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Jan 14, 2011

Brother of slain street figure also murdered

trevor trapp

Going into the weekend, there is great unease in the city where gang warfare has erupted. There were two shootings on Thursday night within minutes of each other. One turned out fatal for Trevor Trapp, the brother of Andre Trapp who was ambushed last year as he left the court in downtown Belize City. Trevor was in the area where a store owner had been shot and shortly after, he was targeted.  Someone approached him as he rode his bicycle heading home in the general vicinity where his former associate Raymond “Killa” Gentle was killed only two nights ago. Trapp, like Michael Malic who was killed on Sunday evening, suffered thirteen bullet wounds and died on the spot. News Five Marion Ali has the following report.

Dorla Fuller, Mother of Trevor Trapp

“Dehn chance my son outta ih life mein, dehn chance ah.  Ih hurt me, ih hurt me, ih hurt me. Dehn chance my son mein.  [Shakes head]”

andre trapp

Every mother, like Dorla Fuller, who has lost a child to street violence is all too familiar with the pain as the murder rate continues unabated.

The latest murder victim was twenty-nine year old Trevor Trapp, brother of Andre Trapp, who was gunned down in front of the court house last year.  Trevor was riding his bicycle on Pen Road at around nine twenty five on Thursday night when he was shot dead as he reached the junction with Haynes Street, just a block from his house on Rivero Street.  Dorla Fuller told News Five that her son had just left her house on Prince Street minutes after a Chinese grocer was shot.

Dorla Fuller

Dorla Fuller

“He see when the police dehn come and gone dah di Chiney and get the Chiney and ker ah dah di hospital.  So after that we seh he gone home and when we get wah phone call seh that dehn just shot ah.  Dehn tell me ih have ih bread and everything gwein home.  Cause anytime ih left from yah ih usually seh Ma I gwein.”

That would be the last time Fuller would see her son alive.

Trevor’s father, Sigmund Trapp, had retired for the day from his taxi services and was at his house when he got crushing news.  It was another blow for this father who has also been down this road before.

Voice of: Sigmund “Sarge” Trapp, father of Trevor Trapp

“I lose one son eena traffic accident three years ago, Sherick, then Andre last year in front ah the court.  Now we have Trevor.”

Trapp said he wanted his son to move out of the area because it was too close to where former gang leader, Raymond “Killa” Gentle was slain on Wednesday night.

Voice of: Sigmund “Sarge” Trapp

“From Killa got killed I went there and I talked to Trevor at the old residence at 22 Rivero Street and I tell ah mekih move from back deh, mek ah ker ah out and bring ah dah ih ma mekih stay out this side because we done know already how dehn behave back deh right.  He seh he noh have nothing fi do with it and we know that.”

But someone thought differently and wanted Trapp dead.  In fact, this was the second time that he had been shot it.  On September twenty seventh, 2009 Trapp was survived an attempt on his life not far from his home.

Voice of: Sigmund Trapp

“He stayed in the hospital for fifty days, he took a lung surgery.  I felt that Trevor woulda mi dead.  Ih survive that yoh know, and from then I work with ah.  I stay extremely close, the best I could because ih never mi have good health again, yoh know.”

Sigmund Trapp says it was because Trevor did not have good health that he had trouble landing a job and that he and his mother did their best to provide for their son.  The way he was taken from them has totally left them in shock.

Voice of: Sigmund Trapp

“We couldn’t believe that this dah the way ih mi wah end up after all.”

Marion Ali for News Five.

Police have supplied background information on Trapp, which says that in 2003 Trevor Trapp was charged for the murder of Adrian Humes, but after spending eighteen months on remand, he was freed because there was no evidence on which to convict him. The list of charges against him is long and police also claim that Trapp was affiliated with “Killa” Gentle and the Kraal Road Gang, but had crossed over to the rival gang on George Street.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “Brother of slain street figure also murdered”

  1. ESSB says:

    You live by the gun….you die by the gun.


    Black men killing black men seem to be an ongoing event in Belize, pretty soon the black population in Belize will be wiped-out. Some of you here still have problems accepting that fact, and hopelessly tries to make it into something it’s not.
    Inarguably the Trapps were gang criminals and murderers this made them a much greater threat to the safety, and future of Belize than any political terrorist in Belize today. Trevor trap died like his brother Andre simply because they both lived like criminals, so they died like criminals.
    The police are still not doing a thing to stop the gangs and their rage, seem like conspiracy conceived by the top dogs in the GOB. The police nor the politicians are clearly not risking their lives, or that of their families to stop the gangs, Instead they just sit back and hope the gangs will quickly slaughtered each other, it’s clean and to the point.

  3. rod says:

    a message needs to be sent to all gang members that they will face 20yrs in jail just for being a gang member this law should be passed immediately and the police and this gov already know who all belong to gangs pick them all up put them in jail for 20 yrs hard labor and see if if this pestilence doesnt stop mein the black people the behave like animals but this pm and gov fu blame because they are useless they want this killing spree to continue.

  4. Frank says:

    I feel sorry for the parents. 3 sons all dead b4 their parents. In the old days parents would predecease their children….Does anyone else find it quite ironic if not disturbing that Trevor and Andre Trapp were affiliated with rival gangs with one brother being the leader of one of the rival gangs? But then I guess blood is thicker than water so there was no beef between the 2 bros. I also feel sorry 4 the father most of all bcas he actually told his son to move away from there and the son thought better. What more can a parent do when his children are adults?


    I have one statement for these kinds of “victims “… its quite simple actually … it is : if u live by the gun then u must be prepared and worthy enough to also DIE BY THE GUN!

  6. Elgin Martinez says:

    If these guys are out there taking other people’s live,what else can come to them but death.

  7. Nitty Gritty says:

    Me personally. I think that no government in the world can ever stop murder or crime. It is like expecting a government to assign a police minder to every single citizen ad resident including the police themselves. It is impossible. The only way a government can stop murders is by allowing the masked policemen in uniform to break the law and simply pick up “known” trouble makers everyday of the week and executing them in public view in the street. It just won’t happen. Murder will always be there and since it is now so common it will only get worse. Senseless people who feel aggrieved will always think “boy you know dat if you do me something I wa kill you bcas latta bad man b4 me been di kill people.” Murder is so common that people who would have never before thought of it as an option will see it as a natural reaction. I feel scared for the world my children will grow up in because when we sit down and think of it; there murder rate will climb higher every year. I remember years ago wen some one would get murdered and not many people would know the person with the exception of the deceased’s friends and family. Nowadays it is always likely that the person killed is some one you know or some one who is a mere acquittance. Its sick and I wish there was a magic wand which we could wave and the murders would stop.

  8. Curious says:

    Not a stranger to crime news indeed. Trevor was in the news less than 3 years ago when he and his brother Sigmund Jr were arrested for the attempted murder. Due to successful witness intimidation, the bothers walked. Trevor’s rival (killa) was just killed a few days ago, and now he is gunned down not too far from the home base of that rival. Coincidence?

  9. BZNinCALI says:

    Boots, I asked you to call a Come to Jesus meeting to get in front of this madness. @Nitty Gritty, it is horrifying to see what we have become but I want to believe that things can turn around. While I appreciate this father trying to support & protect his son’s reputation, we need to stress to parents that they need to get involved before their children join gangs & before the bullets start flying. Too many parents are unwilling to admit that the police & neighbors are not lying when their children are accused of crimes. Moving this man from Rivero Street to Prince Street would only have delayed ,the inevitable let’s not forget, they shot Clifford Eagan, who lived only a few blocks from the “safe” space the night before. Clifford had no gang ties & is a hard working man.

    That brings up one more concern, most of us take Taxis when we are in Belize, did it dawn in this father that “Leon” & his other passengers could have been shot because one of the other idiot gang members associated him with this thug whom the father was trying to keep out of harm’s way.

  10. The People Had Enough says:

    This is probably one of the most truthful, eye opening articles every written in recent months; most Media house are scared crapless (or simply ignore for obvious reasons), but it is worth the read:

    Bushman had a right years ago and it is still so…

    Mankind nuh easy
    Mankind is crazy

    Rinsing shot in head
    No need to ball, no need to beg
    Ganster nuh save lead
    Another skull buss
    Madden receive another gunman dead
    Family and friends once more fish and bread


    Somebody call the hearse
    Cause the body is getting stink
    It needs to leave the turf
    Make it quick because its getting rather worse
    Ganster nuh pet nor powder gunman neither nurse
    Caw dem gun nuh join lodge, nor it dont join church

    Now I realise
    Is just pure war, and just pure crime
    Mankind is crazy

    Man keep bussing glock
    And man keep bussing dem tek nine
    Mankind aint easy
    As another skull buss
    Madden receive another gunman dead
    Family and friends once more fish and bread

    Thinking back in time
    When killing guys was on my mind
    I realised
    Dash way the tek nine
    And take away the forty five
    And let love shine
    To the highest mountain
    Cause as another skull buss
    Madden receive another one dead
    Family and friends once more fish and bread.

  11. belizeanpride says:

    looks like the black community are self exterminating themselves. it’s really a pity how this ethnic has singled themselves for murders, theft, raping and other criminal acts. come on youths think better than that. i thought youths are the future but this group seems that soon only the old folks will stay alive with no youths. the dad made the good attempt but when a tree grows crooked and old it’s hard to bend. so people try to correct you kids from infant so when big they’ll be a productive person in society. it’s really harsh to single this group but it’s reality just watch every single news and tell me it’s not correct.

  12. Jay James Smith says:

    This is nothing new, it has been a stable in Belize for the last 20 years. Gangs have been and will remain a fact and part of Belize. Everyone act as if this shocking news, please save it we know it’s there and nothing in this world will change it, period. Grow up and except it for what it is, done!


  13. Orlando says:

    Live by the gun, die by the gun!

  14. david chacon says:

    all this senseless killing going on in belize i think it time for mashall law

  15. vigilante justice 316 says:

    poor people with guns is always a bad combination. Every since guns and gangs become so prevalent, Belize is changing for the worst. Has anyone done a count on how many gang members are in Belize so that we can keep count when each one dead? That way we can know when these killings will wind down.


    At least in the Belize News the reality portrays that the blacks are mostly affected by gun violence. Weather they are the shooters or the victims.
    We are still in the month of January 2011 of the New Year and the number of deaths is already at a staggering high, and still on the rise. The victims are again poor, uneducated young black men; gun down on the streets on Belize.

    The GOB is not capable of ending crimes or murder in Belize, not even capable of preventing them. Their incapability of leadership is partly what is causing poverty, crimes and murder in Belize. The GOB is there, but what are they fighting for? It is certainly not the freedom of poverty, or national integrity of Belize.

    In Belize the poor, uneducated man strive on crimes, the politicians, and authorities strives on corruption, seem like the only way they learned to govern a people.

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