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Jan 17, 2011

Man collapses at river’s edge and loses life

There’s another death to report tonight; the body of fifty-nine year old Horace Reyes was retrieved from the Belize River in Burrell Boom Village around seven-thirty this morning by Ladyville Police.  Reyes’ body was found floating under a dock behind the Old River Tavern. There were no visible signs of foul play and but the thinking is that Reyes may have suffered a massive heart attack and fell into the river.  The body was later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital but because of its advanced state of decomposition it was taken back to Burrell Boom where a postmortem examination was conducted.  The results of the autopsy subsequently indicated that Reyes did not die of asphyxia due to drowning since there were no signs that he ingested water.

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13 Responses for “Man collapses at river’s edge and loses life”

  1. The People Had Enough says:

    Why is that when you die you become “it” or “the”, why is that? They took ‘it’ to the morgue, ‘the’ body was lying face down. Why not they took ‘him/her/Mr./Mrs./Ms.”, then we wonder why no one respects life…..

  2. cg says:

    that story is not what is being heard …..we know this man to be walking the road all the time…”heart attack, collapse in the river” .that was a hit and run….check into that

  3. Sunshine says:

    I dont believe the heart attack story. Horace was a strong man he walked the road daily i do believe he was a victim of some accident. No water in the lung, he did not drown. His brother said he had a wound to the back of the head and close to the mouth. He was definitely put in the river by soneone. If he had a heart attack where did he get the 2 wounds?? and why couldn’t they find that in the autopsy that he had a heart attack. something very fishy about this story. Horace was killed by soneone.

  4. Kim says:

    I really appreciate the comments by; “The people had enough”, “cg” and “Sunshine”. I am his niece and after seeing his body yesterday, we can safely say it was not a hit and run, it was a hit and throw the body in the water and run situation. My uncle may have been a little slow, but he was a strong man who walked the village daily. the entire Burrell Boom village knew him, knew his parents and siblings. It was totally draconian of that person to knock him down and just throw him in the water. But, all I can say to you, is that you have a stain on your hand that you have to live with for the rest of your life. Uncle Horace never hurt anybody let alone you, he was not a piece of trash that you can just throw in the river. And to channel 5, I totally respect your newscast and would like to offer a small disappointment that you mentioned during the newscast that foul play was ruled out. That was never the case, the death certificate is shown as “inconclusive” . In addition, the caption for this story here says ‘man collapses at river’s edge and looses life, which was totally not the case either. perhaps you can make a small correction to the story tonight on the newscast, it would be well appreciated by our family in mourning. At the same time, we applaud your newscast and appreciate the section here where we as viewers are allowed to bring up our concerns, whether negative or positive. Thanks!

  5. analyst says:

    look like Dr Sanchez only deal with fresh dead!! I watch CSI , Bones, SVU , Dr G Medical Examiner and these people deal with bodies that are rotting that have been dead for weeks, to come up with a cause of death. With eyewitnesses afraid to come forward and no proper autopsy we will never solve a murder case. Dr Sanchez and Estradabran need to do a better job, they will no doubt say they don’t have the equipment, but they need to state that and refuse to work under the present condition. if you say nothing, pretend to do a PM on the road side treating the dead, like animals and then collect a big fat salary then you are a part of the problem

  6. JR says:

    I agree with you sunshine someone killed Horace aka Sparkles and dumped his body into the river!!!!!!Only time will tell that person will come begging for forgiveness sooner that u know it.


    Sparles R.I.P. May the family find comfort in prayer.


    I hope the authority looks into that escape prisoner who was found not far from where Horace aka Sparkles body was found.

  9. rootsman says:

    I am totally in agreement with analyst, what is going on with these medical examiners? They are apparently not suited for the job that they were hired to do first it was Janessa’s body in such a decomposed situation that they had to perform the autopsy at the side of a dirt road now it’s Sparkles same thing, I think that these guys are too good for their jobs and they should be removed immediately instead of collecting their fat salaries and not doing their jobs properly.

  10. el alcalde says:

    Look here:
    ” Is killing justifiable to protect life and property? ”
    I will not vote because to protect life i say yes, but to protect property I say no.

  11. vigilante justice 316 says:

    Inconclusive= unable to figure out the cause of death. Fortunately Mr. Reyes had the common courtesy of an autopsy unlike Janessa. I think that there are a lot of our government agency/etc that need continuing education training as well as proper equipment to keep up with the times. From Medical Examiner to police officers, etc. Hell, even those who deal in tourism need hospitality training. Hopefully one day we can have faith in the system and have a better Belize for it.

    My condolences to the family of Mr. Reyes, it hard to lose good people while evil men live long lives.

  12. Kim says:

    Thanks for your comments Mr. Vigilante Justice. My uncle had a common courtesy of obtaining an autopsy because we as the family refused to have him cut open on a dirt road somewhere. As the body was transported to KHMH, they refused it immediately. It was luck that my other uncles knew someone from the medical college at Boom cutoff and that was where we had the body taken for an autopsy and they helped us to hold the body until a casket was bought and we could take him to the Burrell Boom Cemetery, rather than burying him in a ditch somewhere.

    It is mindless and just plain unjust that our police officers never even taped the area where the body was found as a crime scene. No fingerprints taken, no pics, no nothing. They felt that because this man was in the water presumably dead for 2 days, like he was a piece of trash that they could just overlook. The police officers that was around the whole scenery actually complained to my uncle that they were hungry. Can you imagine that??????? My uncle had to give them money to go buy food, I mean come on Mr. Prime Minister, you can do better than this, we need better police, we need forensic experts, we need people who can do this type of job and feel for families like us who lost a loved one.

  13. Josie says:

    I am so sorry to hear what happened to Sparkles, this guy does not bother anyone, he goes about his daily life and make no trouble. I am hurting for the family right now as I know firsthand how it feels to lose a loved one. My deepest sympathy to the family and hope you find peace that Horace is in a better place. Time will tell who the culprit is, if he or she has conscience come forward and admit your wrong doing and give the family some peace.

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