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Feb 2, 2011

Investigations ongoing into the stolen Beechcraft airplane

The Beechcraft 65 airplane with registration XBLRP that took off from the Philip Goldson International Airport on Saturday morning left a trail of smoke and doubt about how it left Belize’s airspace without clearance.  Who were the pilots? Were their identities known to the people who handed over the craft? There are more questions than answers still and that is why Police Minister Doug Singh is looking into this serious matter that does bear heavy on national security. Singh told us this afternoon, that the plane had been in the country for almost a year. Singh found out that clearance for the test flight was given by Civil Aviation, but the company which was fixing the plane had no knowledge of the identity of the pilots.

Doug Singh, Minister of Police

“It is my understanding from the mechanics who actually worked on an aircraft, I think it’s called Belize Aviation—managed by Marin and Mister Badir Flores, I think it is—that the aircraft since April of last year, for repairs; it’s not the first time that the aircraft has come into Belize for repairs. It had gone on a couple of test flights and on the third test flight, I think they had sought clearance for it to be tested from P.G.I.A. to Dangriga airport and to return, but it appears that it never returned. So certainly it’s a concern for us that it was only cleared for domestic testing so to speak and it did not. I find it unusual and that is in the onset, when we received the preliminary reports, we couldn’t classify it as missing or we couldn’t classify it per say, we had to get additional information to determine exactly what the circumstances were. We understand Civil Aviation gave it some clearance. The circumstances of that clearance I think we still have to look into as to how it was requested, who requested it, etcetera. It is normal I understand when aircrafts leave and they have another destination; they have to file a flight plan so that that is published within the database or the network that they use. That was not done because it was certainly just supposed to be a test flight. The fact they have not returned is suspicious to us and that is why the matter is under investigation.”

Jose Sanchez

doug singh

“So clearly civil aviation or the air-worthiness inspector were the ones to give clearance, but in terms of pilots, their nationalities; are there any records that should be there for who these people were?”

Doug Singh

“Well if these people came into Belize legally and they left through that way, then certainly if they were leaving internationally, it’s an immigration issue. If that was not done, that is also unorthodox. So we are looking at all the different angles. I am concerned…I did speak with Mister Marin from Belize Aviation and asked him information as to the identity of individuals and he didn’t have any information and I find that to be relatively careless. He did say to me that they did leave owing him a certain sum of money also. So I don’t know if maybe they absconded with plane intending not to pay the balance of the funds that was due to the repair company—that is also possible. As I said, we are still looking into the matter.”

Jose Sanchez

“We also reported on incidences in the past couple weeks of helicopters, pilots trying to change their registration numbers. Have you been able to find out anything about that as yet?”

Doug Singh

“Well you said helicopters and pilots. I don’t know the circumstance, I heard the item on your channel’s news last night and it was news to me. I checked with the police department and they have no reports no record of any such report. We’re looking into it further, we are checking with civil aviation to try to get an understanding if there was such an occurrence. All I know is what was reported by your station. But nobody filed an official report.”

As we said, an investigation has been launched and we hopefully will have the results.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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14 Responses for “Investigations ongoing into the stolen Beechcraft airplane”

  1. rod says:

    what a bunch of hog wash nothing this guy has said makes anysense everyone involved should be fired including himself perdomo and everyone at the airport who was involved belize again looking like the joke of the world two men come in the country just say they are taking a plane for a test ride and never return and nobody knows who they are where they came from etc etc you must be kidding if you think the belize people are that stupid blatant corruption and theft what a useless gov. from the pm down .

  2. Proud Belizean says:

    The pilots must be laughing at the incompetent Civil Aviation bunch.

    I applaud Channel 5 for Informing our incompetent leaders of inconsistencies that occur in our country. Normally its the other way around. I guess these politicians are busy hussling.

  3. news says:

    well everything channel5 reports that happens at the airport, only comes on a police report after channel5 reports it. good job 5

  4. bugaboo says:

    when anything go wrong ever at airport? what’s up with civil aviation anyway? report stuff when it happens and no one will wonder

  5. Ken says:

    What a Pack of dogs who run this country i think the PM, minster of police and the minster of national Security are all involve.

  6. c says:

    what’s up doug? shirt too big fu ya??

  7. belizeanpride says:

    now let’s hear what mr. marin has to say for himself. this things are causing us belizeans to be a luaghing stock worldwide. those these persons incharge of aviation have any morals and pride of their careers damn!!. a personal interview with mr. marin should bring more interesting things to the publics view. come on channel 5 nice piece of information and keep going, hopwfully the bald head scum pm wouldn’t bann you channel 5 for being very informative of their pendejadas que hacen. si que la !@#$% estos buros que ni orgullo tienen por nuestra patria que ahora somos la verguenza de centro america y el caribe. bola de ratas ya no los querremos mas que resignen.

  8. Fed Up says:

    Too funny! we dont know what happened to a plane that has been here all year? yeah right!
    who received the clearence to get that plane with the last load of coke into the Bahamas, Mexico or FLorida??? not one helicopter..two!! What a laughing stock to the rest of the world as any fool can read between the lines here. This was not Jose smuggling a kilo over the border this was professionals, with money, connections way up and a serious drug connection.

  9. daveyt says:

    .. and way up in the Ministerial Food chain too! Wonder how much silver crosses palms for the defence and police so-called Ministers to look the other way, and get the Police to cover everything up

    So much for TRANSPARENCY!

  10. Jan says:

    Geez !!! What is going on… This Minister of Police leaves us with my questions than answers. With all due respect Mr. Singh you dont have a clue of what happen. Just like others say, cause this media house took out the piece you got to know. “I think it’s called Belize Aviation—managed by Marin and Mister Badir Flores, I think it is—that the aircraft since April of last year” you cannot say “I think”. GET YOUR FACTS OR INFO before you speak. Its whelther you know or u dont. Only if they kidnap the PM or He gets lost we will have results from this Minister of Police.

  11. Josie says:


    Don’t call the government dogs they are PIGS. stink and slimey. Dogs are loyal to its owner

  12. BZNinCALI says:

    But you have to hand it to Doug Singh, he looks so sincere, if I was not a skeptic I would believe him but no matter what happens no one gets fired, no contracts are canceled or rescinded so I have to believe the underlings are doing their bidding. I don’t want to slap the wrong label on the wrong family but is Mr, Marin a member of a political family & as history has shown us, allowed to operate above the law?.

    I don’t believe for one second that this was done to avoid paying for repairs, I have never taken my car for service & allowed to drive it away without paying or test drove a car without the company’s employee accompanying me. We are not the butt of anyone’s joke, we are not the world’s laughing stock, we are corrupt & setting ourselves up to be taken over by criminals more ruthless than our greedy politicians & their blood sucking cronies.

  13. el alcalde says:

    What a shame !!!
    Seems that the entire gov is filling pockets before election. Seems that they are ALL desperate…DESESPERADOS now that elections is getting near.
    Even USPS are grabbing packages these days, I will com up with some REAL tracking numbers to prove it.
    Ever wonder if Minister Penner has an idea what is going on in the USPS postal services?

  14. ti says:

    I wonder how soon Belize will be to the point where Egypt is now….

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