to do. It like like the case with the little bod that was killed he went into the yard where the dog was for coconuts he was trespassing and the dog did what he was supposed to do. Yes its a real tragedy and i sympathized with both family but you can’t blame the animals.

    any may i add also not only pitbulls and mixed breed dogs attacked people when i was younger we had a patlicker as it is called and that dog was worst than any of those pitbulls so the breed has nothing to do with it. Dogs do what they are supposed to do and its in their nature.

    What are you going to do kill all the dogs that attack people and are there for protection. In that case we should take the same action when it comes to humans cause in reality humans are worst than animals and yet still we try to rehabilitate them when they kill.

  7. LARGE AND SEXY says:

    was the dog properly tied??? If so, why the mother allow her child to come so close to this dog, parents need to be more watchful of their children, especially around these type of animals.

    I agree with daveyt concerning stray dogs, yes the proper authorities should do something about these aniamls, they are an embarrassment to our country, all those menge dogs are disgusting.

  8. RadicalBelizean says:

    I have every sympathy with the mom and hopefully the infant will make a full recovery. Good to see that the young man act of kindness save the child’s life. Well done! I am also pleased to see we are moving towards considering animal welfare. The loyalty man experience with dogs is immense, truly man’s best friend. I do understand someone calling for the dog to be destroyed however It is unclear why the dog attacked ( yes, jimeneis). What is more important and in the interest of protecting the public is to make sure the dog get his/her shots.

    Perhaps someone will also address the gaping wound on the dog’s head. Either he/she is put down or take care of the dog properly. Anyone tied up in the heat for an hour let alone most of the day and see how cross you’ll get. These dogs have energy/power you can’t cut corners and being lazy. They need exercising, walking them and feeding them properly. Is this dog a working dog i.e just there to protect the house with little or no love, care and attention or is it a pet? If it is a pet s/he should be a pampered pooch.

    Maybe we need to pass laws about ownership of the dangerous dog licence and people need to be more responsible with this bred as they are killers. Please get this dog vaccinated, if it’s not.

  9. BZNinCALI says:

    daveyt, I agree with most of what you said. The dog should be put to sleep because it is now a threat to human beings. The mother does bear some responsibility because she should have kept close tabs on her child especially if she knew that a vicious dog lived next door. I saw no fences in the picture & if he was taught to attack strangers, property lines mean nothing if his leash was long enough to make it to what is obviously common walkways.

    A barking dog & neighborhood watch is a good deterrent against property crimes, no one needs a vicious dog.

  10. Concerned says:

    People get dogs and then do not do the things you need to do to make that dog safe. Do dogs need a reason? Yes. There is always a reason – we may not know or understand it, but there always is. This dog is chained under a house. I wonder how much exercise, socialization and training this dog has had. So many people get dogs and want them to be mean so that they will protect their house and then act surprised when the dog does exactly what it was encouraged to do. This dog may have had pit bull in it, but that is irrelevant. Any large dog can seriously hurt a child. In this case irresponsible dog ownership – ie not meeting a dogs basic needs of exercise, companionship and training were probably the main factors in this tragic incident. I agree that to a certain extent dog owners cannot be blamed if someone enters their property and is bitten, but they can be blamed if they have so little control over their dog that they have to chop it to make it stop. Dogs do not get a taste for human blood. That comment is ridiculous and based on ignorance. I’ve never heard any public outcry about neutering and spaying stray dogs here. I have heard a lot of frustration and anger from humane societies in Belize that the vets would rather see the dogs poisoned and dying in the streets than donate their time to neuter people’s dogs for free. There is a growing problem in Belize with macho men trying to make a buck out of dog fighting and encouraging their dogs to be aggressive. These men should be shunned from our society as they are the role models that our youth looks up to. Of course we all know that real men fight their own fights, they don’t get a dog to do it for them – but these cowards have no self respect so how can they respect a dog. In other countries the police recognize that dog fighters are gang members who have guns and drugs and so they bust dog fights and dog fighting rings. The fact that no dog fighting ring in Belize has been busted despite openly fighting dogs does make one suspicious that the police are making some money out of this cruel activity too. It would be nice if Belize could show the world it cared and did something about the way that domestic animals are treated here. What do they say about measuring the morality of a country by the way it treats its animals?

  11. bushman says:

    when di hell animal have more rights than people dah belize. dis dah mockery deh have deh bloody silly american cuh down deh and change how we duh everything including dealing with vicious animal like this one. dah bloody mangi thing need fi geh axe up. and fi di ignorant fool weh di talk bout weh di pikni mi di du eena di yaad dah fool u fool only wah jack @$$ wah seh something like that dat dah wah innocent baby deh curious bout everything pray ah hope ih have wah full recovery. as for u ah dah want di same dog bit up yuh !@$$. bloody strupidtan. dah time fi clean up belize and stop mek american ideaology run fi we country. massacre dem vicious beast.

  12. Concerned says:

    bushman, you sound very racist and ignorant. I don’t know who your comments were aimed at but I’m not American. Just because you don’t like what people say, there is no need to be racist. Who said animals should have more rights than humans? What I see people saying is that people who own animals should behave responsibly. You don’t agree? You think it is ok for people to own animals and train them to be dangerous or through neglect and cruelty allow them to become dangerous. Everyone hopes this poor child has a speedy recovery but this has nothing to do with Americans or any other nationality. You really need to direct your anger where it is deserved and that is with the people who kept this dog and did not treat it properly so that it became a danger to children.

  13. cely says:

    you are right sir! You know its an animal instinct. Why, blame the animal. Many animals just as human bieng go through phrases. The cannottalk but only defend thenmselves. So that dog should have a history right? People always want to get away with want they watn and forget the other part . Where wasthe mother of the child , why leave a child arround an animal any animal if an animal feels treaten it will defend itself maybe the child hurt him or something only the good lord knows ……………………………………..I hope the child gets better and teach parent to be more to be responsible , just as that dog could have killed the child someone could have kidnaped or raped that child …….u see what i mean……………………….. sorry …………

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