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Jan 28, 2011

Ombudsman’s Assistant alleges police brutality

Clarence Slusher

The allegations of police brutality are too many to count and tonight one more is added to the list. Twenty-six year old Clarence Slusher has no criminal record and is employed as the Ombudsman’s Assistant, but his address might have made him a target. Slusher is a resident of the infamous Taylor’s Alley and was heading home on Wednesday evening when he came across police officers searching a group of men in the area. He continued on his way and one officer asked where he was going. According to Slusher, he pointed to his house and the cop order him to get on the ground, but he refused. Next, he was told to put his hands up on a nearby wall but before he could do so, the officer allegedly kicked him on the leg to make him fall. But Slusher stood his ground and that’s he claims the officer slapped him and tasered him on the right side of his chest. The officer, who is said to be attached to the Gang Suppression Unit, is also accused of stealing ten dollars from Slusher’s pocket. At the end of ordeal, Slusher was not cautioned, arrested or charged. He has reported the incident to the Ombudsman, Cynthia Pitts, and will make a formal report to the police Internal Affairs Unit.

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11 Responses for “Ombudsman’s Assistant alleges police brutality”

  1. Bigga says:

    GoB should invest on GPS on all police vehicles. That way when a complaint is made the internal affairs people cannot have a reason to say that they cannot trace who or which mobile was where at the given time. The innocent officers will have no option but to give up the guilty one since the GPS would place that particular vehicle at the vicinity of the place where the alleged brutality takes place. They should also have a log book which details which officers are in which vehicle every time a patrol goes out. The more these stupid police be unreasonable to the innocent the more that people will not want to cooperate.

  2. Robert says:

    It’s sad and amazing that our police don’t understand that MOST Belizeans are law-abiding and WANT honest police protection. But indiscriminate bad behaviour by police turns the good people against them. If police feel they are in a jungle, it is largely a jungle cultivated by bad cops.

  3. talkditings says:

    aha an wat. plenty ah people get dat every day not saying its rite.weh u want special treatment like rosa parks cause she was friends with dr king an di naacp an dem.well lets see wat dis ambush woman ah go do fi u. yea ambush nuh lol to di ten dallaz,bwaii di man de tief to !@$$ an petty

  4. a tired belizean says:

    them police are too much! i stay home most of the time now cuz if the police see me like they did this guy, they always try do stupid things like that. not the first nor will it be the last. who is policing the police??? IA? hmmm, i got some stories for IA

  5. Angelique says:

    How could they ruff up this bally. He looks so innocent and law abiding.

  6. Clifford says:

    Well, this guy should have done what was ordered! Can’t blame the officer. Officer why didn’t you shoot him one time?”

  7. BZNinCALI says:

    He said, he said. I don’t doubt that the police roughed him up but fellows don’t get into a pissing contest with another man with a gun, believe him when he says his is bigger, live to fight another day, get his name & complain to his boss. Unfortunately, when you live in certain neighborhoods you are more prone to police harassment, tell the boys in your neighborhood to learn to behave or move or don’t complain when the policemen try to do their job.

  8. UNHAPPY says:

    BZNinCali you are a stupid @$$… If we could have tell the boys in Belize to behave then we would not have this ongoing war and high crime rate. If you don’t have anything sensible to say don’t say anything at all; haven’t your mother taught you that. I bet she did but you didn’t listen either did you DUMB CRACk… The police are the part of the reason these guys react cause they do a lot of crap out here and no one to discipline them(POLICE) and when they end up dead then family come on the news and talk like they so good and law abiding but they don’t come on when you complain about what they doing out here to other people and their family … These police are responsible for half a the horrifying things going on in Belize. How could they prevent crime when they taking the guys from their neighbor hood and dropping them off at other hoods that they have beef with. But if more than 3/4 of the force is illiterate what can we expect when no one is doing anything to change that. They are just doing the only thing they know…. act a fool; how can they do otherwise when they don’t have what it takes.

  9. BZNinCALI says:

    UNHAPPY, if you think the police are responsible for 1/2 of the horrifying things that are going on then use common sense & instead of getting into a pissing contest, obey their orders & complain later. Dead men tell no tales. While the force can use better training & recruits, it is attitudes like yours who refer to 3/4 of them as illiterate that encourages the confrontations & hostility. If you have never been stopped or pulled over by an officer, bless your stupid, aggressive, little heart. You do not match his attitude with a nastier one of your own, err on the side of caution & complain to his bosses later, I have & that officer no longer works in my precinct & may no longer be on the force. If it makes you feel better to call me names, I am happy to oblige but being ignorant is killing us in Belize, get rid of the hostility & address each other with respect. I’m not dodging bullets. YOU ARE.

  10. CEO says:

    Mr Slusher I understand all what you had to say but one word of advise when a law enforcement officer tells you to stop you stop! When he tells you to put your hand on the wall you do just that.

    These guys deal with the criminal elliment every day of their lives and they need to start off thinking you are a criminal for their own safety and ours for that matter. If you start behaving like a criminal and disbeying their commands and resisting their orders you will be treated like the criminal elliment.

    Try this next time!

  11. UNHAPPY says:

    @BZN in Cali… just ask your self why you living in Cali and not in Belize if it was that easy like you’re putting it .

    CEO… you don’t know what you talking about.

    Guys all of you… don’t just read because you can. Read and UNDERSTAND! Maybe then you will get the point.

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