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Jan 20, 2011

Benque Mayor evicts Humanitarian Association from G.O.B. building

In November of 2010, the Humanitarian Association, a charitable group in Benque Viejo was being forced out of the building it occupied by the Health Department.  It seemed that the group would have been allowed to continue its work but on Tuesday, a letter from Benque’s Mayor explained that if the organizers did not attend a meeting on Thursday, an eviction would be imminent.  Well, according to Linda Luna, the Vice President of the association, the Mayor’s letter was hand delivered to her hours after the meeting should have taken place.

Via Phone: Linda Luna, Vice President, Humanitarian Association

“I got a letter from Mayor Ruiz dated the eighteenth to appear invited for a meeting on the nineteenth and I did receive the letter at seven-ten in the evening on the nineteenth and the letter stated that I was invited to a meeting at one-fifteenth on the date of the nineteenth and failure to show up would be consequences to vacating the building.”

Jose Sanchez

“So you got the letter after the meeting was supposed to be held?”

Via Phone: Linda Luna

“Yes I got the letter in the evening at seven-ten of that same day which the meeting took place at one-fifteen.”

Jose Sanchez

“The humanitarian work that you are doing, why are they trying to move you out of that building?

Via Phone: Linda Luna

“Because the Mayor said that he had requested the use of the building sicne February of last year 2010. In an email before Christmas, he had stated that he did not know that we had use of the building. So that contradicts this story that he saying that he was requesting from Ministry of Finance the use of the building.”

Jose Sanchez

“The humanitarian association itself, what kind of work were they doing in the building and who is it that he is trying to get into the building?”

Via Phone: Linda Luna

“He’s trying to get the women’s group. And he showed me a letter from the Ministry of Finance and I requested a copy and he denied me a copy of the letter. And I said mayor, I understand. We are going to vacate, but I’m very disappointed because the letter says that if I do not comply to come to the meeting, you’re going to evict me.  And I said, coming from your office, from you the mayor, the leader of the town, to write this letter, I said I’m disappointed.”

Jose Sanchez

“What was your group doing in the building itself?”

Via Phone: Linda Luna

“We’re working doing handicraft, decorations for valentines and at the same time we are looking into a script about savings, a comedy for kids that we would be working with on mother’s day.”

Jose Sanchez

“But at this point, you have to vacate the building in the coming weeks right?”

Via Phone: Linda Luna


According to the Letter from Mayor Nicholas Ruiz, the Humanitarian Association must move by February third.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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12 Responses for “Benque Mayor evicts Humanitarian Association from G.O.B. building”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME……………and this is a damn SHAME…………….

  2. BZNinCALI says:

    This story was in the news last year & this organization knew of the Mayor’s intent. It may be inconvenient but when you are renting or leasing, expect at some point, the owner may want his place back.

  3. EL CHE says:

    That little mayor is acting like a dictator,the problem in the little country of belize is that the mayors,the ministers are the law,they are above the law,what they say goes.

  4. chabelli says:

    Most inhumane guy in Belize

  5. daveyt says:

    You voted for this Mayor, same goes for Ms. Moya, who is using Belize City to launch her career into the stllar height of ‘Big Boy’ politics. She needed the funds, an at 9000 a month, now has them!!!!

    You get what you pay for, and you never learn!!!!!

  6. indira says:

    wel benque won so many money why he no build osmehting…streeets in benque are a very big disaster..what eh thinking…fix them no spend the money inur way….the money is for the town nor for you..fix our road build buildings for poeple that want to help..itsa pitty they have him as mayor..

  7. Dawn Sandoval says:

    It don’t matter who owns the building, why is the Mayor ordering an eviction to anyone? By law only the court can issue a eviction notice, then it is served by the police, the Mayor should know the laws before him violates them, this adds further embarrassment to his party by abusing his authority! Defend your rights people!

  8. Benqueno 101 says:

    Another underhand sleight of hand by the minister. He sent his mom, but woman to woman it couldn’t be done. So guess what….. voila!!!… send nikki.. he’ll do the dirty job… so he says yes mam.. no problem. This is the same man who goes on national tv.. remember… and vouches to work with the people of Benque for the people of benque… also think back,, way back… like father like son…just like somebady… just promises.. nice promises and then bam!! you get shafted.Shame on this mayor.. shame,,, shame.. shame. just don’t come by my door… nor your buddies come next elections

  9. A.J.A says:

    Well what a dom Mayor we have in Benque in stead of doing something for Benque not playing little kid game move out the mama house maybe he grow up

  10. Jenny says:

    well…all persons talking bad about the mayor… shame on you guys… all you guys posting bad stuff about him will surely be campaigning for someone who is not even belizean….like if we did not know who are the ones posting all these stupid comments….what happens is that you are angry….look…let me get myself clear…. When PUP was in place…lots of !@$#$ happened…U r BIG TIME PUP’s…u had ur time whe PUP gov was in place….so it is now time for UDP to decide…if u say politics are dirty…i agree…cuz u were the worst theifs…. so don’t talk bad about the mayor….why dont u ask anyone in the “humanitarian association” to tell u if they did the maintenance of the building…NO they didn’t….ask them who did…..!!!
    so…one last thing…think twice before publishing negative thought about the Mayor because most of you have at least worked or maybe ate food from the town council….and u know exactly who i am referring to….

  11. lilly says:

    Hey i would like to address all those leaving in Benque, some much has been done i dont know what kind of benquenios are those not seeing what our Lordship Mayor has done. Its expected to get comments from those that dont have something to do in life. Hay mucha gente sin que hacer en el Benque busquen trabajo y dejen de criticar a quien esta haciendo algo bueno por el pueblo. I aplaude Mayor Ruize’s work. Thumbs up Alcalde Nicholas Ruiz.

  12. Lorena says:

    well i dont know what this lady is crying for, she knows that her time has passed, so please give the chance to others that will make good use of the building.

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