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Jan 18, 2011

Shootout after store across from police substation robbed

There were two shootings in the Old Capital in the past twenty-four hours.  Shots rang out on Monday night at the usually quiet Belama community, across from the police sub-station on Chetumal Street. Just last week there was outrage from the area representative that the station has been closed since the end of last year. Just before nine, a brazen armed robber jacked the supermarket of an unknown amount of cash. The gunman fled but was met by police and an exchange of gunfire shattered the quiet of the night as residents scuttled to safety. The incident has left residents terrorized more so since the gunman managed to escape into a nearby river. News Five’s Jose Sanchez reports.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Gunfire is commonly heard bursting throughout the night in hot zones of Belize City. But last night’s shoot out occurred in relatively quiet suburban Belama.  Apparently before the gunfire, 828 Super Center store was robbed at gunpoint by a masked assailant. Ben Zhu, the store owner’s son, said it started as a quiet night.

Ben Zhu, Robbery Victim

Ben Zhu

“Me and my ma and bredda mi deh in ya.  My pa mi di out deh di fix the car.”

Jose Sanchez

“This was after eight?”

Ben Zhu

“Yeah. Then wah man just pull up on my pa and tell my pa fi shet eh mouth. They just  run in yah and tell my ma fi give ahn the money.”

Jose Sanchez

“He had a gun or knife?”

Ben Zhu

“Yeah ih had a gun.”

Jose Sanchez

“Was he wearing a mask or showing his face?”

Ben Zhu

“A ski mask mien.  He had a black bag to put the money ina.”

Jose Sanchez

“How much money he got away with?”

Ben Zhu

“I noh know because sometime business good, sometimes business bad. Ih just take everything.”

Jose Sanchez

“Everything from the cash register?”

Ben Zhu


The robbery was caught on most of the 10 cameras that are located in and outside of the store.  The robber then escaped and became embroiled in a shootout through Belama Streets with Police officers. The gunman appeared to have been trapped in a bushy yard by the creek. However, amidst the gunfire, he jumped into the stagnant water and made a clean escape.

Voice of: Traumatized Belama Resident

“In the beginning, we heard about five different shots and then it paused for like about five more minutes and then we heard some couple more shots after that. We were really terrified because we live in a residential area that we don’t normally hear things like that specifically in that Phase 1 area.  So we were terrified, we all did what most people would do—dropped to the floor and covered our heads and just make sure that we were pretty much safe within our house.”

Jose Sanchez

jose sanchez

“The robbery occurred less than fifty feet away from the Belama Police Substation. The station, however, has been closed for repairs. Residents in the area say that if the stationed was opened this robbery would have never happened.”

Voice of: Traumatized Belama Resident

“Well I think that they should have more police patrol and I think the substation is there for a reason. If they would have it open and accessible and available for people, I think that lot of the crime or the situation could be alleviated. So I’m just appealing to the police department to have this reopened and active—not just open but actually have police officers there to do their jobs.”

voice of: traumatized witness

Jose Sanchez

“No one from your shop actually retaliated? How is it opening business again today? I mean, are you nervous or is it just business as normal?”

Ben Zhu

“Da usual thing mien because Belizean people just want money now ah these days—they people just lazy. They just want money so, dah normal thing. So you have to be prepared fi they yah.”

There hasn’t been any date set for the reopening of the police substation. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

According to residents, after the closure of the station became public, some work was done on the roof, but since then, it has been at a standstill.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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13 Responses for “Shootout after store across from police substation robbed”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    OBVIOUSLY ………”OUTRAGE from the area “representative” was not enough…………..WE NEED ACTION…………………..AND WE NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!


  2. BZNinCALI says:

    If we are lucky, we will find his body floating in the creek in a day or two. Thank God, no one was injured or killed.


    Luckily no one was shot and killed during this robbery. The robber got away with the money he stole and perhaps someone out there knows this animal by face, address or name, please call the police to have him arrested. Do your part, by doing the right thing.

    The police and minister of that region are just worthless crap.
    They continue to sit and wait around for miracles to happen no matter how much they are criticized or shame into doing the right thing. While they sit on their @$$#$ and still collect a paycheck they don’t deserve, a good neighborhood is being terrorized by the city’s crack-heads and rejects.

  4. cg says:

    i kept denying barrow admin would actively allow criminals to run rampant, but what their terms in office tells you is that they prefer living in the wild wild west and while we’re distracted, they’re taking what they can get… what they said about obama, barrow is a one-term “so-called” leader……time to get mobile on this one

  5. Freetown Gyal says:

    How are we to sleep content at night, when some 25BDF and police with M16 and lights and dogs can catch a common theif at night. also bout 50 rounds were fired and not one met its target. are they this incompetent or like the case in 3 flags they wanted the theif to get away. BDF afraid to get in the water and the British are leaving in the same newscast, Dawg eat wi suppa now

  6. BRO J says:

    are Beilzeans nieve or short memory to think that the robbery would not have occured if the Police precent was opened. Just remember police stations and booths has been jacked in the past and people robbed near these police units. families need to stop covering up and turn a blindeye on the misdeeds of their loved ones if there is to be a turn around in the sioiety

  7. Dissapointed UDP says:

    this UDP administration came on the platform of “imagine the possibilites” now we get all these apologists saying things likecrime is inevitable and that the society needs to get organized, that a police station is not needed. so why do we pay all these ministers huge salaries and perks.CRIME is the #1 problem in BELIZE today. we can get 50 million of taxpayers funds to buy BTL but we can’t get zinc for a Police Station roof.something is wrong here

  8. queenelizabeththe4th says:

    Well I think the citizens of this area should become special constables and take over the substation and manned it 24hours a day, be sure you guys are armed for combat.

    Time to stand up to these robbers who have no shame, when you see them coming make your first move!! AIM DIRECT TO THE HEART!!!! And have no mercy on them because they are animals,Ok

  9. g-bo says:

    I only ga wan ting fi remind Belizeans:
    “the udp for its part will start a campaign of civil unrest”
    - Dean Barrow, Crime Minista of Belize!

  10. vigilante justice 316 says:

    It would be nice if he catch a flesh eating bacteria from jumping into this water, we can only hope. Otherwise we won’t know who he is unless someone who knows something reports his @$$.

  11. CEO says:

    Good job Mr. Police officers now let’s improve your shooting skills. You seem to be doing a good job patrolling the streets because you are rolling up on several crimes as are in progress but, now you need to become better at shooting. When ever a police shoot at something or someone he/she should be able to hit exactly what they shoot at.

    If things continue the way they are they will have much practice: lots of bad guys to shoot at.

    Does the police officers have a shooting range to practice? If they do is it mandetory for them to go to the range on a regular basis? Pay them better, equip them better so you can demand more of them Mr. PM.

  12. a tired belizean says:

    bang bang, seems to be belizes theme song. sad, i moved from LA due to all the violence, looks like i’m going back to LA now cuz belize is crazy!!!

  13. The People Had Enough says:


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