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Jan 13, 2011

The authorized biography of George Price

The authorized biography of Belize’s first Prime Minister and Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price is to be published later this year.  The book entitled George Price: A Hidden Life Revealed, will be released by Ian Randle Publishers of Jamaica.  Price’s biographer is well known attorney Godfrey Smith, who conducted many hours of interviews with him over an eighteen month period.  The four hundred page book should be available in September and will also trace Price’s life from birth to the present which will be complemented by rarely seen photographs. Price is the oldest surviving head of government within the region, whose political career spans from colonial to post independence.  This station has a rich archive of Price during the independence era.  Here’s a snippet of he gave at Independence Day in 1981 during a press conference at St. John’s Cathedral on Albert Street where he fielded questions to world journalists about  the country about to be named Belize.

George Price, Former Prime Minister of Belize

george price

“Up to now it has been the responsibility of the British to maintain a presence here and they have done so and will remain after independence for an appropriate time. We would like them if there is a need. Very independent because we respect each other, they are not to interfere with our internal matters. I consider myself a Belizean, and I consider myself going along in the via media and try to be friends with the mixed economy, public and private. The fight against colonialism has ended and the British have done very honorably by carrying out the process of decolonization under the obligations of the chart of the United Nations and for that we thank them. It is not as developed as we’d like it, but I think we must be realists and we must accept that perhaps much more could have been done. But we ourselves have said much more has been done, but much more has yet to be done and we feel that with the state of independence, we can do the much more that is yet to be done. Thank you very much. (Claps)”

The local agent for the biography is Cubola Books, which will be responsible for local distribution. Price turns ninety-two years on Saturday and on Monday on Open Your Eyes, we will have exclusive interviews with the legendary leader.

Viewers please note: This Internet newscast is a verbatim transcript of our evening television newscast. Where speakers use Kriol, we attempt to faithfully reproduce the quotes using a standard spelling system.

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16 Responses for “The authorized biography of George Price”

  1. yc316 says:

    Whats your problem soldier, maybe the book should be named “the authorized biography of the SOLDIER” then you would be happy lol.

  2. Earl Grey says:

    WE would also like …………………..AN UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY……..

  3. Frank Rhys jr says:

    The Only memory of this man I can remember, was when he came to my Grandfather funeral.
    Other than that I was never impress with Politicians. They all have this Sinister Aura
    around them, but most people see things for what they seems to be, rather than for what they
    truly are.


    There’s a book name” GETTING TO KNOW THE GENERAL” BY GRAHAM GREENE — Its about all the head of countries in the time of Mr Price era, out of all these Presidents and Prime ministers , Our Mr Price was written about the best , he was set apart from the other leaders of Central and South America. We as Belizeans should be proud of our Past Prime Minister. Mr George Cadle Price have always left a lasting impression on me from I was a little girl when he passed through Boom and stopped and all us children ran out and he could tell us who our parents were. And to the blooger who said he let his family get rich as far as any Belizeans can see his family are hard working people. I am a Belizean who is proud to say I admire and hold in high esteem my former Prime Minister Mr. GEORGE CADLE PRICE.

  5. Stanley Wright says:

    It is so sad to see so much ignorant Belizeans posting their opinions on the internet for people to see.Everyone of us have faults,some worst than others and,that’s a given.The person that calls himself a soldier either don,t know what he is blabbing about or,he is stupidley bias.The best thing that could have happened to Belize was when George price got independence for the country.Maybe you wanted the country to stay colonized and,let the British kept on raping the country of the little natural resouces it had.Like stealing the precious woods and,not even replanting the seeds.You all are some bias and,stupid people that is just ignorant.

  6. Leonardo NAYO Folgarite says:

    Looks like the Smartest Man in the Corozal Convention was Kenard SMART with a $400000. contract in his pocket.
    I will be next to make millions of $$$ after the PUP Convention.

  7. CEO says:

    Leading the nation now is much rougher than when he was PM. I would like to see what he would have done during these days if he was at the helm.

  8. coral Black says:

    Everybody have a Right to their own opinion isn’t that what Democracy about or maybe hmmmm?but here you have some people thinking just like the politicians, telling people what they think they should say from what they should not say. Instead of making comments on the Subjects ,or my be some of them is on the payroll. Imagine if the Almighty Creator think like us. Anyway save the argument for misinformed More Life,More Life, More Life. and let the dead buried
    Dead YHWH

  9. Elgin Martinez says:

    Stanley Wright: If you’re so smart then why do you have a problem with other people’s opinion.I guess you need to consult your dictionary and find out what the word opinion means.So everyone on this forum who disagrees with you are stupid?Then maybe you need to find a forum where everyone is going to agree with you.

  10. Carl Troy says:

    Mister Price is a true Hero, and regardless of one’s political convictions, he should be respected for his honesty, integrity, steadfastness, and modesty. As soon as I can find the book in the USA (or elsewhere), I’ll buy it!

  11. Consern says:

    As a politician I give Mr.Price for his political management skills, but given the state of affairs in Belize today, it would be better off if he had learn how get more economic benefits for the country and let us be guided by a leaders with 2000 + years of experience. Lots of big cars and houses, higher paid police force as well as other civil servants, whats the use when live in such fear of our lives day and night? The debate about sending our children os errand was not in the cards, up and long after independent. As a boy of 12 years old was put on the boat from the south to the City without any fear. Man shall not live by bread alone. Today money take the place of God in the hearts of the masses that causes us to lose our moral compas.

    This decay in the society started on the road to independence, when many of the leaders were involve in rampant crimes, such as the begining of drugs trafficing. Many Belizen such as Inspector Gonzales that went missing between San Pedro and the city by the underground mafias. The crime wave in Belize now is the harvest of the wickedness that were sown in bye gone days. Lots of glitter on the surface with rotten iron underneat. The Bible call it painted sepluher with dead man bones. There is no prophet on the walls of Zion to point out the sins of the people. The minister of the gospels are silent, affraid to call wickedness by its rightful name.

  12. Consern says:

    I meant to say, above is that as politician I give Mr Price an “Ä+” for his political management skills.


    No one ever imagined the wind would changed, then Price gave Belize its independence years ago, and he should be remembered in the history book of Belize for this achievement. He gave Belize independence, and so quickly, so cruelly that freedom was deprived from the Belizean citizens by incompetent leaders.

    Belize got its independence and look what they have done with it.

    Where is the freedom in the independence won?

    Of a country that strives on political corruption, crime, murders, drugs, gangs, abuse, injustice, bad leadership, poverty and the list goes on and on? Belize is in a very difficult state right now it seems to me that if Belize had stayed under the wings of a powerful country such as England Belize would not be in the state it is right now.

  14. Victor A. Cucul says:

    -The late Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price will forever live in the hearts and minds of all my fellow Belizeans. His courage and determination are the driving force of “nationalism and patriotism” which eventually led to Belize’s Independence on September 21,1981.

    May the humble soul of Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price rest in Peace and rise in Glory.

    -victor cucul

  15. junkman says:


  16. Chable says:

    Is very sad to hear many people say this say that without any real meaning as how Honorable Mr George Price use to be. More action less talk. Im a /Belizean but feel so ashame that most of us are lazy and mean.
    Thanks to Mr Price for the good example and for everything he give and did for Belize.

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