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Jan 26, 2011

American national also alleges of land scam

Doctor Wyckoff claims Mar also facilitated land purchases on his behalf, but when he checked with the Lands Department, all the properties were bought in Mar’s name. He told News Five today he feels embarrassed for letting himself be fooled for almost ten years.

Dr. Robert Wyckoff

Robert Wyckoff

“Mr. Hector is claiming that he built a seventeen thousand dollar water reservoir and that’s true but I paid him for every bit of it. I bought all the material and he was drawing all his wages all the time he did it. Certainly it was not charity. I bought some land from him and then he was unable to perform and I told him well that’s alright we’ll work it out, take time and he deceived me. He said we have to cut a little piece out of this but it has nothing to do with the workings of the farm. But actually it was the heart of the farm and he took me over and showed me this is all your farm. So I paid for everything he wanted to do on it and there’s actually a piece that he kept out for himself. So I’m paying him wages at the same time that he is building on to his farm and he’s putting in expensive installations at my expense and now he says no that’s his farm. And he completely misled me.

He needed thirty thousand and we would buy this acreage and down by the road and it was important to the farm. So I gave him the check. A few weeks later he said it’s all yours, it’s all taken care of and it turns out that it was crown land. He applied for a lease and then Mr. Montero approved it so it could go through quickly and he actually sold it to me before he owned it for the thirty thousand and then I find out it’s still in his name, he never even gave it to me. I was just plain fooled by him and I’m embarrassed by that. As I look back, I was an absolute idiot to believe the things he was telling me.”

Pastor Mar says he is consulting his attorney on how to proceed. Wyckoff’s projects include the production of soy milk, passion fruit, noni and chocolate products.

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27 Responses for “American national also alleges of land scam”

  1. Robert says:

    This is a heck of a bad way to treat a foreign investor! It gives the whole country a black eye, and I’m sure any foreigner who wants to invest and does some research on the Internet will find out about this scam.

    If Belize can;t police itself and BE HONEST, it has no hope for the future. Nobody wants to invest with thieves, and that’s what stories like this make Belize appear to be.

  2. Earl Grey says:

    Pastor Mar……………………………….U BETTER GO TO CONFESSION…………………..

  3. BZNinCALI says:

    Follow the money, how much did he share with his Government contacts? Preying on the elderly regardless of where they are from should incur additional penalties. Kolbe can use a good pastor.

  4. soldier says:

    This !@#$ ,fat @$$ belizean in cayo has no shame,how can he scam this doctor?another bad name for belize from a belizean,once that pastor mar gets a belizean lawyers thats the end of this doctor,he is not getting nothing back,the belize judicial system is a band of thievfs

  5. Proud Belizean says:

    In all fairness, one cannot conclude that all Belizeans are like this. It is embarassing that a fellow citizen would deceive someone this way. Especially given that he is a pastor.

    Belize has a lot of good people.

  6. queenelizabeththe4th says:

    This Pastor Mar is not following Jesus principles and laws, he is a son of Satan, cause satan is the father of lies, how could such healthy fat !@#$%^ take advantage of this man who is trying to help our Belizean children. This is one fake pastor hmmm!! No wonder he was living like a rich man around.He better go confess his sins to father dah catholic church.

  7. sunset says:

    How can people be sooo wicked and call themselves servants of God. Preaching and papishowing themselves; this pastor will rottt in hell. This poor old man was trying to do something good for Belize and Mr Mar was just plain wicked and thiefff. Thats why I’m discouraged to join any of these churches caz these peple give a bad name to the word holy. They just using the church as camoufllage. Mr Mar he changed like 3 churches already, I never considered him a man of trust. he should be ashamed of himself but I don’t think he knows what that is! I’m sorry that this old man got ripped-off this way and hope that he gets justice.

  8. Ow Resident says:

    i bet castro was the pastor advisor. LMAO

  9. Skywalker says:

    @Proud Belizean… We know that all Belizeans are not bad but the repercussions of such actions are serious where potential investors are concerned. A – they will fear that there is no regulation as this person was so easily scammed. B – They know that even if their business is handled properly, if the government so chooses, they will take it over and try to put you in jail if you try to fight them. I sure as hell wouldn’t invest a lot here if I was from somewhere else.

  10. Anastacia says:

    It is indeed a shame and I would like to know why the Police Department hasn’t picked up Mar as yet. I guess he really have some good connections in high places. I guess it pays to be the Minister’s school mate and good friend. I hope Dr. Wycoff gets justice somehow and I hope Hector Mar’s Ministry deals with him accordingly.

  11. daveyt says:

    Whatever he did, he did in the name of Christ or the Church, so it’s OK.

    Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a dishonest Pastor or Priest is there?

    Same as if you can’t trust your children with a Catholic Priest, who can you trust them with?

    Meanwhile, in the real world, Lawyers, Priests & Politicians are amongst the greediest and most dishonest people on the planet……..

    I bet he gets off scott-free of any charges though.

  12. el alcalde says:

    So sorry, I hide my face when I see a foreigner , I feel as if they all know the so called pastor Mar.

  13. talkditings says:

    dis story fishy from the start,cause di doctor said he neva wanted his name on di front line he said dis in his first interview.wat u mean u dont want your name in di front line????? So pastor Zar, War or wat eva him name saw dis an capitalize on dat @#!$. Juss a sad situation an hope dey work it out. But we all know di doctor was trying to get ova some third world ppl an buy up some land fi cheap. not saying wat pastor troy did was right

  14. Check it out says:

    the Babysitter get charged 10,000 BZ dollars for 3 plants or go to jail, how much you think Pastor Mar and Montero should get charge for stealing 30 ACRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. belizeanpride says:

    from before this Mr. Mar has been pin point as not a good christian and worst a trusty person, majority in santa elena know that, soon we expected something, anytime similar to this issue, hope he says the truth if his a real christian. God have mercy on him.

  16. vigilante justice 316 says:

    I don’t have a single tear to shed over this, but the dr. should get his money back. If you want a piece of land u better go sign up for it urself going through a middle man can get ur money taken. don’t just accept a piece of paper somebody hand you, go to lands office and get proof who is on the record for owning the property. Alot of belizeans abroad have this happen to them too so don’t be so lazy and trusting.

  17. anita mendez says:

    what goes around comes around.

  18. B Groovy says:

    U been living large on other peoples money, now its time to pay. I hope man this man file crimnal and civil charges,

  19. Sherry Wilson says:

    Mar should not be walking the streets… he should be in prison where he cannot injure anyone else ever again. It sure does pay to have a Minister for your very close friend… Did you know that Minister Montero arranged for Pastor Mar to fly to Taiwan a few months ago? And guess who paid for it? We, the taxpayers. He flew there representing Belize to study fish farming. Courtesy of the Belize govt. Why fish farming? Because Pastor Mar convinced this elderly man that it was a good investment for “his farm – the same farm that he lied about and told the old doctor he owned…” Interestingly, the church where this man preaches is not saying a word. Perhaps because the Pastor has been so very generous in his donations to his church? Gee, Pastor Mar – whose money was that, we wonder???? Shame on you, you FAKE. I hope that you get what you deserve – a cell in Hattieville – the same prison that you have gone to “preach to the inmates so many times in the past…”

  20. queenelizabeththe4th says:

    sherry wilson, you serious, I can’t believe montero send mar dah Taiwan hmmm, sound interesting,
    We need to know more, do you have any idea which church he belongs?? I wonder what the congregation have to say!!! Does he have a big church? I hope he never build it out of the poor man money! Aii, dah pastor sound like dah real fake, I wonder how his sheep’s trust him with the church offering, maybe all dat he took.
    Sherry Wilson, keep us inform

  21. daveyt says:

    Nice to know our taxes pay for a bent Preacher to swan off to Taiwan (First Class all the way, no doubt). Doubles the strength of my saying that nothing will happen to him. He has Ministerial protection, no-one will charge him, and even if they were brave enough to, DPP will pull her usual Nulle Prosequi due to lack of evidence!!!!!!!

    The good Doctor should cut his losses and not throw any more good money after the bad that was stolen. If not, the Lawyers, Pastor and probably the Minister will profit even more from this sorry business.

    He’s over 80 years old, and he trusted a Preacher – in BELIZE? Jeez, my 3 year old wouldn’t have fallen for that one!!!

  22. Sherry Wilson says:

    I am dead serious – Pastor Mar flew to Taiwan late summer/early fall of 2010 and was gone for close to one week. And yes, EVERYTHING was paid by the taxpayer. He went there to learn about fish farming ( there are now 3 tilapia ponds on the farm in LOS TAMBOS). Dr. Wyckoff says he paid for thousands of tilapia fingerlings for the pond! The church that Hector Mar attends in the Four Square Gospel Church in San Ignacio. It is a pretty large church and I am told they have a good size congregation. Apparantly his “preaching” rights are on hold right now. I wonder how much a return ticket to Taiwan costs??? hmhmhmhm… Must be nice!

  23. BZNinCALI says:

    Before we assume the doctor had ulterior motives, please take into consideration that a lot of people with money choose to not have their financial support of a project or organization publicized because they are targeted by unscrupulous fund raisers, people who prey on the elderly, like Pastor Mar. We just gave someone who would like to invest but had reservations, incentive to keep their money in the bank, die & leave it for their children who may not need or appreciate it.

    Old people are prime targets for con men & the minister & whomever this Pastor was dealing with in the Government knew that he did not have the financial resources to do what he was doing & should have done due diligence & verified the source of his income. This man put a stain on the church but an even bigger mark on his buddy who had no trouble giving him whatever land he wanted & in true Belizean fashion he sold or pretended to sell it for a King’s ransom. This crap has gone on for years & is the main reason why many Belizeans refuse to do business with our own. Mar is just the tip of the iceberg.

  24. Sherry Wilson says:

    BZNinCALI – I praise you for your wise wisdom and insight to this obviously slick pastor and his cronies… You are so right that someone at a govt. level should have flagged and questioned where in fact, Mar was getting all of this money from. Land deals, trucks, machinery, houses, trips, etc. MANY people have hired his construction company throughout the years and claim to have paid him for work he has done – Mar has had contracts with large resorts, etc. YET – be brags that he has never even filed income tax once in his liffe… HOW CAN THIS BE??? Can someone high up the totem pole explain to the people how a man can build a HUGE EMPIRE and not pay one dime to the system? Yes, there is definately something rotten here, and it is NOT IN DENMARK – but right here in Cayo District…

  25. LARGE AND SEXY says:

    sherry wilson, do you have any idea how long this fake pastor mars have not been paying taxes???
    do you think he is like those two faced person that kisses the @$$#$ of blue and red??
    I was trying to find this church in San Ignacio, unfortunately nobody was able to help me.
    Do you think he has a fake church too??
    Please give the correct address I need to listen to this man preach and see if he really can put on that show.
    WOW Fake pastor do not mock God!!!

  26. Sherry Wilson says:

    I was told that his church is in the area of Juan Chucs store and that he has had is right to preach removed for the time being. The church is definately real and is listed in the phone book – I believe it is the Four Square Gospel Church.

  27. anti hector mar says:

    Paster Hector Mar is ex-mayor of San Igonacio!
    Someone say Hector Mar Jr. his son also involve in this scam!! He work in Rainforest Realty!

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