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Jan 14, 2011

Shop keeper shot

Forty minutes before Trapp’s murder, a shopkeeper was shot inside his business. Shirong Mei, was at his shop at the corner of Prince Street and East Canal when he was shot by a customer. The customer came up to the barred window of the store and after placing his order, he shot twice at Mei.  Mei survived and has been discharged from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Though Mei is recovering at home, the President of the Chinese Association, Edmund Kwan, says more must be done to protect the public and the business community from violent offenders.

Jose Sanchez

“The condition of Shirong  Mei. What’s the condition?”

Edmund Kwan, President, Chinese Association

“To my knowledge he has been released. He is recovering right now at his home. He had a gunshot wound to his shoulders. Luckily only muscle tissues were damaged.”

Jose Sanchez

“That area in particular where Max Store is, there were several shootings in that area, what do you think needs to be done? Do we need more patrols? What do you think needs to be addressed?”

Edmund Kwan

“[Umm] We definitely need more patrols, I mean crime situation is getting out of hand. There are already lots of killings for the year; we are starting our year bad. And also we need the police presence in our streets, we need more.”

Jose Sanchez

“Because there is an issue of businesses being opened at night and this wasn’t late in the night, this was still after eight more or less.”

Edmund Kwan

Edmund Kwan

“It was about eight-thirty. I think around eight-thirty that area is kinda little slow, but even though this is really out of hand. To my knowledge that happened like senseless. The guy came, ordered a Philly, and just fired a shot. It’s really getting out of hand.”

Jose Sanchez

“So what do we need more of other than patrols. Is there communication between business owners such as yourself and the police department?”

Edmund Kwan

“[Ahm], not anything directly but the first line, the frontline, is the police but we need stricter judiciary aid.  I mean to the culprits them.”

Tonight parts of the city are under heightened police awareness due to the spate of violence involving the gangs.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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9 Responses for “Shop keeper shot”

  1. Earl Grey says:

    SENSELESS CRIME………….. how do you explain this????????????


    We can all agree on stricter judiciary aid in this situation, but for now all we have is that !@#$$% system that set more offenders free than Martin Luther king.
    Another thing that can also help to protect the public and the business community from violent offenders is to close shops earlier instead of risking your lives by keeping your shops open till late.

  3. rootsman says:

    Lock these neighborhoods down one by one block by block and carry out door to door searches inside and outside top and bottom, make sure they are unannounced to avoid the dirty cops from informing the gangs when the searches will be performed and collect all the cell phones in the briefing room before the raid and keep all the cops in sight, you never know who the dirty ones are.

  4. josh says:

    Belize needs a few mercenaries to clean up the city. If the worthless government stays in charge much longer…. as they say…. daag wa eat yo soppa !

  5. BZNinCALI says:

    rootsman, these fools are not scared of the daylight, the neighbors go blind in the broiling sun hot. A security guard was murdered after he was lured from his job in broad daylight a few years ago, the thugs wanted his gun. If I remember correctly around the time the Mayor of Belmopan’s son was killed, someone was shot in the head at the corner of Albert & Prince Streets, the heart of Belize City’s business district in broad daylight again& no one has been arrested. We have to start convicting them or as Josh suggested, hire mercenaries to execute the ones we know are bad. The policemen know who are doing what, we have to get across to them & the judiciary that family ties are corrupting & destroying what is left of our justice system.

  6. Leon Leon says:

    It is time to HEAL THE LAND. Time to heal this Jewel. Time WE START LISTENING TO THE CHILDREN OF THIS LAND!!!!!!!!
    Belize, the little Caribbean jewel is covered with tear drops almost every week from the families of murdered victims, and from the families of the killers. What is being done to heal this jewel?
    We have to start BY addressing the social problems. When our children see and hear all the corruption that surrounds them, and they realize that the ones in power cannot be trusted, the ones in power care only about themselves and their families – they see how the crooks walk away from the court as “not guilty!” Do you blame them for trying to develop a system of “survival for the underprivileged -the forgotten ones – the voices that cannot be heard ?
    Where are the leaders of this little Belize? Why are we allowing our children to be groomed into these moNsters – killing and walking free from their crimes? Did the leaders forget that the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow? What kind of country we are expecting Belize to be in 10, 15, 20 or 30 yrs? Are we building another Haiti in the Caribbean basin? Are we cementing the foundation for a country that will be governed with future leaders walking the streets of Belize with guns in their pockets and in their purses? Are we heading to see a Belize with military uniform and guns at every street corner? Is this the BELIZE that we want to see in Central America?

  7. belizeanpride says:

    correct josh

    we need the death squad to clean our society where we are prisoners in our on house and neighborhood.

  8. vigilante justice 316 says:

    Why the hell this @$$hole shoot this man for? Even when people mine their own business these #$%&ing daag @$$ gangs still do $h*t like this! Gather up all the gang members and thrown them in the sea, they can fight each other til they drown and the rest of we sane people can go on with our lives.

  9. leon leon says:

    Let us think carefully again. Do you really think if all the gang members and killers of Belize were put in front of a firing squad, or thrown in the sea, and allowed to drown, this would get rid of all this killing in little Belize? Do you think if you put a band aid over a wound that is infected six inches below the surface of the skin, and the infection has spread to the spine that the infection will go away? Bringing back the death penalty, will scare a few but still will not take care of this problem.
    The Belizean land – from the highest to the lowest level of government needs a complete sweep. Belize needs leaders who show that they care for the Belizean people. Belizeans are tired of political figures taking advantage of Belize and the Belizeans. Look how much of the land has been sold to foreigners! Look ( *_*) what goes on with the City Council, look who got help after the hurricane. Help has been given depending on whether you are PUP or UDP! Help is for all “Ps” regardless of who you voted for.
    How louder can the Belizeans scream out for help. WHO is listening to them? What good does it do, for someone to give a speech after brutal killings take place! Anyone who stands behind a mike should be ASHAMED OF ONE SELF….YOU need to stand behind the mike to let the Belizeans know what will be done to help heal this SOCIAL PROBLEM before they happen. We know that crimes happen all over the world. Look at the size of Belize and compare the number of killings with other countries.
    Where are the leaders? Who is reaching & searching to heal this land?

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