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Jan 17, 2011

Swedish tourist robbed of cash and passport

A Swedish visitor, staying at the Seaside Guest House in Belize City is tonight still shaken after she was robbed at gunpoint. Sofia Eva Hillstrom says she was approached by a single assailant, who pointed a firearm at her head and demanded her belongings. She handed over her purse, which contained cash and personal documents including her passport. Since there is no Swedish Embassy or Consulate in Belize, Hillstrom is hoping to recover her passport and avoid an extended process of securing documents to travel home. So Hillstrom is offering a reward of two hundred dollars to have the passport returned.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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19 Responses for “Swedish tourist robbed of cash and passport”

  1. glenda palacio martinez says:

    whats wrong with belize it is not safe to live anymore

  2. The People Had Enough says:

    Welcome to the a-hole of Belize, dubbed Belize City. Seriously, these phukwads criminals are not criminals because of poverty, they are just useless trash who don’t give a flying crap about anything and anyone, especially their own country or countrymen, Barrow you want Belize to support you start with hanging these scumbags, and I don’t want to hear shyt from the bleeding heart anti-death penalty people, we have a heap of trash in our country, its already rotted and only stinking up the place only thing we can do is burn the trash.

    This one idiot put in jeopardy at least a dozen hard working Belizean directly and this woman will go back to her home country and will tell all her friends of her horrible experience in Belize and the multiplier effect will end up hurting hundreds of not thousands of hard working belizeans this year alone. I have no pitty for criminals.


    When tourists are directly affected by the crimes plaguing Belize, the economy is sure to come to a sudden stop. More bad news about Belize from the tourists, but it’s not like Europeans don’t already know.
    I hope this idiot is quickly busted, we must them they do not control everything on the streets. The tourist must be smart when on vacation in any land country as well, a few simple rules, and tips can avoid you from being robbed at gun point.


    Very disappointing indeed that once again a tourist is the victim of a robbery. Last week we saw a traffic accident in which a tourist was involved and is saying that she thinks the Bze PD is corrupt for whatever reason. Now we have a tourist in a robbery situation. I mean it is extremely bad news for the country especially knowing that tourism is generating the bulk of Bze’s profit earnings annually. No doubt these attacks on tourists don’t only happen in Bze but could happen anywhere at anytime. However, the bad thing is that when it occurs in Bze it is also broadcast to the rest of the world on websites and other media outlets and does some crippling results to our tourism industry. I mean this type of attacks on tourists is becoming more frequent and we MUST pay attention to this or else it will cause a host of other issues when our economy sinks yet deeper into chaos!

  5. Reggie says:

    Maddy can you please Give us the rules.when in our country you are not even safe in ur many time you heard of someone going across the broder and get rob?

  6. Al says:

    It is so sad how a few criminals are putting Belize on the map as a place to avoid. Tourism brings money, which is much needed to stimulate the economy of the country. I was planning on coming back to Belize to teach at one of the universities, now I am rethinking that. My doctor asked me just the other day if I would recommend him visiting Belize this summer. I was honest and told him about the crime rate in the country. I love my country, but I am sad for the situation.

  7. Consern says:

    Only yesterday a person in a foreign country told me that he heard from other source that Belize is not a safe place to visit. It will cost the entire country indeed. What happen to the tourist police that use to be around? Many countries that take tourism seriously have special police to guide and protect them, tell them area that are not safe to go.The experience of having a gun pointed in your face can be very traumatic.

  8. rootsman says:

    Belize is a very criminal minded society at all levels and collar, blue collar, white collar, red collar and no collar this article does not state if the tourist was robbed at the Seaside Guest House where she was staying but if she was then I would have to say that some of the responsibility for her safety would have to be placed on the Seaside Guest House as a business establishment you are responsible for the safety of your guest, not sure if this place has security cameras but if they don’t then they should get them installed it’s a cost of doing Business and would have sure made an arrest of this criminal much easier.

  9. Belama Resident says:

    Belama sounded like a war zone last night, Chinese grocer robbed not even a 100 yards away from the police station that this goverment chose to close down. cops and robbers had massive shootout shots fired in the once quiet neighborhood.

  10. bix says:

    I’ve been living in Belize for 10 years now, I’m from an european country and every three month my embassy (which is not based in Belize) is asking me a report about the crime situation….years ago I cheated a little bit saying that was not so bad, but now I have to say the truth. I’m sorry, but we can’t hide the dust under the carpet. Face it, Belize became like all the other countries around here, just not safe.And the worst part of it is that the population is just over 250000: everybody is related, I recall not long ago a member of a jury in a trial beeing sister of a gang leader… the bell ringing?
    Bye all

  11. Turok says:

    watching crime from a different point of one point in time, crime was mostly committed by drug addicts or “sprang heads” for them to get more illegal drugs. today, most of the crime is committed by individuals, who may or may not be under the influence of some drug but it is no longer committed to get those drugs. What we have is a break down in the value system. Today with the mighty CAPITALISM booming and people flaunting their material wealth, our people have a new drug: materialism. Have you ever thought how much we slave for material things. Some people might disagree with me, but some of us do all sort of things and sacrifice family in order to get more material things. Some of us justify long hours of work and say its for the sake of the family when maybe most importantly time WITH the family is what we need. Television makes materialism GOD and the wealthy people flaunt making the HAVES NOT want some of that. I wonder what the criminals do with the money they get. A study would definitely help to enlighten us. I believe that many of them use it to try to look like the “rich” man. have a fancy cell phone, buy some new clothes with a “wicked” tennis. Buy some booze and behave like he/she is on top of the world….wanting to look like the man that has everything and dont care about losing anything…play bad man…some of us value dat……we cant blame everything on the Government….remember that the government is a product of the society…

  12. louisville,ky says:

    Charity begins at home folks. So if as parents you are not instilling values and virtuous qualities in your young children, the crime situation on the streets of Belize is only going to get worst. Mark my words; no amount of tourist police, regular police, renovated police station in Belama, new police initiative, no nothing will curb this runaway lawless condition until and unless there is genuine respect for other people and their possessions.
    So true, Turok…..” the government is a product of the society”.
    We go round and round in circles spinning our wheels beating our chest in lamentation and frustration when all we need to do is look fairly and squarely in the mirror and fix the dratted problem!

  13. So Disappointed says:

    Have to agree with rootsman Belizeans are a criminal minded society they will rob you at any chance they get. You must be on your p’s and q’s whenever you have to do any business with them it does not matter if you are in the city or in the village they are just basic THIEVES. You have to check your money two three times if you go to shop because if they can beat you out of a dime they feel good. I really don’t know when this happened in Belize but that is the reality of Belize today. A society of CROOKS and the government condones it… there you have it….

  14. macal rivera says:

    what a shame, on this men robbing a woman,
    these theives have no BOLLAS!!

  15. Earl Grey says:

    IT’S not just a shame……………….IT’S A NATIONAL SHAME…………………………..

  16. Awilda says:

    Belize sounds like something out of a war zone. Maybe the government and other officials should look at how the officials in Freeport, BA run their island. Tourism is their livelihood and they let you know that they willl not in any case allow anyone or anything to interfere with their “meal ticket”. I can’t understand who and what they have running Belize. As i am writing, my children are reading over my shoulder and they say they do not want to visit Belize until someone gets a hold of that country. It’s my birth home and I wouldn’t even know how to defend Belize to foreigners. I am so saddened by what’s happening in such a rich and beautiful country.

  17. The People Had Enough says:

    Turok, several people have been preaching this for a few years now…have anyone listened? No. materialism and the worship of it is the one of the key underlying problem of our society, also we live in a society where we blame everyone for everything, we blame PUP we blame UDP for raping our country, however we do not blame ourselves for sitting by watching them do it, we are passive aggressive people or as i call it ‘learned helplessness’ which we inherited from being under a colonial regime for so long…one of the root cause the United States Of America, they have influenced this country in the sense of making us worship money, that buys material things and then we were infested, on a large scale, as a main drug trafficking route for (drum roll) the United States insatiable appetite for drug consumption. In a few more years Belize will be nothing more than a Guatemala, Colombia, parts of Mexico etc, just another morally, ethically defunct nation in choas, where all the politicians will be owned by the drug cartels (which are the elites you see around today driving fancy cars and building fancy homes) or the politicians and police force will either get paid or or as in Mexico simply killed out and the rest of the population will live in complete and utter fear.

  18. The People Had Enough says:

    So, Disappointed, where have you been living? This have been gradually building since the 1990s, but like a balloon, it blown slowly it will swell and swell and swell until…..POP!!! and we are witnessing the POP!!!

  19. vigilante justice 316 says:

    Deano, these crimes against tourist will affect your pocket book. What are you going to do about it? Finally ready to grab up all the gang members and throw them in the ocean? They don’t belong to this country since they don’t care if their actions cost us all our lively hood. This is treason, throw them into the ocean and let them swim to an island and live their or die trying.

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