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Feb 2, 2011

Las Vegas Casino security guards still behind bars

Curlin Thompson & Martin Miller

The boss of Las Vegas Casino in Corozal and three of his security guards were detained in Chetumal and sentenced to ten years in Mexican prison following a brawl that started at the casino and ended up across the border back in July 2008. George Hardie Junior and one of his guards, David Gomez were freed in December 2009 while Curlin Thompson and Martin Miller were handed over to local authorities last December. It was just before the Christmas and both families were excited to have Thompson and Miller home for the holidays. But tonight, the men are still behind bars at the Hattieville Prison and their relatives are speaking out to have them released. Gregory Dougal, Thompson’s cousin spoke to News Five via phone today.

Via Phone: Gregory Dougal, Cousin of Curlin Thompson

“They were transferred over on the seventeenth of December and they were handed over to the Kolbe Foundation by the Superintendent at the Corozal Police Station. They have been basically just sitting down there and there is no awareness of what will be the outcome of their case seeing that the police report that was attained by his common-law-wife states that the guys acted in carrying out their duties.

I see, after visiting on numerous occasions, his frustration and I know that frustration—never been jailed before or had anything to do with police before, that frustration could drive him to the limit and he could hurt himself and that is my concern. And most of the public believes or are of the assumption that when the news media did the article in December that the guys were handed over and would be spending the Christmas holiday with their family, that they were actually home with their family. That’s not the case. These guys are being held at the Kolbe foundation.

Based on the police report and based on the family members speaking to the authorities, they believe that it was an old bogus sentencing done in Chetumal. The fact is that the two guys from the Mexican side that initiated this whole incident weren’t even brought over to stand charges so it’s a one sided thing and this is the family’s case. What is the government going to do about it? The fact is that from the mere fact that they have been sent over, it must mean that the authorities over there are satisfied that they have spent some time and the family has been satisfied financially, etcetera, etcetera.”

The brawl at the Las Vegas Casino started when two Mexican patrons were allegedly intoxicated and behaving unruly. They were escorted out, but returned armed with guns and got into a shootout with the guards, who ended up pursuing them across the Mexican border.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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10 Responses for “Las Vegas Casino security guards still behind bars”

  1. reggie says:

    The pm say that no one can tell him how to run the country.but rite here the mexican is running our justice system,When his son was deported he didn’t have to report to the police .he even manage to left country,it just show you the one sided system in Belize if you are poor you pay the price.Family get together and protest the Prison and the get your family release.

  2. islander says:

    Funny how when we catch beaners in our country with illegal guns we give them special police escort…and then when our citizens defend themselves and make the grave mistake of taking their legal guns into beaner land the beaners jail them and on top tell us to jail our own citizens for defending themselves…

    IT IS A PITY THAT THE BEANER WHO STARTED ALL THIS DID NOT GET KILLED ON THE SPOT…ALL THE REST WOULD HAVE THEN BEEN AVOIDED. Mr. Hardie needs to get some Guards with 12 gauge shotguns loaded with 00 buckshot.

  3. ger says:

    why dont the Belize government don,t ask for the two mexican patron to be handed over to this country to be charged since they commmited a crime on this side. Otherwise release our guys

  4. O. Walk observer says:

    These guys commited and were charged for an offense in Mexico, it was not done in Belize territory period. They should be released without any question; is there some major hidden issue?? Why only these two??

  5. Carrie says:

    These men should be with their families. Even the Belize Police report stated that the incident happened in Belizean soil and that the guards were not guilty of what the mexicans are claiming. Who is the authorized person to and say these men can go home to their families? is it the PM or the Governor General.. Whoever it is,,,get going and do it. Don’t you have any feelings! Last time a mexican came to the freezone and killed a mennonite. what was the outcome? nothing!
    Mexican is stopped and found with gun by Belize Police. What was done. They were treated like royalty and escorted back to the border with a pat on the back by our government. Come on, why does our Prime Minister enjoy stepping on his own people. Get these guys out of jail and back with their families…they have endured too much already.

  6. louisville,ky says:

    Something is radically wrong with this case! If you know anything about the Mexicans and their gun laws; to have them release these men, you got to believe they were innocent or have been freed from all charges. And yet; the Belizean authorities are trying to play strict by keeping them incarcerated.
    This has got to be most frustrating for both gentlemen and their familes. Let go di man dehn, Kolbe. Dah weh unnu di try play??

  7. CRNCN_CTZN says:

    Thats always the case with Belize Mexico and Mexican have always treated Belize like a pice of floor cloth and the present PM and others before him have always condone it. You have to be Mexican and white man to be one their good side. But the cultural people of Belize get treated like we are the aliens.

    The Mexicans can come and do whatever they want in our country and just leave with a smile and a slap on the risk and telling them not to do it again but let a Belizean make the mistake and behave bad over there we get locked down instantaneous, no questions ask. Its a shame how they treat their own born and breed Belizeans.

  8. Nayo 4 D Bay says:

    Lock up George Hardie Jr and let the guards go. He made them cross the border into Mexico.

  9. shock says:

    Hey home folks, want to show how much you support your fellow Belizeans? Stop going to Chetumal for a month. Bottom line. Do you realize how much you contribute to Chetumal economy? Over One hundred million dollars per year. If big country like the United States can use monsy to punish other countries when they step out of line, why don’t you try it with the guys across the bridge to the north?

  10. Vashti says:

    Curlin Thompson is my uncle and I am very frustrated and unhappy right now and believe this is in just my uncle was on duty and did not commit a criminal act here in Belize and what lot might not know is that the mexican that started the whole issue went before the mexican court and denied knowing any of the 4 men. Mr. Prime minister or who it takes I as a proud belizean would like to ask why when this inccident occur why did our government didn’t try to get the mexican who did commit and offense on Belize’s territory and dealt with him accordingly
    But I must say Belizeans have to start opening their eyes and their mouths and ask why, what when, how put yourself in my uncle shoe he has a wife and 3 kids and a grand baby to take care of he was on duty and needs to be out here to take care of his children especially they are our tomarrow belize
    we need justice

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