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Jan 31, 2011

APAMO asks government not to issue new oil drilling concessions

OPIC, the state owned Taiwanese company, recently announced that it had given up the second largest exploratory concession for oil that stretched across the Belize Barrier Reef. The environmental N.G.O. community applauded the OPIC decision and APAMO today took it one step further. It called on the government to persist from the issuance of any new lease in the area which covers over one million acres offshore. APAMO is also asking the government to take the same stand on any offshore leases that are released, expired or may be due to non-compliance by the holders of the lease. The OPIC decision, however, has been eclipsed by the revelation that a license, albeit onshore, has been granted to the PM’s nephew, Kimano Barrow and Alfredo Acosta of Paradise Energy Limited. The opposition People’s United Party says it objects to the Government’s decision to grant the onshore concession in a nationally protected area without consultation at a time when the entire question of petroleum exploration—both onshore and offshore—is under scrutiny.  It says it is also concerned that the recently formed company is without petroleum expertise in an area that geologists have repeatedly claimed to be not suitable for oil exploration. The P.U.P. also asks the government to immediately revoke the license.

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7 Responses for “APAMO asks government not to issue new oil drilling concessions”

  1. rigrat says:

    Again APAMO is making waves about something that they know absolutely nothing about. Geologists have not claimed whatsoever that this area is unsuitable for oil exploration. There is very little terrain on this planet unsuitable for drilling to be carried out.
    It may be that there is a slim possibility that there is nothing there, but that doesn’t make the area unsuitable.
    Seismic hasn’t been done yet on large tracts of this lease.
    When you continually shout about things that you have little knowledge of, people will soon start to think of you as a fool.

  2. Lindsay Howard says:

    Rigrat, just because an area “may” be suitable for oil exploration, doesn’t mean oil exploration should occur there. Please take a little time and do some research on the Maya Mountains and their unique geology and ecological habitats. To drill for oil in the Maya Mountains will bring tears to the eyes of Christ.

  3. rasman says:

    OF the all the people, the politician are the one who have no knowledge of anything – the only knowledge they seem to acquire is how to steal from the Belizean people. Is that ok with the Belizean People.

  4. RC says:

    why should we Belizeans allow people to just come in and rape our land for oil that will never benefit the Belizean people. no matter how much politicians and companies say that this and that will benefit if oil is found be smart and look around. we the little people of this country will NEVER benefit. Look at BNE they have found oil for xxx years now and what benefits have appeared in this country. we should at least have better infrastructure. we can all say oh let them do this, oh people are making a lot of noise about nada, COME ON people . . . wise up to the BULLS***!!!! Let us take care of our natural and cultural heritage for they are the only things that can be truly ours.

  5. daveyt says:

    Too late – the deals have been struck. There will be drilling, both offshore and in the protected areas, and a lot more than we will ever be told about. Money has been passed under the table, and the UDP is stockpiling it’s election campaign funds, as well as filling their offshore accounts. At the end of the day, when (not if) the Jewel is destroyed, those responsible whon’t hang around, but will be off to their ‘other’ homes in Miami, Caymen Islands etc.

  6. shock says:

    Folks let it be known that every foot of our planet is known for whatever minerals, oil, gas,precious metals and another natural resourses that is above and in the ground. With this information and concession from any ligitimate government it is like money in the bank. Its known in Investment language as IN GROUND ASSETS. There are investment Bankers who know how to leverage these assets and raise money. The loan proceeds is invested on certain Trade Platform that operate risk free and generate very good profits. And I bet you one million dollars to donut that this is what has been going on with the resourses of Belize with all these foreignors and the government of Belize.A company fromTiawan had a concession, and Tiawan is always giving Belize gifts; RIGHT? Do you read between the line?. Its like insider trading, now the concession is asigned to whom?

    This is no secret as it can be seen on the Internet, but I knew about this many years before all this information can be google when I work for a company with billions of tons of cole reserves that underwrite many governments. The government is doing some of the old business tricks that the Crown did with the assets of the Colonies. I hope the government is paying close attention to what is going on in the middle east today, as an indication of how the masses will revolt when they had enough of government abuse of power; every day bucket goes to the well, and one day the bottom will drop out. Its stupid politicians who always allow history to repeat in certain cituations, such as creating disparity in living conditions, big gapp between the have and the have not as we see is taking place in Belize with each passing year. And the effect will be what is going on in the Middle East this very moment.

    I’m happy to see that the masses in Egypt realize that peaceful resistance is the way to bring their government to it knees. It change the course of history in India as well as the United States of America. No use giving cause to use the bullets they bought with your tax dollars against them, then they will have to use more tax dollars to replace them. He that hath an ear let him hear.

  7. rigrat says:

    @ Lindsay Howard

    I think I have probably done immeasurably more research into oil in Belize, and especially the Maya Mountains than you would care for me to recount here. As a Belizean with nearly 40 years experience in the oil industry, as a Belizean who funds two wildlife conservation organisations in Belize. Who works very closely with the Forestry department on a daily basis, and as someone who has actually drilled in National Parks, areas of special scientific interest, in the middle of major cities, in school grounds, and off the reefs of countless nations; I can categorically say that drilling could quite safely take place in all these areas and the vast majority of people would be unaware that it had already happened. Most people are totally unaware that drilling for oil has been taking place in Belize since 1930. It doesn’t cause mess, pollution, or environmental devastation unless it is allowed to. There are scores of wells that have been drilled here already, and have bought employment, education, and wealth to Belize. Because of the oil industry, I have managed to become blessed with a wealth that I could not have dreamed about when I was a child. All of the money that I earn internationally as a consultant to the oil industry comes back to Belize.
    APAMO needs to get someone on board that actually knows what they are talking about, and approach this matter from a sensible angle. Drilling will happen, no matter how many people bang their empty drums. It is just a matter of ensuring that it is done cleanly, respectfully, and benefits Belizeans.

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