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Feb 1, 2011

Price of fuel shot up twice in January

The price of fuel shot up twice in the month of January. The last increment was on January twenty-sixth which was preceded by another hike on January thirteenth.   If you check your sales receipt from the pumps you will find that you are now paying for diesel nine dollars and sixty-three, premium is selling at ten dollars and fifty cents and regular at ten dollars twenty-two cents per gallon. That’s two merciless increases for the first month of the year alone and there is no indication that the dollar tax imposed in 2009 will be removed any time soon.

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9 Responses for “Price of fuel shot up twice in January”

  1. rod says:

    this will not end here it will go up again until the people of belize finally get fed up of the corruption going on in belize and march on this no good gov. they are upping the price of fuel only to keep their families and friends living like fat hogs of the backs of the poor belizeans who cant even buy food anymore because of the corruption going on in this gov. well revolt is in the air we no a take it no more enough is enough out with barrow out with this corrupt gov.

  2. BZ says:

    @rod Maybe if you read something before posting nonsense you would notice that oil prices are rising worldwide.

  3. belizeanpride says:

    I AGREE WITH BZ of the high price of oil, BUT where is the profit being made from oil Belize is selling to the foreign? who is benefiting from this, what they should have done is made an agreement with some company to trade the refined for the crude for a good price and MAYBE we will get a cheaper price than what we are getting. So overall if they keep drilling we’ll never see the benefit at all only certain elite group in society will. overall this the goverment those not try to bring a solution to our hardship there are many country leaders who might have already found a way around to curb the hardship but the bald head we have only enjoys from our tax since he doesn’t pay a cent for the gasoline the suv’s he rides in along with his socialites.

  4. Xaan says:

    I’m not really happy with the oil prices going up but if its world wide that’s something we need to understand and accept. @ Rod, it doesn’t matter who is elected in the government.. it will forever be corrupted. I think (and this is my PERSONAL opinion) that Mr. Borrow is trying to take Belize out of debt which was left by the previous government.

  5. Earl Grey says:



  6. The People Had Enough says:

    BZ stop being an apologist for the worthless, useless government o.k. sick and tired of you Goddamn apologists, all you do is apologize for everything and blame everything but this administration. Countries all over the world, including our neighbors up north subsidize the crap out of fuel costs, they did this to quell inflationary pressures in the country; it is not a perfect system but it is better than this; for those who don’t or can’t understand economics, our Government is plugging the holes in the budget with the taxation on the fuel; instead of taxing the hell out of luxury items such as high end automobiles, alcohol, cigarettes etc…however the status quo and the power elites will feel the pinch, so am certain this is why this does not happen. After doing some research i found that the Caribbean countries are the only countries in this hemisphere who do not have heavy taxation on alcohol; which with a little more research you will find that this is one of the ways they help pay for their Social Health System; another example is in China, where the state oil companies are restricted from passing on new crude costs to their consumers, the effect of this was a growth in their economy and auto construction and sales, however we dont make !@#$ in this country because, once again power is too high, highest in the western hemisphere, highest communications cost etc.

    There are ompteen things the Government can do, in a temporarily, say 5 years, that will stimulate the economy so that it bounces back on its feet, what the Government is doing is shutting down the whole country, starving small and medium size businesses from grown and many simply going out of business, chasing away foreign investment among many other negative causality; they have raise GST last year by over 20%, give GST a call and find out how much percent they are off in collection….over 30%. But Barrow continues to listen the IMF which will !@#$ this country up so bad its not even funny.

  7. el alcalde says:

    BZ people…it is time to kick the @$$ hole BALD head out of office!!! WE HATE THAT SUCKER!! THAT IS A BAD DOG, NOT EVEN HIS MOTHER FINDS ANY AFFECTION ON THAT DOG!!!

  8. shock says:

    Plain and simple, these guys don’t know a darn thing about running the country. We can perform lest than we know, but we cannot perform more than we know. Experience is the best teacher, ask them to show their real experience in dealing with the outside world successfully at a high level. Minister of trade is a lawyer, where is his experience for business? BIG ZERO. The only thing that this head of state is good for is to create mischif to start a law suit and hand the litigation to— you know. to make lots of money at the tax payers expense. Like th old snake charmer, who show the snake one hand while he grab it with the other. Wake up Belizeans and don’t vote for another lawyer. They create certain useless laws when in political office, then live from it after they are no longer in office.

  9. Earl Grey says:

    ……and the supply is endless., but they act like it’s not.

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