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Jan 17, 2011

P.U.P. calls on government to lower fuel tax

The People’s United Party today weighed in on two issues, including the sky-rocketing prices of fuel. In a release, the PUP calls on Prime Minister Dean Barrow to lower taxes on fuel since the prices have soared past ten dollars. The release sites several occasions when the PM publically promised to revisit a dollar tax that was added in March 2009, when fuel was selling at under seven dollars. On one occasion Barrow said he would analyze the increase to ensure there was an upward trend before he made a move, but the PUP release points out that statistics have shown that the price has been constantly rising since March of 2009. The opposition questions how many times the Belizean people will be forced to imagine the possibilities while enduring the harsh reality.

The other issue is the UDP Corozal Bay convention, over which allegations were made by David Akierman, the Campaign Manager for Mayor Hilberto Campos, about irregularities at the Elections and Boundaries Department. The PUP is asking for a full investigation and says it is concerned about the late opening of the office on the eve of the convention without public notice from the department.

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10 Responses for “P.U.P. calls on government to lower fuel tax”

  1. The People Had Enough says:

    Remember 10 price increase ago or so Barrow use to give justification for such…now, he doesn’t even have the decency to give you the finger.

    Dean O, Allah is watching you, enjoy those riches in this material world, cause it will do you know good in Hellfire, believe that.

  2. The People Had Enough says:

    PUP shut the hell up too, cause just before 2008 elections fuel was just around that mark, PUP want to win again you guys need to get serious, bunch of wimps.

  3. The People Had Enough says:

    Friday, 02 May 2008

    By Angel Novelo – Staff Reporter

    The Barrow government announced this past week that it is willing to forgo revenues on duties and taxes in the fuel industry to ensure stable gas prices at the pump. Sooner rather than later, fuel will be far cheaper than what consumers are now paying at the pump.

    Prime Minister Dean Barrow was addressing the first session of the House of Representatives last Friday, April 25. He laid out a plan of what his new government proposes to do about the high cost of fuel, Although Belize is now an oil producing country consumers are still paying well more than $10 a gallon for fuel at the pump.

    With fuel prices expected to reach the $15 a gallon mark later this year, which will only send the cost of living even higher, Barrow and his government are now hoping that Belizeans will not feel the entire trickle down effect when the country begins to sell its own oil on the local market.

    According to Barrow, a local oil refinery company, based at the oil field in the Spanish Lookout area of the Cayo district, will soon make available locally produced diesel and gasoline fuel for the domestic market, at a far cheaper price than what consumers are presently paying for imported fuel.

    Blue Sky Corporation, a local company that is in the process of refining the Belizean crude oil into gasoline and diesel, is currently producing a heavy duty type of diesel for the productive sector. Within the next two months, Blue Sky will be able to produce a gasoline blend of the local crude oil and imported ethanol, which cars can use.

    And to make good on his government’s intention to bring down the cost of living and the cost of fuel, Barrow said that his government has already given the green light to remove the revenue replacement duty on diesel.

    He said that his government is now prepared to forgo revenue that it now collects from taxes on both gasoline and diesel, once Blue Sky is ready to provide fuel to the local market.

    “In order to bring these refined products to the domestic markets cheaper that what we pay for the imported products, again government has to take a loss,” Barrow said.

    “Even though we are taking down the duties, the taxes on the imported fuel provide huge budget support for the government.

    “If we switch from imported fuel to local fuel, either we are going to tax the local fuel to make up for what we will be losing as a consequence of the shift from the imported fuel… or we will have to tax the local refining process at such a level as to result in no net benefit for the consumer,” noted Barrow.

    “This government is indicating that it will forgo revenue so that the refined products can come to the pump at a cost savings for the Belizean people that will be significant.

    “Another way we will have to make up for the loss of revenue that will shift from the imported fuel to locally refined products is that—and we have said this publicly—we are going to impose a windfall tax on Belize Natural Energy.”

    Barrow told the nation that Blue Sky can start providing automotive diesel by the end of the year.

    This he said, will only satisfy about 30% of the market.

    “But again it will be done so that the pump price is going to represent a significant net savings over the pump price for the important gasoline…..

    “We have to get more from the oil industry for the people of this country,” Barrow said.

    A new shipment of diesel fuel arrived in the country this past week, and with the RRD now removed, the price per gallon of diesel at the pump is expected to go down.

    Belize also has an agreement with Venezuela for that country to supply diesel fuel on concessionary terms.

    At least two shipments of diesel has already been imported to Belize, but consumers has yet to see a positive effect.

  4. Alex says:

    I agree, it is ridiculously high, why the hell do we have to fill government ministers pock to satisfy thier greed. fuel tax is the main source of revenue for the government, this udp government should keep up to thier mandate to reduce the cost of living “no matta what” I can’t imagine the possibilites when life haada out ya!!!!

  5. paying for fuel says:

    dean borrow and all those who drive government vehicles don’t have to worry about the price of gas. they drive around all day, and on the weekends, they get picked up to go to work and are taken back home and don’t have to pay a cent… this includes many government workers who could care less what the price at the pump is… it is only people like me, an ordinary belizean that feels the pinch that ten dollars puts on my pocket.. definitely not dean.

  6. Bert says:

    No PUP should be saying any thing about raising of taxes…. they did worst !!!!

  7. queenelizabeththe4th says:

    I really don’t understand how this PUP party is barking so much about increase of prices in fuel.
    Don’t you guys forget what you did to us the people when you were in power,
    Maybe you have forgotten but we can’t, so I just want to say SHUT UP YOUR !@#$%^& MOUTH!!!

  8. rootsman says:

    True I agree PUP should not have much to say on any of the issues they did not do any better let’s hear from some independents this next term should be the term of the independents so I hope they come out swinging and get an early start, so Belizeans if you have someone in your community that you feel can be trusted and is up to the task you should be backing them and remember the more money that is spent on a candidate the more corruption exists there, so let’s use the social networks (facebook,Twitter and the like) effectively to promote the candidates of your choice it’s a cheap way to get your message out so start campaigning early.

  9. RedBwai says:

    The saying goes..”..promises are comfort to a fool..” and it is very very is cheap. This government can promise this and promise that until kingdom come…but i won’t believe a word they say until is see some action…Does government even disclose exactly how much money isbeing earned in taxes on a gallon of fuel???? if gas is $10 a gallon…i kno the government isn’t just making $1 in taxes off each gallon sold….its more like 4 of 5 times that….and still they dont have any sense of compassion towards the poor people of belize to even take a dollar off that??

  10. tashybze says:

    talking about the UDP driving around and not having to pay for gas, what the hell you think was going on when the PUP was in power. I am not PUP or UDP, I vote on what I think might be best at the time for Belize and out of the two party, I do believe they are both b s, but I want a voice so I vote. At the end of the day its the people tax dollars paying for everything that is personal use to them.

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